Tuesday, 4 October 2022

ON merit , will the nuclearman live or die, you decide by today.

Sorry no song today. This blog,. since the start of Covid 19,. has been the major reason why there is food on my table.  Theoretically,. that means I am one of the 0.6 per cent of bloggers in the world who can earn money by blogging .

But recently , it has run into trouble,  and entities who were supposed to come in this month have now pushed it to February .

For me, to run this blog viablely, I will need at least RM15,000 till Feb,  Failing which I will have to close shop. 

I am now ranked inside the top 200,000 blogs in the world.  click on Details for global ranking information.

FOR your information , There are 600 million blogs world wideSo being inside the top 200,000 blogs in the world,.doesn't look too bad.

But at the end of the day, you the reader must decide with your money  if I am worth it or not. if you think I am worth it , contribute financially one off to save this blog @

Francis Fernandez
Hong Leong Bank 

if you need to chat with me, can whatsaap me at 01112266649

The target I sent for myself is RM3000 every week for next five weeks .  At any given time , I do not meet the target, I will stop blogging immediately,.

Even this could be my last , if I fail at first hurdle.. If this is my last post then thank you for reading my blog over the years, it means a lot to me and for me.