Friday 7 January 2022

Digital Nasional Bhd : Winner Takes it ALL

is a single from Van Halen lead singer, Sammy Hagar from his 1987 Over The Top  album.

I don't like to say this,  but I told you so on Jan 2 2022  READ : Lights Out/Game Over, call it whatever you want.

There are no alibis
'Cause winner takes it all
Loser takes a fall
Fight to the beginning of the end
Winner takes it all
Till he breaks the fall
In time he'll make it over the top

READ : 5G to proceed with SWN. And with that the ill thought putsch to under mine the Prime Minister and paint Ismail Sabri as a push over weak leader has failed.

The reprecussions to that failure,  may now prompt a rethink in Syed Mokthar's plan  going forward on how he can participate in the Digital Nasional Bhd 5G era.

Telcos such as Maxis, Digi and Celcom who were hoping to push China's Huawei to the forefront,   now not only will have to eat humble PIE,  but  they must now learn to fight for market share based on customer service and user experience. 

People at the communication ministry has a lot to answer for starting with its Deputy Minister Zahidi Zainul.

 Ismail Sabri's backing on so many fronts for Tengku Zafrul,  could herald him as the dark for the Deputy Prime Ministership .