Saturday 19 March 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 20: Stayin Alive

is listed by the Rolling Stone Magazine as among the top 100 Greatest Songs Evet Recorded.  It was a chart topper on both sides of the Atlantic for the Bee Gees, on the back of the popularity of  The Saturday Night Fever motion picture craze way back in 1977.

Stayin Alive  is what Digital Nasional Bhd  managed  to do last week,   when the Finance Minister  announced READ : The government will maintain the Single Wholesale Network (SWN) model for the 5G network rollout,

Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me
Somebody help me, yeah
Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me, yeah
I'm stayin' alive
Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me

By Stayin Alive  has Digital Nasional Bhd emerged the winner? The anwser is for now NO.  READ :  A Fresh Vicious Pandora Box Filled With Possibilities Of Delay, Usage of Public Funds, Conflicts in Shareholder Interest May Soon Open!!!

Does that mean the telcos won?  Hell NO!!!.

So who won?  The winner for is a nexus of elite  politicians and businessmen  from up North,  just just miles away from Thailand's  rowdy cowboy town ,  Danuk.   Figuratively speaking,  this means,  these guys know how to shoot and to shoot straight. 

The only reason why  the NEXUS could not go for the kill  is as I have stated before  READ : The Telcos Do Not Have A Risk Free Contractor To Get The 5G Job Done.

But as  I write a new name seems to have  spring up  ,  among the gin bang boys from up North

Next Week PART 21 : Kongsi!!!