Monday 23 May 2022

Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group, Are You : Jungle People?

is  a  song from an era long gone that lives in fleeting distant memories.  Taken  from the 1976 album of the same name,  the song is the Liberian group,  Soulful Dynamics  most recognizable piece of  music in  this part of Asia.

CONSIDER  this, theoretically  the  likes of  AxiataMaxis  and Digi  can  end up with zero  stake in Digital  Nasional  Bhd. READ : MoF holds telcos to June 30 deadline for 5G, private equity firms circle DNB for potential stake

WORST the trio along side U Mobile can  end  up with no 5G bandwidth  to provide its cellular users  with 5G services if  they do not eat humble pie.

In the world that we belong
We sing a happy song
In the evening when the moon
When the moon begins sunshine
It's a boring time

HOW will such madness by the trio enhance minority shareholders value? Are  minority shareholders powerless to stop this madness from continuing?

IF so,  what are the recourse's available to Minority Shareholders and  what are the processes involved  to turn such plans into bonafide actions work

CAN the  happy people at the Minortity Shareholders WatchDog do job they are paid to do,  that being to educate minority shareholders of their options in order to prevent gross abuses of POWER.