Wednesday 29 June 2022

LIMA G : HiPoKrIT, Bukan kau tak lawa, tapi dia Anggun

was featured in the TV 3 drams Romantik, Empat Hari Tiga Malam,  which is loosely based on Wizana Emilia's  novel of the same title .  The song though,  could have made a stronger impact with a better vocalist.

THE telco's  have  blinked,  and their lies have been  exposed in open view,  as reports from Singapore suggest that all is well with Digital Nasional Bhd.

Kenapa diam krit krit kri krit krit Mengapa, kenapa hipokrit krit
Maaf minta ampun
Maaf minta ampun
Bukan kau tak lawa
Tapi dia anggun santun

SO what has happened  to the so called normal merger process,  which I had specifically stated is  a non  issue? READ :MNO’s Seek DNB SWN Deal To Be Treated Like Any Merger And Acquisition Process

SHARES in the telco's are near rock bottom 52 weeks low,  partly  due to such false narratives on the newbies who attempt to play the market with little knowledge on  corporate rules.

WHAT is the Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group doing about this?  NOTHING much I guess.

WHAT is UMNO Youth doing to  protect young investors,  who may have been hood winked into believing  that due to the normal merger process time frame they still had a lot if time to manage their mobile stock portfolios?  NOTHING much I guess.

SURPRISING isn't it ,  the youth movement were so trigger happy to lodge MACC report against Digital Nasional Bhd, ironically on  the same week,  the company put  my country's flag at the near top of the 5G World?  

WHAT is the Deputy communications minister who won't resign despite crying READ : I was left out in 5G rollout, says deputy minister    and has the audacity to encourage the youth movement to do the police report, doing about it.

ZAHIDI Zainul Abidin,   is the salary too good for you to walk away and likely opportunities  on merit   are unavailable  elsewhere for you, but still do,  try to regain some Dignity,  by resigning with PRIDE