Sunday 27 November 2022

Muhyiddin Yassin : Snitch

Is the controversial rap song , taken from Joyner Lucas second  album Evolution,. released in 2013, the same year, the rapper had released his debut album.

A SNITCH  is someone who tell the authority that some other person is doing something treacherous, but In Malaysia, it is our supreme authority, the King  that is being. SNITCHED on.

Everybody gon' know you as a ratWon't get no respect for the rest of your lifeNobody want to know you after thatYou might just run but you never could hideHow long you hopin' that'll last? Pp

WIth snitches, one may  never know when the truth stops and when the lies and manipulation beguns to take hold of the  narrative.

READING, Muhyiddin Yassin's private secretary Marzuki Mohamad's account of what took place days before Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister,  strangely vindicates Zahid Hamidi , and how he was basically set up to look like a dishonest person.

1. BASICALLY 10 BN MPs has signed up to be in team Muhyiddin Yassin even  before the BN supreme council could meet up. 

2. WHEN, the 10 found out that they were  actually the minority  in BN, they subsequently withdrew their support for Muhyiddin .  

3. SO when Zahid Hamidi' sends out the letter to the King, that all 30 BN MPs are in agreement to support Anwar Ibrahim,. he was merely doing his job .

4. BUT the moment the letter is out, stories begun to appear that Zahid Hamidi acted on his own accord , which we now know is not true.

AS a media practitioner, I can tell you this much. 

1. THIS requires very advance planning , which means even before the elections, a select group of people within BN had decided to betray the party.

2. PUBLIC opinion matters to this pro Muhyiddin group , which is why they decided to set up  Zahid Hamidi, by agreeing to withdraw their  support for Muhyiddin Yassin, with the hope that they will be called in individually or collectively to as group (of ten)  by the King  so that they can tell him a different story.

3. BUT when the KING decides to call all 30 BN members for a single meeting,on where they stand the ten knew that their goose was cooked and agree to confirm to their earlier stand that the BN will speak in one voice.

4. THE team Muhyiddin Yassin narrative , shows a great dis respect for the King. READ : Muhyiddin Yassin signs letter before king that he agrees with a plan for unity government and then states he does not agree to it

5. NOTICE that the entire TEAM Muhyiddin Yassin narrative on not keeping to their word is  that they were FORCED INTO IT OR RELUCTANTLY AGREED TO IT , which is a load of bullshit.  The Correct term should be, the team Muhyiddin Yassin narrative is all about deception,lies and not sticking to your word.

6. For the Team Muhyiddin Yassin to push this stories out at this point in time could mean two things : 

A) THE ten are so beholden to Muhyiddin Yassin that they will rather betray their word to the king rather than Muhyiddin Yassin, when Parliament is open for business.

B) HAVING seen Anwar Ibrahim live on TV walking around here and there,  it may have dawned about team Muhyiddin Yassin, that it will not take long for the vast chunk of the  Malay Community who had fallen out of love with Anwar Ibrahim, to feast and protect him as their very own prodigal son.