Thursday 26 October 2023

The Half A Billion Rice Put, Under Pressure Again.

SOME 17 days, after Agriculture Minister Mat Sabu  told Malaysians READ : that the recent hike in the price of rice had absolutely nothing to do with Bernas, a RM500 million rice bomb has just exploded.

MUCH of the egg shells and yoke had landed not on the face of the Agriculture Minister, but more so on either his competence to hold a ministerial position and on his  integrity.

BY absolving BERNAS,  as not having sinned on this matter ,  only strengthens the train of thought that the Minister had annoited himself, as the national apologist for Syed Mokthar's  Bernas.

NOR did the minister, care to explain why BERNAS did not sufficiently forward buy the commodity, yet he has found it ethical to absorb Bernas as THE UNSINNED.

IF you even remotely are swayed to opine, that things can only get better for Mat Sabu, I am afraid you are WRONG.

MAT Sabu has been on a rampage to protect Bernas anus,  when rightfully what he is being paid by tax payers are to safeguard our interest above all others except for Flag, Country and King.

THE ministers sob story in Parliament, raising the prospect READ :of Bernas suffering a loss, thus restricting Bernas ability to distribute dividends to paddy farmers, should be seen for what it smells like, namely an attempt to corner Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, has now been exposed for what it is, HOAX.

BASED solely on traditional import figures of about 800,000 tonnes, Syed Mokthar will actually be making a gross profit of RM480 million on an 18 per cent gross margin.

BUT this are no ordinary times, with the nation's rice imports READ : up by 36 per cent, which means a day before 2024 is ushered,  BERNAS is poised to close its  books with a RM652 8 million profit.

MAT Sabu is not the only national level politician who has been bending beyond backwards to keep the good times rolling for Syed Mokthar

HIS former brothers in arms from PAS too has been shielding Syed Mokthar, READ :by painting the Anwar Ibrahim racist card narrative.

PAS, and it's former golden child Mat Sabu seems to be on the same page on this issue, with the former like minded people  being deeply out of sync with the perception of the common Malaysian.

WE should count our blessings,  that for the first time in more than four decades, we have the nation's top politician, actively pursuing  a game plan  to even up the equilibrium  between monopolies  and like minded businesses that can only prosper when there ar3 wspecific laws making competition ILLEGAL