Saturday 7 October 2023

The Indian Government's Wake Up Call To Putrajaya on Bernas.

GONE unnoticed amidst our sudden obsession with rice is apparently a piece of advice  by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India rulling Government to Malaysia, which in a free market must surely be a death blow to Bernas.

THE Indian Government's wish on this matter came approximately 72 hours, after I had raised on Sept 26 2023 the following question. 

SO why does the Indian Government want this to be a Government  to Government  thing and not a Indian Government to Bernas thing?

THE purely RICE related reasons are, among the major cereals commonly consumed, Rice is the most thinly traded commodity and rice growing nations and rice consuming nations, have one thing in common, thier population are growing.

SO  basically, regardless of the price, Rice is seen as a strategic commodity whereby the producing countries can choose not to export them out because their home market can actually absorb any excess production.

THEREFORE, we have to live with the fact that in our immediate future, Malaysia being able to get constant and consistent supply of rice will not only depend on our Agriculture Minister's planning capabilities but also on how likeable our foreign minister is.

NOTICE, the odd man out here? The Indians want to talk with our Government  and at no time did they say bring along Bernas.  

WHY is that so, MALAYSIA????? The anwser is there for all to see, Bernas making hay in the sun time is over. The company has become redundant and a burden to tax payers in the new dynamics of international rice politics. And that Malaysia, is the BOTTOMLINE.