Tuesday 12 December 2023

J Kom to be moved into new ministry

JABATAN  komunikasi Komuniti or better known as J Kom, will be moved  to the new communication ministry under B grade actor turned politician Fahmi Fadzil.

THE move is expected to take place by January 2024. J Kom is currently parked under the Prime Minister's Department.

SCANDAL plaqued J Kom has been in the lime light over READ : Malaysia's worst kept father/son relationship turned sex harresment secret.

PRIME Minister Anwar Ibrahim is reducing Fahmi Fadzil's responsibility under the previous Ministey of Communication and Digital had this to say READ: the communications to impart and disseminate the information have not been that effective or satisfactory, so there must be a focus.

SUCH stinging words from the Prime Minister, has led the opposition to mock Fahmi Fadzil, whoes acting career never took off due to a lack of screen charisma as READ : as a failed minister who couldn't manage digital media propaganda.