Wednesday 31 January 2024

STOP picking on Murray Hunter !!!

THE knives are out again for Murray Hunter the Australian living in Thailand, for doing the works of the deep state against the royal institution and the Federal Government.

YES, you heard me right, Murray Hunter is employed by the deep state to destabilise Malaysia. 

I said jackshit, because according to Reporters Without Borders, in their own words and on their website claim READ ;Harakah is financed by the PAP, and that the PAP is an Islamic right wing party.

NOT since READ : the idiotic claims made by the member of Parliament from Bagan about Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Guan Eng being related, have I come across a moronic claim then the one being made by Reporters Without Borders.

BUT do I blame Murray Hunter? No I don't. The Murray Hunter of today is not the Murray Hunter of two decades ago.

TODAY,he like all of us, are merely CARI MAKAN guys. If anyone who is to be blamed here, it should be those who employ him despite he living full time in Thailand.

AMONG the media that is feeding Murray Hunter cash to focus on Malaysia are Sin Chew and Free Malaysia Today.