Sunday, 19 February 2017

CIMB. Jaks Resources. Text From Your Ex

Is the current *IT* song by Tinie Tempah that is hot on the charts .

So what does it mean,  CIMB, Jak Resources and text from your ex? Well it means SELL the damn stock lah according to CIMB.

THe stock last traded at RM1.34

The Star Says : Women You Mafan. Rain Of The Scarecrow

Is the massive hit single by John Cougar Mellencamp from the award winning scarecrow album about economic hardship in RED America.

Without, spelling it, the Star says Women You Mafan (in basic Chinese translation, it means We Have Trouble).

Read below, the Star for Malaysia's version on rain of the scarecrow :

THERE is every reason to believe that the Malaysian economy will still be under pressure this year despite the acceleration in growth in the last quarter of 2016 and the expected improvement from the second half of this year.

At best, Malaysians can expect the economy to grow at the same pace as last year.

For one thing, sentiment on the stock exchange remains lacklustre, with the benchmark FBM KLCI still trading within a tight range.

A technical analyst tells StarBizWeek that the index is still “trapped” and not able to break out of the key resistance level of 1,730 points, in comparison with improving regional equity markets.

Investor sentiment is a good gauge because stock indices lead economic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP) data by as much as six months. Another gauge in which to measure the economy is the ringgit, which remains under pressure despite the rebound in global oil prices and the wider current account surplus. Clearly investors are holding back. The Malaysian economy as measured by GDP has slowed down two years in a row.

Some argue that corporate earnings will improve this year after three consecutive years of falling profits largely because of rising commodity prices, which is traded in the strong US dollar and where a weak ringgit will translate to better foreign-exchange gains.

More support: Wiranto says private consumption will remain supported by labour market strength and fiscal support measures.

Will improving corporate earnings mean better sentiment on the ground? Perhaps, but it will be very gradual given that the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research’s (Mier) indices measuring consumer and business sentiments remain well below the 100-point threshold, indicating sentiments continue to be fragile. For the fourth quarter, the Mier’s consumer sentiments index fell to 69.8 while the business conditions index dropped to 81.2.

The Mier cites unfavourable finances, subdued wages, a flat job outlook and rising inflation as reasons why consumers are increasingly edgy. While these factors have not, so far, translated into a big drop in private consumption, many economists remain wary although Malaysian consumers have weathered the slowdown well.

They point to the high household debt as reasons for their caution. Consumers cannot continue to be the main pillar of support to the economy, at least not without seeing some gains trickling down from an improving economy. This is where higher wages come in but employers are not expected to be generous with wage increments or bonuses based on last year’s earnings.

Malaysia. What's Going On?

Is the 1972 classic by Marvin Gaye. The single was from the legend's 11th studio album.

Barisan Nasional won big time in the Sarawak by election on saturday, but Malsysian's are asking themselves What's Going On?

Why is it AEON are closing down three outlets this month? Why is it Mydin is running at a loss for the first time since 1957?
Why is it, AEON's credit business for consumer for people to buy cars are surging?
Why is it household debt are at a record?, The jobless rate are at a six year high?
While we support Barisan Nasional, it is time, Barisan Nasional supports US back, by giving life to the real economy.
Slap a  higher surcharge on foreigner workers sending more than US$100 to their hometowns, provide 100 per cent tax reliefs for companies that fully automate their factories, and for ALLAH's sake, reduce the GST man, it's choking the Economy!!!!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bernama. Ringgit Malaysia. Loca People (What The Fuck)

Is a 2011 monster dance hit for Spanish DJ Sak Noel.

Bernama in its weekly outlook for the Ringgit, yet again for second week running quoting an UNNAMED DEALER (where is this dealer from? The Kedai arak outside or inside the press club?), says the Ringgit is going to be trading at RM4.44 and RM4.45 range.

We shall wait again to see if we have to say what the fuck to the very poorly assembled business desk at Bernama.

Meanwhile, while we were busy at work on Friday, something happened to the Ringgit and the Singapore Dollar. Read Below :

The Singapore dollar climbed to a new record high against the Malaysian ringgit on Friday afternoon (Feb 17), reaching as high as S$1 to RM3.1481, Bloomberg data showed.

The previous record - S$1 to RM3.1479 - was set on Jan 18 this year. It was toppled around 4.40pm. 

Oil Stocks. Pain

Is a 2006 minor hit for rockers Three Days Grace, taken from the album one -x.

When you talk about oil and gas stocks on Bursa Malaysia, the current X stock is Hibiscus Petroleum.

Looks like it's, going to be a month filled with PAIN for those who still believe in the Hibiscus dream. has the story. Read below :

Another week brings yet more signs that the highly-anticipated oil market “balance” will not occur in the immediate future. Heading into 2017, there was a broad consensus that global oil production would fall below demand in the first half of the year, a deficit that would help bring down inventories and lead to relative balance between supply and demand. Mid-2017 seemed to be the timeframe that everyone was looking at for this development to occur.

But there are growing signs that the oil market won’t reach balance by then, and perhaps not this year at all. “We don’t really see a real balancing of the market coming until much much later,” Richard Gorry of JBC Energy Asia told CNBC in an interview. “Right now the oil market is oversupplied by about 500,000 barrels per day in the first quarter. So to see inventories continue to go up is absolutely of no surprise to us.”

The EIA reported yet another massive build in crude oil inventories last week. Crude stocks surged by 9.5 million barrels for the week ending in February 10, taking total stocks up to 518 million barrels. That is a new record high, blowing past the record set last year at 512 million barrels. Oil inventories are higher than at any point since data collection began, dating back to the early 1980s.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Citibank. Menghitung Hari

Is a smash hit for Krisdayanti, taken from the album sayang.

Sayang, Citibank mungkin tengah menghitung hari sahaja di Malaysia.

Just look through their website, and one gathers a mass scale layoff could well be in the offing.

Citibank, effective next month will be closing down it's Kuantan branch, while the Melaka, Penang, Cheras and USJ branches are being turned into self service branches, with no counter related transactions available.

This is a DIRE warning to the Malaysian economy.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

CIMB. Bursa Malaysia. Leave Get Out

Is a 2004 mega hit for JoJo, taken from her self titled  debut album of the same name.

If the CIMB data on what happened to the market yesterday is accurate, then the signal the market is giving you is to leave, get out.

According to CIMB, LOCAL funds, retailers and foreign funds were all NET sellers yesterday.

Local funds and foreigners net sold RM32 .9 million and RM35.6 million of shares yesterday.. The retailers net sold just under RM3 million in the same day