Wednesday 30 August 2023

Muhyiddin Yassin ; No Comment !!!!

EIGHTEEN  days ago,  the Prime Minister's daughter said READ ; Improve communication, to counter the Perikatan Nasional narrative.

THAT was 18 days ago, but if one were to look back a bit further to  say 23 days ago, READ : Muhyiddin refuses to comment on son-in-law's status wanted by MACC, you will notice that Parti Keadilan Rakyat is too obsessed with Tik Tok that it is neglecting the very basic tactics and strategy.

OVER the past 23 days, how many times have  Muhyiddin Yassin or the Perikatan Nasional  been asked if they know where is Muhyiddin Yassin's son in law now?  

MUHYIDDIN Yassin has every right not to comment of his son in law's case, potent and damaging enough,to be placed on a global search via the Interpol Red Notice Alert.

SINCE, Muhyiddin  Yassin is a public official, the public has the right to know if he or hid daughter know in which country, Muhammad Adlan Berhan is now residing in, especially since Adlan himself claims READ : he is neither hiding nor have he run away from the MACC.

WHAT is JKOM and the impotent strike force doing, when they should be haressingthe PN leadership on a daily basis on this matter. ONLY if your reporters focus on demanding answers, everytime the Perikatan Nasional leadership come out in the open, only then it can become big news, that is sensational and has the publics attention.

LIKEWISE, how come none of the PM's official media team, haven't harresed the PN leadership and Muhyiddin Yassin on the oddity of Muhyiddin Yassin going against a previous cabinet decision to extend Bernas concession for another ten years and then get a RM195 million donation from Syed Mokthar some 76 days latter.

THIS is Perikatan Nasional's achilles heel, so put out lah Tik Tok testimonial videos from Malay paddy farmers DAILY that they feel betrayed by the entire deal.

AND then demand answers from Perikatan Nasional's starboy, the plump dark boy from Kedah. Muhd Sanusi Md Nor of what exactly does he mean by READ : Segala sudut dalam industri padi, daripada input benih, baja, racun, mesin dalam proses penanaman sehinggalah kepada pemasaran, pengilangan, dan pengurusan skim bantuan.

BY the way, I like Sanusi as he is a people's person but  if you read his statement, without saying it, he has implied that Bernas and Nafas are up to their noses  in the scheme of things,  to suck the blood from the farmers vein.

AND where is the daily pressure and with that news flow on Hamzah Zainuddin that he, being a former Home Minister who has openly admitted to be in possession of top level information,  READ : had threatened, Intimidated and attempted to shame the Royal Malaysian Police by stating, Polis ikut kehendak DAP jika undi parti selain PN.

NO where in sight. Having a light weight like iswardy morni as the focal point of  attack, obviously will get you the results,  that the Unity Government  has been getting.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin and Perikatan Nasional is now there for the taking. Anwar Ibrahim, who is perhaps Malaysia's best orator, didn't get there by just knowing how to speak.

THERE is an ace PR strategist inside the Prime Minister, who should demand that J Com and the impotent strike force be retrained on guerrilla marketing, sniper marketing, aerial bombing marketing and street by street infrantary marketing techniques. 

PERIKATAN Nasional is there for the taking, can already smell the blood from a mile away, unless of course you are JKOM and the IMPOTENT  strike force, who have foolishly jumped into a hole out of  awe and obsession with the communication  medium ie tik tok/twitter and so on.

FOCUS on strategy,  discipline,  daily national pressure, uncomfortable questions from the press daily which eventually will result in some Perikatan Nasional leaders losing their heads.

BASICALLY,  it's like the team Frank Rijkaard build in Barcelona, relentless pressure until the opposite side breaks down, which in turn will draw the crowds to you side of the park.

WHEN it happens, then nature will take its course and present you with your very own  Xavi Hernandez, Andre's Iniesta and Lionel Messi