Monday 28 August 2023

WiseGuy Inside The Corporate Mafia : Khairy Jamaluddin, Don't Tell Me, You're the Devil's Child.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin who is a known friend of the key people inside the Corporate  Mafia,  it seems is trying to build a back door for corruption to thrive in Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia Madani.

IN his podcast with failed corporate figure, Sharil Hamdan, Khairy Jamaluddin seems to suggest that the anti corruption narrative of Anwar Ibrahim VIEW : had gone overboard, resulting civil servants supporting Perikatan Nasional.

I believe the Prime Minister has made it very clear that he is willing to be booted out by voters in a General Election because of his anti corruption drive but at the same time, he is prepared to give the rank and file READ : a clean slate if they do away with their old ways.

COMING back to the Corporate Mafia, does anyone really believe if the racketeering bunch, could have survived without the tact approval from the very high ups inside the guardians of our Capital Markets.

THE Environmental, Social, Governance  platform definitely does not have a popular podcast like Khairy Jamaluddin and Sharil Hamdan have, but they have a much bigger stick then the duo put together.

JUST  look at what ESG has done to Hong Seng Consolidated,  which has been the epicentre of all the Corporate Mafia's activities. 

SOME 23 months ago. READ Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd had a market capitalisation of RM5.33 billion, but today its market capitalisation is only valued at RM229.879 million.

BASICALLY,  Hong Seng has lost more than RM5 billion of its value in just 23 months, and if you add the other victims of the Corporate Mafia, such as Classita Bhd and Revenue Group Bhd,  the Mafia Group is responsible for about RM10 billion real value loss.

LET'S just put this RM10 billion in perspective. It comes out to about 2.57 per cent of Malaysia's RM388.1 billion budget for 2023 .

SO imagine if Anwar Ibrahim merely wants to win people's hearts by saying and doing  the things they want him to do, instead of the things he has promised us over 3 decades that he will do. WHAT will happen to Malaysia???,