Thursday 21 September 2023

The Killing Field, where Malay Rice Millers Are Sent To Die.

BERPALING is a one worder to0 the English saying to have your head turned to a different direction due to the lust for money and with that the quest for power and the other finer things in life.

TUN Mahathir's Proklamasi Orang Melayu, I suggest in the strongest of terms change your name to Proklamasi Orang Kaya Melayu, for that is the disgrace you have become.

YOU claim to champion the rights of the Malays but in areas even a  blind man can see , that they are being oppressed,  you turn  the other cheek. READ On bended knees, the Malay Rice Millers Cry for Help

AND your barking  bull of a dark skin, whom Khairy Jamaluddin swears is the real deal, the superstar  of the moment, the menteri besar of Kedah  Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor,  is just another politician who does not have the testicle to name the so called NAGA led Kartel. READ : Otak Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor memang bukan otak udang. Pak Syed Mai, Sanusi terus menghilang

AND why is that so? Is it because when you read thier shareholders list it all leads back  to Bernas and those precieved to be close to the other Kedah billionaire  known as Daim Zainuddin. 

AT the end of the day, it all boils down to the lust for money,  never mind if it undermines the aspirations of Malays in land bestowed by GOD to them.

IN 2019, the Malay Rice Miller some which earn only RM500 a month, could still put out a football team, as they had 15 MEMBERS.

TODAY they are down to only 10 good men left. Where is that boisterous echo  of come what may, united we shall overcome voice of BERSATU?   READ : The RM195 million donation. that shut Bersatu's voice

HOW is it from having a p Malay based rice owning mill base of more than 100 , while some estimates placed them at around  200 Rice mill owners, when Syed Mokthar emerged as the universal force in Bernas, they are left with just TEN  left for extinction ?

IS this what the rice millers signed up for under VIEW :  The Special Bernas Plan For Bumiputera's is that UNTOLD story that must RETOLD.

THE story must be retold, but definitely not by the Syed Mokthar owned Malaysian Reserve. 

WHY not the Malaysian Reserve? My response for now is WAIT. ...just you WAIT for TOMORROW .... to be continued...