Thursday, 6 October 2016

ONE Reply To All Who Have "REACH" Out

Wow so many comments, and all very negative. And let me assure you, I have NOT deleted or censored any of the comments .
First let me address the rationale point of view. Rocky Bru , you can read in his blog said 'I told Reach Energy'. Well my dear Rocky, I have not met any Reach Energy officials in official or unofficial capacity over the past three months.
Second, has this blog received FUNDING to kill Reach Energy? Well if it did. It certainly did not come to me.
Third, This is my Blog, I can like which company , I want ,and dislike which I want. What I cannot do though is write lies just because I do not LIKE the company or its Investment.
Fourth, I am so sorry to say, that if anyone wants to buy me a beer...I will have to decline. I do not consume alcohol.
Fifth, there is more than 109 postings on this blog, from inari, top glove, drb hicom, pos Malaysia, SYf Resources., TeckGuan, Petronas, MH370 and many more.
Sixth, If I am writing lies, please do the needful, If I have met any Reach Official in official and unofficial capacity to demand anything, please do the needful.
As Rocky said if you break the law, the law will break you. That should go to those who try to manipulate the law too
Seventh, if some people are jumpy, all I can say is siapa makan cili, depa rasa pedas.


  1. Most of your articles are about Reach..if you are talking about yield investors why do not you write about Red Sena, another SPAC..
    Come on Francis, Be fair ..

    1. Jimm, since for once you have not insulted me. I shall reply. Like I said it's my blog, I can like what I like, and dislike what I want. But what I cannot do is provide false data. I think the Reach deal is a bad deal. If you think other wide, you are free to post as many comments as you wish on why Reach is a Good SpAC. And if I do not publish or delete your comments, then you can accuse me of having an agenda.

    2. Until today, nobody had posted any comments here to say REACH proposal must get the aye vote. If anyone of you believe that Reach is indeed good, than I wish to Blackmail each and everyone of you to write in and prove that Reach is good. At least it will be a service to the shareholders who are undecided.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Syed razakh come blackmail me lol. Where you want to meet? Come puchong.