Thursday 20 June 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Bank Negara Malaysia

WHY is Bank Negara Malaysia protecting Quantum Metal and to what extent internal corruption has played a part in this, is something the Royal Malaysian Police and the MACC should separately pursue.

WHY wishy washy?  Well, because the Central Bank did not address the key issue which attracted many God fearing Muslims to Quantum Metal, that it is Sharia Compliant.

WELL, that issue on Quantum Metal being Sharia Compliant or has been answered. READ : Quantum Metal is not Sharia Compliant.

WHERE is Bank Negara's follow up advisory to the general public? NO WHERE IN SIGHT.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

JCY International Bhd ; How To Be A Millionaire

THE Malaysian stock market seems to be in shambles ever since the China premier commenced his visit.

AT lunch break, the market's benchmark index is down 8.12 points to 1,591.67 points with more than 900 counters untraded, while losses overwhelmed gainers by 774 counters to 284 counters.

STAFF at JCY International Bhd, a storage drive component supplier and contract manufacturer must be happy as a bee that the stock is trading at 80.5 sen.

MOST of the JCY long term staff have become rich, with some of them even becoming overnight millions if they had subscribed to the JCY ESOS VIEW : at 25 Sen Per Share

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : it's a SIN

CONTRARY to popular believe, I am actually not out to get housing minister Nga Kor Ming, but if he remains indifferent with what's going on in his ministry, then the minister should prepare himself to be a casualty in the war against the Corporate Mafia.

WHAT sin has Nga Kor Ming allowed to persist in his ministry, one may ask. My answer to that question would be a few, but let's just zero in on the KREDIT KOMUNITI scheme.

THE KREDIT KOMUNITI, scheme itself is too be a subject for the reader to absorb, so let's just focus on a single name ; the 52 year old SIN CHIN CHAI.

WHO Harvest Miracle, formerly known as Vortex Bhd? Victor Chin Boon Long's wife. Who controls INGENIEUR Bhd? Victor Chin Boon Long.

WHO controls Velocity Bhd? Victor Chin Boon Long. Who controls INGENIEUR? Victor Chin Boon Long 

WHO controls Revenue Group? Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd via the money it lent to Teh Chee Hoe, and fellow Hong Seng Consolidated's Leong Seng Wui, who is a staff of Victor Chin Boon Long.  Who owns INGENIEUR? Victor Chin Boon Long.

THE deafening question which Nga Kor Ming solved or see his political future being dimmed is how come KREDIT KOMUNITI money lenders under Victor Chin Boon Long is being allowed to abuse the scheme for his own benefit?

Tuesday 18 June 2024

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : The Mysterious Seller of MMAG Bhd @ 30 Sen.

STRAPPED for cash , despite a RM50 million line from Hwang DBS, Malaysia's infamously notorious Corporate Mafia is standing on its last remaining toes.

FROM a complete break down of Revenue Group's infrastructure, which led to its system only managing to confirm Touch N Go payments, and no other form of online transactions early this month, money has definitely become too tight to even mention.

HOWEVER, unlike previous pump operations, there has not been a hasty DUMP exercise, but instead the clever Pirate of Bursa Malaysia, have chosen to slowly ease of the MMAG shares to gullible retail investors,  who have falsely mistaken the price stability, as a signal that something good is about to happen.

FAT chance of good news in the offing because for weeks now sell trades on MMAG shares has been well over 90 per cent, with today as at mid day, the buy trades only accounting for a mere four per cent of the total trades.

SO who is behind this develish plan? I am not privy to disclose but according to forum users at i3investor the said individual is known as GORENG KING VICTOR CHIN.

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Anwar Ibrahim

MANY  people including the self proclaimed liberal minded people on Twitter, want Anwar Ibrahim to be out of a job, because he is actually doing something in fighting corruption in Malaysia.

TAKE for instance the Prime Minister's stern advice to the Royal Malaysian Police READ : to get their buds cracking in fighting corruption.

THE results seem to be instantaneous, READ : with reportedly 6 immigration officers nabbed under Sosma.

MY sources, while neither confirming nor denying the SOSMA detention, did acknowledge that there is such a syndicate linked to the Corporate Mafia's READ : OKU member.

TALKING about the Corporate Mafia, looks like Green Packet Bhd is finding it difficult to sell off it's offshore bank in Labuan due to the Prime Minister's watchful eye.

BUT its Anwar Ibrahim's fortitude in fair play which has stalled Victor Chin Boon Long's purchase of the bank, READ : Via Velocity Capital Bhd

Monday 17 June 2024

The Strata Management Act 2013

THE star recently had a very interesting article regarding the READ : need to review strata management act 2013.

I have a question for the STAR. What is the point in reviewing the strata management act of 2013,  if resident powered tenant committees are being shut down by cartels ?

A case in point is where the joint management bodies using the office of the member of parliament of Kepong Lim Lip Eng to disregard the wishes of resident powered tenant committees, even after these JMB's have lost their case at the tribunal.

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Quantum Men In UMNO

WITH about RM950 million sitting idle in Malaysia, make no bones about it, that Quantum Metal has the means to buy political power.

MEET Abdul Fattah Abdullah, the deputy permanent chairman of UMNO, who also happens to be VIEW :  a very highly paid director in Quantum Bullion Board which like Quantum Metal is owned by QM USA.

APPARENTLY,  Quantum Metal has gone at great lengths to mask Abdul Fattah's powerfull position in UMNO, by highlighting his role as president of Angkasa.

MANY Angkasa members, haven't received money from the investment in Quantum Metal, after Angkasa under direct knowledge of Abdul Fattah Abdullah READ : was urged to invest in Quantum Metal.

ABDUL Fattah is said to be close politically with the likes of former PM Ismail Sabri and current chief trouble maker Mohd Akmal Saleh.