Tuesday, 4 October 2022

ON merit , will the nuclearman live or die, you decide by today.

Sorry no song today. This blog,. since the start of Covid 19,. has been the major reason why there is food on my table.  Theoretically,. that means I am one of the 0.6 per cent of bloggers in the world who can earn money by blogging .

But recently , it has run into trouble,  and entities who were supposed to come in this month have now pushed it to February .

For me, to run this blog viablely, I will need at least RM15,000 till Feb,  Failing which I will have to close shop. 

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FOR your information , There are 600 million blogs world wideSo being inside the top 200,000 blogs in the world,.doesn't look too bad.

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The target I sent for myself is RM3000 every week for next five weeks .  At any given time , I do not meet the target, I will stop blogging immediately,.

Even this could be my last , if I fail at first hurdle.. If this is my last post then thank you for reading my blog over the years, it means a lot to me and for me.



is the theme song for the TV3 Drama Ryan Aralyn, which made its debut on Sept 2020 with vocals from Andi Bernadee.

NEGARA Ku. Tanah tumpah darah Ku, kian sedih dan murung. Pasrah dan PENAT dengan kegilaan yang terlanda, sedang melanda dan pasti akan melanda rakyatnya. READ : The Non Halal Lift In Malaysia is the best example, the best Malay minds have left the building.

IN a land that produced some of the best political minds and leaders in the past century, that includes global giants such as the likes of Lee Kuan Yew and Tun Dr  Mahathir, we now have  a crisis : We no longer have brilliant political minds and managers to take us forward.

Ku hanya mampuMemberi secebis dari semuaKu takut akan janjiYang diberi atau terima
Aku tahu tiada pelangiDi langit yang gelap

WHAT we have in abundance are corrupt politicians,  narrow minded politicians and those who will raise hell to brand a lift as non Halal but will say nothing perhaps maybe *JANGAN BUKAK AIBnya* on matters such as corruption. Of

WORST still in terms of quality , the government and opposition are on par. This is a government where the finance minister had objected on all occasions against the EPF withdrawal.

NEITHER Muhyiddin Yassin nor Ismail Sabri took the minister's advice, yet neither Prime Minister had enough class to sack the Finance Minister because they were afraid to rock the boat .

YET come GE 15 both these men will yet again be involved in a game of thrones. Tengku Zafrul,. should walk away now or he will be made to look like a fool latter on.

DON'T  stand as a BN, Bersatu or PKR man . Zafrul should stand alone,  and convince his friends too, to stand alone else where.

TOGETHER,  from Kangar to Johor, if enough good men show up as independent candidates bound with loyalty only to the Flag. 

I know my countrymen,   enough of them will show up from nowhere on ballot day and whisper to 
UMNO, PKR, DAP, PAS and BERSATU these three words :. INi KALI LAH!!!


Monday, 3 October 2022

Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia,. what can we say except :. ALAMAK!!!

is the  single released in 2020 by De Fam's lead vocalist Sophia Liana , that also featured rookie Harith Zazman.

NOR Shamsiah Mohd Yunus , has enough authentic academic certificates  and work experience  to be where she is today.

THE Bank Negara Governor  though is a decade and a half  behind our time, and it shows. READ :Ekonomi tak boleh diukur pada prestasi ringgit saja - Gabenor BNM

Berputar-putar cakap belit macam tiada akhirTercari-cari masih berlari-lari apa yang terjadiBila dicuba lagi, jalan mati
Jika mahu temberangHarus pandai tak terkena jerat

GONE are the days, when central bankers prided themselves that the man in the streets,  are  unsignificant factors, on how a nation is doing economically.

THOSE days died, the day  the 96 year old Alan Greenspan ended his tenure as the US Federal Reserves Chairman in 2006.

IN came in a new breed of central bankers, led by Australia's  Philip Lowe .READ  : The Central Bankers of Today, Priorities the Peoyple and Tell Economic Stories ,We Can Relate To From Life Experiences

NOR Shamsiah Mohd Yunus,. Is correct on what she says about the Ringgit and the economy, though she fails to see the working class elephant,  beaten, broken  and bloodied in the room.

WE need a central banker who is able to reconcile the public on the extremes taking place at the same time,. painting different portrait on the same subject.

TAKE for instance the figures and fact that August churned out. READ :Malaysian economy smashes forecasts, growing 8.9 percent in Q2

AND then reconcile it with what this world leader in market research discovered in August. READ : IPSOS : Four out of 10 Malaysians are being prepared for lower disposable income in the near future, resulting in a fall in their standard of living

A spike in borrowing cost,. that has a direct co relation to the weak ringgit against the US dollar ,. was cited in the report as one of the main culprits for the tragedy.

FOR our central banker to down play the currency turmoil, will only make the voices grow stronger and louder for a new central  bank governor for Malaysia.

ONE that is schooled in the train of thought,. that we the people of this great land , will place our lives for the only flag we know,. but that does not mean we are happy to live poor in a rich land.

WE are desperately in need of a central banker, to help build a pathway for the layman  that's toils the right to be rich  in the land,  blessed by God with everything.

Sunday, 2 October 2022

DisTrack : Anthony Loke : Imposter!!!!!

is the smash hit from 24 months ago, from a trio of hard core hip hoppers led by Tuan 13, Zein Panzer & Ecko Show .

WEE Ka Siong steps in again to undo the damage done by the IMPOSTER  who served as Transport Minister for 22 months.

Sudah di gaji di rapat masih tidur
Saat banyak orang yang tak punya tempat tidur
Perjalan dinas mereka anggap lagi libur
Berpesta dengan anggur lalu cari teman tidur

ANTHONY Loke,. showed Malaysia in real time why he is not fit to be the Transport Minister. Under Anthony's watch Malaysia's aviation safety ranking was dropped by a category.   READ :Wee Get's Malaysia's safety ratings back to top speed

Saturday, 1 October 2022

DEAD Men Rising , SERBA DINAMIK : I will survive

was the unofficial  theme song from Gloria Gaynor, which held together a French football team that opted to drop superstar Eric Cantona in favour of a crop of mostly African immigrants, led by Zinidine Zidane, who against all odds would go on to lift the World Cup in 1998.

THE oddman out in Sarawak who refused to rescue Brooke Dorkyard and Engineering Works Corp, Serba Dinamik has taken a beating like no other for saying NO. READ :The Tajuddin Ramli Plan

IRONICALLY, Serba Dinamik is on its last breathe now to be a failed project just like the company they refused to rescue at a huge premium.

Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?You think I'd crumble?You think I'd lay down and die?
Oh no, not I, I will surviveOh, as long as I know how to ...

LIKE the bat out of hell, against odds that even  Harry Houdini will not fancy,  SERBA DINAMIK come the next reporting session is gonna be THE LAST MAN STANDING.

AND with that the RM500 million Ringgit man, will once again emerge as one of Serba Dinamik's biggest shareholder officially , because this shareholder actually never left.


Friday, 30 September 2022

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki : Bersalin Kulit

is from the four man band known as Kristal that has been active since 1999. The song is from their 2021 Terpisah album.

ASYRAF Wajdi  Dusuki, the UMNO Youth head seems to be out of ammunition, as the General Election looms, as his chances of getting elected in Kelantan without the help of PAS is very slim.

TO stay relevant, the UMNO Youth head, is now playing to the gallery, while trying to kill two birds at one go. READ : KWSP tersasar untuk golongan Yang amat terkesan.

Baik dan buruk

Terletak ditangan siapa?
Dulu lain sekarang wayang lain

Hidup hanya lah main-main
Dulu lain sekarang lagi lain
Macam ular kulit bersalin-salin

ASYRAF,  knows that Tengku Zafrul will not agree to it, as even the last time, the Prime Minister had to veto the Finance Minister.  

SO why hasn't he asked the Prime Minister instead, as this is going to be a campaign issue in the coming GE.

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Bursa Down, Shot Selling at Sapura Energy, Oil Palm Must Carry Malaysia To Safety : Sign O The Times.

was the maiden hit for Prince after his break up with the Revolution, way back in 1987. The single is taken from the album Sign Of The Times, following the massive blockbuster Purple Rain.

BURSA Malaysia is struggling at a 52 week low at 1397.130 points while the Ringgit is howevering at RM4.64 to the US Dollar. 

AS at 11.30 am today only 171 counters are up while more than 1000 securities are either down,. Unchanged or Untraded.

Oh why, oh why?
Sign o' the times, 
Sign o' the times mess with your.....

LOOKING at yesterday's data provided by Bursa Malaysia, the sign of the times definitely looking gloomy, with only one hero in sight 

THERE is a clear short selling position built up on oil and gas counters and also on rubber glover exporters,.as well as telco's such as Maxis with a net short position of 65 million shares, Hartalega with 51 million shares, Top Glove 120 million shares and Sapura Energy some 51.5 million shares.  You can view the entire list HERE.

OBVIOUSLY,. the big market players are discounting the weak ringgit as a boon for exporters and the signal is clear, Malaysia will once again have to bank on the Oil Palm Sector to deliver big time to save us from this mess.