Thursday, 26 January 2023

V Sivakumar : I'm gonna tear your playhouse down

is the smash hit from the 1980'd British superstar Paul Young, taken from his 1985 album titiled The Secret of Association.

SYABAS, V Sivakumar,  since when did you become minister of foreign labour only ? Don't you think that Malaysians as well as the world is not watching how your government treats Malaysian labourers?

You think you've got it all set up
You think you've got the perfect plan
To charm everyone you see
And playing any game you can
But I've got news for you
I hope it don't hit you too hard
One of these days
While you're at play
I'm gonna catch you off guard
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down

V Sivakumar are you a Malaysian or a national of another country? Because if you are a Malaysian than why don't you have the same standards as how the Singapore labour minister has set for his country men? 

V Sivakumar,  why don't Malaysians have a Progressive Wage Model? Why don't we have Local Qualifying Salary requirements to protect the Malaysian wage earner. 

BELOW, you can READ On The Singapore Model

Malaysia, Listen , There once lived a man in Egypt : Standing In The Eyes of the World.

is the 1998,. Malaysian Commonwealth theme song by rock singer Ella, that never really got caught on fire in the global market .

THERE once lived a man in Egypt, regarded by some as the pillar of Egyptian democracy, while others accused this man of being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Setiap manusia ingin berjaya
Namun tak semua miliki tuah
Engkau menghampirinya
Kesempatan telah pun tiba
Kini "standing in the eyes of the world"
Hanyalah selangkah dari nyata
Keazaman membara di jiwa
Menanti saat ....

MOHAMMED Morsi had promised the Egyptian people great freedom, equibility, transparency and to return back this great people's dignity but within a year in office the Egyptian people had enough with the first democratically elected President of the country.

MORSI was no better than all those evil dictators. In fact when it came to allowing the people their personal freedom to choose, it is said Morsi's government was among the worst.

DO we have a MORSI in our midst, a man supposedly who will unite us? But is actually working overtime to divide us?. I don't know, each can make up their own mind 

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Madini Malaysia strikes Again : Bigotry Man

is a 1989 track taken from the album State Of Control, by the American version of Iron Maiden, the hard rockers known as Barren Cross.

FIRST of all. Do I think Homosexuality is a sin? YES I DO, but what I think or feel is my business and my business alone, and it should not be the basis for any type of public policy, which is why I feel Anwar Ibrahim's Government has gone insane.

Who, who are you
Are, bigotry manYou, you think you are better than themYour not

STOP bringing religion into science either into scientific education or into health matters. It's a recipe for disaster, with a capital D.

Malaysia desperately needs a Maldini not a Madini : Where have all the bootboys gone?

is a song from Malaysia's primier skin head group A.C.A.B, who is also the country's best selling skin head group of all time .

MALAYSIA desperately needs a Paolo Maldini type of captain to run the country and not a Prime Minister who is king in gloryfying Arab vocabulary IE Madini at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia.

I still remember those glory days
Where no one dared to get in our ways
It only seems like yesterday
Seeing boots and braces all the way
We used to live out on the streets
We used to drink and used to steal to eat
We shared the joy and we shared the pain

EVER since Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysians must say Madini and Malaysia in the same breathe ...what have we got? We have the Education Minister downright lying to King and Country. READ : Netizens blast Fadhlina’s explanation for allegedly Muslim-only SPM workshop

SO how did the school get the funds to organise the do? Who gave the school they money and why?  Can we see cheques from the same party issued on the same date for both functions to take place?

ANWAR Ibrahim if you cannot be a Paolo Maldini type of captain for team Malaysia, perhaps it's best you go too and try out for the up coming Mat Kilau movie since as we all know , you are a damn good actor.

The Madini Cabinet @ Liar's Bar

was from the Beautiful South's best selling album ever, the 1996,. Blue is the Colour album, which spawned hit after hit singles.

IT pains me to write this, because like most of middle Malaysia, we want Anwar Ibrahim to succeed but are we now willing to lower our moral standards.

WILL, we kid ourselves that Rafizi Ramli is just stupid when he claimed prices of Raw Materials had gone down or that Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek is just being a little naught READ : Several users pointed out that if the workshop had excluded non-Muslim students to avoid disrupting Chinese New Year festivities – as claimed by the ministry – the absence of Indian students at the workshop raised further questions.

Their noses are red
Whilst mine is only pink
And they didn't choose their drink
Their drink chose them
Rum by the kettle drum
Whiskey by the jar
At Liar's Bar.

THE ministers lied to us.  It always starts with a lie, before the pinching of money will start. Anwar Ibrahim either sack the lying ministers or middle Malaysia will have to sing Auld Lang Syne to you.

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Selangor, the eagle has landed and she sings : Green, Green....

or the full title of the song Green Green Grass. This club hit by George Ezra, you will be hearing a lot of this song on Tik Tok in the coming months as it is key to Perikatan Nasional's hearts and minds campaign.

THE holiday is in KEDAH READ : Kedah MB announces Feb 5 as public holiday for Thaipusam ,but Perikatan Nasional will be banking that this goodwill from PAS, will be enough to begun to stir a debate among the Tamil community in Selangor on their situation now that Anwar Ibrahim is Prime Minister.

Over the hills and undercover
Undercover, undercover
She said
Green green grass, blue blue sky
You better throw a party...

I understand in the coming budget, atleast RM30 million will be set aside by the Prime Minister for the Tamil community's territory education needs to match the RM40 million given to UTAR.

ANWAR Ibrahim's issue is how to get all of this done without involving MIC, the political party. That is the Prime Minister's greatest challenge, coz as it stands, PKR has more Tamil members than MIC itself.

Rafizi Ramli, stop : Walking in Your SLEEP

is a song from the 2012, Aussie nominated indie breakthrough artist of the year, the quartet that call themselves Husky.

RAFIZI Ramli, it seems will do anything to get some media minutes, even though every time he opens his mouth, all that the nation seem to hear are nonsense quĂ© from a BUM,who seems to be walking in his sleep or to put it plainly day dreaming  AKA sleeping on the job.

Going backwards now
Every roll in reverse, with my eyes closed
Walking in your sleep, with the morning
Climbing the horizon, coming like a hurricane
Walking in your sleep in the blue light
Waiting for Poseidon to take you in a killer wave

HIS latest attempt will be today at 1pm, when he wants to sit the nation down and explain to us the Consumer Price Index of Dec 2022.

DEAR Moron Rafizi, in a couple of days it will be February 2023. 

WE are not interested in the past ie  the CPI of December 2022, but rather we are keen to KNOW about the future ie on how the CPI will look like in Feb, March and April 2023, and what are the measure's that will be put in place for us to have a balanced CPI that does not hurt the poor people's wallet.

#Rafizi Ramli is Anwar Ibrahim's Liability