Monday, 2 August 2021

Noor Hisham Abdullah. Knife

by Rockwell,  was a single released four decades ago. Lyrics to this song goes something like this :

When i pretend
Wear a smile to fool my dearest friends
I wonder if they know
It's just a show
I'm on a stage
Day and night i go through my charades

Malaysia's Director General of Health, has seen his popularity rise in recent years to the extent that many had forgotten that in 2018 he was on  BERSIH's HALL OF SHAME

Two years latter, Raja Petra without saying much put it out again Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah Made It Into PEMANTAU’s “Hall Of Shame”  but still many viewed him as a decent man.

Clearly they the knives are out for this guy, one must balance it out  that what a civil servant says in public and the advice he gives in private are part and parcel of the responsibilities that comes with the job. 

 That being said, there is still an element of accountability, which I am sure the public will want and demand.  

Are the following reports factual or mere Wayang Kulit, could well determine  how we view this man in the future :

Free Malaysia Today. Papa was a rolling stone

is the 1972 classic from the Temptations, which is basically about a guy  who is misunderstood,  with different people having different set of views on him.

Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the truth
Mama just hung her head and said
"Son, Papa was a rolling stone

Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died
All he left us was a loan 🤣

Free Malaysia Today had an interview with Serba Dinamik a couple of days back. READThe RM4.5 billion figure does not make financial sence.

I do hope there is a part two from Free Malaysia, because thanks to the citizen reporters  fresh information have emerged  such as some of the companies  which KPMG claims hanky panky took place are owned by Petronas. We all know it takes two to tango. Also KPMG used interns in the Audit of a major public listed company.

I said fresh information, and the onus are on the likes of Free Malaysia Today to ask the right questions so that the verification process can take shape.

Will the REAL slim shaddy PLEASE stand up

by  Eminem, is the lead single from the rapper's third album  The Marshall Mathers LP. So will the real slim shaddy please STAND UP

… May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here…

Annuar Musa ; Kerajaan PN tidak derhaka kepada Agong
Good for you Annuar Musa. Did anyone in the room mention the word derhaka. If NO, why do you keep repeating yourself.  Something is not right here unless deep down you are feeling guilty ....perhaps something you would like to share with all of us ?

Muhyiddin  Yassin. Malay first’ Muhyiddin is hoist with his own petard
Err after reading the Terence Netto post I have come to conclusion it is pointless to ask Anuar Ibrahim or Tun Mahathir about you. Best for you to decide on your own if you are the real slim shaddy.

Azmin Ali. Return to PKR even if only for your political career
You are slimy alright,  but smart enough to stir clear of this ticking bomb while  getting your good buddy Tian Chua to do your bidding.

Xavier Jayakumar.Quits PKR
You left PKR. Hats off to you but Malaysia wants to know when did you lose your voice.

Noor Hisham AbdullahMP criticises DG for 'selective concern', questions gathering at PM's residence
Just one question for you . Are you friends with Xavier Jayakumar

Ismail Sabri. Puad ingatkan Ismail dia cuma TPM, bukan presiden Umno
Granted you used to party hard, but you are a good man what are you doing on this list?

Takiyuddin Hassan. masuk hospital akibat komplikasi jantung
Medical problems are the least of your worries.  You too are a good man, just doing job for the wrong set of people.

Najib Razak.  

Where is Dolly lah?  Bro you better do something about this poster because even children are looking at it and laughing their heads off.

Zahid Hamidi :  Esok kita meeting lagi
Are you UMNO presiden or the supreme council is your president . Nobody listening to you lah  .  Do something .... get the guy who is ghost writting for Jailani Harun to write something nice about you on Jai's  blog (notice how the quality of English often changes from good to poor)

Wee Ka Siong. Perak MCA Youth chief joins calls for PM to resign
Wise move from a Johorean ,  duck in the face of fire and get MCA Youth to fire scud missiles at the Prime Minister.

Vigneswaran s/o Sanasee. Siapakah Vigneswaran yang angkuh langgar titah Agong ini?'
Now you know why people dont want to elect you to go to parliment

Abdul Hadi Awang : Kejayaan kerajaan PN tadbir negara menyebabkan ada pihak tercabar
You are slimy alright but when you speak people are sympathic...Hey the guy has lost his marbles

Sunday, 1 August 2021

The EVIL Seed @ Sleeping on the JOB; : LORDLY part 3. Winds of Change

is the global blockbuster and lead single from the Scorpions Crazy World album.  

It seems, that the winds of change are finally blowing Serba Dinamik's way and theEdge has a lot to anwser for. The anwser must come  ideally come from the way it reports the story from the ground.

The wind of change
Blows straight into the face of time
Like a storm wind that will ring the freedom bell
For peace of mind
Let your balalaika sing
What my guitar wants to say.

The EVIL seed as we all know is perception planted in ones head., That perception could be 100 per cent true or 100 per cent untrue, but nevertheless it is a set of points that are not backed by factually.

Have a second read at Jose Barrock's DRAMA @ Serba Dinamik where the highlight for me were :

1. Many following the press conference were stumped, and left trying to recall the last time a lawyer questioned an audit firm’s work. 

The citizen reporter is a powerful animal, who is not guided by monetary gains or who our YAM SENG buddies are.  If you read the comment section of 13investor there are many citizen reporters who have bashed Serba Dinamik with facts. Hats off to them, yet there also some who have uncovered what the professionals at the Edge have missed by a MILE and a HALF. 


On a professional  basis it is downright degrading when amatures articulate better than those who are paid to do so.

And it gets WORSE, that the people behind The EYE OF THE STORM, has no inkling what this amature citizen reporter uncovered. 

Yet again exposing ones willy while happily sleeping 😴 on the job. Salary in or not...

2.Rozilawati Basir, Sharifah Irina Syed Ahmad Radzi, Datuk Seri Tengku Hasmuddin Tengku Othman and Hasman Yusri Yusoff said they were leaving as they disagreed with recent decisions made by the board which, in their view, were not in the best interests of the company, stakeholders and, in particular, the minority shareholders.

I wonder why, the Edge conviniently failed to mention that Hasman Yusri prior to joining Serba Dinamik was a partner in KPMG.  Are we to believe that The Edge who was smart enough to coin a great tag line SERBA DINAMIK IN THE EYE OF THE STORM, are actually an incompetent bunch,  who have been caught with their zippers wide open while sleeping on the JOB?

3.Could Muhammad Shafee’s use of the phrase “in the event” be taken to mean that the legal wrangling may not end up in court? Will Serba Dinamik drop its suit now that KPMG has resigned, considering legal fees for such cases could go into the millions and the proceedings are likely to be long drawn out?

SO WHAT IF  IT WILL TAKE TIME, MONEY AND PATIENCE  FOR GOOD TO TRIUMPH OVER EVIL, LESS ONE FORGETS, The SCORPIONS  Winds of Change is all about breaking that Wall in BERLIN  which deprived Germans living on the EASTERN side the basic rights that the Germans on the Western side enjoys.  ROME was not built in a DAY, and I am getting the impression here that for theEdge, monetary and time constraints are priority above the TRUTH. UTTERLY DISGUSTING!!!

LORDLY shall continue, as the story behind the Great GAME @ Serba Dinamik HAS YET TO BE TOLD. Till next time then....

Sersol Bhd. Do they know it's Christmas ?

is the 1984 chart topper from Band Aid. Well it's a long way some more for Christmas time, but punters who punt on stocks, might sure feel like it's Christmas already in Sersol Bhd.

Not many, err actually NONE of the Business  publications, which actually shows the lack of quality in the editorial set up has ZERO STORY  on the curious case of Mr Lim Kim Chai who sold of 17 million shares on July 28 in Sersol , which means he no longer is a substantial shareholder in Sersol.

Two days latter, while  no longer being a substantial shareholder in Sersol, Mr Lim miraculously appears in Sersol as EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN , and to spice up the intrigue in SERSOL the company then announced that it is undertaking a private placement at 44 sen a share.

One must note, that in May when the private placement proposal was made, Sersol shares was barely under 28 sen a share, while last Friday the stock closed at  55 sen a share.

Clearly Mr Lim Kim Chai has  ceased to have become a substantial shareholder, but one suspects he has not left the building, rather he has just entered the fray, while our sleeping financial reporters keep to their sleeping ways on the Country's  SECOND MOST ACTIVELY TRADED STOCK.  WAKE UP lah...

It's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid
At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade
And in our world of plenty we can spread a smile of joy
Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time
Let them know it's Christmas TIME

Ikan Kekek

is a children song made popular by the legendary Saloma.
I am abused that many people have now entered the fray with their views on the role of his majesty the King of Malaysia, whom as we all know is the supreme leader of the Armed Forces.
First in we have for judge Sri Ram saying READ ; Tandatangan Agong tidak perlu untuk batal Ordinan Darurat.
Followed by lawyer Shamsudin Nawawi's argument that Sri Ram's  point of view is down right misleading. READ : TIGA SUKU.

What is my's in the song babe and do read carefully within and between the lines ;

Ikan kekek mak iloi iloi
ikan gelama mak ilai ilai
Hujan emas di negeri orang
hujan batu negeri sendiri

Apa guna kita mencela
Jaga diri biar sempurna
janganlah ikut orang yang gila
kelak kita jadi merana

The Nearly Man. Man On The Moon

is the R.E.M song like no other, taken from the album Automatic for the people. 

I have zero doubt in my mind its should be Automatic for the People in the mainland  and all over the world that China's economic might today is because Deng Xiaoping did what was right for his people.

Believe it or not, for the last 500 years, there was only two contenders in the ring, competing to be the champion of the world READFrom 1500 to 1820, China mostly had the largest and strongest GDP.

All that came to a halt in what the Chinese call READ ;OUR Century of Humiliation. All, that changed when Deng Xiaoping by choice opted for collective reasoning, a free economy , where the people actually enjoy the fruits of their labor (Tengku Zafrul, the people are not bothered about rosy Moody's  report READ : Moody’s A3 credit rating testament to govt’s leadership: Tengku Zafrul)

But through out the 500 years, China has always been the  NEARLY MAN, always there but not there as the main dog, the top dog in town.

Xi Jinping has been a good leader up to a point, and many not only in China but throughout Asia has placed their hopes on this man, that we could finally tell the white man to go fly kites.

Xi is a known admirer of Mao Zedong, who unified China, but begin to believe in his own legend, allowed no desent, resulting the country making technology advancement but most of the people poor, and fearful of being economically adventures.

Xi who put READ : A man on the moon

Moses went walking with the staff of wood
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Newton got beaned by the apple good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Egypt was troubled by the horrible asp
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Mister Charles Darwin had the gall to ask
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If you believed they put a man on the moon
Man on the moon
If you believe there's nothing up his sleeve
Then nothing is cool

could well be the main who ensures that once again supremeness escapes China and this nation which carries the Asia flag for world economic domination  might remain the The NEARLY MAN as Xi challenges the wisdom of the father of modern economics as we know it. READ ;  ADAM SMITH and then READ :The EconomistReuters and China Triggers $1 Trillion Market Meltdown, And It’s Just Getting Started