Friday, 20 May 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin : Is it YOU?

was  a top 20 pop hit back in 1981  in the USA as well as in Canada for jazz musician Lee Ritenour.  The song is also includes in Ritenour's RIT album.

It is all over the internet, a few have even gone to  Khairy Jamaluddin's official Twitter to  ask  the minister  IS IT YOU, Khairy Jamaluddin ?

Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it you, you, you?
If it's you, come out in the open
You don't need to hide

KHAIRY  Jamaluddin has yet to respond.

 BUT A former secretary of the immigration affairs division under the Home Affairs Ministry told the court in April, that  It's You Khairy Jamaluddin. READ : KJ’ is Khairy Jamaluddin, who is now the health minister?”

The Blame Game as telcos lose RM26 billion in value: Blame it on the rain

is the 1989 smash hit for the German dance duo group  Milli Vanilli;  debut album  GIRL You Know It's True.

LOOKS  like there is a fresh initiative  to paint  Digital Nasional  Bhd in a negative light.  READ : While 5G is still up in the air, Malaysia’s telcos have lost RM26 billion in market value. What is MCMC doing?

FOR starters,  MCM should blame it on  the rain,

Gotta blame it on something (gotta blame it on something)
Gotta blame it on something
that was fallin' fallin'
(Blame it on the stars) that did shine at night
Whatever you do don't put the blame on you
Blame it on the rain (yeah yeah)
 coz this is not their problem. 


ANYONE who knows to read, will easily be able to see  that Digi and Maxis share price have been falling for the past five years and not one year as deceptionally painted.


please READ READ ýùujuunjynhgngnh.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Approved Permit : KARMA

is  a song taken from Cokelat's  ground  breaking second album Rasa Baru, which is rated by the Rolling Stones magazine as one of the top 150 albums ever recorded by an Indonesian artist.

ISMAIL sabri"s announcement  on  the removal  of Approved Permit is ground breaking indeed,  though KARMA is  having  the best,  on  what ails,  the fallen  Tiger Economy -  Malaysia

Ternyata kau juga sama saja
Kau kira kupercaya semua
Sgala tipu daya oh percuma
Kau buat sempurna awalnya
Berakhir bencana

KARMA provides  the mirror  for us to ponder,  Is  this the same Ismail  Sabri  who   READ : Imposed the Bumiputera’s 51% equity in logistics: A case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”

SO  why now  when  there is a crisis allow  ALL  Malaysians a fair crack to bring in food?  Can it be because  the Government  finally is  willing to acknowledge  what most of us already  know.

APPROVED Permits  artificially enrich a  small group of  Malaysians,   with the rest regardless if you are Malay, Iban,  Chinese or Indian carrying on their shoulders ,  the artificially high cost of  rhe AP systems. READ  :  Cars in Malaysia more expensive than in North Korea due to the approved permit syndrome and artificial tax regime.

ISMAIL Sabri ,   honour our  flag and do the right thing,  the brave thing and the decent thing : free us from the shackles  of  this AP  slavery!!!.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Securities Commision, Bursa Malaysia & Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group : What's Up?

is  the 1993 anthem  song,  dubbed by some as the worst song ever from  that era.  The hit by  the all girl group 4 Non Blondes , nevertheless has more than one billion streams on You Tube alone.

WHAT'S UP Certainly not Serba Dinamik Bhd but that doesn't mean the big traders who pay zero brokerage,  aren't milking in  the money.

Trying to get up
That great big hill of hope
For a destination
I realized quickly
When I knew I should
That the world was made up
Of this brotherhood of man
For whatever that means

IT'S  not even 12'o clock,  and yet more than one billion shares ,  which is equivalent  to 28 per cent of  Serba Dinamik capital spread  has been traded on the open market.

MOSTLY those not in the money based on  today's live trade are retail investors who are akin to being led like sheep's to the slaughter house.

ANY action by SC,  Bursa Malaysia or their minnion the Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group?  Only God Knows,  I guess!!!

Securities Commision , Bursa Malaysia & MSWG, betul ke : Jangan Bangunkan Macan Tidor

is a song released sometime in mid 2021, by SLANK,  the biggest Malay singing rock band in  Asia.  If you are wondering why you may have not heard of  Slank,  it could well be because they are from Indonesia.

THE Securities Commision,  Bursa Malaysia  and the Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group are three MACAN ( tiger in English)  that desperately  need to WAKE UP 

Aku resah
Tapi tak coba gelisah
Aku ringkih
Tapi paksa
Otak jernih
Jangan bangunkan macan tidur
Macan jantan yang terluka, terluka

WHAT are the PUBLIC action  taken thus far to aggressively  inform the gullible retail investors that trading  on SERBA DINAMIK Bhd  shares  have taken,  what could well be a SINISTER pattern ?

CONSIDER this :   some 2.15 billion Serba Dinamik shares were traded on  the open market here yesterday.

THIS translates to slightly 57 per cent of the companies share issuance capital.  Obviously,  some big fish is doing a massive roll over,  while big time day traders who enjoy ZERO BROKERAGE are having a FIELD DAY doing intra day trades.

DATA extracted from YAHOO FINANCE  indicates VIEW :  SERBA DiNAMIK shares are now trading at a MASSIVE 4 55 TIMES, its normal self

WHAT this means is the odd man out here,  meaning the retail investor could be in  the process of being set up big time,  for some small time gains now,  in return for huge life taking losses in the future.

HAS the SCBursa Malaysia and MSWG forgotten about IRIS Corp Bhd,  and the devastation it caused the RETAIL INVESTOR ..?? 

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX ( Happenstance, Coincidence & Enemy Action) " The insider!!

is taken  from the rock N  roll group Tom Petty and  the Heartbreakers  fourth studio album  Hard Promises which was released  in 1981.

ONCE is HAPPENSTANCE,  TWICE à Coincidence .Three  Times is Enemy Action are the HARD  PROMISE,  penned by the father of  James Bond,  IAN FLEMING.

WE have all that and more in MySejahtera. Details that in any other democracy,  other than Malaysia,  wouls be enough to kill the deai..

It's a circle of deception
It's a hall of strangers
It's a cage without a key
You can feel the danger
And I'm the one who oughta know
Yeah, I'm the one you couldn't trust
Oh, I'm the lonely, silent one

COINCIDENCE. Let's  just put it down,  to good old coincidence that the MIMOS,  chairman from from  out of  the blue suddenly  emerges in MySJ Sdn Bhd, the operator of the MySejathera  as a shareholder and director on December 2021. 


HAPPENSTANCE. Let's just put this one down  to happenstance,  that ONE MONTH after quiting her job as a  CHIEF EXECUTIVE  of  Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation  which is tasked with organising and leading Malaysia's Digital Economy forward READ : Aiza Azreen Ahmad tells the world she is now with MySJ Sdn Bhd.

ENEMY ACTION.  Since we are all buddies here, let's  go check out venture capitalist Finian Tan, who is also the co-founder and chairman of Entomo (formerly KPISoft).

Despite having an impressive CV on paper,  these days the twice married Finian Tan is mostly known as the man who got DUPED  (typical civil service mentality)  at a personal and professional level by a 34 year old READ : In a RM4.3 billion Nickle trading scam.

TAKING into consideration basic ethics and moral principles,  it is very easy to identify there are too many red flags in  Khairy Jamaluddin's narrative in attempting  to maintain MySejahtera's relevance with Tax payers money .

I am NOT surprised one bit, that Khairy Jamaluddin,  who has been most vocal in furthering MySejahtera  lost cause.  READ ;Khairy Jamaluddin, how can Moral Failure Be A 'Mistake'?

The Minority Shareholders WatchDog Group is just a fancy term for a : NEW AGE GIRL

is a song by alternative rock trio Deadeye Dick, from their debut album A Different Story. The song was also the lead soundtrack to the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber.

THE minority shareholders watch dog group should stop behaving like a NEW AGE GIRL filled with Inconsistencies. 

Mary Moon... she's a vegetarian 
Mary Moon... will outlive all the septuagenarians 
Oh, she loves me so
She hates to be alone
She don't eat meat
But she sure like the bone
Mary Moon will you hesitate
Don't segregate your thought from your emotion

ON,  first impression, the minority shareholders watchdog group looks like a noble house  with its, principled tqke on Serba Dinamik  READ :MSWG urges for transparency in Serba Dinamik resolution

UNTIL you find out,  there are the same bunch who OPPOSED, the Employees Provident Fund's plan not to re elect i Shahril Shamsuddin as a director in  Sapura Energy

Monday, 16 May 2022

ISMAIL SABRI : Headwired to Self Destruct

is the lead single from  Metallica's  10th studio album Hardwired to self destruct, which debuted in 2016 at number one in the US of A.

IN recent weeks,  Ismail Sabri had been  attracting criticism, which I suspect will eventually snowball into a very potent force or SELF DESTRUCT. READ :  Are you in charge, Ismail Sabri? . How come GLC have mind of its own

Once upon a fear 
Returning all in vain 
Do you feel that hope is fading? 
Do you comprehend? 
Do you feel it terminating
In the end? 
Shit outta luck
Hardwired to self-destruct

NOT only has the Prime Minister been questioned on his deliverables here, some portals have also started mocking the Prime Minister. READ :Elon Musk lawat Indonesia pada Nov bukan Malaysia selepas dijemput Jokowi

MySejahtera In The Mix : We The People

is  a song released this year by the versatile rappercountry singer Kid Rock.  The song is the lead single from Kid Rock's  latest album BAD  REPUTATIONS.

NO matter  how much one  tries to blow MySejahtera's  horn,  it won't take a  genius to make this deduction ;  THAT  WE THE PEOPLE DISLIKE THE APP.

KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN, see how much  of  the dislike for App,  will translate to a  dislike for you and  your politics  of going against the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE.  READ : A SLAP On the face for Khairy Jamaluddin, as Malaysian shun MySejahtera with mandatory scans down by 97 per cent.

yeah, you
We the people (ooh, yeah)
We the people
Inflation's up, like the minimum wage
So it's all the same, it ain't a damn thing changed

THINGS ,  seems to be getting from  bad to worse  for Khairy Jamaluddin,   as Code Blue  READ : Mysejahtera infectious disease tracker is a sad tell of waste of time and waste of money.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Serba Dinamik Bhd : W T F ?

2019 a dance track with more than 77 million streams on Sportify .  The single is a collaboration between Hugel,  a  French disc  jockey, and  Britain's Amber Van Day.

WTF,  indeed as new kid in town,  MUDA  attempts to school   READ : the Attorney General's on his wisdom in allowing the Serba Dinamik case end with a fine.

What you know about karma
Oh I heard she ain't so sweet (yeah so sweet)
Get your self out of the club
If you can't take the heat
'Cause I know in the morning
You'll be wakin' up all alone
Posing all over your story
With nothing to hold but your phone

MUDA had raised a couple of questions,   which in my opinion makes the party look like A  MUD brain.

MUDA @ A puddle of MUD, do you really believe that whatever happened in Serba Dinamik Bhd happened just in a year or two? READ : SERBA Dinamik's Gross Margin Un Changed at 18 per cent from 2017 up to 2020.

SO,  dear MUDA,  who do you think thought  Serba  Dinamik this dark art  and  what was KPMG  sniffing or smoking from 2017 up to 2019. By the way  booking revenue or profit before it is I realised is not a crime,  so why is it made up to be one now?

A COURT case,  could tank the Malaysian stock market, raise questions in  Sarawak itself  on why Serba Dinamik's resistance  and rejection to acquire Brooklands Dockyard,  suddenly saw the company under seige.

MUDA, there were good and bad times during Tun Mahathir,  Abdullah Badawi, and Najib's  time as Prime Minister,  yet at no time was  KAYANGAN a term commonly used and understood by the man in the street.

HOW come these days KAYANGAN had become a daily used word.   MUDA, redeem your self by asking the Attorney  General  READ :  Dear Sir, What are you doing about this :Tommy Thomas says he reduced Vincent Tan’s son’s drug charges, no bribe involved