Thursday 31 March 2022

Anwar Ibrahim dah bangun dari tidur, Ismail Sabri tolonglah : Get Up, Stand Up

is the classic pinched from Bob Marley & the Wailers,  defining  Burnin album which was released in 1973.

Anwar Ibrahim ,   has just shown Rafizi Ramli, who in Pakatan Harapan,  has got the fastest gun in town as he comes Burnin down on Khairy Jamaluddin  who is pushing hard for a closed door secretive and confidential negotiations  with the privately held vendors of My Sejathera. 

Earlier in  the week it was reported that under the secretive plan READ : Malaysians will have to pay the privately held owners of MySejahtera until 2036.

It is time;  the Prime Minister put his foot down and demand that Khairy Jamaluddin either follow good governance or resign as a Minister .

Get up, stand up
Stand up for your right
Get up, stand up
Stand up for your right
Get up, stand up
Stand up for your right
Get up, stand up

While the other wants to take us back to the bad, loss making  DARK days of DIRECT NEGOTIATIONS .

Ismail Sabri being a humble man, should take a close look at the movement on the ground, that the My Sejahtera issue specifically  the direct negotiations that Khairy Jamaluddin is trying to sell,  will effect his future more rather than Khairy Jamaluddin's future.

As it stands,  it is an open secret that Khairy Jamaluddin  is not UMNO'S  choice for the REMBAU seat as that honour will go to the people popular Mohamad Hasan, as opposed to the social media popular now under pressure  health Minister.

Also,  the talk is that efforts to oust Tengku Adnan and take over his Putrajaya seat instead, has also ended with the same fate : GAGAL

Rafizi Ramli : MAT DISKO!!

is from the only guy who can bring Chow Kit to a standstill with his voice,  Sudirman  from his 1979 album Perasaan.

Rafizi Ramli ini "Perasaan"  kah that he is the architect of  Pakatan Harapan's success in  the last general election? 

Some say it was Tun Dr Mahathir's  personality, age coupled with grit and tears provided the the muscle for the  INI KALI LAH  wave to defeat Barisan Nasional and capture Putrajaya.

Others  say,  it was Najib Razak and the two wrong calls he made, that led to a natural defeat, namely   for allowing his wife a share of  the spotlight,  and when the opportunity was there,  he did not replace MCA with the DAP .

Perhaps,  it was Rafizi but all that is history. Rafizi has now reappeared,  claiming that Pakatan Harapan READ : Lost the midas touch because it is out of touch with the people.

So what is Rafizi is doing about it?  Well he is doing the same thing Pakatan Harapan has been doing for the past 3 year, harping on elitist issues, READ : Sapura Only Became A GLC In 2019, Najib Tells Rafizi

Hero tak putus asa
Jalan baru dicari
Gadai tanah dibuka disko sendiri
Buka disko sendiri
Esok boleh pulang pagi
Buka disko sendiri
Esok boleh pulang pagi

Rafizi,  is muted on a subject a vast majority of Malaysians are familiar with : My Sejahtera.  The lame duck  rationale by Khairy Jamaluddin  borders beyond stupidity as it did NOT address the CENTRAL ISSUE


What bull shit is this? Call for an open tender. Do what Tengku Zafrul did with Digital Nasional Bhd, when it called for the 5G tender. READ : Tengku Zafrul on the 5g tender : A tender evaluation team comprising over 50 experienced experts and professionals from 10 different countries has been formed to evaluate the tenders.
Why is Khairy Jamaluddin,  not reassuring Malaysians that if are to proceed with this super app, there will be no direct nego.  It will be done via OPEN TENDER.

  And where is Rafizi,  who claims to be NOT out of touch with the rakyat?  NO WHERE IN SIGHT.  perhaps syok sendiri listening to MAT DISKO!!!!

Wednesday 30 March 2022

5G Malaysia : Putar Putar

is a song by Inul Daratista, the Indonesian entertainer whoes dancing style  ,`` the goyang Inul`` was cited as reason for an anti pornogrphic bill which eventually became law in that country in 2018.

Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, bohong lagi
Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, bohong lagi

Misleading narratives on 5G,  and on its implementation here in Malaysia, is as strong as ever. 

In my opinion,  the 5G  story in Malaysia is merely taking an interval, before the drama begins.

Why ?  Well it is because when you have print entities valued at few hundred million ringgit, willing to close one eye, and publish tales , it can mean only one thing : The Ball Is Still In Play.

READ : The STAR chides Malaysia : What's your secret formula, publishing Julian Gorman's misleading statement that no country has implemented the single wholesale network for 5G.

I do believe,  a country which is already a high income nation, as well as being the world's ninth largest producer of liquefied natural gas will be dissapointed that the WHITE MAN who leads GSM Association Asia Pacific does not know about READ : BRUNEI, a peaceful nation where 5G runs with a single wholesale network operator

Don't  blame the average Malaysian from being confused because there has been far too many false narratives on 5G, being put forth as the truth.

Many have the impression that Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister ,  is the one who came up with the single wholesale network plan.

That too me, is stretching  the truth a bit too much.  The concept of the  plan was READ : Recommended by the National 5G task force way back in 2019.

Basically,  what this means is the Pakatan Nasional Government, followed by the Perikatan Nasional Government and now the one led by an UMNO man came to the same conclusionThe Single  Wholesale Network model is the best fit for Malaysia.  

Then you have the READ :The Zahidi Zainul Drama : On This Date DECEMBER 16 2021, Deputy Minister states : I was kept in the dark about 5G dealings  .  Although,  Annuar Musa had  set the record straight, there was actually no need to do so .

So instead of setting the record straight,  a sacking should have been the order of the day.

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Khairy Jamaluddin : Pemberi Harapan PALSU

is a song from Anak Funk about comforting  guarantees, soothing words that at the end of the road is just another smooth talker?

Khairy Jamaluddin 

Palsu, palsu
Pemberi Harapan Palsu
Palsu, palsu
Dasar cintamu palsu
No more the FOOL : Singaporean Company Is MySejahtera Software Owner’s Sole ShareholderPalsu, palsu
Pemberi Harapan Palsu

Don't ask me. Ask Khairy Jamaluddin, as yet again he has proven substance is not important, and must make room for Tik Tok glamour seeking HALF past SIX

Annuar Musa : Apa Guna Berjanji?

is a song from the nation' s multi talented entertainer Puan Sri Saloma.

Annuar Musa... CUKUP LAH,  kami dah bosan nak dengar cerita ni.  Bosan dan lemas. READ : Telco untung tapi perkhidmatan tak memuaskan - Annuar?

Annuar Musa , knows that the Government had spent RM4 billion to do the job that the telcos themselves did not want to do.

Why then did he push forward for the telcos have a greater say in Digital Nasional Bhd ? And how did the telcos REPAY Annuar Musa????

Apa guna berjanji
Kalau tak ditepati
Kelak meracun hati
Tuan sendiri
Mengigit jari

What is repulsive is Annuar Musa seems to think that  we should do the same thing and expect a different outcome!!!

Khairy Jamaluddin : Manis TAPI bukan GULA!!!

by Indonesian Mellyyanox took Tik Tok by storm this year,  while on You Tube it has got nearly five million  view.

Yang Manis  tapi gula. .siapa lagi tapi bukan lain  dari juara bicara,  juara pohon maaf, juara memperbaiki diri di masa akan datang dan juara lupa kawan.

Meet Khairy Jamaluddin.   Once again a ministry in which Khairy oversees has scandal sneered on it? READ : Why let company take over MySejahtera via direct nego, asks PAC

Yang manis
Tapi bukan gula
Ko macam beda okeyk
Jang taputar tlalu banyak
Ko tuh ....

This is  the same Khairy Jamaluddin  who entertained us with the RM100 scandal.READ : MANTAP : Di bawah Khairy Jamaluddin pegawai sukan pun boleh kebas RM100 juta

It is so fitting that Tok Mat is asking questions  Khairy Jamaluddin 's time in Rembau is over ...GERIMIS  MENGUNDANG .....

Sunday 27 March 2022

Ismail Sabri : The Heat Is ON!

is  the chart topper recorded by Eagles frontman Glenn Frey for the American film Beverly Hills Cop.

The heat is on  

Malaysia's  most lucky person of 2021,  Ismail Sabri. 

The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat's so loud, deep inside
The pressure's high, just to stay alive
'Cause the heat is on

Has Ismail Sabri's lady luck finally run its course, because everything seems to be going wrong at the same time.

The Prime Minister needs to be assertive or he will lose his job. 
Ismail Sabri is the chairman of Khazanah Nasional,  which in turn is the dominant shareholder of Axiata , which operates Celcom .

Yet Celcom is running rings  around  Digital Nasional Bhd,  the country's 5G network builder, by  breaking bread with U Mobile and Maxis.

To add salt to the wound, the announcement of the RM1500 minimum wage has firmly put the Prime Minister on the spot light. READ : MTUC: Ensure all employees get RM1,500 minimum wage

If that is not bad enough,  there is rising inflation
a finance minister who said he will resign,  but has not and a home minister who says there are people in the rulling coalition who hate his guts.

We all want Ismail Sabri to succeed but to do that it's time, the Prime Minister comes out of his cocoon!!!.