Monday 31 July 2023

Singapore's sting behind Perikatan Nasional's Mind Games In Selangor.

ALLOW me to start by saying, Perikatan Nasional will not win beyond 18 seats in the up coming  elections in Selangor.

 ALTHOUGH  UMNO might take a beating in Selangor, Zahid Hamidi's men will deliver enough votes for  Parti Keadilan and Amanah to secure Malaysia's richest state with yet another two thirds majority in the state assembly. 

IF my metrics of which some of them are based on observing Anwar Ibrahim as a political strategist are accurate, the Prime Ministerĺwill definitely weaponise UMNO to take on PAS in Kelantan,  Trengganu. Kedah, Perlis and Pahang in GE16.

SOME of Abdul Aziz Ishak's plans for rural paddy farming have stood the test of time, and will be very useful in the coming weeks for Anwar Ibrahim.

IN a strange twist of fate, Abdul Aziz Ishak's more famous brother Yusof Ishak, Singapore's First President is now seeing the Yusof Ishsk Institute, formed by act of Parliament and funded by the Singapore Government being used by the Singapore Government to cause uncertainty and wishful thinking in Malaysia.

SINGAPORE should stop using the Yusof Ishak Institute to try and destabilise Malaysia, and no longer should the Malaysian Government allow Singapore Minister's to meet those who oppose the Unity Government in Malaysia.

WE  are not a welfare state being funded by cheap loans from Singapore but rather the city state', rulers best come down to earth ; it is the Malaysian Government's water generosity which is keeping Singaporeans ALIVE.

OVER the past couple of days, the second of only TWO existing reports to state that Perikatan Nasional can take Selangor was published under the still respected name of  the Yusof Ishsk Institute (ISEAS). 

GUESS who wrote the piece? None other than Khairy Jamaluddin, the same guy who told us that he was going to win in Sungei Buloh in GE 15, but ended READ : up losing the seat to an Indian Guy, and getting stuck with the tag as the selfie winner of GE 15.

THIS evil coincidence gets a shade darker, when we look at , the other remaining report  which states PN can win Selangor.

IRONICALLY,  even that report was mothered by ISEAS. READ : Propaganda for Muhyiddin Yassin, funded by the Government of Singapore.

ISEAS  zeal to stop Anwar Ibrahim from leading Malaysia, one suspects smells the long term effects on the city state if Anwar Ibrahim is in charge of Malaysia.

ANWAR Ibrahim's Malaysia is being built to eventually out run, out smart and out box the Singapore that Lee Kuan Yew built.

THE zealots funding ISEAS, should ask themselves, what is Khairy Jamaluddin's motivation to suck up to Muhyiddin Yassin.

IS that motivation based on Khairy Jamaluddin's assertion that Muhyiddin Yassin did the right thing to humiliate Abdullah Badawi into retirement or perhaps is based on a more sinister understanding on what is really happening on ground zero.

THAT UMNO will take the most brutal beatings in Selangor for its Unity Government partners, that they might not be able to provide many winning seats, but will provide enough votes for a victory in Selangor.

AND from those ashes a weaponised  UMNO will be built to act as the big brother of the Unity Government's development plans in the rural Malay heartland, effectively ensuring than an urbanite like Khairy Jamaluddin to lead UMNO after his KELUAR SEKEJAP podcast ends, risk witnessing those ambitions to  KARAM SELAMANYA.

Anwar Ibrahim diperlekeh di Negara Sendiri, Tapi di luar negara digeruni.

NO  Prime Minister of Malaysia have been insulted and mocked by his own people and rival politicians as a butt of jokes, more than Anwar Ibrahim. 

THERE were other complaints too, that the meeting was too short and too general for anything other than propaganda to come our of it.

WHAT happened in the end though was a reminder to all those who laughed and mocked Anwar Ibrahim, that he is the only Malaysian leader on par with Tun Mahathir on the global stage and the only leader apart from Dr Mahathir who is recognizable to the global audience.

ANWAR Ibrahim got that message through READ : When Tesla Decided To Set Up Its Headquarters in Selangor.

THE story though, does not end here, but just like the story of the tortoise and the hare, Anwar Ibrahim had managed to turn the tables on Jokowi and on Indonesia by getting Elon Musk to commit investments into Malaysia. 

TO put it plainly, without saying a word the Prime Minister has shown, why is it, it is he and not Jokowi, Muhyiddin Yassin or even Dr Mahathir that is known globally among the elite class as The Renaissance Man!!

Sunday 30 July 2023

Malaysia's dangerous half past six Tik Tok Politicians, are a clear and present danger.

THE Green Party or atleast its leader should act his age and not fancy himself to be from Generation Alpha..

RAZAK Ismail, the Secretary General of The Green  Party, obviously have developed some of the weak characteristics of Gen Alpha, such as impaired concentration and difficulty in being happy, possibly from his exclusion from the rulling governing Party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

RAZAK Ismail is known to have made some statements, that can best be described as perhaps envious, childish and sour grapes.  READ :Selangor Could IF Amirudin is named MB candidate, warns Green Party

NOBODY is taking Razak Ismail to court for this, because as a citizen he has every right to voice his opinion.

HOWEVER, MRCB Bhd and the Selangor Menteri Besar are doing the right thing in wanting to take Razak Ismail to court because what he told the public repeatedly about them, could have been averted if Razak Ismail  did not jump to conclusion and did some brick and mortar research indeed.

IF Razak Ismail  was the only mulut celupar in town, Malaysia could rest easy. 

MEET, Muhyiddin Yassin,  the eight Prime Minister of Malaysia, who seems to have developed an imagination, only those high on illegal substance  are able to reach.

SOBER  Muhyiddin Yassin  states READ : Kerajaan Anwar ditadbir ‘bukan Melayu’, dakwa Muhyiddin and this is coming from a man who happily married off his daughter to a China man.

FORGET about the hypocrisy and focus on the half truths being preached by a man who aspires to be Prime Minister.  SOME ROLE MODEL!!

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Buck Stops With Anwar Ibrahim.

IN recent weeks, it has been repeatedly  mentioned over here that  Victor Chin Boon Long, is cash strapped, largely due to the Corporate Mafia exposure to Revenue Group.

IT is estimated the Corporate Mafia's ownership of Revenue Group has gone past 87 per cent, with a large block stuck in Kenanga, while close RM60 million of Revenue Group's cash has been exhausted by them.

HENCE,  it comes as no surprise, The is now reporting that the Victor Chin Boon Long group in now working with READ : with fraudster Tedy Teow Wooi Huat who has about RM500 million stashed in Malaysia.

THAT piece of information, comes as no surprise to me, though the Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim best take note of this emerging story, because if all the sound bites click than as I have always stated, a perfect storm will tank Bursa Malaysia to smithereens . 

SO why am I not surprised, that Tedy Teow Wooi Huat 's name has now surfaced?  Well because, I had on two occasions, worded strongly that there is a link between the detained Ooi Chieng Sim and the Corporate Mafia which includes Francis Leong Seng Wui

SO what has all this got to do with Tedy Teow Wooi Huat ? Three years ago, the Edge placed the nail on that coffin in a brave report, considering the personalities involved.  READ : Who might be Ooi’s boss, many names were bandied about but most mentioned MBI International Sdn Bhd founder Teddy Teow Wooi Huat. Plus there is a wide believe that some of those ill gotten funds have flowed into Bursa Malaysia.

SCAM money and drug money in Bursa Malaysia? Who won't believe it, when you look specifically at the warrant conversion that has taken place at Revenue Group Bhdsince the day FRANCIS LEONG SENG WUI  stepped foot into Revenue Group as Executive Director.

NOW you know why I am very pissed with Umar Swift and Wahid Omar, because they did not do anything publicly to distance Malaysia from being blighted as a centre where scammers and needle pushers can clean their money.

I am aware too, that Anwar Ibrahim have been briefed twice on the roles played by Francis Leong Seng Wui and Victor Chin Boon Long. 

ANWAR Ibrahim, will definitely  clean house, but with Tedy Teow Wooi Huat's  name popping into the scene, the luxury of time no longer exist  because if the shit were to hit the fan ; the buck stops at the Finance Minister's Desk !


Saturday 29 July 2023

Can Anwar Ibrahim solve this Paddy Puzzle?

HAVING viewed Rafizi Ramli paddy related talks in recent weeks, albeit via video technology, I have this distinct feeling that the Economic Minister firmly believes that technology alone will be able to drag the paddy farmers away from poverty.

WHAT essentially Rafizi Ramli is preaching is exactly what PAS, and UMNO had been preaching at either the State or Federal  level over the last six decades and when BERSATU was running the Federal Government, they were preaching the same thing; Let's teach the farmers how to fish better instead of giving them a fish.

THE  let's allow the farmer to fish better, train of thought at the macro level has failed over the past six to seven decades to bring farmers out of the B40 trap.

BY merely repeating the same process, and by tying it up to the technology of our times, and expecting a different outcome is the trait of a madmen.

SO can Anwar Ibrahim solve this puzzle?  Anwar Ibrahim in the interim have put in some stop gap measures such as READ : Bernas will have to distribute 30 per cent of its profits to paddy farmers.

IF Anwar Ibrahim drops dead at this moment, there is nothing stopping the incoming guy or gal to reverse his decision, because nothing has been legislated to ensure policy continuation.

BERNAS is merely one part of the puzzle and it is good to see that the Prime Minister has done what the other former living ex Prime Minister's refused to do ;  forcing Bernas to cough up some cash.

THERE is however, a while elephant in this puzzle which no living ex Prime Minister has ever addressed in a serious manner. READ : System Padi Kunca.

BASICALLY, under the Padi Kunca system, farmers for every RM1500 cash advance that are given to them by the middle men, loan sharks or even your friendly local rulling state Government politician, as a farmer, you will have to return it with RM5000 worth of paddy. 

IT is this part of the paddy farmer income puzzle which Anwar Ibrahim have yet to solve, but he must solve it and by doing so, the Prime Minister must be open to the possibility of floating rice in the free market and allow  market supply and demand to determine the prices.

DEMANDING paddy farmers to increase production but then controlling the prices hasn't worked in 70 years and it won't work even if you try it for another 700 years.

Friday 28 July 2023

Minority shareholders of Green Packet Bhd must reject the appointment of ChengCo PLT as auditor.

WHY has Green Packet Bhd, an entity  closely linked to the now notoriously infamous Corporate Mafia are insisting on appointing ChengCo PLT as the company's external auditors.

  VIEW : Green Packet Bhd wants to appoint an audit firm with very little exposure overseas

I have nothing against ChengCo PLT. I am sure they are a fine audit firm but for a company like Greenpacket,  I believe they are not the best fit.

WHY is that so, one may ask ? Well because the devil is in the detail. Just look into VIEW ; Green Packets annual report

AS you can see, 96.28 per cent of GreenPackets' yearly revenue comes from abroad while ChengCo PLT  VIEW All 12 offices are in Malaysia.

HAVE  we forgotten about READ : How USD 300 million of Luckin Coffea was FABRICATED.

IN  Green Packets case,  Malaysia must be EXTRA VIGILANT considering so many of its directors or former directors have acted as thugs and CROSS SWORD  with the Royal Malaysian Police.!!!

Thursday 27 July 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia ; The Innov8tif evaluation of Innov8tif Solutions.

AS  I said previously READ : It will not be a run for the money but a run for your money. The your here, reffers to the Corporate Mafia, who must he wondering by now ; When Will Their Big Day Come.

AFTER the six state elections.  And to the boss of the Corporate Mafia, you know the Bangla guy you helped out, the one you are trying to sell one of your companies to?  WELL he has sold you off.

I was shocked too, after all you did for him, but today is about specifically  about Innov8tif Holdings, which controls Innov8tif Solutions Group and Xendity.

DON'T  tell Teleng , but I believe the independent valuer should be shot verbally, because the numbers don't  tally, which means Revenue Group is getting a very raw deal.

CONSIDERING, Francis Leong Seng Wui  was the sole director in Xendity, he could go to jail, if I am correct that the entire valuation has been  COMPROMISED.

DO note at that point of time Innov8tif did not have Xendity just yet. 

AND how much did Securemetric pay for all these ? We must assume its RM8 million for a 20 per cent stake, because there is no statement to the stock exchange to state other wise.

AND  how much does Francis Leong wants Revenue Group to pay for a 51 per cent stake?  READ : Revenue Group wants to pay RM36 million for a company Hong Seng Comsolidated bought for RM30.5 million in January 2023.

WHICH investment banker told you guys that it is okay  for you to pay a premium of 15.27 per cent just because you are the buyer, while the seller is actually desperate to sell because it has no synergy with the sellers business.

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui,  Revenue Group's money is your father's money is it to go out giving a 15.27  atas angin premium to every Hong Seng in town?

IT is not your father's money, and how come you never asked how on earth Securemetric paid RM8 million for a stake in Innov8tif without Xendity , but now ends up having a 20 per cent stake in the holding company which comprises of Innov8tif and Xendity?

OR perhaps Francis Leong Seng Wui,  being a former director of Xendity  knows something about the company which he is not saying especially with regards to its valuation.

EITHER way Bursa Malaysia should cancle this deal because it looks far worse then a related party transaction.   

UMAR Swift & Wahid Omar, can you get off your backsides and stop giving Anwar Ibrahim a bad name with your tidak apa, in action attitude.

Wee Choo Keong, why not take the Government to the court of the people instead.

FORMER member of Parliament Wee Choo Keong, who only got 576 votes when he stood as a candidate in Wangsa Maju in the general election in 2022, wants to READ :  sue the Government if they continue to block his blog .

FIRST and foremost, let me make it very clear that Wee Choo Keong has every right to sue or not sue who ever he wants.

THAT being said, I believe Wee Choo Keong  is merely trying to get attention from the party he betrayed.

THE only reason Wee Choo Keong is getting a generous pension today is because Anwar Ibrahim foolishly allowed him to stand under the PKR logo in Wangsa Maju.

MUCH more prominent blogs such as Outsyedthebox and Another Brick In The Wall have been blocked , but neither of the blog owners sued the government,  they just found a different route  to get their  message to the public .

WEE Choo Keong is no victim,  he had betrayed those who trusted him, then taunted them..and what does he want them to do...just forget about it is it?

IN Love and War, nothing is Fair. What MCMC did is not called for, but then again you deserve that kick on the backside, Wee Choo Keong.

Dr Mahathir, we will stop talking as soon as you start talking!.

TUN Mahathir wants us to READ : stop talking that Malaysia is a multi racial countryLet's all follow Tun's advise and do it, provided he starts talking on the stuff that has happened to him lately.

DR Mahathir,  you can start by telling us why until today you have not put out a single photographic evidence, that the supreme leaders of Bersatu, the I am Malay first,only then Malaysian  Muhyiddin Yassin had signed your Proklamasi Orang Melayu.

TALK is Muhyiddin Yassin did not sign your Proklamasi Orang Melayu, after he became aware from an increasingly prominent blog on the tiny details of your proklamasi that the Malays were going down hill, once you were no longer Prime Minister. 

TALK lah Tun, is this all true? That Muhyiddin Yassin didn't sign on your proklamasi .

NEVERMIND that, how about talking about how PAS  NOW have likened you to some of the worst characters in early Islam history that the Prophet  (PBUH) had to deal with. 

SO  tell us, Dr Mahathir that if you had asked for PAS forgiveness and do you agree with PAS assessment  that you were actually a very bad boy when you were Prime Minister. 


Wednesday 26 July 2023

I said it, and the Catholic Boy Teoh Hai Hin, Did It

SOMETIME  in May 2023, I had written READ : Teoh Hai Hin is not happy how his family name, and the company founded by his father is being abused by Victor Chin Boon Long's Corporate Mafia.

TEOH Hai Hin as we all know helms Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd, but that too only until mid this month, as the Catholic Boy in Teoh Hai Hin could no longer stomach being associated with shaddy characters such as Victor Chin Boon Long and the really dodgy and dark character known as Francis Leong Seng Wui.

THOSE who know Eddie Ng Chee Siong, the former Chairman and executive director, of Revenue Group , who is now under enforcement investigation of his own, should ask him to reveal his FIRST HAND INFORMATION on  the identity of the former chairman of Revenue Group that was slapped in the face by Francis Leong Seng Wui in front of the staff.

THE above incident, I believe is insightful enough for the reader to have a vivid picture on what type of slum characters,  Teoh Hai Hin had to tolerate in Hong Seng Consolidated

TEOH Hai Hin has often been falsely accused as the funder of Victor Chin Boon Long's notorious band of Bursa Malaysia pirates known as the Corporate Mafia, when he was a mere hostage of circumstances.

TEOH Hai Hin,  has placed his personal value of being  part of the congregation at the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Butterworth, Penang at a higher pedestal than being associated with Hong Seng Consolidated, which is a nucleas of the company his father started.

APART from Teoh Hai Hin, his 38 year old daughter, Teoh Soon Hai  also doesn't want to be VIEW :Even remotely associated with Victor Chin Boon Long.

TEOH not only quit as group managing director of Hong Seng Consolidated as a sign that he is not happy with the corporate Mafia, he has sold off  VIEW : 150 million Hong Seng Consolidated shares.

   HIS proxies on the board of Hong Seng Consolidated have informed the company officially that in the coming days, they will trade on more Hong Seng Consolidated shares.

WITH the Teoh Hai Hin family having taken the painful decision to publicly distance themselves from the company their forefathers set up, the knives will finally come out and there will be hell to pay for.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long no longer has the luxury of operating under a cloud of respectability which came along Hong Seng Consolidated as long as the Teoh Hai Hin family was in charge of running Hong Seng Consolidated. 

LOSING that respectability is very damaging to Victor Chin Boon Long, who had also lost yet another friend in the process.

AS for Francis Leong Seng Wui, it is even worst, as figuratively, he is a DEAD MAN WALKING.


Victor Chin Boon Long, isolated by friends is starting to run out of money.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long effectively runs Hong Seng Capital, a detail known to most but pretended to be not known by the top officials of Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission. 

HONG Seng Consolidated Bhd's READ :  purchase of a 32.61 per cent stake for RM60.3 million mainly from Victor Chin Boon Long's wife this month is nothing more than a money juggling exercise by PETER TO PAY PAUL.

ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL is a transaction that refers  to taking something away from one person to pay another. To put is plainly, it is an act to  discharge one debt only to incur another.

SO who is being robbed here? Look no further than Revenue Group Bhd, who must now make sure  that there are zero HITCHES  in Revenue Group's READ : proposed purchase of Hong Seng's digital business, Innov8tif Holdings Sdn Bhd for RM36 million.

COULD there be any hitches to this deal? THERE should be, but with Umar Swift and Wahid Omar in charge of Bursa Malaysia nothing much will happen to bring in just and good governance.

GUESS who is the SOLE director in Xendity? FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui.   

GUESS who is the controlling shareholder of Revenue Group and its executive director of Revenue Group and the guy responsible in pushing forward the plan for Revenue Group to buy Innov8tif which in turn bought Xendity?  FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui.

IS there a potential conflict of Interest here? YES  there is. Will minority shareholders be allowed to vote on the proposal? NO they won't because Bursa Malaysia doea not see this as a related party transaction. 

NEVERMIND the fact Revenue Group does not have a CEO, CHAIRMAN nor an EXTERNAL auditor,  while the planned purchase is in the process of being completed.

EFFECTIVELY Victor Chin Boon Long is now in the business of juggling his own money, to make it look much bigger than it seems ; A trait often used by those who are RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!!!

Sunday 23 July 2023

Revenue Group, how much was your utility bill before?

A little bird told me that Revenue Group's utility bills comes out to a few thousand ringgit but definitely not RM350 000.

water bil 
water melaka : n/a
water johor : n/a
water penang : n/a
water menjalara : rm 80
water HQ : rm 360

tm melaka : rm 370
tm johor : rm 180
tm penang : rm 310
tm menjalara : rm 900
tm HQ : rm2,500
IP phone : rm1,000

elec melaka : rm 400
elec johor : rm1,000
elec penang : rm650
elec menjalara : rm 2,700
elec HQ : rm 7,000

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui, are those numbers accurate? Of course it is, so how come Revenue Group trying to finish up the placement money ASAP?

BECAUSE,  Revenue Group wants to be rhe next GreenPacket, who believe it or not issued a massive 808 million new shares over a two year plus period, which strangely  did little to firm up its cash position which has fallen from RM60 million to the current RM20 million

REVENUE  Group  is also planning a script exercise and ti pay for its  acquisition of other businesses by issuing  née shares.

BASICALLY,  the executive directors will get rich, the bulk of money will be used to award  friends who officially they do not know,  and the company stock price will be 3 sen.


The Ridiculous Expenses of Revenue Group

STUPID, corrupt or just incompetent, I will let you decide. Just guess how much Revenue Group has told Bursa Malaysia it is going to spend on office up keep and also for utility bills from the company's planned private placement.?

WELL,  before I let the cat out of the bag, let's put things in perspective. 

REVENUE Group says from the private placement, which is expected to raise RM10.83 million,  some RM650,000 will be used to pay the wages of Francis Leong and his three other executive director friends.

FAIR enough!. What is ridiculous is, Revenue Group says it is going to spend anywhere between RM325,000 to RM395,000 on UPKEEP OF OFFICE.

IS this sensible?  I shall stop here rather than dig deeper into Revenue Group's very fat utility bill, of which the company shall be allocating between RM325,000 to RM395,000.

GRANTED,  Victor Chin Boon Long's boy, Francis Leong Seng Wui  is not the sharpest knive in the kitchen cabinet, but looking at the haphazard way, Revenue Group, intends to burn money, one can't buy help speculate. 

THAT even the Corporate Mafia seems to think that those manning Bursa Malaysia are either stupid, corrupt or incompetent.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Anwar Ibrahim has got to take his gloves off

THE bottom line is Anwar Ibrahim must take the gloves off and go for Daim Zainuddin if Malaysia wants to put a stop to all these madness.

BY doing so, Malaysia might be shocked with the final outcome that our great leader Dr Mahathir  too was a mere puppet politician.

EGO'S  will be brought down to earth of course, but Anwar Ibrahim has to vigorously re start pinning Daim down or the consequences will be very bleak for Malaysia.

THERE is a reason why, Anwar Ibrahim has repeatedly said before assuming the Prime Ministership that READ : Daim will have sleepless nights if he becomes Prime Minister.

WHY didn't Anwar Ibrahim say that Dr Mahathir would have sleepless nights instead? . 

BECAUSE he knows who is the puppet and who is the puppet master.  At 98 years of age, Tun Mahathir still have to go out in the open, contradict everything he told us for 22 years,  throw into the shit hole READ :his own concept of Bangsa Malaysia.

DO you think he likes doing it, especially since he is making himself look like a hypocrite in front of the nation. But the man has to do it, because he too is a mere puppet. 

EVER wondered how Daim got to own all those banks abroad? Perhaps Khairy Jamaluddin can do the nation a favour. 

TRUTHFULLY reveal to the nation, how much money was left in UMNO's coffers when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as president of UMNO.

 THE hard cash amount will shock you, and in that weakend state, somebody started engineering the sale of strategic assets to Singapore's Temasek.

WHO is that somebody? It was neither Dr Mahathir, Badawi or UMNO, . The identity of the said individual is known to the tenth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Friday 21 July 2023

Dr Mahathir's Dilemma

TUN Dr Mahathir is stuck between the devil and the deep sea, with PAS openly stating that they have forgiven him. 

DR Mahathir was caught in a very unfamiliar  position yesterday at a PAS ceramah, where he was not even seated ar the centre of the stage, but rather he was placed on the fringes of the main stage.

SEATED at the centre of the stage, was Muhyiddin Yassin, the man who did not sign Mahathir's  Proklamasi Orang Melayu, and as the photo above clearly shows, he was doing the unthinkable ; playing with his handphone while the two time Prime Minister was attempting to give a serious speech.

Dr Mahathir should but definitely will not respond if he now accepts the PAS fact, that  he had made mistakes and wronged PAS members when in power.

PERHAPS,  it is best if PAS could tell us the specific mistakes it is forgiving Dr Mahathir for, so we can all  learn from it.

THE irony is neither party will state what the forgiveness is for,  but one should understand why Dr Mahathir  had to eat crow and go to PAS.

THE reality on the ground is the longer Anwar Ibrahim stays as Prime Minister, the greater the fear in Dr Mahathir that his 22 year old legacy as Prime Minister will be exposed as one based on deception.

DR Mahathir was played for as a puppet  by Daim Zainuddin. Neither men will openly admit to it but both men know this much ; Anwar Ibrahim not only knows all about it, he can actually  prove it.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Corporate Mafia Victor Chin Boon Long's Associate Behind the Tourist Detention Racket At KLIA.

A business partner of Victor Chin Boon Long, whom Muhyiddin Yassin has denied ever  meeting, is said to be the owner of  READ : Mono Circle Sdn Bhd, which had been appointed by airline companies to handle Not To Land travellers since February 2015..

FOR  the life of me, I can't understand why would airlines appoint  a company VIEW : which is in the business of construction and food catering to oversee the NTL passengers..

NEVERMIND that, back to Victor Chin Boon Long's friend, partner and shareholder in his companies or those directly linked to the sinister  Corporate Mafia Group.

THE  individual concerned is said to be a hot tempered, violence prone Bangladeshi, who has now obtained Malaysian Citizenship.

AMINUL Islam Abdul Nor is the owner of  Raffeles Force (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd which provides security services, as well as READ : Bestinet, which many media have reported, earned RM1.99 billion by exploiting foreign workers

ANWAR Ibrahim has been one of the long standing and consistent critic of Bestinet. READ Anwar Ibrahim : Siasat Bestinet !!

AMINUL currently controls G3 Global Bhd, and has  direct personal stake in MMAG Bhd, a unit controlled by Victor Chin Boon Long while Aminul's minnion is the second largest shareholde4 in Victor Chin Boon Long's Green Packet Bhd.

THE duo would have made a fortune, if Khairy Jamaluddin, a failed politician had remained as health minister, as they were reportedly going to be roped in for some of the projects ear marked by Khairy Jamaluddin,   who by the way is now in the payroll of Johari Abdul Ghani.


Wednesday 19 July 2023

Who Needs Anwar Ibrahim?

MY  hunch is if Anwar Ibrahim quits the Prime Ministership at this very second, he will be able to quit politics and live out the rest of his days a very contended men.

WHY is that so? Well because the guy waited 24 years and all those people who said he will never make it as Prime Minister in their life time, were alive and kicking, and perhaps even grumbling as the watched him being sworn as Prime Minister.

ANWAR Ibrahim  has achieved all the personal milestones he had wanted to achieve,  beating the odds at every nook and corner.

ANWAR Ibrahim doesn't  need the  Prime Minister's job anymore. Malaysians from all walk of life should ingrain it into their heads.

IT is Malaysia which needs Anwar Ibrahim to be Prime Minister, because the guy can obviously deliver the goods. READ : Anwar Ibrahim's RM32 billion from China is here.

FURTHERMORE, not since Dr Mahathir, has Malaysia had a leader, with a big global reputation and standing. READ : Anwar Ibrahin is the first foreign leader to be hosted by Beijing, since President XI was re elcted to the China Presidency. 

BEYOND that, Anwar Ibrahim,  is Malaysians best hope to abolish the Approved Permit regime for automotive as well as to bring READ : 90 per cent paddy farmers out of B40 poverty.

DESPITEthe Government  spending some RM36 billion from 1980 to 2021, in the rice industry, only the upstream  players seem to be getting rich.

CAN  we expect Muhyiddin Yassin to rectify this matter if he was Prime Minister  today?  Hell no, after all he is the guy who signed another 10 years extension for Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary 's Bernas to exist, and nevermind the fact that  Bersatu happily received  READ : RM200 million from Bukhary Equity Sdn Bhd, owned by business tycoon Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and his wife Sharifah Zarah Syed Kechik

HOW about the Approve Permits then for the automotive sector? I am confident that if we keep Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister he will build us a road map to finally kill off the dreaded AP, which must be the biggest rent seeking exercise of all time.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

All those who use the sword will die by the sword...

WHEN  you live by Tik Tok, you will die by Tik Tok is a lesson some of Malaysia's popular political entities are about to learn in the coming weeks.

THE irony behind this is that even the  affected parties will accept the wisdom behind the proverb  if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

BUT to die by Tik Tok,  how does it work? Well Tik Tok won't take you breath away but it certainly can kill you off politically.

KHAIRY  Jamaluddin is now beginning to see the venom behind Tik Tok. Dead politically from being unable to win even in a Malay majority area in GE 15, Khairy Jamaluddin had managed to revive himself via the monetary backing from Johari Abdul Ghani for his #KeluarSekejap podcast with his minnion Shahril Hamdan.

THE #KeluarSekejap podcast have been reasonably popular on Tik Tok, considering the amount of money poured in to build up the base and to promote the podcast.

TIK Tok though can be venomous,  and true enough Khairy Jamaluddin is now as you read is being stung all over Tik Tok VIEW ; Allegedly having an affair with a women he is not married to.

PAS will learn a bit more about death by Tik Tok, if it foolishly goes ahead with its planned gathering tomorrow to support caretaker Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor .

SURE enough a gathering tomorrow will bring in huge numbers that will be viralled across Tik Tok but with 20 days to go before elections kick in six states, there is plenty of time for emotions to cool down and rationale to take hold.

PAS will end up losing big in Selangor, if the party is seen to be backing Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, because the Malay voter in Selangor won't want their votes to a PAS candidate to be constructed as a votes against the Palace.

THE leader of Perikatan Nasional Muhyiddin Yassin, I believe has factored in such a scenario taking place.

PROOF on the above statement, can be seen in Muhyiddin Yassin's  half hearted and delayed support READ : for the Kedah Menteri Besar which was issued only ONE hour ago.

WHY did Muhyiddin Yassin take so long to issue the statement? Well because  everyone who has a smart phone can view for himself and herself on Tik Tok if what Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said was insulting or not.

PAS which had big gains in GE 15 due to Tik Tok, if they do indeed gather tomorrow, is going to end up winning the battle in Kedah, only to lose the war in Selangor.

Sunday 16 July 2023

TRAUMA in the house of Annuar Musa

KELANTANESE politicians who built a career by largely betraying those who opt to trust him, will soon realise that all "good things must come to an end".

BROUGHT back by READ. : Zahid Hamidi, Annuar Musa realised very early on , that staying on the cash rich and READvery generous Muhyiddin Yassin' good books , gaurantees a much better prospect than supporting Zahid Hamid.

NO ondme  blinked an eye, when Annuar Musa turned his back on Zahid,  because we are talking about Amnuar Musa, the guy  who betrayed his mentor Tengku Razaleigh , citing that it is not that loves Tengku Razaleigh less but he loves UMNO more.

WELL the man who loves UMNO more, is now a member of PAS, and that too a very vocal member of PAS .

THE problem with Annuar Musa is, he think that the past can never catch up to the future. Think along those lines much longer and Annuar Musa is going to spend a good part of his life in jail. READ:There exist a corrupted former minister

Formal Investigation on Revenue Group To Commence Soon.

WHY  is Francis Leong Seng Wui  buying  READ : Revenue Grouo Bhd shares again?

DOES  Francis Leong Seng Wui suddenly see value in Revenue Group Bhd shares, a value he did not see some two months ago?

THE only perception changing  announcement in between the two months was READ : Revenue Group needs to do a private placement to raise money to pay staff salary.

THE Victor Chin Boon Long group are an isolated  unit these days, treated by market players as  leprosy  patients.

DID  you know that  under the  Ediie Ng Chee Siong and Francos Leong Seng Wui, some RM125 million  cash has gone out of the company with very little to show for in profits.

EDDIE  Ng Chee Siong  has already got  the invitation for his story to be retold, from the invoices, purchase of other listed companies shares,  and the appointment of IR personal, who never fed the board accurate information .

THIS marks a reinvestigation  on what actually took place in Revenue Group, as the story Eddie Ng Chee Siong told us was laced with too many holes

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong's tracked  debts mostly due to gambling and how efficiently Revenue Group have cleanest out RM125  million, have the powers to be convinced that the Revenue  Brothers were set up so a gambler , can even his tables while a group of money launders could  use the listed entities status to  make Bursa Malaysia, their washing  MACHINE.

Saturday 15 July 2023

Enter the Perikatan Nasional Sandman, the one man army called Anwar Ibrahim with the Green Tsunami!!!

THE one man army called Anwar Ibrahim, the one Perikatan Nasional fear the most, has landed at the centre of the Malay heartland in a manner most unexpected.

UNLIKE Perikatan Nasional who have managed to utilise the power of Tik Tok and Facebook to shape minds and perception, Anwar Ibrahim has chosen a different route.

HE has opted to go old Skool, instead of "carpet bombing tactics" of social media, Anwar Ibrahim strategy points to a brick by brick, street by street and village by village dismantling of the Perikatan Nasional armory.

BY going old Skool, Anwar Ibrahim's weapon of choice is to go down to the epicentre of the Malay heartland and to speak to the Malays directly, not the mega business owners.

BUT to the likes of Muhyiddin Yassin's mythical Makcik Kiah, and the men who work the land, that long before Muhyiddin Yassin, Abdul Hadi Awang had found this hard pressed group usefully as a political weapon, that he is, Anwar Ibrahim who went to jail for them READ49 years ago, to fight that the farmers voice be heard.

 NOW as Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim is back on the streets of Kedah, the rice bowl of the nation, with a mandate that only a man who truly knows the true extent of the Prime Ministership will dare set foot at.

IT comes at a time when farmers are grousing that the Syed Mokthar 100 per cent ownership of Bernas is keeping them poor. READAnwar Ibrahim uses the nuclear golden share option to force Padi Beras to distribute 30 per cent of their profits to farmers,

HOW will Muhyiddin Yassin respond when it is in grained in the farmers mind on a daily basis that the Malay mens right to be rich by working the soil of the land that God had bestowed to them as guardians WERE SOLD OFF, by Bersatu in return for READRM200 million from Bukhary Equity Sdn Bhd, owned by business tycoon Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and his wife Sharifah Zarah Syed Kechik

MUHYIDDIN Yassin can't run from the fact that in less than seven months into the job as Prime Minister, he had signed off another ten year monopoly extension for Syed Mokthar's Padi Beras.

WHERE will the Perikatan Nasional's election director cum Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor put his face, when the farmers come asking why their fair share of the country's wealth was given to a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL?

TRULY, it is GAME ON for a fight to the finish, against the Tun Mahathir faction and Perikatan Nasional, by a man who they jailed, laughed at, mocked and dismissed for 24 years, that he will never make it to the top in their life time.

IT is also a slap in the face for the PAS rank and file for turning their backs on what their mursyidul am Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat told them in his life time that: READ :  To treat Anwar Ibrahim as how they would treat him and that Anwar should be their Prime Minister

NIK Aziz words looks like its going to haunt and condemn those men beyond the six state elections READOrang yang memalukan itu dia pula dimalukan sekarang.

Friday 14 July 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long : Omen, the Writting Is On The Wall !

OMEN , can be best described as an event in the present time, that points to a future happening,  which might be good or down right evil .

THE manner in which the Classita  Bhd shares traded today is an omen to Victor Chin Boon Long, that the writing is on the wall, for the end against the band of bandits, known as the Corporate Mafia.

RETAIL investors, as well as the un official market  maker for the Classita  Bhd  shares bolstered the shares by 53.57 per cent or up by 7.5 sen to 21.5 sen a piece.

Dr Mahathir will attack Muhyiddin Yassin soon

THE formerly Malay First  but now moving with the Kim Jong Un times,  the state's self proclaimed Abah of the Nation, Muhyiddin Yassin, looks like he is next on Tun Mahathir's line of fire.

MUHYIDDIN  Yassin who had taunted Anwar Ibrahim for nearly one year as READ :PM Tepi, , in what can only be described as devine intervention, almost became the 10th Prime Minister, only to end up as the New PM Tepi.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin, in a wise move have decided to take up farming, instead of being laughed at for the next 36 months  for being a PM Tepi.

FARMER Muhyiddin Yassin, looks like he will be Dr Mahathir's next victim. His sin, was not to sign up for Dr Mahathir's  Proklamasi Orang Melayu as well as not rolling the red carpet out for Mukhriz Mahathir to win in the coming state elections in Kedah by a landslide.

AS it is, without Bersatu and PAS backing,  Mukhriz Mahathir will most likely lose his deposit.

DR Mahathir  seems to be warming up to trash Muhyiddin Yassin.  READ : Because of Corruption, I lost 14,000 votes in Langkawi says 98 year old Dr Mahathir


Thursday 13 July 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia ; The Victor Chin Boon Leong Posse..Run For The Money!!!.

MANY  a times, I have written  down the following ;  that the unit against the Corporate  are far more sophisticated  than ever Victor Chin Boon Long estimates.

NORMALLY,  Victor Chin Boon Long  will follow to the tilt when I make a statement of intent. READ: A Big Thank You. To Victor Chin Boon Long.

WHICH is why , I was taken aback,  that Victor Chin Boon Long did not work on diligently on my advice, that despite  his team's three year reign of terror help by friendly enforcers  and ex enforcement officers under official pay roll, they are not of equal match. 

I am sure now, Victor Chin Boon Long,  after READ : On how Eddie Ng Chee Siong, Got Revenue Group to pay for his mother's car without board approval , understands that it was the weakest card thrown at him.

READ : The Camera Was On His Specticals. So the next time, you send those two clowns ie the lawyer and the loan shark who likes to start the conversation with I am from Xxxxxxxxxxt Bhd,  don't check the the trousers lah...its on the specks , recording 24/7.

DOES this mean, the other side is giving you a run for the money? HELL NO, but it is a RUN  for YOUR money!!!

Justin Lim Hwa Tat, the serial runaway, is an accident waiting to happen

IF  Justin Lim Hwa Tat keeps to his current ways, I reckon this man has all the buttons ready to detonate and send Malaysia briefly into the newsmen's hall of shame.

DESPITE, the well covered story in Indonesia of his love life with an East German artist,  Justin Lim eventually married  the Indonesian, Poppy Capella Swastika in 2019.

POPPY Capella is the national director for Miss Universe Indonesia and  Miss Universe Malaysia. meaning with the right scandal and proper timing Justin Lim Hwa Tat, might even get airtime from the likes of CNN.

BEING  high profile though, hasn't stopped  Justin Lim Hwa Tat from living dangerously to make a quick buck. READ : Belarus Businessmen wants his money, looking for Justin Lim Hwa Tat, as an Indonesian New Paper warns Justin Lim', KenTeam RM1.5 billion rubber glove factory could be FICTITIOUS.

FICTITIOUS or not,  Justin Lim Hwa Tat had used the RM1.5 billion  plant to get himself a nice Datukship, as well as control of the football team representing Melaka in the Malaysian league.  

SALARIES, I was told either come in late or don't come in for months,  but what really got my attention about the odds loving, Jakarta late night escapades with the son of an ex Malaysian Prime Minister, was how come he could not afford to pay his rent of RM5,000 a month for the unit at  20-10, Level 20, Pavilion Suites.

NON payment of rent for a guy who is the managing director  of a public listed company,  executive director  at that point of time of two other public listed company as well as being  the entrepreneur driving a RM1.5 billion  Glove factory in Melaka.

OR  perhaps, the non payment was by design because long before the MACC, Cawangan D  started looking for him, there were others too who were and still are looking for Justin Lim Hwa Tat.

MEET  Kevin Siaw Jing Tham, a representative of the California based GIMBO, who claim RM20 million was paid upon Justin's instructions  but the Gloves never made it to the states.

KEVIN Siaw, further added that upon on checking, he found out that Justin Lim Hwa Tat was no longer with KenTeam, who by the way is the vehicle Justin uses to control the Melaka State Football Team as Chief  Executive Officer.

RM20 million is a lot of money, especially for a person such as Justin Lim Hwa Tat, who is on the declared bankrupt list both in Malaysia and  Singapore.

SO  over to you, Bursa Malaysia on why and how did Justin Lim Hwa Tat, qualify to be a director of a public listed company?


Victor Chin Boon Long, Whoes Car is this? How come Revenue Board of Directors don't want to call in the Police,?

WHOES car is this? Which company paid for it ? And under whoes name is this car registered in now?

AND why is this car, which is not paid for by Eddie Ng Chee Siong , parked in his house...

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui, who likes to start any conversation with I'm from Green Packet, how do you think, all thod is going to reflect on you, the role you played..

BETWEEN  Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui, friends for 20 years now, its every man for himself before the roots come down.

THIS is just the car, if the share management cat leaves the bag, friends will become enemies and the enemy of your friend, will then be your FRIEND.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Fourth Wave @ Revenue Group, Victor Chin Boon Long Isolated, Wahid Omar and Umar Swift ; Auld Lang Syne!

LET the six state elections be over with,  and this much I can guarantee you, Wahid Omar and Umar Swift, there will be an inquisition on both of your code of conduct and neither one of your contracs will be renewed.

ONE of you  guys is going to be like  Bursa Malaysia's version of what Arul Kanda of 1MDB is today.

TO  make everybody's job easier, don't waste anymore time lah.  hurry up and approve  Revenue Group's ten per cent private placement so that they can pay thier staff salaries.

APPROVE it , despite the entire proposal has RELATED PARTY written all over it.  

NEVERMIND, the fact, Revenue Group does not have a CEO, does not have an external auditor, who won't be releasing their fourth quarter results, who it needs  a private placement where the bulk of the money will go to pay salary HAS stated clearly it will have to invest more money  into the companies they plan to acquire.

WHERE  they gonna get the money from? Another dilutive rights issue or maybe the SANTA Clause  aka Possibls Drug  Ring  Mafia  can  convert for  perhaps another RM55 million , the one for one warrants that comes with a 75 sen strike price.

ANY  of you bozo's from Bursa Malaysla, who think that Victor Chin Boon Long, will be able to protect you, believe in what you want lah.

BUT as it stands, Victor Chin Boon Long can't even provide cover for  Francis Leong Seng Wui  to stop yet another ten per cent of Revenue's  IT staff from  quiiting.

ALSO , the other market makers, are eyeing to take over Victor Chin Boon Long's  share of the  market making  business, as soon as his legal issues kicks off .

 INcthe event,  as they suspect,  the increasingly isolated Victor Chin Boon Long and his tablet selling minion,  the shorty  Francis Leong Seng Wui, are on their way down,   MINUS THE BLAZE OF GLORY!.

Lazy Bursa Malaysia .

WHO are we to blame, for the laziness and TIDAK APA attitude of Bursa Malaysla?  The CEO Umar Swift or the non executive chairman  Wahid Omar, who nevertheless sets and dictates the ageda and direction of the weekly meetings.

BOTH should be held responsible. Both men's laziness,  has swept across the stock exchange. 

CONSIDER  the following.  The MACC flashed out in almost all the news publications that the agency is looking for READ : Justin Lim Hwa Tat, the chief executive of Sersol Bhd.

MY question is how come Bursa Malaysia did not query Sersol Bhd on the matter in specific areas such as 

1)  How long has Justin gone missing.

 2)IF indeed the guy is missing,  did he take with him any of the company's money?

3) Now that the CEO is not in office , who going to manage the day to day running of Sersol.

4)Has the company manage to contact Justin.

WHERE  does Bursa Malaysia expect us to get all those answers if  not from the Bursa Malaysia  website...the newspapers, the comment section of .Malaysiakini or maybe on Tik  Tok.

NOW  you know why I READ : rubbished Wahid Omar yesterday.  He deserves to be rubbished because, under him and Umar Swift, there is no urgency to drive the exchange forward. 

A Green Tsunami Called : Padiberas Nasional Berhad

MEET  Bernas Bhd,  which has a monopoly over rice imports and controls over two third of the Malaysian rice market.

FOR  good measure, the government on the average gives Bernas READ : hard cash amounting to more than half a billion Ringgit EVERY YEAR.

I am sure that most of the information above are known to the general public. 

BUT how many of us know that Padiberas Nasional Berhad (BERNAS) is Malaysia 's only state-trading enterprise within the meaning of  XVII:4(a) of GATT under the World Trade Organization (WTO).

MUST be one heck of a state enterprise to be listed under the WTO,  when the company itself is owned fully by an individual by the name of Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary. 

GRANTED , the government has a golden share but since you have had the foresight to list Bernas as Malaysia 's only state-trading enterprise within the meaning of  XVII:4(a) of GATT under the World Trade Organization (WTO).

WHY not have the wisdom of allowing the state to actually own and manage Bernas, considering that the state had done an excellent job of  achieving 100 rice self sufficiency between 1979 to 1981.

WHO are the powerful forces behind the move to make sure Bernas remains in Syed Mokthar's hands and not in the government's hand.? READ :Pelbagai ugutan saya terima daripada geng-geng kaya..' - PM.

BEFORE, I name who are those powerful forces, let me just add that Anwar Ibrahim is taking the biggest political risk of his life by standing up for the poor Malay base, at a time when that base overwhelmingly supports a political grouping, which does not have their interest at heart .

MEET Muhyiddin Yassin, the big man from Bersatu whoes party pocketed READ : RM200 million in donation from Syed Mokthar.

MEET Ismail Sabri, who told us in 2004 that READ : The Bernas takeover of Syed Mokthar is a good deal

 I have no doubt that those billions of Ringgit actually went out of the government coffers, but when the target set by Ismail Sabri failed to materialise,  what did he do as senior minister in Muhyiddin Yassin's cabinet ?

HE did NOTHING, while Muhyiddin Yassin just six months into the job as Prime Minister, and as party chief of Bersatu no doubt very pleased with the RM200 million donation from Syed Mokthar,  signed off another ten year extension for Bernas to EXIST.