Wednesday 30 November 2022

To the NEXT Finance Minister : You Can Win If You Want

is the second single, from Modern Talkings, debut album known as the first album, which was released in 1985 and topped the Euro charts subsequently.

TOMORROW, we will have a new Finance Minister, and my hope is that he is not as daft as the last few Finance Minister's we have had, who keep looking at taxation as the main way we can reduce the national debt which stands  just above RM1 trillion.

WHAT if I told you that there are workable, and practical and proven ways to not only reduce the national debt but also to turn our deficit position into a surplus,  without even raising the tax or even implementing a new tax structure such as the GST.

That's the way your story goes
You can win if you wantIf you want it, you will winOn your way you will see that life is more than fantasy

AND  what if I told that none of what I  am going to lay down below had never ever been brought to the attention of Parliament, because our Finance Minister's rarely think outside the box.

MY plan is not perfect, and indeed it will need a lot of tweaking,  but HERE is the rough cut on how you can raise up to RM1.3 trillion, without burdening the people : 

1)  PLACE all the Government buildings in Putrajaya into one giant real estate investment trust and float it on the stock exchange. (Can Raise RM1 trillion ringgit from this exercise alone).

2)  MALAYSIA has only 28 years of proven oil reserves. It is time to list Petronas, our only Fortune 500 company on the New York Stock Exchange.  Even at a discount, a 40 per cent stake sale, will provide Malaysia with a cool RM300 billion in cash.

Tuesday 29 November 2022

Anwar Ibrahim to Daim Zainuddin : i got my mind set on you

is a top ten hit for George Harrison in 1987, which was actually a rework of a James Ray hit from way back in 1962.

ANWAR Ibrahim's first act as Prime Minister was to cancel the purchase of a new car for the Prime Minister. READ : Anwar cancels new Merc ordered by a previous PM.

WHILE the nation seems to pleased with the PM's cost cutting measures, the Prime Minister's first act has send shivers down the spine of some of the biggest names in corporate Malaysia.

I got my mind set on youI got my mind set on youI got my mind set on youI got my mind set on you

WHY is that so you may ask? Well because the company which is supposed to deliver the car is called SPANCO, a unit closely linked to Daim Zainuddin. READ : Daim will have sleepless nights if I am PM, says Anwar.


Monday 28 November 2022

Muhyiddin Yassin's : Weapons of Mass Destructions.

is a UK Top Ten Hit, taken from chart topping Roots album which was released in 2004, by the UK group Faithless, voted as the 4th greatest dance band of all time by Mixmag.

TRUE,  false or mere jealousy,  the talk is  Muhyiddin Yassin's "weapons of mass destruction", that could make Anwar Ibrahim's stay as the Prime Minister, a very short one,  are the individuals who hold the office of the speaker and that of the attorney general.

Wicked mind is a weaponOf mass destructionWhether you're Soaraway SunOr BBC OneMisinformation is a weaponOf mass destrucYou coulda CaucasianOr a poor AsianRacism is a weaponOf mass destructionWhether inflationOr globalizationFear is a weaponOf mass destruction

THAT the two officer bearer's are brothers, and both being appointed by Muhyiddin Yassin, should not be used against them, but rather it is their actions that should be more of a concern.  

ON, the speakers conduct in the events leading to Anwar Ibrahim's appointment as Prime Minister,  UMNO's Mohd Razlan Rafii states that the rules of the game, were attempted to be changed, to make it difficult for BN to support Pakatan Harapan. READ : Saya sekali lagi buat kenyataan kerana dari awal dan meletakkan syak wasangka dengan Speaker yang tidak habis-habis mahu mengenakan BN.

THE first order of business when Parliment sits again should be the removal of the speaker  and not a motion of confidence on the Prime Minister. READ:  Article 43(4) of the Federal Constitution, a motion of no confidence may be put forward, and that motion should be the first order of business, after the election of the Speaker, of course.

AS for the Attorney General, Malaysia still does not have an answer on why his office had attempted to influence the court to speeden up the court case against Zahid Hamidi. READ :  Prosecution in Zahid Hamidi’s trial has withdrawn a letter urging the High Court to give priority to the Umno president’s case.

LOOKING back, was this an attempt to take Zahid Hamidi out from the post GE15 game of thrones, by forces alliged to  Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri.

ISMAIL Sabri meanwhile has been silent on reports that his key men were involved in a plot to finish off Najib Razak politically. READ : Najib Razak's camp demands explanation from Ismail Sabri over a viral video of his political secretary plotting Najib's downfall.


Azmln Ali : Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

is a song from the reagge band  Inner Circle, which gained popularity in 1993, six years after the song we released on the band's 1987 One Way album .

ONCE seen as the second most powerful man in Malaysia, Azmin Ali these days is no longer seen at the right hand side, of Muhyiddin Yassin. It seems he has been replaced by Hadi Awang of PAS.

If you get hot, you must get cool
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

PERHAPS, it is the humiliating loss, Azmin Ali suffered at the hands of the Selangor Menteri in Gombak which has brought Azmin Ali   back down to earth, or perhaps there are other pressing matters, which is slowly but surely eating into Azmin Ali's invicibility , that the coming year will be the most challenging year in  his lifetime


Sunday 27 November 2022

Muhyiddin Yassin : Snitch

Is the controversial rap song , taken from Joyner Lucas second  album Evolution,. released in 2013, the same year, the rapper had released his debut album.

A SNITCH  is someone who tell the authority that some other person is doing something treacherous, but In Malaysia, it is our supreme authority, the King  that is being. SNITCHED on.

Everybody gon' know you as a ratWon't get no respect for the rest of your lifeNobody want to know you after thatYou might just run but you never could hideHow long you hopin' that'll last? Pp

WIth snitches, one may  never know when the truth stops and when the lies and manipulation beguns to take hold of the  narrative.

READING, Muhyiddin Yassin's private secretary Marzuki Mohamad's account of what took place days before Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister,  strangely vindicates Zahid Hamidi , and how he was basically set up to look like a dishonest person.

1. BASICALLY 10 BN MPs has signed up to be in team Muhyiddin Yassin even  before the BN supreme council could meet up. 

2. WHEN, the 10 found out that they were  actually the minority  in BN, they subsequently withdrew their support for Muhyiddin .  

3. SO when Zahid Hamidi' sends out the letter to the King, that all 30 BN MPs are in agreement to support Anwar Ibrahim,. he was merely doing his job .

4. BUT the moment the letter is out, stories begun to appear that Zahid Hamidi acted on his own accord , which we now know is not true.

AS a media practitioner, I can tell you this much. 

1. THIS requires very advance planning , which means even before the elections, a select group of people within BN had decided to betray the party.

2. PUBLIC opinion matters to this pro Muhyiddin group , which is why they decided to set up  Zahid Hamidi, by agreeing to withdraw their  support for Muhyiddin Yassin, with the hope that they will be called in individually or collectively to as group (of ten)  by the King  so that they can tell him a different story.

3. BUT when the KING decides to call all 30 BN members for a single meeting,on where they stand the ten knew that their goose was cooked and agree to confirm to their earlier stand that the BN will speak in one voice.

4. THE team Muhyiddin Yassin narrative , shows a great dis respect for the King. READ : Muhyiddin Yassin signs letter before king that he agrees with a plan for unity government and then states he does not agree to it

5. NOTICE that the entire TEAM Muhyiddin Yassin narrative on not keeping to their word is  that they were FORCED INTO IT OR RELUCTANTLY AGREED TO IT , which is a load of bullshit.  The Correct term should be, the team Muhyiddin Yassin narrative is all about deception,lies and not sticking to your word.

6. For the Team Muhyiddin Yassin to push this stories out at this point in time could mean two things : 

A) THE ten are so beholden to Muhyiddin Yassin that they will rather betray their word to the king rather than Muhyiddin Yassin, when Parliament is open for business.

B) HAVING seen Anwar Ibrahim live on TV walking around here and there,  it may have dawned about team Muhyiddin Yassin, that it will not take long for the vast chunk of the  Malay Community who had fallen out of love with Anwar Ibrahim, to feast and protect him as their very own prodigal son.


Ismail Sabri : When Two Tribes Go To War

stood on top of the UK charts for a record nine weeks back in 1984, as Frankie Goes To Hollywood cemented their position as the biggest pop group of that year in the UK.

ISMAIL Sabri scored his point loud and clear that he belongs to narrow group within UMNO,  who wants to get into bed with PAS, and at the same time keeping faith in deadwood's such as MCA and MIC. READ : One becomes a traitor when he meets with PAS friends, but turns into a saviour when he meets [Pakatan Harapan] leaders, claim Ismail Sabri 

When two tribes go to warA point is all that you can score(Score them all, score them all)When two tribes go to warA point is all that you can score
IF Anwar Ibrahim truly wants to save Malaysia, he must take the long and narrow road,  that will create unhappiness among his core, hard core support base. He must appoint Zahid Hamidi not only as Deputy Prime Minister but also  as Home Minister.

ANWAR Ibrahim needs to beef up Zahid Hamidi, so that Zahid Hamidi has an even footting to fight again the pro Tun Mahathir faction led by the Annuar Musa - Ismail Sabri combo and the pro PAS Khairy Jamaluddin faction. . READ :Since 2019,. Khairy Jamaluddin has been in bed with PAS.

KHAIRY jamaluddin does not have what it takes to be 
 UMNO president but the Ismail Sabri /Annuar Musa combo has an even chance to take out Zahid Hamidi and big money has already been poured to paint a false narrative that Zahid Hamidi is the cause of Barisan Nasional's failure.

ISMAIL Sabri was the poster boy for BN's GE15 and Zahid Hamidi had on countless times stated Ismail Sabri's name will be submitted for the Prime Ministership which Ismail Sabri himself confirmed.

BARISAN failed because despite having partners such as MIC and MCA , UMNO must carry the entire bandwagon on its own shoulders.  

BUT if Zahid Hamidi gets a better grip in UMNO,. he may be able to stir UMNO back into the centre and at same time have enough clout to pull UMNO out of Barisan Nasional in order to create a permanent alliance with PKR and DAP.

THE only favour Anwar Ibrahim  as Prime Minister can do for Zahid Hamidi at a personal level will be to force the Attorney General to reveal the secret hands behind the move to READ: Speed up Zahid Hamidi's court case by the AG's office to the judiciary

Thursday 24 November 2022

In the Ugly Men's World , Zahid Hamidi :. Believe it or not

is the song from the television series, the Greatest American Hero, that Joey Scabury took to the top of the American charts.

ANWAR Ibrahim is back in the high life again in the world where the good humans live, while his friend of four decades, Zahid Hamidi walks alone in the Ugly men's world.

Look at what's happened to meI can't believe it myselfSuddenly I'm up on top of the worldIt should have been somebody else
Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air

HE walks with his head held high, triumphing  for the third time in three years, when the odds that he will fall and fail  was close to certainty .

THE Zahid Hamidi of today, is not the emotional Zahid of a decade or two ago, but rather an aging man, who knows he already has a foot in the grave. READ: If I had joined Bersatu, 3.8 million Umno members would pee on my grave - Zahid.

THE corruption case against Zahid Hamidi, which everyone said he is confirmed guilty, in the end looked, so weak when  politicians such as Khairy Jamaluddin and Muhyiddin Yassin were also tainted by Ultra Kirana. READ : Muhyiddin terima RM1.3 juta daripada UKSB .

ZAHID Hamidi has been bullied by the people in power and toyed with in Malaysia, of which many will claim is merely karma's balancing act

THE public laughs at him, curses him. There is a clear absence of cheerleaders, yet if today our spirits are lifted that Malaysia has a future, it is because men like Zahid Hamidi stood and fought , rather than run and hide.

SOMEDAY, this nation will have a plaque of Zahid Hamidi for the role he played to help bring back Malaysia, froma  slow and painful death. Let's not be hypocrites, in honouring Zahid Hamidi when he is no more. 

LET's even up Karma's book and forgive Zahid Hamidi and show him how much we appreciate what he has done to lift our spirits. We can do so  by starting to ask questions on the competence of the attorney general. 

Khairy Jamaluddin : The Great Pretender.

is a popular song recorded by The Platters, with Tony Williams on lead vocals, and released as a single in November 1955. 

KHAIRY Jamaluddin is a grown man who believes that he is a young boy from the Tik Tok generation by swallowing enough cow dung to accept that fake is indeed original. 

Dream all alone
Too real is this feeling of make believeToo real when I feel what my heart can't conceal
Ooh ooh yes I'm the great pretender (ooh ooh)Just laughing and gay like a clown 

NEVER in my life span have I seen a political heavyweight get bashed by a lightweight in Sungei Buloh, and then take the moral high ground in demanding that elected representatives of the people be excluded from nation building.

MANY were convinced that Khairy spoke for the majority but the events of the pass few days show, Khairy Jamaluddin's politics is one of hatred,deception and untruths. 

KHAIRY's tall tales that Zahid Hamidi is an isolated pariah in UMNO , is a false narrative seeded on personal and private envy. READ : 130 UMNO chief backs Zahid Hamidi as UMNO , having saved Malaysia fromcertain death

Anwar Ibrahim in Tun Mahathir's Life Time : Taktha

is the theme from from the KL Gangster movie with vocals provide by Filsuf and Erna.

MANY moons ago when Eight is Enough was the favourite TV show in Malaysia, Tun Mahathir said with Anwar Ibrahim as the deputy, the Prime Minister was relaxed enough to rest easy Anwar Ibrahim was a safe pair hands.

TOO many waters had passed too many bridges, but as Anwar assumes the TAKTHA in Mahathir's lifetime, I am convinced one incident will play over and over again in his mind.

Saudara ku, yang berada disekelilingku
Saudaraku, yang sanggup menempuh maut dgn ku
Saudaraku, yang hidup mati bersama aku
Saudaraku, yang telah gugur kerana aku

Kerana kuasa aku telah menjadi lupa
Kerana kuasa aku hampir binasa
Hampir ku hilang nyawa, hampir musnah semua
Ibarat mati hidup semula
Ku diberikan peluang untuk kali yang kedua

A long time ago, Valentine Siwa of ISIS had a get together and Anwar attended the do. He was advised by an Indian lady to resign immediately , failing he will be decades latter. If Only he listened...

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Anthony Loke : Perang Sudah Tamat

 a song from Maluque,. taken from his 2017 TKO album, which to-date is his final triology studio album.

ANTHONY Loke must learn to be magnimous , but if he cannot do that then the incoming Prime Minister  Anwar Ibrahim  must assure the business community that there will be no witch hunt.
Kita selamatKabus dah hilangPerang dah tamatNyanyikan laguDamai dalam lenaJangan buka mata
Realitinya sungguh berbeza

I have pinpointed Anthony Loke specifically because he had deliberately misled the people and the respected house on the status of Inai Kiara despite being corrected more than once. READ : On Loke's allegations that the company was bankrupt, Quzaim said Inai Kiara had never been declared bankrupt

ALSO ,Anthony Loke seems to have taken an easy route out by appointing Malaysian based companies that do not own vessel or crew, withboth outsourced to.China. This too must stop 

MIC Dan Tali Barut : Orang Gelar Kau Ular

is the song from the hottest hip hop act in Malaysia now, Klique, a group of university student who hail from Sabah.

ZAHID Hamidi is damaged goods in the eye of Malaysian because his PR handlers didn't do a good job in positioning himself among the layman.

KHAIRY jamaluddin, wants politicians and the people of this nation to treat Zahid Hamidi as man who has the most deadly plaque .

ONLY since August, the insults on the UMNO president has stopped . Not because,  people want to give him the benefit of the doubt but rather almost every politician were in the payroll of Ultra Kirana .

Gerak ikut nafsuJatuh tiada siapa bantuAyyy! Muka banyak tebalSampai hati rasa kebalRamai sudah ramal cakap kosongDari awal, kawal diri jangan cakap besarTakut sampai khabar orang gelar engkau ular

MIC too has joined the gang to name Zahid Hamidi, as the man who has made the people turn against Barisan Nasional.

FOR a party linked to some of the most dangerous gangs in this land, one would have thought that Barisan Nasional failed in GE15 because the Barisan Nasional poster boy Ismail Sabri did a poor job .

Consider this when Ismail Sabri was not the poster boy, Barisan won big in Melaka and Johor. Enter Ismail Sabri, and everything crashed.

ZAHID Hamidi saved Malaysia,  but nobody will thank him, while kingpins like Nicky Liow can have an easy ride with the law, as the righteous people from MIC, to Khairy Jamaluddin will sit in silence. 

MCA sedang memperbodohkan UMNO, dan ramai jua otai UMNO seperti Ismail Sabri menjadi Pak Turut : Eh

is the song from the mama panda of Malaysian Hip Hop, Zizi Kirana with the midas touch from the Malique who is based in Indonesia these days 

ADA OTAK otai UMNO seperti Ismail Sabri tapi malang bijaknya pulak digadai. Bila UMNO nak sedar Yang sejarah akan menghukumi mereka yang menghina Zahid Hamidi kerana beriya it's nak makan ubat dari MCA sedangkan UMNO masih sihat walahfiat.

UMNO boleh menang ke dikawasan Bukit Bintang? Atau pun DAP MAMPUkah meraih kemenagan dikawasan luar Bandar? UMNO dan DAP tidak bersaing sesama mereka .BACA : MCA yang cuma mampu menang di Kawasan orang Melayu, marah gila kerana Zahid Hamidi cadangkan bekerjasama dengan pihak yang dapat mandat dari pengundi Cina

Sendiri mahu ingatRambut sendiri sikatKusut lama tak sihatBagaimana dengan kamu?
Sendiri boleh kiraMeroyan itu gilaTanya diri sampai bilaNak jaga tepi kain aku?

MUSUH politik DAP adalah MCA, sementara UMNO bersaing dengan PAS serta Bersatu untuk hati Dan Minda orang Melayu.

ANDAI kata UMNO bersekutu dengan PAS dan Bersatu dibawah Muhyiddin Yassin maka lambat laun UMNO akan dibunuh.

ZAHID Hamidi mungkin ada kepentingan sendiri  meyokong Pakatan Harapan tapi analisanya adalah tepat, orang cina kini diwakili oleh DAP, orang India pula oleh PKR. Yang harus kita halau adalah MCA Dan MIC Yang cuma boleh menang melalui ehsan Zahid Hamidi .

YA kepada DAP dan Ya kepada PKR andai UMNO masih ada hati untuk memimpin Malaysia tapi andai cuma mahu jadi BALACI Perikatan Nasional, jeritlah sekuat Hati NO DAP, NO Anwar Ibrahim.

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Daulat Tuanku : Raja Kertas

is a song from the Malay rock group XPDC's debut album Darjah Satu which sold more than 150,000  original copies in 1990.

THE king has spoken with wisdom, while Perikatan Nasional tries to woo Barisan Nasional from the path set by the king. READAgong titahkan BN sertai kerajaan perpaduan, kata Zahid

Di sana-sini beri terimaTangan ke tangan dan beralih tuan punyaBerubah-ubah nilai berbezaMenjadi impian setiap penggunanyaRaja kertas
Yang kaya raya senyum bibirnyaYang tak berpunya terus menjadi merana

PERIKATAN Nasional, has yet again disregarded the sound advice from the King , and is now trying to poison Barisan Nasional.

UMNO tak pernah durhaka pada raja, and are unlikely to do so for Muhyiddin Yassin who instead of going away wants to cause mayhem if he is not PM. READ : Pemimpin BN, PN jumpa 3 petang hari ini - sumber

APA macam punya ABAH ni ? : Kita Jaga Kita

is the song that became famous during the torrid Covid lockdown days during the reign of Muhyiddin Yassin among Malaysians.

AZAHAR Harun and Idrus Harun don't bother with the Statutory declarations, because even if Muhyiddin Yassin gets 222 votes, he is not fit to be Prime Minister.

Belakang aku tak lengangKalau nampak jangan cengangKalau kacau bendang kami
Nanti dengar gendang perangLepas tawan yang disiniLawan yang seberang
Bukan kami tak kenal tempatTuah kami kurang jadi lebihkan jebat

Must be some type of really dark humour by Muhyiddin Yassin to nick name himself ABAH. What kind of ABAH will reject a unitity government when Malaysia is on the brink of facing a major economy negative headwinds next year.
AN ABAH that is self centred , an ABAH which brushes aside the king's good intentions. Muhyiddin Yassin must not be prime minister because his actions show he will be a PM for pockets of Malaysians only. READ :Muhyiddin does not want to be part of a united Malaysia

Dua Wali atau Dua Jahanam : Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud

is one of M Nasir's most relevant song with lyric that states prophetically Tujuh puluh tiga pintu, perhaps for the 73 seats that Perikatan Nasional has but yang sampai hanya satu jalan, which means there is only one road to redemption .

MALAYSIA ada masa Kita harus diam Dan  Ada masa Kita harus berkata cukuplah semua sandiwara yang memerlukan kebijaksanaan luar biasa seperti yang  ada pada Nabi Sulaiman.

Lihat dunia dari mata burungAtau lihat dari dalam tempurungYang mana satu engkau pilihDalam kalut ada peraturanPeraturan mencipta kekalutanDi mana pula kau berdiri.

MAMPUkah dua adik beradik yakin Penguam Negara Malaysia dan speaker Dewan Rakyat, sebuah dewan yang sebenarnya telah pun dibubarkan , memberi Rakyat Malaysia keadilan?

Rakyat rasa hairan dan pasrah, Rais Yatim, negarawan unggul  yg menerajui Dewan Negara langsung tak diberi peranan dlm soal mengumpul SD ini. BACARais Yatim : Tugas Azahar bermula hanya bila dewan bersidang

PEGUAM Negara Malaysia sampai hari tidak mendakwa anak Vincent Tan dalam kes narkoba  dan dalam kes Adib pula, sampai hari ini PEGUAM dari Syarikat Hartanah yg menjadi punca rusuhan tersebut pun tidak didakwa atas kesalahan membunuh

Si speaker pula adalah lantikan Muhyiddin Yassin. Si speaker yang terhutang budi, yang adiknya diangkat menjadi PEGUAM Negara. Peguam Negara yang membisu ketika ketua Badan Pencegah Rasuah Azam Baki difitnah dan dihina .

Mungkin jua dua adik beradik in adalah wali yg mampu menyelamatkan kita. Tapi selamat APA? 

Selamat dari tidak menggunakan akal?  Andainya Kita menggunakan anugerah Allah, maka solusinya ada Di depan Mata Kita. 82 kerusi adalah lebih dari 73 kerusi dan cuba tanya Ismail Sabri adakah UMNO menolak untuk tandatangani satu perjanjian damai dengan bekas ketua Abim, Anwar Ibrahim? BACA :Anwar Ibrahim berjanji akan lindungi kepimpinan Ismail Sabri

Monday 21 November 2022

Abang Johari Openg, sat lagi nak kena : SWIPE

is the song by Alyph, used by Muhyiddin Yassin on Tik Tok to paint an all action hero persona of himself but is now being used in real time by Zahid Hamidi and Anwar Ibrahim.

SARAWAK's own Tik Tok king , PDP president Tiong King Sing says it like it is , in the clearest signal yet that Abang Johari Openg is playing in a league beyond his capacity. READ : Prudent for Sarawak to keep out of the political impasse happening in Peninsular Malaysia.

Dulu diorang beritahu kena buat macam niKalau tak, confirm takle pergiBila aku tak dengarMereka kata ego tinggiTak pandai bawak diriKorang boleh pergi m-
Baby, aku ada typeKalau aku like, aku likeKalau takAku swipeSwipe

 Failure to heed this warning due to a lack of prudence, wisdom or ego the size of a white elephant, will result in the PAS klingmaker  being SWIPED