Thursday 13 December 2018

Malaysia. The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Was a really big big global hit for Imany a couple of years back.

The good, the bad and the crazy concerning Malaysia are as follows.

The Good. Brent Crude oil looks poised to trade at US$75 a barrel average price next year. Currently is about US$61 a barrel. This should help Malaysia earn some extra dollar gain earnings as petroleum related exports account for 15 per cent of our income.

The Bad. Well, this is not really bad. According to Fitch, the Malaysian Ringgit will be at RM4.33 against the Ringgit in 18 months time. Should help export related companies, but is massive ego dent for us Malaysians .

The Crazy. Anwar Ibrahim. Just last month, he was seen smiling at the parliment lobby with disgraced Tabung Haji supremo Azeez.  Yesterday, according to Nazri Aziz, if Anwar Ibrahim becomes the Prime Minister , then Najib Razak will no longer be shamed with so many court appearance and multiple posting of court bails. And why is this so? Has any of the charges against Najib been made up? Or is Anwar Ibrahim saying under him rule of law will die and the rule of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will prevail? The only person who looks likely to stop Anwar Ibrahim from becoming Prime Minister is AI himself