Friday 30 June 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, needs a shield to fight corruption, the one he left behind in Kedah!!

ANWAR Ibrahim was a very dangerous political  operative right up to tbe day he was sacked around September 1998,.

 UNLIKE,  his rivals,  Anwar Ibrahim had a shield not linked to any  blue blood political family or patronage but it came from working the ground and knowing  how to get the rural Malay heartland to stand with him .READ : SLEEPY Baling Gets Rowdy in 1974, as a 30,000 strong show stopper made up of farmers and students demands for am economic right to live in dignity

WHO would have waged a small fortune that some 49 years latter,  as Prime Minister, window of opportunity has opened up for Anwar Ibrahim to regain that shield.

THE shield comes with bragging rights of being  the undisputed superstar og the Malay farming community , at the lifeblood of the Malay heartland in Kedah, where it all begun for Anwar Ibrahim.

BUT to regain absolute ownership of the shield, the Prime Minister, should not rely on his cabinet ministers, whoes competence are suspect. The  Prime Minister must fight alone and fight either with or from the eyes of a poverty stricken farmer.

KALAU  bukan sekarang, bila lagi?  The time is now,l for paddy  revolution to even up the playing field, to wipe out the stigma that small scale paddy farming equally to poverty. READ: Move Over, Eggs: It is Rice which Faces the Biggest Shortage in 20 Years

THE  Prime Minister should do some heavy duty soul searching from the view point of a rice farmer on what READ :Syed Mokthar's RM50 million handout to rice farmers can do.

IT can do very little, Mr Prime minister, with each farmer receiving a minimum RM50 to a maximum RM250, which translates between 13 sen  68 sen a day.

CONSIDER  the following , pre 1970, there were nearly 2,000 mills of which  some 70 per cent were owned by the farmers themselves.

TODAY  there are only 178 rice mills standing, mostly in the hands of Bernas, leaving tbe farmers, as a mere sellers of their rice a price demanded by  Bernas.

BERNAS operates as a monopoly in a free enterprise environment, based  on ownership  of nearl6  two thirds of  Malaysia 's rice output and rice complex.

THE weight of the scales placed on the paddy farmer is then staked up oh thier backs to breaking point .

THERE  are upstream and  downstream  economic opportunities  for the farmers under this plan of action.

ALL the rice farmers want is for Anwar Ibrahim to walk with them one more  though this time not plead for mercy,  but rather  to retake their birth rights.

AN army of farmers, who will theb be  equipped to deliver enbloc the heartland to Anwar Ibrahim, just like how their fathers decades ago without fail delivered the heart land mandate to  Dr Mahathir 


Malaysia, dumb and dumber are on the way to save the stock market .

MEET dumb , a man with no technical knowledge of the stock market, and very proud of it too . The knowledge is not there because, DUMB, also known as Rafizi Ramli is a very MALAS person

TO  attract serious money into the stock exchange, the government  must have the will to strengthen the Governance , because obviously the people at Bursa Malaysia are very comfortable with life, when Governance issues are not rigid. 

FOREIGN media have started picking up, and are notw highlighting reports, which paints Malaysia in a bad light because Bursa has serious Governance issues

TWO  particular companies/ individuals were highlighted this week. The first being, READ : Leak Exposes Alleged Corporate Scandal Involving MAA Group Berhad’s Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra.

THE other story making a big splash now is READ :SCIB says Mohd Abdul Karim not on its shareholder list

OH by the way,  if you are wondering who is the character that is called DUMBER,  it is none other than Umar Swift.

CONSIDER thr following, the five years that Umar Swift has been managing the exchange the local brouse has lost value every year,  while during the same period READ  : The Singapore bourse is up by 48 per cent


Tun Dr Mahathir, kata orang siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong lama-lama naik jadi Perdana Menteri.

IN the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, but unfortunately because  of the excellent  free education which came with lodging, that Tun Mahathir had provided my generation,  most of us are neither daft nor blind.

DR Mahathir says VIEW : Anak anak saya tak kaya sewaktu saya jadi Perdana Menteri, and for good measure, he added that hischildren were not allowed to do busines with the government when the was the Prime Minister.

NICE  try,  Dr Mahathir but what is the following READ :  CNN values the 37 year old Mirzan Mahathir at US$880 million.

TO recap, some time between 1994 and 1995, Rafidah Aziz gave a sweet deal to her son in law, which your son, Tun wrote in to READ : Asiaweek, that he too received millions of Leader Universal at a grand 24 per cent discount.

AND what about the READ : PNB's 25.8% stake in property-based conglomerate Lion Corp.Small matter right that the PNB chairman at time was Mirzan Mahathir's favourite uncle Ismail Ali.

WHICH is why Tun, allow me to repeat myself again, please take Muhyiddin Yassin along with you, and do your proklamasi  with pride, IN FRONT of Rafidah Aziz, house because she seems the right person who actually may  know what did or did not take place. 

 THIS wealth alone is in range of RM307  billion ringgit. When I look at my friends they  don't seem to have these type of wealth, and most of their parents never touched the stock market. READ : Only 30 per cent of retail players are Bumis.

BASICALLY what it means is an elite group has RM307 billion on their laps, while the majority can go bang balls or go fly a KITE

Thursday 29 June 2023

Jacky Pang Chow Huat, they are coming for you, but here is your get out of the Computer Forms Malaysia Hell Card!!!

EFFORTS are on the way and in the making  to pin the  blame on Jacky Pang Chow Huat, as the central figure  READ :in using deceptive methods to deceive Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on the true state of Computer Forms EV joint venture with the Elon Musk of Thailand.

YESTERDAY, the made a damning allegation, that Jacky Pang had tricked the then managing director of Computer Forms ,Justin Lim Hwa Tat. Those allegations themselves, have too many holes in it

 WAIT a minute,  why am I  bailing Jacky Pang out, when I am the one who exposed that the entire EV deal looked fraudulent, which eventually resulted in the stock crashing

 WELL  because Jacky Pang is friend of my friend, any beyond the friend to a friend link, I have no other interest.

I believe that the CorporateSecrets, have been grossly misled, and they should study closely on who exactly is Justin Lim Hwa Tat. READ :  Indonesian partners of KenTeam Sdn Bhd, are advising their countrymen to vary about him. Apparently, Justin Lim, not only did not pay them. he left the country and refused to see them even in Malaysia

OFF hand, I can tell you that in the two  remaining public listed companies  controlled by Justin Lim Hwa Tat, one of  it,  came about  only after Kenneth Vun Yun Liun, who was actually interested  in controlling the company,  happily sold the shares to his pal Justin Lim Hwa Tat, 

0R how about this one. READ : Justin Lim Hwa Tat's Sersol Signs agreement with M JetsI believe, the CorporateSecrets had very well chronicled  the revolving story at Mjets International,  with Victor Chin Boon Long  having a staring role.

ALSO Justin Lim Hwa Tat, has a business partner, who is a life long friend and supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, which would explain how the Elon Musk of Thailand  could have met the Prime Minister despite the very short notice.

What Does Tun Mahathir want?

THE biggest losers at Dr Mahathir's press conference yesterday was the Malaysian main stream media, especially The Star. 

ON trial at the news conference, was the Malaysian mainstream media, who seems to have gone an extra mile to show us thet are one notch BELOW SUB STANDARD. 

I am not exaggerating one bit. Not a single reporter stood up to challenge Dr Mahathir's statement READ ; Malay's fear that Malaysia is being turned into a multi racial country, and no longer a Malay country.

HELLO, the Star why don't you send a typist instead of a reporter next time, since as a reporter, you man adds no value to his own question, and the whole of Malayaia does not have an answer yet on what  Dr Mahathir wants.

HERE is a man, who states Malaysia  is being turned into a multi racial country and therefore we have a crisis ...but is this not rhe same Mahathir who told us in 2019, READ ; Cherish Malaysia's multiracial makeup, says Dr M in special Merdeka video.

AND when Dr Mahathir  speaks about wealth, how does the the former Prime Minister define wealth? 

DOES wealth equate to owning a business or having a high disposable income?  Because if the definition is narrowed to merely owning a business or a sizeable minority interest in public listed companies.

THEN,  I suggest Dr Mahathir who was Prime Minister from 1981 up till 2003, provide us with a list of companies that were listed from 1981 up to 2003,  on Bursa Malaysia,  who broke the law and did not allocate the 30 per cent share for the Bumiputera  community.

IF Dr Mahathir is unable to do that,  then I strongly suggest, he and Muhyiddin Yassin gather outside Rafidah Aziz house and demand to know who ate up most of the shares, and how many ordinary Malays actually  benefited from it.

DR Mahathir is not even making sence to even his own community this time around. Just go check out the VIEW : The Proklamasi Orang Melayu Facebook page and you will understand exactly what I mean. 

The traction is so low, with just 4,100 followers and trust me on this I know of girls who have ten times more followers on their Facebook page just because they are HOT.

IF for some strange reason Dr Mahathir gets cold feet and don't want to stand outside  of Rafidah Aziz house and demand some accountability on who ate up the lion's share of 30 per cent allocated for the community,  how about then doing two things good for the marginalised sons and daughters of this land, who also forms the biggest block.

IF those testicles are still where it should be,  Mr Ex Prime Minister,  why not demand that every Malay farmer especially in what was once the rice bowl of this land ; Kedah and Perlis are given the rights to sell their paddy output to any Tom, Dick and Harry either in Malaysia or even abroad?

AND in order to be fair to the Bumiputeras and non Bumiputeras who live in the city, demand lah that Approved Pernits for cars, motorbikes, computers and mobile phones are abolished IMMEDIATELY?

THOUSANDS will follow you Dr Mahathir if you do that, and I will be there to support and apologise personally on the lack of testicle remark. 

TUN, jangan diam sahaja, buat lah. Do it for your country, do it for your people, and rest assured you will be top of the list in  Malaysia's Hall of FAME.!!

Wednesday 28 June 2023

The Al Qaeda's Man In Malaysia, has attacked our Prime Minister

AM  I pissed off? YES I am. Even as I am writing, the anger level has not COOLED off a bit

ON a scale of one to ten on the pissed off scale, I am at a ten, that our Prime Minister is being mocked, by a man who had admitted of killing  and running off with the victims monet.

MEET Shahid Bolsen, is  a white trash American who has been actively promoting VIEW : Perikatan Nasional Ideology to Malaysians.

OFFICIALLY listed VIEW ; As a consultant working at Stirling Partners, office in Kuala Lumpur, Shahid Bolsen's presence, if he indeed he is still in the country, is a clear and present danger to Malaysia

STIRLING Partners are known operatives managing an international campaign to pressure the Malaysian Government to soften its stand on the UNWELCOMED and  UNWANTED Rohingya presence in Malaysia. VIEW : Shahid Bolsen, the chief strategiest @WeareoallRohingyanow Campaign.

SHAHID  Bolsen  made his way to Malaysis sometime around 2018, when Muhyiddin Yassin was the HOME MINISTER, hence it does not come as a big surprise that VIEW : He has trained his guns now on our Prime Minister.

ANY Malaysisn, regardless of what their political  beliefs are, but consider themselves as patriots of this land, WILL NOT, SHOULD NOT and MUST NOT  tolerate READ : The presence of Shahid Bolsen on Malaysian soil or even in our cyber world, because his presence is a potential danger to the Malaysian Economy, as he has been publicly identified as the Al Qaeda's Man.

SO what are you doing about it, communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil

 AND  how about you, the Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution, can you get off your intellectual make believe world, and request our very efficient Millitary Inteligence , commonly known as MI, to provide some ROUGH MALAYSIAN HOSPITALITY to Shahid Bolsen before deporting him to the UAE,

FORGET about rule of law or human rights, as the Al Qaeda are not practioners of those rules anyway.

 DO  not allow Shahid Bolsen to play around those rules, as a time buying measure so that he can incite more hatred towards OUR PRIME MINISTER.

SAIFUDDIN Nasution, and Fahmi Fadzil if you two guys are unable to  get this done inside 48 hours, I suggest both of you quit the cabinet IN DISGRACE

QUIT  because , THE PRIME MINISTER and OUR NATION deserves  BETTER service from people who have the power but do not know HOW TO USE IT FOR NATIONAL INTEREST.


RM10 billion gone in five months and the spectre of Market Intervention in the hands of a central bank infamous for blowing away RM30 billion before.

BETWEEN, February 2023 up to June 15 2023,  Bank Negara Malaysia's foreign exchange reserves READ : were down by RM10.27 billion, on market suspicion that the central bank has been flushing down into the toilet good money to intervene in the currency market.

THIS boils down to a reduction in reserve at an average  monthly speed of RM2.05 billion a month, of which some of it is due to the central bank's futile attempt to protect the Ringgit. 

TO be fair to Bank Negara Malaysia, there id very little data out there yet  on how much of the RM10.27 billion, that has gone into the sink hole was actually used as a market intervention tool.

WHAT is certain though is, Bank Negara Malaysia had intervened in the currency markets this year, well before the central bank told us  READ ; Yesterday, it will intervene in forex market to stem excessive currency movements.

WILL throwing more good money save the Ringgit?  The answer is obvious isn't it. If the solution was as simple as that, the Ringgit won't be at RM4.67 to the US Dollar today.

BANK Negara Malaysia, along side the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia. I am sure are very aware why the currency is at this level today.

IT has a lot to do with what is happening overseas but regulators such as Bank Negara Malaysia, The Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia need to do their part too.

THE higher ups in these organisations, should stick to doing the job they are paid handsomely to do, instead of abusing  their designation  to enrich themselves.


Monday 26 June 2023

For Azmin Ali, this time around trouble is not a friend but a FOE.

FOUR years ago, in June 2019, Malaysians woke up in shock, before bursting into  laughter upon hearing Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz's insistence that he is the stud, who had been captured on video  bonking a guy who resembles Azmin Ali.

MANY had tpredicted that it was game over for Azmin Ali's political aspirations ,but trouble was actually a friend of Azmin Ali, as the subsequent events would show.

NOT only did Azmin Ali, spoil Anwar Ibrahim's plan to take over the Prime Ministership, Azmin Ali actually got a promotion and was regarded as the second most powerful man in Malaysia from 2020 right up to GE15.

THE trouble coming Azmin Ali's way beyond this June is definitely ba FOE, as the former minister could  be charged with abuse of power .

If Azmin Ali does indeed go down now many people's reputations will end up going down the drain as well.

AMONG them are Tommy Thomas, the former Attorney General, the PAS leadership who choose  to have a leadership role in Muhyiddin Yassin's government by sacrificing their morality, as well as the disciplinary board of PKR

THERE is one man though, who rightfully should feel that he has been vindicated but might be regretting it he indeed is found to be correct.

MEET Khairy Jamaluddin's former friend, and follower Papagomo who is still trending  till today on the strength of his statement VIEW : Semua Orang Tahu Dia Semburit.

HAMZAH Zainuddin, will definitely  be in a better position in the event Azmin Ali is toast, but he could be condemned to the life of an opposition and not the centre of power, as the feedback from the ground are, if the charges against Azmin Ali are genuine, PAS will wash its hands off Perikatan Nasional.

ABDUL Hadi Awang knows how to get into the good books of Anwar Ibrahim. The PAS president will be banking on their brotherhood in ABIM to get his party back into the Government without Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali or even Hamzah Zainuddin. 

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Drowning Men, Are Never Troubled By Rain!!!

THE  powerful Persian quote is basically a check mate on those who are living solely due to the mercy of others.

THE Hokkien speaking Eddie Ng Chee Siong, who had experienced humiliation in public via the brute actions of Francis Leong Seng Wui  towards him, might have been caught off guard with the sudden June 15 farewell party.

APART from the booze, food and entertainment, the other one thing the farewell party did very well was to make sure as many as possible photographs were taken.

THOSE photos and videos may someday come in handy , as evidence and proof that Eddie Ng Chee Siong no longer had anything to do with Revenue Group.

THE enemy of my enemy is my friend, is quote attributed to the the iron age, Maurya Empire which first united India, though the court it self became famous because Niccolo Machiavelli, used it in the Prince, which is widely read in political science courses.

I doubt either Eddie Ng Chee Siong or Francis Leng Seng Wui are familiar with those names but the public show of affection by Leong Seng Wui to Ng Chee Siong, basically means trouble will soon come knocking on the door.

WHAT will Eddie Ng Chee Siong do then? Will he accept it as fated and move on in life or will he react in a manner exposing whoes mistress was brought into the company and the share management which started way before the Revenue Group became an outcast.?

PEOPLE  are not stupid. Every thing can be tracked down, the information double checked and verified , prior to a mapping exercise.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong, is going down but he is a mere pawn on the chess board, where the king is now saying that he was never briefed in a correct manner resulting in all that has happened. 

NICE story. Interesting too. So interesting and and so nice to hear but it only becomes  music to the ears when on the Chess Board the BISHOP is sacrificed along side THAT PAWN!!

Anwar Ibrahim faces his first real test in leading Malaysia.

THE problem with Anwar Ibrahim',s government  is NOT  Anwar Ibrahim himself, but rather the people he selected to be his ministers and advisors.

THE  bulk of the blame should be borne by public servants and    cabinet ministers, that haven't contributed  much in a positive manner.

CLEARLY,  the Bank Negara Malaysia Governor's reading of the economy is embarrassingly flawed as the raw data shows and then further  suggest READ : Malaysian Exports were actually down in the first four months of the year by 2.6 per cent and consumer spending poised to come down in the current quarter

0R how about Razifi Ramli's lazy and irresponsible statement that READ : The Government Does Not intend to To Make Changes To Growth Forecast

WE may may have to make changes to our National budget though, because READ :The national Budget was based on Oil Price trading at US$80 a barrel

OIL price are well below the US$80 a barrel level now, and some say it could READ :Head towards US$40 a barrel on a worst case scenario.

ANWAR Ibrahim is just one man, who has not only single handedly taken the political fight to Muhyiddin Yassin and PAS, with very little help from his ministers.

HIS ministers,  I gather are expecting for the Prime Minister to rescue the economy HIMSELF.

IF the economic minister cannot help the Finance Minister, then it is better to make way for others who can. 

RAFIZI  Ramli, has been a disappointment as Economic Minister, while his simplistic statements suggest a very flawed understanding on issues that could re-emerge such as the financial crisis of 1997.

THERE are ample reason, validated with proof using the READ : Evidence from Logit Estimation that is far from the truth.

IT crashed because we PANICKED . And why did we PANIC? Because we were not prepared for it. 

RAFIZI Ramli, no one plans to fail as a minister,  but I reckon they often do, because , they fail to plan.

GOING  by Rafizi Ramli's misguided take over the crisis, I am not surprised at all that READ :RHB Research expects the Ringgit to slump to RM4.90 to the US Dollar.

The Melayu's of Malaysia were born to win, until Dr Mahathir reenginered them to LOSE,!

ONE of the main reasons, Government linked companies contribute READ : 25 per cent of Bursa Malaysia's market capitalisation and has a 51 per cent say in the domestic economy is because of  what happend 30 years ago.

TUN  Dr Mahathir instead  of focusing on improving the livelihood of the average Malay, had abandoned them and opted on a plan to empower just a group of Malay's instead.

HE has also messed up our history, to the extent nobody today will believe that the New Economic Policy created by Tun Razak, was not aimed at taking wealth from Chinese and passing it down to Malays.

THE wealth creation aspect never took place because under Dr Mahathir the agriculture sector, where the Malays were a dominant force was not an important aspect of his economic agenda.

 BY ignoring the agriculture sector, the tradition Malay route where children would take over small farm holdings or follow their fathers in the fishing industry,was slowly killed off.

AS  a result, graduate unemployment have been ising, and our country is no longer food sufficient, because the brightest Malay minds, who could have been contributing to this sector, were never really developed.

THE hammer in the Malay economic coffin was delivered by Dr Mahathir himself with the READ :  New Development Policy , some time in.tbe early 1990's

THIS policy was directly responsible for creating Malay billionaires such as Tajuddin Ramli, Halim Saad, Amin Shah Omar Shah in the 1990's, because the Government was more keen to uplift a few Malays instead of the entire community.

AND when all those 1990's Malay billionaires failed before the decade was over, what did Dr Mahathir do? 

HE eplaced them with the Government Linked Companies, where the elite class Malay's due to political consideration, were  asked to manage these businesses instead of running it.

BASICALLY,  only a few Malays benefit from the Government Linked Companies being in the economy.

 THE  majority of Malays have to curb any big business ambitious because the GLC has already taken their share, and place as well as destroyed Tun Razak's Vision For The Malays.


Saturday 24 June 2023

The Ringgit, What I told you in February, & the lesson's Anwar Ibrahim can learn from it.

BACK in February 2023,  many of the people who read my blog,  had privately told me that I was just being  sour grapes, for what has been proven now to be an accurate statement that the Ringgit will slide against the US Dollar from May 2023 onwards.

WHAT is the lesson can the Prime Minister learn from this episode? Delayed pain will hurt twice as much, and the more we delay it, the more painful it will get.

BACK then, being a newly minted Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim can be forgiven for attempting to take the populist road, by not increasing interest rates.

BANK Negara Malaysia, rectified the matter only in May, READ : when it raised the over night policy rates to three per cent.

THOSE who are  now demanding that the OPR be  reduced, have one screw loose in their heads, because they are ignoring the factuality on how currency markets work. READ : Kenaikkan OPR membebani rakyat, kata Muhyiddin Yassin,  

HAS Anwar Ibrahim learnt anything from this blunder? I believe he has, which is why READ: the Prime Minister is going all out to kill corruption.

HIS efforts, might be painful for Malaysians,initially atleast  both politically and economicly, but if we do not back the Prime Minister now, it will be devasting for Malaysia economically and politically in two years time.

FIGHTING corruption is good,but let's not forget to strictly keep our toes intact and in the good books of  the Environmental,  Social and Governance (ESG) rules.

BANK Negara Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission by not playing according to the ESG rules,  have turned themselves into A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the well being of Ringgit Malaysia.

CONSIDER the following, alongside GHL Bhd, REVENUE Group Bhd, has one of the country's most important e payment infrastructure which Malaysia uses to connect to the outside world.

READ : Some 46.94 million ringgit has come into Revenue Group in a matter that makes no economic sense, yet until today,none of the above three institutions have publicly questioned Revenue Group's executive director Francis Leong Seng Wui about it.

WHERE is the G for Governance  in all this ? NO where in sight.

TO make matters worst, Francis Leong Seng Wui was the executive director  in Classita Bhd when READ :Some RM30 million went missing from the company.

TO add more misery to this story, Revenue Group Bhd, currently has NO Chief Executive Officer, NO independent auditor to check on the company and the company now is seeking READ :to not announce its fourth quarter results.

WHEN it rains, it pours. The Ringgit is already at a critical level at RM4.68 to the US Dollar, and only God knows how the political crisis in Russis might destabilise the world.

THE last thing we need now, is for a trio of smart alec' who think protecting Francis Leong Seng Wui and Revenue Group's backside is more important than the fate of 30 million Malaysians, by running circles around THE  G for Governance in ESG.

LAST but not least, why should you even believe me that if Bank Negara Malaysia, the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia do not throw the ESG handbook on Revenue Group, the Ringgit will slide beyond RM5 to the US Dollar? 

WELL because I am the guy, when everyonelse was predicting sunshine for the Ringgit back in February 2023, who told you that starting from May 2023 the Ringgit will crash!!!.

Friday 23 June 2023

Umar Swift, Ada Apa & Dengan Siapa?

IS Umar Swift's Bursa Malaysia acting in a discriminatory manner, favouring some market players over others?

THERE  are reasons to believe that this is indeed the case, and if it is indeed the case I believe, Azam Baki's MACC  should look into the reasons why is this so.

TO recap, Francis Leong Seng Wui is one of the dominant shareholders of Revenue Group, with executive powers, and was a former second largest shareholder in Green Packet. 

HE still sits on the board of Green Packet as well on  the company's powerful audit board.

MEF ; Drama Tanpa Irama

ONE of the biggest cry babies in this country is the Malaysian Employers Federation, who always wants to push all the hard work on to the Government's lap.

CASE in point, is the MEF statement that READ : MNCs unlikely to hire locals who failed English, Maths.

DOES the MEF have a valid point? YES, they do but that is besides the point. The point is apart from bitching about it, what is the MEF itself doing to retrain the SPM drop outs who are not linguistically inclined in English, that are already in the work force?

HAS the MEF any policy in place to pay a higher salary to those who are proficient in English ? HELL NO .

NEVERMIND, about paying more, how about language upskill courses for those already in the work force by the members of MEF itself?  Is there a policy in place for this? AGAIN the answer is a HELL NO.

THE MEF, should ask itself what has it done as a federation to tip the scales in favour of those who are not proficient in English, upon leaving school, rather than keep harresing the Government on what it should be doing.

Thursday 22 June 2023

The Sapura Kencana merger ; valuation by deception.

HASSAN Marican is the man who knows the READ : inner secrets that led to Petronas subsidiary bailing out Mirzan Mahathir's Konsortium Perkapalan, but who in Malaysia holds the secret to how the Sapura Kencana merger added RM1.5 billion worth of wealth into Mokhzhani Mahathir's pocket?

WELL that man is no other than the current MITI Minister Tengku Zafrul, who as a merchant banker with Maybank  READ : oversaw the merger between Sapura Crest and Kencana Petroleum merger process which started around July 2011.

TENGKU Zafrul can start by telling us how on earth Mokhzhani Mahathir's interest alone in the merged entity was valued at RM1.58 billion, when Kencana itself only READ : had an order book of just under RM2 billion as at Dec 2010.

HOW much of the valuation of Mokhzhani Mahathir's stake in Kencana Petroleum had to do with Petronas suddenly, out of the blue on January 2011, turned Kencana Petroleum into the first home grown Malaysian company to  control READ : marginal oilfields in Malaysian waters.

AND who was the Petronas advisor at that point of time?  Mokhzhani Mahathir's father, and  what was the oil prices trading at in 2011? VIEW : It was at a historical high of US$113.39 a barrel

MIND you,   the first marginal oil field given to Kencana, also came with some very sweet tax incentives such as READ :a 60%-100% investment tax allowance on capex spent on capital intensive-projects such as enhancing oil recovery etc, ii) a lower tax rate of 25% (from 38% previously)

SO did just one single marginal oil field boost Kencana Petroluem's valuation? Of course not, because Malaysia had another 105 marginal oil fields containing some 500 million barrels of oil to give away.

KENCANA and Sapura Crest, another recipient of the generous marginal oil fields, would eventually formalise their merger in 2012 but by 2014, Petronas would start buying back those marginal oil fields from Kencana when oil prices started to crash and tumble to around US$50 per barrel. 

AND why did Petronas  come out and bail Mokhzhani Mahathir ? Well because Kencana Petroleum's break even cost for the marginal oil fields were in excess of US$70 per barrel. 

TENGKU Zafrul, deny the above statement if you dare!!!

Francis Leong Seng Wui, Don't Yam Seng Too Much!!!

MUST have been some farewell party last week, that Francis Leong Seng Wui threw for the company's former chairman Eddie Ng Chee Siong, that most of the Revenue Group staff are still on a resigning spree.

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui, keeps disappointing Victor Chin Boon Long with his silly moves, thinking that the farewell party for Eddie Ng Chee Siong will close down the talk that Eddie despite quiiting the listed co had still some responsibility in the non listed entities of of the Revenue Group.

SEE what you have done now, Francis Leong Seng Wui in trying to be defiant and smarter than Victor Chin Boon Long,  what you have forced the cat to drag in to Victor Chin Boon Long's spikey clean kitchen.

ALL those shares were either sold in the open market or via off market, while Eddie Ng Chee Siong was spending a lot of Revenue Group's cash in Bank.

MORE importantly,  Francis Leong Seng Wui, everything has been documented and photostat for good measure which stockbroking house were the buyers and on whoes lap did the shares end up with.

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui,  no point trying to get TA Securities into trouble, we know who your real Corporate advisor is lah.

BY the way did you yam seng on June 15th? Were you also celebrating the fact that bank's are no longer giving Revenue any business to the extend that the unit which manages your EDC terminals which were operating 24/7 are now, banging balls with a jobs that start at 10am and ends at 6pm?

Muhyiddin Yassin, what are you smoking?

WHATEVER is it, the Perikatan Nasional Chairman is smoking, I want it too because it can  detach us from reality to the extent we can,  not only speak to the press with a straight face but can afford to smile as well.

SO what is it, Muhyiddin Yassin are you on, that you can tell the whole world with a smiling face READ : Perikatan won't play on 3R issues during state elections.

MUST be very good stuff, because right about the time,Muhyiddin Yassin was putting his integrity on the line that there will not be any racial slant in the up coming state elections,  READ : Twitter was on Fire with the dumbest rumour that Theresa Kok had been appointed chairman of Felda.

ACTUALLY,  Malaysia does not expect Perikatan Nasional not to play to its strengths. Politics is all about playing to one's strength but can you please atleast give us something to laugh about.

HOW about allowing your pals in Gerakan more airtime, speaking exclusively in Malay. I am sure many of us are curious to find out from which planet this Gerakan members are from. VIEW : Meet the strange friends of PAS

Petronas, in the Ex Prime Minister's service

MALAYSIA'S Petroleum fund is sick joke that the ex Prime Minister's club namely Tun Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Badawi has been playing on us.

WHY do you think, the amount is so low and what have this got to do with Petronas rolling out the red carpet in good times for the sons of the ex Prime Minister's  and then going all out to protect them and ensure that their billionaire status are not jeopardised when times are bad?

A lot actually,  when one considers when Dr Mahathir was the Petronas advisor how , the national oil company in 2011 awarded READ : The Berantai field, located about 150 km offshore Terengganu , marginal oilfield contract to Mokhzani Mahathir's Kencana Petroleum Bhd and his soon to be merger partner Sapuracrest Petroleum

DO you know what the peak price of Brent crude oil was back in 2011? Well it was at a VIEW : historical high of US$113.39 per barrel, which means Mokhzani Mahathir was basically printing his own money back then.

IF you observe the price closely, when the prices of crude oil fell in 2014, to US$53.45 per barrel,  guess what Petronas did ?

WELL the national oil and gas company actually paid Mokhzani Mahathir and friends READ :to buy back the oil fields, so that the sons of the ex Prime Minister's won't end up losing their underwear

IS the Green Wave Killing The Economy ?

THE answer to the question, is the Green Wave killing the economy is not a simple one, but one should admit the manner in which certain PAS leaders speak today is a clear and present danger to the Malaysian Ringgit. 

THE very essence of this Green Wave threath can be traced back to READ : Perikatan Nasional's rejection of the King's wish for Malaysia to have a unity Government.

PERHAPS his majesty was merely tired of all the politicians game of thrones or perhaps it boiled down to 100 per cent wisdom, that the King had the foresight to see what a disunited Malaysia could do to the economy.

 WHATEVER it was, the politicians from both sides of the divide,should learn to sit on the same table once again or Malaysia is going to go into the history text books as the rabbit/tiger which got its backside kicked by the tortoise. 

HELLO, PAS supporters your greatest threath is not DAP and hello DAP supporters your biggest threath is not PAS.  Your common number one threath is Indonesia and Vietnam 

YES, Indonesia and Vietnam is our number threath, not because they are in direct competition with Malaysia for foreign direct investment but because they have been stealing the best brains and money from Malaysia by enticing Malaysians to move over there. 

HAS the Malaysian Government even have a remote plan of action  to counter such tax incentives?  HELL NO

WHY is that so? Because as a nation, we are too busy fighting the Green Wave, The Yellow Wave that we have forgotten to look outside and realise that there is a much larger foreign green wave and yellow wave that would like nothing better than to give us a kick right between our lips, to seal it in the history books that the Asian Tiger, Malaysia has finally met her match, to two tortoise who understood the true value of unity.

Wednesday 21 June 2023

In a sea of red, Bursa Malaysia is up by 5.38 points but ...

ON a day when the rest of Asia is sunk in losses or drowning in a sea that is bleeding red ink, Bursa Malaysia seems to be the only regional brouse that it defiantly bullish.

SO why is Bursa Malaysia in the green? The answer is simple, investors see long term value in the stock exchange,  provided Anwar Ibrahim delivers big time on the promised reforms and cull some big heads in the process, namely the executive chairman of the Securities Commission Awang Adek, the chairman of Bursa Malaysia Wahid Omar and its CEO Umar Swift who is a mere permanent resident of this country.

WHATEVER happened to the conversation about giving sons and daughters of this soil to run the stock exchange, especially since during Umar Swift's tenure READ :The stock market has been down by 17 per cent while the rest of the modern world was on a massive bull run

THERE is no surprise here, that despite the stock market being up by more than 5 points , there is a kill joy effect here because the number of losers far outweigh the number of gainers.

INVESTORS are fed up that under Umar Swift's tenure, board room tussles in companies listed on the stock exchange are being settled by the barrel of a gun instead of human IQ, and gangsters are pushing off real talent, by the strength of their testosterone. 

Bank Negara Malaysia, to be haunted by the ghost of ESG.

WHEN will this haunting take place, I don't have a set of metrics to accurately predict it yet, but this much I do know when it rains, it pours. 

THE ghost of the environmental, social and governance framework, popularly known as ESG could well be the final nail of the coffin to READ :doom the Ringgit to RM5 to One US Dollar.

CONSIDER  this,  Bank Negara Malaysia has turned its back on ESG, specifically on the part which highlights the importance of READ : scrutinising ethical investment.

I am aware what Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet) , the national payments network and shared central infrastructure for Malaysia's financial markets has been trying to do behind the scenes to mitigate a potential fall out with Revenue Group Bhd.

CAN anyone in Bank Negara explain why would any minority pay a 299 per cent premium into one of the country's top payment gateway companies?

WHO actually now is in control of Revenue Group? those listed officially as substantial shareholders or has some dark international group  hijacked one of Malaysia's premier payment gateway companies?

PAS is a afraid of a one man army!!!

ANWAR Ibrahim is a one man army and apparently PAS has not only taken notice of it, but they want READ  : the Prime Minister to stop it now!!!

IN warfare, what Anwar Ibrahim is doing now is merely following the advise of British Field Marshal Gerald Templer, also known as the smiling tiger of Malaya, who instead of pouring more human lives into the battlefield,  had mastered the art of winning the hearts and mind of the population instead.

ANWAR Ibrahim knows that Zahid Hamidi and Razifi Ramli are not equipped to take on Perikatan Nasional to win the hearts and minds of the Malay youth middle ground.

INSTEAD the Prime Minister has placed himself in the line of fire with his Temu Anwar session among university students nationwide, where he had maintained that fighting corruption is his number one priority.

SO why is PAS so afraid of the Temu Anwar sessions?  Well because one gathers that their own intelligence unit have already warned them that the ground is shifting towards team Anwar Ibrahim from Perikatan Nasional. 

TEAM Anwar Ibrahim  here means the personal branding of the Prime Minister has soared among Malay youths that in the critical areas they may now vote for Pakatan Harapan or Barisan Nasional not due to party loyalty but because of their trust in brand Anwar Ibrahim. 

Tuesday 20 June 2023

The Attorney General 's Office : Under Scrutiny and soon to be under pressure

THE practising media in Malaysia, has a lot of self  interest in placing the Attorney General's Office under scrutiny for now, and perhaps under pressure at a latter date.

THE Malaysian mainstream media does not have a short memory, this much I can tell you, having been part of the system myself.

WHO was responsible for the abnormal surge in penny stock prices in 2020 and 2021 and why were they or their agents often seen hanging around two popular shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur most of the time?  IT was the Corporate Mafia and their extended family which includes the likes of Kenneth Vun Yun Liun.

DID the Attorney General's Office charge any high ranking members of this stock market underworld for rigging the market and causing retail investors to lose billions of Ringgit? HELL NO.

IN Singapore, a similar case resulted in READ :John Soh jailed 36 years for market rigging.

NEVERMIND that, has the Attorney General's Office charged anyone with regards to READ : the Corporate Mafia case, which the police had officially handed to the AG's office in February?  

AGAIN the answer is a HELL NO. Which brings us to the question will the mainstream media keep silent if the latest case READ : Mafia Korporat Lim Kok Han direman Polis peras ugut guna pistol terhadap Pengerusi GIIB Holdings Berhad is also given the silent treatment?

JUDGING from the publicity generated by the mainstream media, my conclusion is we are not willing to forgive and forget!!!.

Khairy jamaluddin is spot on, its the economy stupid!!!

DESPITE being a hypocrite, Khairy Jamaluddin is correct in his assessment that READ : the Malays are unhappy with the economy,and the so called green wave is more bones than meat.

WHERE is the hypothesis to back the statement that it is the economy which is the concern of majority of Malaysians?  Well it can be seen in the READ : Kerajaan  Gagal Movement, that brought down Muhyiddin Yassin.

DO note since then Muhyiddin Yassin has attempted to pin the Kerajaan Gagal tag on everyonelse . READ : Muhyiddin Yassin membidas Ismail Sabri kerana gagal mengurus economic negara.

WHY is Khairy Jamaluddin a hypocrite then? Well the former health minister seems to have forgotten that the last time when he was in government the Ringgit was in the RM4.74 level which is far worst then the current 4.64 level to the US Dollar.

ANWAR Ibrahim, has got to nail it down in his head that economic growth is just one aspect of the economic puzzle.  The people want to see the fruits of economic reforms and a Malaysian first policy.

IT was the expectation of those reforms, which had pushed the Ringgit against the US Dollar, to the RM4.26 level when Anwar Ibrahim was first appointed Prime Minister.

A Malaysian first policy meanwhile is about where the Government's top priority should be ; ie , that is to get every Malaysian back in the right footing from the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as to take into account the feelings of the majority of Malaysians.

FOR example, the Government knows this for a fact, at ground zero the relationship between Malaysians and the Rohingya refugees are not on a very good footing, so why pander to the needs of the Rohingya's at this point of time? READ : Soon Rohingya refugees in Malaysian universities

MERELY talking about reforms will not do, we need to see actions, and heads roll at every level of the decision making process which is either corrupt or perceived to be corrupt.

IN the equity markets, no one wants to see Bursa Malaysia being sticked with the stigma as a centre where money can be laundered by the Corporate Mafia with no questions asked. READ : Why should the authorities freeze Revenue Group Bhd's Banking Accounts immediately

LIKEWISE in the police force we need to see men like Hazani Ghazali be given more responsibilities to fight crime at the highest level.

JUST like Azam Baki,  this is guy who knows how to get results fast and in an orderly manner.

I said it, and like usual Khairy Jamaluddin did it

ANWAR Ibrahim should thank his lucky star, that Khairy Jamaluddin will not be endorsing the Pakatan Harapan/Barisan Nasional partnership in the coming six state elections.

AND why is that so? Well every candidate Khairy Jamaluddin has endorsed as Prime Minister has ended up losing their job.

IT stared with his father in law Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, followed by VIEW : KJ endorsing Najib Razak, who got his ass kicked in GE 14 and who can forget READ : The One Vote for KJ is a Vote For Ismail Sabri In Sungai Buloh in GE15.

ISMAIL Sabri too ended up losing his job as Prime Minister although I must state he was a good Prime Minister.

SO what is it that I have said and Khairy Jamaluddin has now done. READ : ON May 19 2023, I had already stated that Khairy Jamaluddin will not be joining Bersatu.

THE star is now reporting READ : KJ will not be joining BERSATU or Perikatan Nasional.

I am telling you now, come 2024, Khairy Jamaluddin will be back in UMNO eyeing the President's seat and along with that a shot to be Prime Minister someday without Bersatu or PAS by his side 

Monday 19 June 2023

Azmin Ali Walking On Dangerous Ground

AFTER months of carefully shunning the lime light, Azmin Ali has suddenly re appeared to take up the spot light. READ : Azmin will stand for state elections in Selangor as a candiate.

ALREADY there is talk that READ : PAS is not too happy about this. And why should PAS not be too happy with sitting in the same table with Azmin Ali?

ALL this had got to do with READ : Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz and the damning allegations he has made. READ : Beliau Seorang Yang Sangat Menawan.

IF Anwar Ibrahim  wants to retain Selangor than he can no longer treat Azmin Ali with kiddy gloves

Why should the Revenue Group Bhd's Banking Accounts Be Frozen?

COMING back to today's topic of discussion,  on why should the Revenue Group Bhd's banking accounts be frozen.

WELL, the answer to this question is very simple. The reason is because we have had RM46.94 million come into the company in a manner that makes no economic sense.

SOME 62.592 million warrants were converted into 62.59 million mother shares at a conversion price of 75 sen per conversion, meaning that if this RM46.94 million was used to buy the mother shares directly,  the buyers would end up owning 33 per cent of the company.

INSTEAD what has happened is this supposedly minority group choose to pay a premium of 300 per cent to ensure money goes into the company, while they themselves have zero control in running the company. 

ARE there any precedent for the authorities to freeze the banking account of a public listed company?  Yes there is. READ : MACC freeze Caely Holdings Bhd, banking accounts.

BY freezing the accounts of Revenue Group,  what can be achieved? Well for one, if will give the authorities including the income tax department enough time to check on the background of the people who have done this conversion,  as well as their source of funding and last but not the least an explanation on why they choose to ensure that money ends up in Revenue Group  Bhd coffers.

WHY is this process of interviewing those who converted the warrants is of importance? It is for national interest, because if the source of funds are not clean it can destabilise the entire Malaysian stock exchange.

 ALSO we have to accept the fact  Revenue Group might not be equipped to handle this matter because the company currently does not have AN EXTERNAL AUDITOR nor does its have a CEO .

Is Bursa Malaysia, willingly being used to legitimise money that has come into Revenue Group, that makes no economic sense?

NOW that Revenue Group Bhd has VIEW : publicly acknowledged that RM46.94 million has come into the company via converting the Revenue Group Bhd Warrants on a one for one basis at 75 sen per share, can anyone explain, why would anyone pay nearly 300 per cent more than the value of Revenue mother shares of 26 sen per share, to own the mother shares?

AT RM46.94 million, we are talking about 62.592 million warrants being converted into 62.59 million mother shares.

BUT do you know what can RM46.94 million buy you? Well based on Revenue Group Bhd's market capitalisation of RM141.64 million( share price 26 sen), you can buy 33 per cent of Revenue Group.

WHAT is mind boggling is all this warrant conversion that makes no economic sence were done supposedly by minority shareholders and all this transactions were done only after Francis Leong Seng Wui came into Revenue Group.

SO, Bursa Malaysia,  if you can't explain this transactions or get Francis Leong Seng Wui to explain it to you, I suggest you call the Income Tax Department to raid the Revenue Group office and other enforcement units to freeze the bank accounts of Revenue Group Bhd.