Wednesday 31 January 2024

RM8.7 billion market sell down, has a familiar common denominator!

THE Edge Weekly, instead of taking it's readers on a while goose chase READ :  on what spooked a sell down on selective stocks, only to end the chase with the phrase, what goes up must come down, won't be ashamed of the report, or even remotely embarrassed.

THIS is because, standards at the publication has dropped and stooped so low, that they actually believe they have done a wonderful job.

CHECK out who their share registra/ company secretary are ; it's either Boardroom Share Registrars Sdn. Bhd or ALDPRO CORPORATE SERVICES SDN BHD, which is based in Mid Valley

ALDPRO Corporate services Bhd, has only been in business for a mere two years. The company is also the share registra for the Corporate Mafia linked firms such as GREEN PACKET Bhd,  and the SEVERELY loss making Revenue Group Bhd.

STOP picking on Murray Hunter !!!

THE knives are out again for Murray Hunter the Australian living in Thailand, for doing the works of the deep state against the royal institution and the Federal Government.

YES, you heard me right, Murray Hunter is employed by the deep state to destabilise Malaysia. 

I said jackshit, because according to Reporters Without Borders, in their own words and on their website claim READ ;Harakah is financed by the PAP, and that the PAP is an Islamic right wing party.

NOT since READ : the idiotic claims made by the member of Parliament from Bagan about Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Guan Eng being related, have I come across a moronic claim then the one being made by Reporters Without Borders.

BUT do I blame Murray Hunter? No I don't. The Murray Hunter of today is not the Murray Hunter of two decades ago.

TODAY,he like all of us, are merely CARI MAKAN guys. If anyone who is to be blamed here, it should be those who employ him despite he living full time in Thailand.

AMONG the media that is feeding Murray Hunter cash to focus on Malaysia are Sin Chew and Free Malaysia Today.

Malaysia's men in the run

MAN on the run , leading man Najib Razak's fate, it seems have some people doubting, Anwar Ibrahim's ability to consistently beat the odds when playing against the odds.

FOR such type of thinking to come from those being financed from Parti Keadilan either directly or indirectly, should be a wake up call to Anwar Ibrahim, that he is in need of  a good compent wingman for the challenges ahead.

FAHMI Fadzil can't be said to being EVEN half decent in his job as PKR communication chief. VIEW : When you have the Information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi saying PH needs Najib Razak badly

OBVIOUSLY,  a lot of money has been pumped in to bolster the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (uniSZA) language faculty students TIK TOK page , which apparently based purely on algorithms has failed to deliver on the required METRICS.

TO change the dynamics of Malay non support to mass Malay support, Anwar Ibrahim urgently needs to resuscitate FELDA  from its slumber, and severely reduce BERNAS role in Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Pahang.

A strong FELDA, that employs and provide settlers children decent employment opportunities, is one of the keys to regaining  mass Malay support .

LIKEWISE  throwing Bernas under the bus in favour of the farmers, should no longer be delayed; it should have been done the day before yesterday.

SINCE, we were talking about the Man on the run, hero, here is a brief list of Malaysia's Men in the Run to GO DOWN.

1) ROBERT Tan Hua Choon. READ : Spanco Tycoon's accounts frozen by MACC

2) APART from the case involving the suddenly very silent Annuar Musa, the Kedah Menteri Besar  Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor READ : fresh from winning a RM250,000 court case today, is literally walking on broken glasses if WIDAD Group Bhd decides to come clean with "the Widad Group's Untold STORY in KEDAH".

3) LEONG Seng Wui of Revenue Group Bhd. READ : TROUBLE is your FOE

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Mat Sabu ; Bagai jelongak kerbau rampung

THE last time, the Dewan Rakyat was in sitting ,there were calls from the opposition bench for Mohamad Sabu to do the honourable thing by resigning.

WHAT  is interesting about the demand for Mat Sabu to call it quits ,is that it came from READ : Zulkafperi Hanapi, the sixth BERSATU member of Parliament to support Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

SO what exactly was Zulkafperi Hanapi justification in demanding that Mat Sabu, remove himself as minister of Agriculture?  READ : Mat Sabu is INCOMPETENT, and is seen as being led by the ministry staff , instead of leading the Ministry, says Bersatu MP who supports Anwar Ibrahim.

ZUlKAFPERI hanapi actually has a very valid point, that Mat Sabu is not calling the shots at the ministry but rather he is being second guessed and led blindly by the power brokers inside the ministry.

CONSIDER the following ; On January 8 , 2023, Mat Sabu told Malaysia  that READ : Govt ready to audit licence holders in rice and paddy industry to address cartel issues.

ONLY for Mat Sabu to be put in place by Azman Mahmood, the director-general of the Ministry's Padi and Rice Regulatory. READ; Jan 9 2024, top agriculture ministry official says : Tidak perlu audit 39,000 lesen padi, beras 

SINCE then the minister has been silent on the matter, only giving strength to Zulkafperi Hanapi claims that Mat Sabu is only minister by name and is being led by the same set of officials who are responsible for the rice crisis of today.

Pengampunan Najib ; Dumb and dumber!!!!

DID the New Straits Times, run a so called execlusive source story flash on Najib Razak's pardon with out actually having a source? 

AND did the failed actor from the Gol Gincu drama, which has a four star rating on Rotten Tomatoes for bad acting, turned communication minister Fahmi Fadzil bungle up again by attempting to throw  in names READ such as the Cabinet StratComm and Azalina Othman, to show the world , how big a man he is? 

I am afraid on both accounts, the parties are guilty as charged in my book, atleast.

CONSIDER,  the following, the New Straits Times currently run by Farrah Nas Karim, who as a reporter covering the Putrajaya beat, was Nick named CINDERELLA for reason best kept a secret, had flashed out the above some 10 minuets after Utusan had carried out an exclusive on Najib Razak's pardon.

YET,when it became evidently clear there was no full pardon to show off, for the day, Utusan had retracted the story.
NST meanwhile, had quickly deleted all links on its sources less report, which it had actually pinched from Utusan to READ : pin the blame game solely on Utusan, which was actually carrying a report from a source ,that it thought was reliable.

UNDER Farrah Nas Karim's incompetent leadership, in December alone VIEW : NST has dropped some 800 steps down in the global website rankings.

Monday 29 January 2024

Daim Zainuddin & Muhyiddin Yassin sedang melayang, sedangkan Fahmi Fadzil persalahkan segalanya kecuali pekung sendiri

MASTER class by Daim Zainuddin outside the court house today  for the hearts and minds of  A heartland.

IN one fell swoop, Daim Zainuddin gave a master class, near flawless effective communication lesson to the Unity Government's chief communicator, Fahmi Fadzil on the power of communication.

FAHMI Fadzil is definitely to be BLAMED , that team Daim Zainuddi,  had won hands down because Fahmi Fadzil is not only a FAILED B gred actor ,  he does not even know the ABC of pin point ariel communication.

THE ABC of ariel communicaton, is having the basic GROUND INTELLIGENCE on your subject matter.

MORE than 20 million , Malaysian  watched in plain sight today on how TEAM DAIM Zainuddin struck a low blow on the groins of Anwar Ibrahim's Government.

ANWAR Ibrahim,  who is Malaysia best communicator,  can only blame himself for keeping a failed B Gred actor, as his communication minister.

EVEN children are taking about it, while their dogs are barking about it too, that Fahmi Fadzi is at best , competent as a mid level press secretary only.

FAHMI Fadzil is definitely COMPENT as a middle aged man who is GROSSLY incompetent in the art of communication.

HOURS have passed us by, and the Unity Government's communicstion team under Fahmi Fadzil with a budget of more than RM100 million hasn't figured it out yet, that Daim Zainuddin's Malay is awful.

IN his press statement , Daim Zainuddin wrote READ :  Untuk memenangkan kejahatan, cukup sekadar orang baik tidak melakukan apa-apa.

HELLO , Daim Zainuddin , siapa ajar u, bercakap begini, sedangkan  bocil pun tahu *When Good Men Do Nothing, Evil shall triumph"

DAIM Zainuddin should feel that he is lucky that Fahmi Fadzil, did not do his job , in spotting the oversight.

DON'T feel lucky. This is actually the norm under Fahmi Fadzil.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin actually got his facts WRONG, that RM4.72 is the lowest level the Ringgit had slumped to in 26 years, because under Ismail Sabri , the Ringgit had traded at a lowest level then RM4.72  for SIX DAYS straight.

DO,  you see a trend forming. Those who oppose Anwar Ibrahim , are making mistakes, that damages their own credibility,  but because FAHMI FADZIL is INCOMPETENT , they are flying high, with thier misquided knowledged, easily accepted as the TRUTH 

Fahmi Fadzil on how to communicate effectively

Sunday 28 January 2024