Saturday 30 May 2020

Airasia. Rain on me

sits on top of the UK charts this week. The single is taken from Lady Gaga's sixth studio album entitled Chromatica.
About a month ago, I'd written on AIRASIA. The stock is now trading at 69 sen a share. Many people have asked me if this is the right time to buy Airasia shares, especially in view of the STAR article that the stock market is ready for a BULL RUN.

My anwser is i still prefer the purchase of GOLD as a long term investment over stocks. I have PREFERRED it for quite sometime now over stocks.

So is it possible  for the composite index stocks to rally into a bull market. Most likely YES... but will the bull spread to the rest of the stock market...I believe that i still don't  believe in SANTA CLAUS.

There are other factors why, I don't think a bull rally across the broader market is logical. 

🟪 Oil & Gas contribute about 35 per cent of govt revenue. The national budget is based on  USD55 per barrel, while brent crude is trading at USD27 per barrel.

🟥 So basically budget running on deficits and none of Muhyiddin's  plan has been rectified by parliament.

🟧 Supplementary  Budget. Where is it? 

🟦 Tourism is the 3rd largest forex earner for Malaysia bringing in about RM84 billion a year or about 28 per cent of the RM297 billion national budget.

🟩 Layoffs/Cut in Salary/Unemployment.  No need to say much on this. . Just speak to your family members and friends.. the experience will chock you on the calamity ahead. 

🟨 Political instabilityBersatu udah jadi Berdua. Don't think every  UMNO MP is with PN. They might not vote for PH but they can intentionally be absent during afuture parliment sitting  and bring down the govt.

Coming back to Airasia,  what does the future hold? Again i don't know, but here is some choice words from Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga

It's coming down on me
Water like misery
It's coming down on me
I'm ready, rain on me

Monday 18 May 2020

Thank You

Is a song from Dido. Dido made her name with the hit single Stan  with featured rap god Eminem as lead vocalist.

Thank You, to the king for EXPLAINING the cronology of events leading up to the appointment of Muhyiddin  Yassin as PM8.

If i was placed in the same situation as his majesty, frankly speaking I too would not have given Tun Mahathir the time of day to be PM8.

Tun should have just listened to our King, and saved Malaysia all this DRAMA. We can still fight politically and curse Azmin Ali, but lets accept the fact,  PM8 has earned his keep.

So, the lyrics then for your majesty
My tea's gone cold, I wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

Saturday 16 May 2020

Attorney Generals. Love songs

is a hit and a new single by the Danish pop group Lukas Graham, who made it big with the single 7 years.

After a long time, its good to see Lukas Graham back with love songs.
This is stupid
How could you think that you inspired me?
I guess when you got nasty
That's what inspired me to leave
Now everybody asks me
Why I never let you back again
I never tell 'em you're a monster
I know things now, I didn't know back then

Love songs by the look of it love songs are being exchanged by the current and former attorney general in Malaysia Kini with regards to the case involving Najib Razak's step son.

I am not going to get tangled in a  dispute between a legal giant like Tommy Thomas, whoes clients include at one point PAS with the current AG.

Rather, I am just going to put up a snap shot of  comment in Malaysiakini which i found to be hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👇

Tuesday 12 May 2020


Was a smash hit for Sabah born and based rapper Meerfly. Lyrics to this song goes something like this

Malu apa bossku
Bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku
Malu apa boss?
Bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku
Malu apa boss? (Malu apa bossku, uuuu)
Bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku
Malu apa boss? (Malu apa bossku)
Bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku, bossku
Malu apa boss?

MALU APA BOSSKU as Maszlee Malik questions Muhyiddin Yassin..

Tuesday 5 May 2020

UMNO. MIC. Kita jaga Kita

Is a song from Altimet, Cuurley and Malik Abdullah. The lyrics to this song goes something like this :

Mereka tiada masa untuk kita
Cuma kita berjasa untuk kita
Mereka tak tahu rasa hati kita
Sama-sama kita
Kita jaga kita
Kita jaga kita
Siapa lagi kalau bukan kami
Orang luar jangan kecik hati
Siapa lagi kalau bukan kami
Jemput datang kalau berani
Aku saing untuk menang
Cakap terang orak tenang
Kalau pagi patah sayap
Petang aku cuba terbang

From the original Barisan Nasional, looks like only MCA is riding high in the PN government, make  STEEP  gains in UEC.

UMNO and MIC have both been given the raw end of the deal... They should wise up and make a deal with DAP and push MCA out of BN.

Ah Seng . Ennadi meenakshi part 2

Ismail Sabri SPEAKS.

Ah Seng responds😜🤪🤣🤣☺🤣🤤👇

Ennadi meenakshi

by SP Balasubramaniyam. The song was the title track which had both kamal hassan and rajinikanth acting in the same movie.

The lyrics to this song goes something like this :

Ennadi meenakshi
Sonnadu ennachu
Netrodu nee sonna
Vaarthai kaatrodu poyaachu

PM8, Azmin Ali dan kawan kawan. 
Ennadi meenakshiSonnadu ennachu

Monday 4 May 2020


Is a song from veteran Malay rapper Altimet. The lyrics to this song goes something like this :

Hey, isi ini borang
Keluar wang berkoyan
Korang jangan goyang (bayar kemudian, ooh)
Mohon terus lulus
Tandatangan terus
Siapa taknak berlambak fulus

Bagai bulan jatuh ke riba
Nak duit, nak duit, dapat sekali bunga
Jatuh bulan 'kan ada riba
Nah duit, nah duit, sertakan bunga
Jangan sampai kena sita
Takde duit untuk bayar bunga
Sampai boleh naik gila
Rumah takde taman, masih ada bunga

BUNGA in Malay is interest. Loan sharking is a very big business in Malaysia, but they too had shut down during MCO.

So what happened  on this first day of the partial lifting of the MCO. What happened was a SAD STORY. Most of the money lenders will be opening for business only next week.

I was told that they too are under pressure  unable to collect their BUNGA. There is going to be another round of sad stories and I haven't  heard any plans by PN, PH to avert a fresh sad story just awaiting to be a tragedy of herculean propotion.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Azmin Ali. Eh

is a song by Zizi Kirana, with more than 9 million views on You Tube. Its a nice catchy tune, but also a reflection that the hip hop scene in Malaysia needs a major shake up.

Anyway, in EH, Zizi sings :

Tak tahan tengok pejam
Kalau hasad sila kecam
kecam sampai lebam
Kita kecam (kecam) kecam sampai lebam
Kita kutuk (kutuk-kutuk) kutuk sampai besok
Kita kutuk (kutuk) kutuk sampai besok (hey!)
Sakit hati semua nak luah
Banyak sudu sampai tak cukup kuah
Hati hitam boleh tutup dengan jubah

I guess, that is what the politicians and most of the public are doing with their eyes set on, Azmin Ali.

KHALED NORDIN get's the ball rolling, followed by the MTUC. 

Elsewhere in Twitter  world, and one must give Azmin Ali CREDIT here because  unlike Zafrul's social media or PM8's one... which looks FAKE, Azmin Ali allows a free flow.

Azmin Ali is not a good choice to be MITI minister, but he may do well as communications or online entertainment minister.

Airasia .Union of the snake

was a smash hit for Duran Duran in 1983, taken from the album seven and the ragged tiger. 

Just days ago, billionaire  Warren Buffett, disclosed his INVESTMENT VEHICLE made a US$50 billion quarterly loss.

But,  he noted that his biggest MISTAKE was investing in airline stocks.

 Airasia Bhd which trades at about 81.5 sen is at a technical BORDERLINE , with the oscillators signaling a BUY, while research house such as CIMB and Kenanga are recommending investors to SELL the stock, valuing the airline at 60 SEN A SHARE.


The union of the snake is on the climb
Moving up it's gonna race it's gonna break
Through the borderline

The union of the snake is on the climb
Moving up it's gonna race it's gonna break
Through the borderline

Saturday 2 May 2020

PM8. Ikan Kekek

is one of my all time favourite song. The one i love is the version by Saloma. The legendary songstress  gives good advise in IKAN KEKEK, pleading :

janganlah ikut orang yang gila
Kelak kita jadi merana
Ikan kekek mak ilui-ilui
Ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai
Biar lambat asal selamat
Tidak lari gunung dihambat

Looks like Sarawak, prefers to be Biar lambat asal selamat tidak lari gunung dihambat when it comes to opening up the economy again.

Meanwhile, UMNO deputy president Mohamed Hasan has REJECTED MAD PLAN by the current government to consolidate power via appointment to government linked companies.

janganlah ikut orang yang gila
Kelak kita jadi merana

Only time will tell if Mat Hasan or PM 8 is the orang yang gila...but there is too much at stake and PM8 is banking on Covid 19 not coming back to haunt us.

That bet, already has had a disastrous  consequence in SINGAPORE.

Tengku Zahrul, should know the concequenes of betting against COVID 19