Friday 30 September 2016

Huffington Post Warns UMNO's Waltz With PAS Is A Recipe For A Stock Market Disaster

Huffington Post, the first online news aggregator to win a Pulitzer prize is warning that the UMNO waltz with PAS might end up being a man made breeding ground for extremism, hence a disaster for the stock market.
You can read the whole report here :

TecGuan says Wo Bu Zhidao to Bursa Malaysia

Bursa Stinged TecGuan Perdana  with a UMA on why the stock price has been running up.
TecGuan has NUKED back an answer to Bursa Malaysia. Wo bu zhidao.....ha ha ha. That is all for today's morning laughs.

Malaysia unhappy

On a 10-point scale, Singapore’s workforce rated 5.09 for happiness at work, while Malaysia’s workforce was slightly higher at 5.22 – with the scale led by the Philippines at 6.25.

Surveying more than 8,000 employees across Singapore and Malaysia, and over 67,000 in Asia overall, the JobStreet survey rated the countries on decreasing levels of happiness:

Philippines – 6.25
Indonesia – 6.16
Thailand – 5.74
Hong Kong – 5.56
Vietnam – 5.48
Malaysia – 5.22
Singapore – 5.09

HSBC : November Rate Cut In Offing, Bangla, PMI

If HSBC is correct, an interest rate cut will take place in November..This will make the Ringgit weaker against the US dollar, and possibly trigger a export oriented stock market rally.
This however, is not going to push up the PMI above 50. The reason being even with a cut in interest rates, manufacturers will not have the tools that warrants an expansion.
HSBC, PLEASE go read, WHY Top Glove is MOVING to Thailand. It has very little to do with INTEREST Rates, and much more to do with the Malaysia's labour policy, which is RESTRICTING, companies from getting their hand on the commodity they need to EXPAND.
That COMMODITY is FOREIGN labour at an economical price

PETRONAS wants Out From Billion Dollar Canadian Gas Project .Another NAIL in Reach Energy's Coffin

When in doubt, it's best to follow the footsteps of the big boys. When it comes to investing in oil and gas, there is no bigger boy here, then the country's only fortune 500 company---- PETRONAS.
Petronas is now considering pulling out of the RM11 billion Gas project , due to murky outlook of oil and gas prices.
Reach Energy shareholders take cue from PETRONAS and vote TAK MAHU on the company's proposal to invest hundreds of millions into KHAZAKSTAN, which by the way is also delaying it's own mega oil projects.
Read :

Bomb threat on Bursa Malaysia

A bomb threat which prompted the evacuation of Malaysia's stock exchange on Friday (Sep 30) was a hoax, state news agency Bernama reported, quoting police.

Police evacuated the Bursa Malaysia building in Kuala Lumpur after the bomb threat on Friday. The bomb disposal unit arrived at the building, which houses the country’s main stock exchange, after the threat was received at 12.01pm. 

Thursday 29 September 2016

PMI Below 50, Bring In The Bangla's

Somebody within the Government Should Get Up from their fat backsides. The PMI manufacturing index is below 50, not because nobody wants to buy Made In Malaysia.
Manufacturers say they actually cannot cope with demand, and cannot expand because they just do not have the raw labour to do so.
The bigger boys like TopGlove are moving, Inari is expanding its Philippines manufacturing unit.
The small boys are dying, it's either give them the Labour they want in up coming budget or watch Malaysia fall into a man made recession. Which will it be Putrajaya!

Malaysia's Nikkei PMI Manufacturing Index Comes In Below 50 , But Its Best In 18 Months

Malaysia's manufacturing activity continued to contract in September, albeit at a weaker pace.

The Nikkei manufacturing purchasing managers' index, a gauge of the country's factory activity, was at 48.6 in September versus 47.4 in August. A PMI reading below 50 indicates a contraction in manufacturing activity, while a reading above that signals an expansion.

The latest figure was the highest since January 2016 and greater than the average over the current 18-month sequence of readings below the 50.0 mark, according to the survey by IHS Markit released Friday.

Jack Ma In Charge, Google Office Raided

Google Inc.’s Jakarta office was raided by Indonesian authorities after they warned the company for refusing a tax audit.

Officers visited Google’s office in central Jakarta “many times” in the past two weeks to collect data and repeatedly sought meetings with senior company officials, Muhammad Haniv, the head of special taxpayers at the Finance Ministry, said in a phone interview Thursday. Google has “paid all applicable taxes in Indonesia,” Taj Meadows, a spokesman, said by e-mail, adding the company is cooperating with the government.

“Everyone must comply, whoever they may be,” Haniv said. “If you refuse to be audited, then we will keep chasing you.” The government had earlier written to the company warning it for refusing a tax audit, which can result in criminal punishment, he said.

USA issues Travel Advisory On Malaysia

This advisory cautions USA citizens from traveling to Malaysia due to Zika Virus

Bursa Stings TecGuan Perdana

Bursa Has Just slapped Tecguan with a UMA, a day after setting the TecGuan limit up price at ZERO sen.
That did not work as planned. Tecguan now RM2. How will this game of chess end?

Tecguan runs up, will Bursa Sting you like a Bee

Tecguan is running following yesterday's stand off. The stock up 21 to RM1.99. While Tecguan now is flying like a butterfly. Just remember Bursa /SC can sting like a Bee

Khazakstan's CASH All Gone project Delayed. One More Nail On Reach Energy Coffin

Kazakhstan’s Energy Ministry has withdrawn a statement announcing the start of production at the Kashagan offshore oil field.

It comes after reports the field would be resuming production.

The statement was reportedly released by mistake.

WOW: And Reach Energy Will Have US Believe That All in Its Khazakh Investment plan is flawless. Yes this is the same REACH management that did not PUT a single sentence in its PROSPECTUS, on the risk that YIELD investors have on a SPAC. How DAFT can O N E be?

You c a n have the rest of your morning laughs here a t :

Hey Isn't Inari interested??

It's OK for Khazanah Nasional Bhd to sell its stake in Silterra Malaysia Sdn Bhd to foreign investors Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said .

KN owns 98 per cent of the chip foundry and has been trying to  either hive a stake or the entire company  since 2008.

"It is going to be a price that is acceptable to us , so as to ensure that Silterra's operations will benefit Malaysia as well," Najib said when asked if German wafer fab company X-Fab Silicon Foundries was offered a  stake.

US Dollar Is Back. Ringgit Better Watch Your Behind

Bonds fell, while the dollar rose as data added to evidence the world’s largest economy continued to strengthen and policy makers signaled they’re moving closer to raising rates. Oil gained.

Treasuries declined for a second day, the greenback climbed against most of its major peers and the S&P 500 Index halted a two-day advance. Sovereign bonds also retreated amid speculation that higher energy prices will revive inflation after OPEC’s surprise announcement of a deal to cut crude output spurred a surge in oil late Wednesday. Crude traded near $47 a barrel. India’s assets tumbled after the nation attacked terrorist targets in Pakistan.

Crude Dips On Doubt Over OPEC Deal

Crude prices fell after Wednesday's near 6 percent surge as investors questioned whether OPEC's first deal to limit output since 2008 would restore balance to the oversupplied oil market.

I'm very sceptical about whether this deal actually means a cut in output, or whether it’s trying to raise the price a bit, because OPEC’s not an effective cartel anymore, it controls less than half the world oil supply," said Malcolm Bracken, investment manager at Redmayne-Bentley.

Goldman Sachs said the deal could add as much as $10 to oil prices in the first half of next year but, given the uncertainty of the proposal, stuck to its year-end and 2017 oil price forecasts.

Brent crude, the international benchmark, was down 25 cents at $48.4 a barrel, after hitting a high of $49.09 on Wednesday.

Iran Fires bomb into Pakistan

It was a double whammy for Pakistan, as on a day when India carried out a surgical strike across the Line of Control, its western border came under attack by Iranian forces. Iran Border Guards opened fire at Iran-Pakistan border on Wednesday.

The Iranian forces fired three mortars into Balochistan area of Pakistan triggering panic among the locals, who were taken by surprise.

"Mortar shells fired by Iranian border guards landed in the district of Panjgoor," a Balochistan provincial government official said.

Two of the shells landed near Frontier Corps check-post, while the third landed at Killi Karim Dad, the Dawn quoted the official as saying.


No property or human loss was reported in the shelling. Locals panicked as a result of the attack, and Frontier Corps personnel reached the site to take stock of the situation. Pakistani forces upgraded deployment of forces at its western border after the incident.

Pakistan shares a 900-kilometre porous border with Iran, which has accused Islamabad of letting terror outfits use its territory to carry out strikes across the border.

WAR- Markets React

India’s rupee and bonds extended losses, while local stocks plunged after the nation said it attacked terrorist camps in Pakistan.

The currency weakened 0.6 percent, the most since June 24, to 66.8550 per dollar at the close in Mumbai. The main S&P BSE Sensex index of shares slumped 1.6 percent to a one-month low, after dropping 2 percent earlier. The yield on sovereign notes due September 2026 surged 8 basis points to 6.86 percent, the biggest jump for a benchmark 10-year security since August 2015. The central bank was seen selling dollars through state-run banks to stem the rupee’s decline, traders said.

India carried out the surgical strikes on Wednesday night, Director General of Military Operations Ranbir Singh said in New Delhi

WAR --- India Strike Inside Pakistan Land

India said it attacked terrorist camps just across the border in Pakistan, the biggest military escalation since a standoff 17 years ago, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi retaliated for a deadly strike against Indian soldiers earlier this month.

Domestic pressure had been building on Modi to take a tough stand over rising violence in the disputed region of Kashmir, including through non-military measures such as reviewing a 1960 water-sharing treaty. The main opposition Congress Party supports the government’s actions against terrorism, leader Sonia Gandhi said in a statement.

McLaren To Test New Honda Engine In Mal

McLaren's Fernando Alonso will start Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix from the back of the grid because he is to test an updated Honda engine.

The two-time champion will get a 30-place grid penalty for using more than the permitted number of engine parts.

Wednesday 28 September 2016

I say man, Jack Ma Is The MAN lah

I say man so what if you have top users of Instagram in Asia, Top 3 Snap Chat users in the Asia Pacific... If Jack Ma is teaching the Indons how to whip out ass

What Malaysia MISSED

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has named Alibaba founder Jack Ma, the country's official e-commerce adviser. Many government officials and business leaders are hoping Ma will bring the same success to Indonesia as he has done to Alibaba. 

Indonesia is home to more than 50 million smartphone users.

China's Richest Man Warns of Biggest Bubble In History

Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin made his fortune in the country's real estate market -- and now he's warning that it's spiraling out of control.

It's the "biggest bubble in history," he told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview.

DRB Hicom Making Right Sound Bites At AGM

What more can I say..  nice to hear, once broken considered SOLD. The real play is in POS Malaysia. The bald men knows

Teck Guan Standoff is ON

Buyer 2390..Seller ZERO. Price capped by Bursa At RM1.78

Goldman Sachs: OPEC production cut deal doesn’t change oil price forecasts through 2017

The OPEC deal to cut oil production may provide a short-term support for prices, but chances are it won't change the supply outlook much, Goldman Sachs said.

Goldman said in a note to investors that it was sticking with its forecasts for WTI at $43 a barrel for the end of this year and $53 a barrel in 2017. The investment bank had cut its year-end forecast this week from $50 a barrel.

"If this proposed cut is strictly enforced and supports prices, we would expect it to prove self-defeating medium term with a large drilling response around the world," Goldman's analysts said.

Reach Energy... A Trading Theory

OPEC has its first oil output reduction plan in 8 years on the table for the Sheikh's to fiddle...

Oil and gas counters are running up. Sumatec which gets a lot of its revenue from Khasakstan is the most actively traded stock.

However, Reach Energy which the STAR claims, a " Santa Clause" investor is ready to buy out other investors (yield investors) at 72 sen is now trading in negative territory.

Just a theory..maybe it's not the yield investor who wants even yesterday's filing shows the NO to QA plan voter is still buying Reach shares.

It's the corner stone investor , trying to cut their losses due to higher interest cost in holding the shares.

Teck Guan 1,964 Buyers, Zero Sellers

How long will the Bursa price fixing mechanism be applied to on Track Guan? For now the players are stubborn,and the price remains at RM1.78 a share. Sure to come today will be broking houses slap up front to purchase this Sabah "KING" stock.

Let's hope NO Kuala Lumpur based GLC bought any of these

Someone just bought what could be this year’s most expensive Halloween costume.

A private collector bought a batsuit worn by Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” for £192,000 ($250,000). Another bidder snagged the batpod—the heavily armed motorcycle used by Batman as he battled the Joker and Bane in two “Dark Knight” movies—for £312,000.
And since crime doesn't pay, Bane’s costume sold for £96,000.
The costume was up for sale as part of an auction organized by The Prop Store, a U.K. memorabilia company. The offering of more than 500 costumes, props and other pieces of movie history brought in more than £1.5 million, auctioneers said.

Teck Guan Perdana Bhd limit up is zero sen

Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has capped the surge inTeck Guan Perdana Bhd’s share price with effect from Thursday after its share price hit limit-up on Wednesday.

The regulator announced on Thursday the upper limit would be at RM1.78 under the “Freezing of Price” regulations of the stock exchange.

Its share price had surged from RM1.06 on Monday and closed 41 sen higher at RM1.78 on Wednesday in the absence of any fresh news except the strong earnings in the second quarter ended July 31, 2016. 

The results were announced on Monday and it reported earnings jumped to RM6.33mil from RM2.58mil a year ago.

You can read your morning laughs here at :

USA Averts Government Shutdown On Friday

The Senate approved a stop-gap funding bill to avert a looming federal government shutdown .

Lawmakers voted 72-26 to adopt the short-term continuing resolution, or CR, that would keep federal agencies operating from Saturday to Dec. 9. The vote sends the measure on to the House of Representatives, which also was expected to approve it.

Without an extension, many government agencies would run out of money when the federal fiscal year ends at midnight EDT on Friday.

Dow up three digits

U.S. stocks rallied on the back of a jump in oil prices after reports that OPEC had reached a deal to cut production.

"The market will move on the deal but I think the expectations is that it will sort of go away," said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial and former U.S. energy attaché.

The deal was first reported by Reuters in afternoon ET. U.S. crudesettled 5.33 percent higher at $47.05 per barrel on the heels of the news. Earlier, U.S. oil had traded lower after a build in gasoline stockpiles offset a draw in crude inventories. 

Oil Price Will Drop To US$30, Says Top Blog

Oil’s nice ride looks set to end this autumn, says a blog at Slope of Hope.

Since late 2014, WTI crude prices have closely tracked U.S. inventories (via the Energy Information Administration), which means rises in prices have matched falls in stockpiles, says Rohit Goel, in a contributing post.

The strength of oil’s rally can partly be attributed to the rumors of a production freeze, which came in the leadup to the Doha summit back in April. That chatter kept WTI prices high, as market players anticipated inventory levels would be lower in future.

That relationship should have corrected and pushed WTI prices back down when no deal emerged. But it didn’t, due to constant jawboning from OPEC officials, natural disasters and terrorist attacks, says Goel. The blogger then lists a lot of other reasons why the oil market should be correcting.

“Putting it all together, the supply/demand imbalance and the headwinds posed by the U.S. dollar paint a very bleak picture for oil prices,” says Goel, adding that oil and its fundamentals usually don’t stay disconnected for too long. The break is coming.

“As we head into the fall maintenance period, the divergence between WTI prices and cumulative inventories should reverse, and a retest of the recent low of $39 is on the cards. If support at $39 ... breaks, expect fast money to pile into the short side and WTI to drop to mid-$30s in a hurry,” says Goel.

What!!! In KHAZAKSTAN , You Must Sell Oil At US$10 "Satu TONG"

Shares in Roxi Petroleum PLC (LON:RXP) drifted after the Kazakhstan-focused oil & gas company said it would have to sell at the former Soviet republic’s domestic prices until 2018.

The stock fell 0.5p, or 4.9%, to 9.62p after Roxi said oil produced at its BNG site in western Kazakhstan under the current licence must be sold at about US$10 a barrel.

You can have late night laughs here :

Another one bites the dust. Blackberry Stops Making Phones

It’s official. BlackBerry Ltd., the Canadian company that invented the smartphone and addicted legions of road warriors to the “crackberry,” has stopped making its iconic handsets.

Finally conceding defeat in a battle it had long ago lost to Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., BlackBerry is handing over production of the phones to overseas partners while it turns its full attention to the more profitable and growing software business.

Proton 5 Points To A DRB Rise On Bursa, But Watch Out For Pos Malaysia, This Baby Can Fly Like A Butterfly

Proton says it has shortlisted five foreign partners for a partnership that includes an equity sale aimed at reviving the loss-making company.

Syed Faisal Albar Syed Ali Rethza Albar, managing director of conglomerate DRB-Hicom, says it will remain a "substantial" shareholder of Proton but doesn't rule out selling a majority stake.

DRB-Hicom took over Proton from the government in 2012, but has failed to resuscitate the carmaker. The government gave Proton a 1.25 billion ringgit ($312 million) loan earlier this year on condition that it seeks a strategic partner.

Syed Faisal said Wednesday that Proton received many proposals but has "nailed down five." He declined to name the five bidders but said the aim is to seal a deal by middle of next year

Honda's Takata Claims Another Malaysian victim

Honda Motor Co Ltd (7267.T) said on Wednesday that the driver-side airbag inflator ruptured during a fatal crash in Malaysia, in the fourth death this year in the Southeast Asian country linked to airbags from supplier Takata Corp (7312.T).

The incident on Sept. 24 took place in Johor, a state in southern Malaysia, and involved a 2009 Honda City. The car was part of a product recall announced by Honda in June last year, that required the replacement of the Takata driver's front airbag, the company said in a statement.

No details of the victim were provided.

Corruption or Manipulation in the newsroom. The story of Reach Energy

Did you read Tee Lin Say's article on Reach Energy in The Star Today. Considering that Credit Suisse bought so many millions of Reach Energy shares today, Tee Lin Say, you are dragging Star's good name down the drain.

You can read the Star article here :

Now I have some questions..maybe Bursa Malaysia or the Securities Commission should ask this very same questions to Tee Lin Say.

1)Who told you that Tabung Haji is NOT a yield investor.
2)Why will any party (unless they want to launder money) buy Reach Energy Shares at 72 sen , when they can buy it now at 69 sen?
3)If you say it is because, they are buying a big block, hence the premium... Tell me Tee Lin Say, why are they allowing credit Suisse to buy more shares now at 69 sen, only for them to buy it at 72 sen?
4)The numbers do not lie miss Tee Lin Say, how many articles have you written on Reach Energy... Don't disgrace the Star, because the newsroom you work at has created legends such as Mr CS Tan.

The Melbourne Horse Has Landed, Credit Suisse Now Control 18 per cent of the voting rights in Reach Energy

Money talks, bullshit walks. Credit Suisse the known yield investor (which means it will Vote NO  on the qualifying ASSeT) in Reach Energy has boosted it's stake in the SPAC.
Credit Suisse now owns more than NINE per cent in Reach Energy, giving it some 18 per cent voting rights at the up coming Reach EGM.
A 25 per cent NO vote means REACH is a DEAD SPAC.

POS Malaysia, See You At Six Ringgit Bro

Told you yesterday, POS Malaysia was going to fly. It's up 13 sen to RM3.95. Really a no brainier. The Koreans have bought Century Logistics, The Japanese bought JD Express.
The odd man out, and the biggest elephant in the room in Malaysia's e commerce trade is POS Malaysia.
Who can buy Pos Malaysia? Only the Americans or the Germans!!!

China : Many Sides To One Story

A financial crisis may happen in China at any time because of the nation’s debt woes, according to Bank of America Corp., while BlackRock Inc.’s head of Chinese equities said the government has room to move and cautioned only of financial “bumps along the way.”

David Cui, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s head of China equity strategy, and Helen Zhu of BlackRock were among speakers at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday

UOB says BUY SYF Resources Bhd

Hey, BUY SYF Resources before it announces its results. Buy this stock says UOB, as it has more than 48 per cent upside.
2016 net  profit at RM38 mil, and following year will be RM54 mil. All these means is SYF will be on a five year record breaking profit streak.

What You Gonna Do , When They Come For You?

Sarawak Report says USA getting Ready To File Criminal Charges against Jho Low. The credibility of Sarawak Report is at stake here in similar manner Kang Siew Li 's piece on Reach Energy , has dented The EDGE's credibility. Go read Rockybru Bru to get the low down on that

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Higher Rates In The US, Translates To Lower Oil Prices, & Increasing Pressure on Ringgit ang Khazak's Tenge.

The Federal Reserve can raise interest rates without threatening the U.S. economic recovery, a top Federal Reserve policymaker said , saying the central bank risks doing more harm by continued inaction.

"It is getting harder and harder to justify interest rates being so incredibly low given where the U.S. economy is and where it is going," San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President John Williams said in an interview at his bank's headquarters.

Too Little, Too Late, Petronas Is Gonna Say Thanks But No Thank You.

At last, the Canadian government has approved a proposed Petronas-led liquefied natural gas plant in northern British Columbia, ending a three-year wait for a decision.
Petronas and its partners had been waiting for a permit for the C$11 billion (RM34 billion) plant.
However, slumping profits, falling crude oil prices have hit Malaysia's only fortune 500 company so hard, that the odds of PETRONAS sinking money is diminishing much faster than you can say vote NO on the Reach Energy plan to invest hundreds of millions of Ringgit in Khasakstan.
We DON't need a Melbourne horse to run a company. We need HUMANS to run a company.

Singapore Dollar, While The Cat Is Away, The Mouse Has Started To Play

Everybody has their eyes on how the Ringgit is doing against the US Dollar... not noticing that the Singapore Dollar has just hit a fresh 2016 high against the Ringgit.
At current rate, one Singapore Dollar is Worth RM3.04.

Malaysia's trillion ringgit shariah stock market ROCKS

Malaysia's has started the world’s first end-to-end Islamic exchange platform, which is worth more than one trillion ringgit. 

The new platform, called “Bursa Malaysia-i”, offers investors the opportunity of investing in and trading of Shariah-compliant products via a Shariah-compliant platform and incorporates the full range of stock exchange-related services including listing, trading, clearing, settlement and depository facilities.

Up to July 2016, around US$266bn or around two thirds of the total market capitalisation of Bursa Malaysia (US$387bn) are related to Shariah-compliant investment products , making  Malaysia the global leader in the Islamic capital market.

Products include i-Stocks (short for Islamic or Shariah-compliant stocks), which comprise 73% or 669 of all stocks listed on Bursa Malaysia; i-Indices (Shariah-compliant indices); i-ETFs (Shariah-compliant exchange traded funds), i-REITs (Shariah-compliant Real Estate Investment Trusts) and exchange traded sukuk. 

Goldman says oil price going down, makes it a harder sell for Reach Energy

Goldman says Oil will average at US$43 a barrel in the final quarter of this year. This is a hammer blow for REACH Energy Bhd, which is making an audacious   proposal to invest few HUNDRED million into KHAZAKSTAN.
Shareholders must reject this proposal because KHAZAKSTAN is a risk in itself. The Economist describes KHAZAKSTAN largest oil project as CASH ALL GONE.
The KHAZAKSTAN Tenge is down terribly against the US dollar.
Interest Rates have gone up by 200 per cent, and S&P projects ZERO growth for Khasakstan and EXPECTS 2017 might end up being worst than zero per cent growth.
Being a fairly safe, country, Malaysian should take this opportunity to holiday in Khasakstan.
But to allow a 67 year old man to invest few hundred million ringgit of your money into KHAZAKSTAN in the oil and gas business, is a RISK.
It's RISKiER because, obviously the guy heading Reach Energy does not have the same entrepreneur pedigree compared to Halim Saad or Syed Mokthar.

Lo Tsin

Slang for “tricksters” in Cantonese, the phrase has long been used in the former British colony to describe stocks suspected of being tainted by dodgy financial operators, from pump-and-dump traders to misleading corporate managers. Now, as China prepares to give its citizens greater access to smaller Hong Kong shares through a cross-border exchange link, the term is popping up in state-run media and Internet discussion groups across the mainland.

The message for Chinese investors venturing into Hong Kong: ignore the Lo Tsin at your peril.

Iran Says "Tak Mahu" to Saudi Oil Deal, As Crude Oil Crashes

Iran is not willing to freeze its oil output at current levels and doesn’t intend to forge an agreement with other major crude producers at talks in Algiers this week, the nation’s oil minister said.

Iran wants to raise its crude production to 4 million barrels a day, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh told Bloomberg Television in an interview Tuesday. OPEC’s third-largest producer -- with daily output of 3.6 million barrels last month -- will talk to other members at the International Energy Forum in the Algerian capital and it’s possible the group could reach a formal supply deal at its November meeting in Vienna, he said.

Taiwan Shuts Markets as Typhoon Megi Strengthens, Cuts Power

Typhoon Megi lashed Taiwan with wind and rain on Tuesday, bringing 20-foot-high waves and knocking pedestrians off their feet in Taipei.

More than 280,000 households lost electricity, state-owned utility Taiwan Power said on its website. About 5,000 people were evacuated, according to the island’s National Fire Agency. The capital city of Taipei shut markets, schools and offices, along with municipalities across the island.

Seven-meter (23-foot) waves crashed along the eastern shore, Cti Television images showed. Pedestrians venturing outdoors lost their balance against strong winds in Taipei.

Tesla Motors Model S Will Be In Malaysia Next Week, Just Make Sure ,They Do Not Break Down

When governments attempt to convince Tesla Motors  to expand , its normally new EV incentive incentives, but Prime Minister Najib took  a different route

He ordered 100 Model S sedans to be used by “Government-linked Companies” or GLC.

Sad part is, Tesla has no presence yet here therefore, it can’t support customers with service centres, charging infrastructures and internet coverage for navigation or software updates.

So make sure they don't break down, coz kedai motor Ah Chong don't know how to repair them.

Get Ready For A Ride On The Wild Side, As BNM Says "Market Forces," Will Determine Ringgit

Volatility in the ringgit currency has not shaken the Malaysian central bank's belief that market forces should determine the exchange rate, and intervention should be confined to containing excessive movements, the bank's chief said.

The ringgit has fallen 1.7 per cent in the past month, but is still up more than 4 per cent since the start of the year, having been Asia's worst performing currency last year.

Speaking at an economic forum in Kuala Lumpur on Monday, Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Muhammad Ibrahim made his first public comments about the ringgit since the recent bout of volatility. The text of his remarks was made available on Tuesday.

Watch POS Malaysia FLY, As Koreans Buy Into Century Logistics

CJ Korea Express Corp., South Korea’s largest courier service company, said Thursday that it has bought a leading logistics company in Malaysia to expand its footprint in the Southeast Asian logistics sector.

It bought a 31.44 percent stake in Century Logistics Holdings Berhad through its Singapore-based subsidiary CJ Korea Asia Pte Ltd. for 47.1 billion won ($43.1 million), becoming the largest shareholder in the Malaysian firm and commanding the largest logistics firm in Malaysia.

Founded in 1970, Century Logisitics runs eight logistics centers and a fleet of 600 delivery trucks. It recorded about $74 million in sales last year. It also has Halal certification, which is essential to do business in an Islamic community.

A company official said that the merger will allow the Korean firm to be the dominant player in the Malaysian logistics sector.

On top of that, its food making affiliate CJ Cheiljedang Corp. would also benefit from the merger as the firm has been tapping into the Halal food market. CJ Cheiljedang exports Halal foods to Malaysia and Singapore.

CJ Korea Express has entered 23 countries and runs 22 bases across 8 Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. The company has been expanding aggressively recently, acquiring Chinese logistics firm Rokin last year and setting up a delivery service firm CJ Speedex.

KWAP is the new UBER man

Malaysia’s $30-billion pension fund, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP), is looking to pump in more money into technology firms, following its recent foray into the sector with an investment in what sources have identified as ride-sharing service Uber.

KWAP, Malaysia’s second biggest pension fund with 123 billion ringgit ($29.74 billion) of assets under management, is diversifying into new sectors at a time when returns across its investments have slowed.

The pension fund has committed to a $30-million investment in its “first disruptive technology deal” in a foreign firm, its chief executive officer, Wan Kamaruzaman Wan Ahmad, told Reuters in an interview. It is a “global technology company with a market value of over $60 billion.”


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein clarified today a news report which quoted him as saying that one per cent of the national armed forces are involved with the Islamic State (IS).

He explained that what he really said at his press conference was that “perhaps only 1 per cent of all the suspects investigated by the PDRM [Royal Malaysia Police] for their involvement with Islamic State comprises ATM [Malaysian Armed Forces] members”.

“‘One per cent of all the suspects’ and ‘one per cent of all ATM members’ are two different things,” Hishammuddin’s office said in a statement.

EPF Can Last You 15.6 Years, If You Live Like A Beggar

Malaysia’s growing ageing population coupled with decreasing fertility rates will lead to higher pressure on the social system.

“The average Employees Provident Fund savings of a 51-to-55-year-old is RM159,952 (US$38,870), which means that at the current interest and inflation rates, a person drawing a poverty-line income every month would only last 15.6 years,” said prominent Malaysian economist Prof Jomo Kwame Sundaram in his opening address during Khazanah Nasional Bhd’s Megatrends Forum 2016 yesterday.

He noted that Malaysians were having fewer children and this wasn’t just among the Chinese, but all races. Thus, with this, the ageing population is increasing and dependency ratios are moving upwards.

“As the life expectancy of the elderly increases, the level of poverty also increases.

“An ageing society can increase the fiscal and financial pressure of a country,” said Jomo.


Now Even Robert Kuok Can Rock Like A Rolling Stone

The sale of a big chunk of Rolling Stone magazine began with a casual meeting between a scion of one of Asia’s richest families and the son of magazine impresario Jann Wenner, during a sweltering New York summer.

A mutual friend had suggested Kuok Meng Ru, blues aficionado and son of palm oil tycoon Kuok Khoon Hong, meet Gus Wenner, the 26-year-old heir apparent to a business built around his father’s iconic pop magazine. They hit it off. Close in age, they discovered a shared love of the guitar and Bob Dylan. Each had played in bands as teenagers. And both were trying to launch digital businesses of their own, independent of their well-known fathers. 

Inevitably, they began to talk shop. The 28-year-old founder of BandLab Technologies was several years into acquiring the pieces of a business he envisioned would someday provide all things music, from a social network for aspiring artists to the amps and instruments used on stage. His American counterpart was trying to craft a digital strategy for Wenner Media LLC, the company behind Us Weekly and Men’s Journal now fighting to stay relevant and keep advertisers in an online age.

It took 15 months of trans-Pacific flights and phone calls before Kuok clinched his prize: a 49 percent stake in the celebrated magazine, becoming the first outside investor in Rolling Stone’s 49-year history. Kuok will head Rolling Stone International, a company to be established in Singapore that the partners hope can use the brand to delve into concerts, merchandising and hospitality. The Wenners think Kuok can help them plumb from Asia the growth that’s eluding them back home.

Monday 26 September 2016

Another NAiL on The Coffin of the soon to be last failed SPAC in Malaysia.

Thinking on investing in an oil and gas company... Think again...and think ONE HUNDRED Times more if you are thinking to vote YES on the Reach Energy Qualifying Asset.

A NO vote is a better option considering YALE university says that POST QA SPAC returns are TERRIBLE.

How TERRIBLE are they? Well according to SPAC ANALYTICS POST QA, SPAC shares go DOWN, and HAS NEGATIVE returns of 13.5 per cent.

Meanwhile here is the lowdown on how BAD the oil and gas sector has been hit. I shall let Rigzone do the talking :

TH Heavy Engineering, McDermott End Partnership in Malaysia

by  Chee Yew Cheang

Monday, September 26, 2016

Malaysia's TH Heavy Engineering Berhad (THHE), a fabricator of offshore oil and gas facilities, announced Friday that the company and McDermott International, Inc. had entered into a framework agreement to end their partnership, established in October 2013, for cooperation in engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPIC) projects in the country.

Under the framework agreement, THHE and McDermott agreed to mutually unwind the joint ventures (JV) in Berlian McDermott Sdn Bhd (BMD) and THHE Fabricators Sdn Bhd. (THF). THHE will transfer its 30 percent interest in BMD to McDermott, while the latter will transfer its 30 percent stake in THF to the Malaysian firm. As each transaction was valued at $17.35 million (MYR 71.73 million), there was no payment made by either party.

THHE added that it intends to terminate the joint ventures linked with the partnership under the framework agreement.

"With the dampening crude oil price and persistent supply overhang, THHE and McDermott had decided to pursue different business paths," the Malaysian firm said in the announcement, filed with local exchange Bursa Malaysia.

McDermott said earlier in October 2013 that the partnership with THHE would combine the latter's "experience, assets and knowledge of the domestic Malaysian fabrication market, and the knowledge and experience that McDermott brings with regards to large scale EPIC projects and offshore installation."

THHE explained that it has begun diversifying away from the upstream sector of the oil into downstream and other non-oil and gas businesses such as marine vessel construction and repairs, which will mitigate the recurring volatility of the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry and provide a more recurring income.

In a related development, THHE said it has a main fabrication order book of $32.1 million (MYR 132.5 million) and a minor fabrication crane manufacturing & repairs and supply of equipment order books of $2.3 million (MYR 9.4 million) as at Aug. 30.

The firm is also exploring various ways to raise funds required to complete the floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) Layang conversion works for Japan's JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Malaysia) Ltd. and to monetize and unlock the value of its assets to generate cash flows and improve its working capital.

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid, Drugs,Malaysia --We didn't start the fire, it was always burning

Welsh football star Gareth Bale and his fiancee Emma Rhys-Jones are receiving police protection after a relative vanished with valuables linked to a drug gang.

Emma's cousin, model Epiphany Dring, 27, was last seen by her family five weeks ago and British police believe she may be in Malaysia, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the report, Bale's hotel room was being protected by armed police after Dring is believed to have disappeared with a suitcase containing valuables estimated to cost around £1mil (RM5,349,800).

The suitcase is believed to contain watches, drugs and £300,000 (RM1.6mil) in cash.

Emma's family had been targeted in several arson attacks over the suitcase, which is believed to be linked to a feud with a drug gang.

The Mail reported that cars belonging to Emma's grandparents and aunt had been torched in North Wales. Two cars belonging to the aunt were set on fire in North Wales. Cars were also burnt outside the house of Emma's grandparents.

Malaysia the source of Asia’s dollar squeeze?

There is a dollar squeeze in Asia, but it's nothing like the crunch of 2013.

Unlike three years ago, the banking system most exposed to tight hard-currency funding conditions isn't India. It's Malaysia. And that's probably one reason investors are nervous about the nation's banking stocks:

To see why such misgivings may be justified, consider the simple way a bank in Asia can raise short-term dollar resources: borrow locally in the interbank market, use those funds to buy greenbacks in the spot market and then sell them forward by, say, three months.

In the summer of 2013, after Ben Bernanke first hinted at tapering the Federal Reserve's quantitative-easing program, the total cost of this operation had shot up to 1.2 per cent for Indian banks, compared with three-month dollar Libor of 0.28 per cent. Dollar liquidity was suddenly so elusive that the central bank gave a subsidy to lenders for raising foreign-currency deposits from expat Indians at high interest rates.

That was then. Dollar Libor has since surged to as much as 0.87 per cent. That's partly because of expected monetary tightening and partly because of a seismic overhaul of the US$2.6 trillion (RM10.75 trillion) money-market industry that kicks in next month. 

But Indian banks aren't breaking a sweat: they can effectively borrow the US currency at just 0.39 per cent, a discount to Libor.

Not everybody in Asia is so fortunate. If there's truly a dollar-funding crunch for banks in the region ex Japan, it's in Malaysia, where three-month dollar borrowing is as expensive as 1.44 per cent.

The timing couldn't be worse. Several countries are investigating allegations of theft and laundering of billions of dollars from 1MDB, a Malaysian state fund whose advisory board was until recently headed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Meanwhile, Malaysian banks' deposit growth has stalled, led by a 10 per cent decline in foreign-currency deposits so far this year. Advances have also slowed, though not as much. Loan-to-deposit ratios, as a result, are now in excess of 87 per cent.

So while the big publicly traded Malaysian banks ― Public Bank, Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong and RHB ― still earn a respectable 0.9 per cent return on assets on average , revenue growth could taper off in the second half and higher funding costs might squeeze margins, according to Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Diksha Gera.

Making matters worse, after a brutal 19 per cent slide in 2015, the Malaysian ringgit has risen almost 4 per cent this year, and is the only Asian currency other than the Philippine peso that isn't expected to weaken against the dollar by the end of next year, consensus forecasts show.

Those expectations of stability could prove another roadblock. The way the hard-currency funding deficit is shaping up in Malaysia's banking system, it might actually be more helpful for lenders if the ringgit got cheap enough for the country's non-commodity exports to rev up, and for dollars to start pouring back in. ― Bloomberg Gadfly

WTF -Forbes Says USA wants to axe the TPP, leaving Malaysia ..

If you trust American political campaign statements, the wide-reaching Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement is on track to fail final approval after a decade of talks among 12 countries, including four in East Asia.

Both major party presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have voiced concerns about the pact that would encompass about 40% of the world’s GDP.

Some people think their nay-saying is just populist campaign talk to appease Americans worried about losing jobs to Asian imports and that Clinton wouldfinish the pact that her fellow Democratic Party luminary Barack Obama has championed.

The U.S.-led deal cuts import tariffs while raising bars on labor conditions, environmental protection and intellectual property rights.

Back in Asia, Malaysia and Vietnam have started hedging bets in case the U.S. Congress doesn’t ratify the deal by every signatory government’s February 2018 deadline.

The trade pact that received final signatures from government representatives in February this year effectively requires that the United States ratify it to reach 85% of the bloc’s combined GDP, another rule for final implementation.

Malaysia’s parliament is on track to ratify the TPP by amending specific laws, according to local media reports. The Southeast Asian country’s palm oil industry with 2015 exports worth MYR63.2 billion ($15.3 billion) would get a lift from the agreement as other member countries drop import tariffs, analysts expect.

Without the TPP, it would keep fighting to compete with Indonesia’s palm oil exports. But in case Washington backs out, Malaysia is set to see about engaging four countries within the bloc with with which it doesn’t already have two-way trade deals, Trade and Industry Ministry Secretary-General Datuk Jayasiri was quoted saying this month.

“The ball is squarely in the court of the American congress,” says Oh Ei Sun, international studies teacher at Singapore Nanyang University. Malaysia is happy to keep engaging China, as well, he said. China is not a TPP member but a long-time economic benefactor of Malaysia. The United States had sought check the growth of China, a rival superpower, through the TPP.

AppAsia Bhd.... "App-ing" its way up

Surely but slowly, AppAsia, the country's only publicly traded company that makes its living, or at least part of its living by making Mobile Application is heating up.

Going at 23.5 sen to 24 sen..there is no stopping AppAsia from reaching  the numeric 35 and then who knows from there.. it could be Heaven To Seven

TADMAX ---Something Special Coming

TADMAX Bhd is now trading at 42.5 sen to 43 sen. Something special is coming.. And it always comes in TWO

Love Hurts, Reality Bites : Bank Negara Chief Says Malaysia "Sub Par".

Muhammad Ibrahim, the governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, seems to be getting us ready for ANOTHER rate cut, and a RINGGIT trading BEYOND RM4.14. against the US dollar.

This is what Mr Muhammad had to say about Malaysia according to Bernàma :

Having a sub-par growth for nearly a decade now, policy makers need to relook at what we have learnt and rethink our approaches from fiscal to monetary policies and structural issues that need to be addressed, to enable us to remove any impediments to growth.

“We need to enact policy that enable the private sector revive their dynamism and explore new strategies to enable them to engage and uncover productive investment opportunities,” he said.

RISDA's Halal is HARAM

Battle of the Halal Logo, takes an interesting tone, with JAKIM saying that all might not be okay with Risda's Halal Logo plan.

You can have your morning laughs here :

PETALING JAYA: Risda’s move to issue its own halal logo for Muslim-made products contravenes the law, says the Malaysian Islamic Deve­lopment Department (Jakim).

Jakim director-general Tan Sri Oth­man Mustapha said despite the good intentions, Risda (Rubber Industry Smallholders Develop­ment Authority) should have sought the necessary permission from the relevant agencies.

Failure to do so contravenes the Trade Descriptions Act 2011, which forbids any other party to issue halal recognition certificates on their own without approval from Jakim. 
(The Star)

Shahul Hamid, the Edge and Mr Arthur Levitt

Mr Arthur who? Well it's Mr Arthur Levitt, the former president of the US Securities and Exchange.

This is what Mr Arthur Levitt says about SPAC :

I have never found any blank-check investment vehicle attractive. No matter what the reputation or what the sponsor might be. . . . They are the ultimate in terms of lack of transparency.”

 — Arthur Levitt, former SEC Chairman.

Going through Shahul Hamid's "interview" (come on lah how can an experience journalist use last year's shareholding list... Is the EDGE now doing ADVETORIALS or someone is MOONLIGHTING)

Anyway shahul hamid character had this to say :  if the proposed QA fails to go through, Reach Energy has another year until Aug 15, 2017, to find another QA.

“Additionally, it will take another one to two years to wind down the company. So, if dissenting shareholders think they can get their money back within seven days, that’s only if the QA goes through. But if more than 25% of shareholders dissent and the QA doesn’t go through, it will take time to see their money refunded,” he says.

Up to this point all is FINE.


TH, which owned 7.97% of Reach Energy as at Aug 11, has signalled that it is in favour of the QA.

Can anyone TELL me if the ABOVE statement is made by shahul hamid, or Kang Siew Li , the reporter...

BURSA Malaysia PLEASE do your JOB, the market wants to know WHO made this statement and WHAT does SIGNAL mean?

Why the MARKET wants to know this is because in the very next paragraph, Kang Siew Li writes :

Shahul Hamid says even if the proposed QA fails to go through, Reach Energy has another year until Aug 15, 2017, to find another QA.

The EDGE's credibility or what is left of it after its failed attempt to fix the PM is at stake here.

Mr Jeffrey Immlet , please give us what you are SMOKING

This is from NST :  American industrial giant General Electric Co (GE) is impressed with Malaysia growing its economy at four per cent despite the global economic turbulence. (Bro jalil Hamid, GE impressed or its CEO impressed)

“I just think the fact that Malaysia is growing at four per cent in a world that is uncertain speaks a lot to the people in the economy,” GE chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Jeffrey Immelt told the New Straits Times in an exclusive interview.

The head of the 140-year-old company said Malaysia should seize the opportunity from the current global “chaos”.
You can have your LAUGHS here :

By the way Mr Immlet, can you mail us what you are smoking. For the past two years, Chinese businesses have described the economy as "Bitter"..That is not IMPRESSIVE by any means, unless you a smoking buddy of Bob Marley

The curious case of Patrick Yeoh Not Teoh...Niamaaah

Folks, meet Mr Patrick Yeoh Eng Kong. Mr Yeoh says he is a shareholder activists. Mr Yeoh is a minority shareholder in CN Asia Bhd.
The top guns of CN Asia says there have n o clue what Mr Yeoh is up to. The Edge mentions greenmail.. but everyone who is anyone in that article says they never heard of such things.
Oh by the way, the shareholder activists was suspended as director of SCAN Associates for serious breach of duty.
Can any one explain what it means. Looks like there are too many sides to Mr Yeoh 's face, depending on who is doing the painting.
Let's just hope : This is NOT a case of Harap kan Pagar. Pagar makan PADI.

TICK.... Too Many Ticks Ticking On The M A L A Y S I A N Recession Clock

The weird thing about recession is you never know until it hits you, right under the belly.

But there are some symptoms that appear before Recession Hits YOU.

1)Rising Unemployment. TiCK
2)Stock market that sees less action than a 67 year old man. TICK.
3)Real Estate demand falling even faster than people can say : Let's ALL vote against the REACH Energy , Qualifying Asset. TICK.
4) Reducing Interest rates to cope with economic down turn. TICK.

As they say FOLKS Five Ticks, and you are OUT.

Malaysia "APP-ING" its way in Africa

Malaysian investor Frontier Digital Ventures has put in $1.2 million in a Series A funding round of Nigerian real estate classifieds start-up

The investment from Frontier Digital Ventures follows last year’s $500,000 in Ghana’s real estate classifieds start-up MeQasa.

Frontier Digital, that is known to invest in leading classifieds companies in emerging markets, has invested in Panama’s and Pakistan-based property website Zameen.

“The funds raised will be used to improve the platform’s technology offering to both property seekers as well as that used by listing 

The 33 month run : RM2.5 billion IN, RM26 billion OUT... What inflow is The Star Talking ABOUT

The Star, the country's top selling English daily would like us to believe that foreign funds are back in Malaysia. Maybe they ARE, but one glance over the past 33 months tells us a different story.

I shall let MIDF do the talking

“Year-to-date cumulative net foreign inflow was the highest at RM2.544bil . In retrospect, foreigners had offloaded RM19.5bil in 2015 and RM6.9bil in 2014,” MIDF said. 

Wow : That's RM2.54b in and RM26b OUT.. This called INFLOW meh? Which school this people go to?

Before trying to fix the stock market...hello Mr government pls try to fix the Labour Market, or you will end up with Many more top gloves moving house to Thailand, and can we stick with just ONE HALAL logo

All the MORE why, One should stay away from SPAC Like REACH ENERgY

Malaysian banks brace for profit hits as OIL&GAS firms restructure debt

By A. Ananthalakshmi and Liz Lee | KUALA LUMPUR, SEPT 26

Malaysian lenders are bracing for a hit to profits this year as they bump up provisions for sour loans to the local oil and gas services sector that has been battered by the slump in energy prices and cutbacks in projects.

The problem mirrors pain playing out in neighbouring Singapore, where the collapse of oilfield services firm Swiber Holdings Ltd has stoked concerns about the size of the city state's biggest lender DBS Group Holdings' exposure to the industry.

Last month, Malaysia's Perisai Petroleum Teknologi , an offshore oil and gas services provider, said it was aiming to renegotiate terms with bondholders on a S$125 million ($92 million) bond.

A day later, Malaysia's biggest bank Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) reported a tripling in loan provisions that was partly responsible for a 27 percent decline in second-quarter net profit - further fanning concern about the sector.

"While Malaysian O&G names are in a relatively better liquidity situation than their Singapore peers, we expect this to continue to remain an issue for these banks due to the volatility in oil prices," said Nomura analyst Tushar Mohata.

Corruption, Coincidence or is it Manipulation in the News ROOM

Did you read  the Edge's recent report on Reach Energy Bhd, A SPAC that is struggling to AVOID a NO Vote from credit suisse. If you haven' is the link... Its a finely written article except that the shareholders list is SO outdated. It is about TEN Months OLD. The edge will have us believe that Credit Suisse based on the share holding list is just s small fry investor. One look at Bursa Malaysia website on the latest shareholding and even a rookie can see that credit Suisse is NOW the single largest shareholder that is eligible to vote. Credit Suisse has almost 15 per cent of the voting rights. A 25 per cent NO vote and REACH becomes another DEAD SPAC...Now all this we can put down to armature reporting or perhaps something more sinister. This is just me wondering aloud, which publication owners tried to bribe JUSTO to frame our Prime Minister? And Considering that Tabung Haji has gotten into this mess at Reach Energy without the board approval, and that the Reach assets are located in KHAZAKSTAN... if the shit hits the fan, some unseen powers will have manufactured a ready made scandal to be pinned on the unsuspecting man in Putrajaya

I N T E R E S T I N G...

MALAYSIA’s Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein admitted today that about 1 percent of those being monitored for possible links to the Islamic State (IS) terror network are from the armed forces.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Why shareholders of REACH must reject the QA.

shahul hamid said in the interview in the EDGE  ; “Yes, there is concern [that the shareholders may vote against the proposed QA].....And then he goes to say...oh if we FAIL, then we try to FIND another ASSET..


 A study done at Yale University and another study, done in the summer of 2013 by Dealbook, noted that SPACs have generated “terrible” returns and recorded some “spectacular failures as SPACs have rushed into hot markets like energy.