Tuesday 29 January 2019

Media Prima. Who let the dogs out

Was a hit, a global hit for Baha man. Who let the dogs out?, Morgan Stanley on Media Prima?

A big dog is buying into Media Prima via proxy. Media Prima now trades only at 36 Sen.

Is it UMNO, Daim, Mahathir or Anwar? who let the dogs out

Thursday 10 January 2019

Anwar Ibrahim, Proton Saga, 1985. Its all coming back to me

Is the hit from Celine Dion. Dr Mahathir had a nice ride on a 1985 Proton Saga in Johor recently. The number plate is ONE.

Anwar Ibrahim made a statement in India that what will be, will be when asked if he was a no brainer for the Prime Ministership.

Anwar Ibrahim, Proton, 1985 , it's all coming back to me right now...