Thursday 29 July 2021

Bad Boys, Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

was a global hit for Jamaica's Inner Circle in 1993,  and is arguably  the most popular song of the band which was formed in Kingston in 1968.

Former editor in chief of Business Times, the publication  which supplies The Edge the bulk of its core editorial staff even up till today, has an intriguing take on KPMG.

And why you should take this guy seriously?, well just go and ask Jose Barrock or even M Shanmugam who came from the NST group, when  Ahirudin Attan was one of the most daring and provocative editors in town.  

Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

READ,  his Devil's Advocate of a piece :  NO angels in this saga : Serba Dinamik Vs KPMG 

I suspect not even a quarter of the story has been told.  One can only speculate what he meant by Losing the battle to win the war.

More to come......

Zahid Hamidi. Cakap Memang Murah

is a song from Malaysia's biggest rock band Search. UMNO presiden Zahid Hamidi was quoted minuets ago by Malaysia Kini as saying MP UMNO MESTI TARIK BALIK SOKONGAN KEPADA PM.

kita sudah sedar
 cakap memang murah
Tanpa maruah membawa padah
Kita dah geli cakap tanpa bukti

Apa ni  Zahid Hamidi, jgn lah jadi macam burung kakak tua asyik mengulang saja perkataan yang sama. Kami nak tahu, kalu depa tak dan tarik balik SOKONGAN kpd PM,  hang NAK BUAT APA ?

Wednesday 28 July 2021

Bagaikan Langit Hati Hitam

by Dalia Farhana may  finally remove the dark clouds that have gathered around this nation of ours. 

Our King has once again shown that he indeed is the king of hearts. A king who  will lead the line from the front to free his people and do what is right by setting the record straight. Read : DURHAKA
Bagaikan langit di malam hari
Berwarna hitam, sehitam hati mu
Ambil ke sempatan setiap kali
Ku membuka hatiku untuk menerima mu
yang mencari aku bila ada yang perlu

What's the Colour of Money?

is the song which put Hollywood Beyond on the one hit wonder list, but unlike most one hit wonders, What's The Colour of Money's following gets stronger every passing year.

Serba Dinamik's  retail army will soon know if they are going to end up in the red (colour of the bear) or in the green (colour of the bull).

Granted,  trading on Serba Dinamik has been muted, as a large retail base  have moved into Sersol Bhd on hopes history will repeat itself with the stock flashing the RM1 scoreboard.

Mohd Abdul Karim &  Abdul Kadier who collectly own 37 per cent of Serba Dinamik have made it official,  that it is GAME ON.
More precious than life itself
what''s the colour tempting fate?
What''s the colour of money
what''s the colour of money?
Don''t tell me that you think it''s green

Wee Ka Siong. We Not Gonna Take It.

is heavy metal band Twisted Sister's sole top 40 , which was released in 1984, but have some how stood the test of time as one of the top fight back song from the underdog.

We're not gonna take it
Oh no, we ain't gonna take it

We're not gonna take it anymore
We've got the right to choose it
There ain't no way we'll lose it
This is our life, this is our song
We'll fight the powers that be just
Don't pick our destiny 'cause
You don't know us

Jaidin Hamdan started this petition to Wee Ka Siong some three months ago and it needs just 1000 odd more signatures  to become one of the top petitions at 

Politicians need to realise that these are all mostly voters, and because of how the internet works, they are coming from all over Malaysia.  

So if you have got a death wish to lose the next election, please go ahead and make their day, and they will return the favour when it's their turn to vote.


is the title track of the 2011 Kl Gangster movie.  The song is from Filsuf & Erna.

Di mana tempat adanya kuasa
Di situ juga adanya angkara
Di mana ada namanya manusia
Di situ juga adanya punca propaganda hipokrasi
Yang rendah ingin menjadi tinggi
Dan yang tinggi ingin mendominasi
Yang lemah ingin menjadi gagah
Dan yang gagah ingin terus berada di atas

From the parliment proceedings, that I was fortunate enough to watch, the ones who touched me most are as follows (All YouTube links).  

The one man, in my opinion  who stood out with wisdom, intelligence and foresight was the former Sabah Chief Minister Shafie Apdal, who for me looked like the Prime Minister which we should have to lead us out of this crisis.  Delegate, Cut off the Red Tape and get the Army to assist

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group. Shut Up

was the second most hot selling singel in Europe in 2004 for the Black Eyed Peas, although the song was never released as a single in the USA.

On You Tube,  the song has move than 250 million views. The key lyrics to this song, I personally believe is the one most suited for the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group.

Boy you're useless, woah-oh
Shut up, just shut up, shut up (just stop)
Shut up, just shut up, shut up (just stop)
Shut up, just shut up, shut up (just stop)
Shut it up, just shut up, shut up (just stop)

YES,  Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group stop craving for  publicity;  because it is getting very obvious that you seem to fight for the minorities only  if there are newsmen around. 

What are you trying to pretend to be, MSWG? A coach at the Olympics?.  Can you please shut up and let justice take its course at Serba Dinamik.

MSWG, grow some spine,  go stand up for the rights  of  minority shareholders  at Malaysia Airports, as they need all the help then can muster.

Can you stop being so vain, have ethics like Polis Di Raja Malaysia, who will go out of their way to prevent a crime from taking place instead of just showing face once it happens. MSWG,  the rakyat is watching you. The issue at Subang is of national importance. 

Your utter silence on on how Minority Shareholders will get a raw deal if the rules of the game are changed mid way will haunt and hurt Malaysia's capital markets in a very big way and shatter all illusions on the need for your existence. 

The Great Game @ Serba Dinamik Part 2. Pandangan Mata

by  Hijjaz  one of the pioneer  Nasyid band in Malaysia. As I said before the story of Serba Dinamik HAS YET TO BE TOLD.  READ ; The Great Game @ Serba Dinamik. Orang Curi Start

Despite, Serba Dinamik being thrown under the bus by the Edge, I have always maintained that there is much more to this story.

Pandangan mata selalu menipu
Pandangan akal selalu tersalah
Pandangan nafsu selalu melulu
Pandangan hati itu yang hakiki
Kalau hati itu bersih

Having maintained from the very beginning, that when it comes to Serba Dinamik, as a trading stock it's a good punt,  and that fraud if it did take place, would have taken for much longer than KPMG' would like us to believe.

One personality,  which I zeroed in from day one, but chose to keep silent until now is Hasman Yusri Yusoff, the former KPMG partner, who ended by being the head of Serba Dinamik audit committee. READ ; Former Serba audit committee chairman charged in court for Criminal Intimidation of Fellow Board Member

That is also why, I have been furious with the Edge, on its reporting.  Jose Barrock, is what he is, a straight laced reporter, but M Shanmugam is at a different  level.

This guy has the skill sets, to spot stuff like this within seconds and pursue the truth.

Unlike me,  the Edge has the standing, physical resources and monetary strength to nail the story behind  story.

That story has now taken a vicious twist. The Edge owes it to its readership, to come clean on the Great Game @ Serba Dinamik.

Vinod Sekhar. The story of my life

was  a  2013 top ten hit  on both sides of the Atlantic for  One Direction.

The story of my life, if Vinod Sekhar were to write an autobiography would be that of  a man,you love, despise, tolerate, ignore or know nothing  off at all.

You don't get covered by The Wall Street Journal if you are a nobody. and you certainly  don't get former head of states as well as the likes of Baron Peter Mandelson sitting on your current board if you are a has been.

The story of my life 
Written on these walls are
The colors that I can't change
Leave my heart open
But it stays right here in its cage

Staying in the cage is hardly what Vinod does in the interview with The Mole, an on line portal seen to be pro Najib Razak. Read Vinod Sekhar on Hungary ventilator deal.  

The Malaysia Today story:  Anwar Ibrahim Crony Vinod Sekhar In Questionable Multi-Billion Deal, looks like God sent, as it brutally kills its own story  ; Bankrupt Vinod Sekhar Runs Pro-Anwar News Website “The Vibes” ?

Vinod's reference to Muhyiddin Yassin, and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sounds it's not for Malaysia Today but rather for an upstart on a 20 winning streak, who fears everyday may not be a SUNDAY

Monday 26 July 2021

Lim Clan @ the Airport. No Diggity

by Blackstreet & Dr Dre was the song which ended Los Del Rio's Macarena's 14 weeks stay on top of the US charts, way back in 1996.

No dignity basically means without a doubt. It's without a doubt that this could be a break out year for the Lim clan, when it comes to the Airport business .

Very low key on the profile
Catchin' feelings is a no
Let me tell you how it goes
Herb's the word, spin's the verb
Lovers it curves so freak, what you heard?

What I heard is without a doubt, the boys from the clan are laying low for the storm to pass by.

First up is the Pestech -Bombardier joint venture on Aerotrain project.  The Edge reported the Project is valued at RM400 Million.

However, the Vibes recently stated that the cost had ballooned to RM750 million, identifying  the Pestech Bombardier as the winner. READ ; Pricey’ Pestech to snag MAHB’s aerotrain tender?

The Ministry of Transport though have yet to announce the winner,  but if indeed the venture is awarded the contract then it is bound to raise eyebrows as Bombadier's reputation had taken a dent over the past 7 years.  READ ;

Next up is WCT 's proposal for the Subang Airport which is expected to be discussed this Friday.

If indeed, Malaysia Airports is cut of from the deal then, minority shareholders are going raise a heck of a storm.  The Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group can pretend that they are not aware of the matter and stay silent.
  Do that,  and the word lap dog will come to mind.

No dignity,  there are definitely  some hitches, which is why they are laying, while Transport Ministry finds the right word.

Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang (Part 2)

By Andika Putera & Snipersosa . Semua ordinan darurat dibatalkan, Anwar persoal pengumuman Takiyuddin

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi aku tak peduli
Aku just buat untuk rasa HAPPY

Masalahnya bila kita tak peduli apa kan jadi, dan buat jee utk rasa HAPPY dan tak ikut rule of law, pelabur akan kabur ... BACAImpact of Rule of Law

Kepada menteri Aku ada data yang heboh semalam di parlimen, jangan lah buat tak peduli, apa nak jadi & dan buat semata nak syok sendiri. Berdiri bulu roma ku bila terbaca ; ketidakhadiran Perdana Menteri

Tekun lah sikit Azmin Ali, dan jika boleh kau cuba cari press sec dan penasihat ekonomi yang baru. PM pun begitu jugak sebab keadaan dah ke tahap terdesak dan mendesak. Baca ; Since the pandemic broke out last year, at least 150,000 SMEs have shut, resulting in 1.2 million job losses, the Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia (Samenta) said.

Kapan kalian nak bagitahu rakyat Malaysia (lepas baca blog ini kah?) yang Malaysia ni kalau tutup kilang satu dunia boleh lengkup . 

 Baru lah rakyat akan faham, dan semangat patriotik akan membara dalam jiwa dan raga mereka.

Ini tak, asyik makan durian, test drive kereta, cari isteri muda, khawin on line, nak selfie di Turki, ambil nasihat dari budak tadika kat Malaysia Now, eja nama sendiri pun was was, nak jual lapangan terbang kat Subang , marah marah rakyat yang lapar, naikkan pangkat bini dan anak .

Nexia SSY. Welcome to the Boom Town

by David + David,  the American rock duo,  who only released a single album Boomtown  in1987, before going on to be music producers in the own right.

NST reports NEXIA SSY, appointed as Serba Dinamik's external auditor

Looking at a wide range chat sites, some have suggested that Serba Dinamik should have  appointed an auditor in the same standing as KPMG.

I am sure, the controlling stakeholders of Serba Dinamik would love to do so in order to please the market  but where can you find an audit firm  like KPMG, who in the month of July only has the distinction for :   

1. Being sued for US$5.6 billion by the Government of Malaysia

4.Quitting as auditor after its partiality questioned

Back to Nexia SSY, the mid size audit firm, which is also listed as one of the top ten audit firm's in the world. If anyone thinks that Nexia SSY is your friendly pay my fee and I will sign off the accounts type of auditor , then they are in for a shock of their lives.

There are reason why,  the Singapore Government saw it fit to invite Nexia to sit on a high level government  board tasked to help the city state to become Asia's accounting hub. Read : NEXIA is only non big four in Singapore's strategic board

Nexia's UK parent Nexia International has also shown that it will not take kindly to partners who make questionable decisions, and it had done what none of the Big Four have done in recent memory. READ ; Nexia International disownes Australian unit

With that, Nexia SSY 

I say welcome,
welcome to the boomtown
Pick a habit
We got plenty to go around
Welcome, welcome to the boomtown
All that money makes such a succulent sound

Dogs BARK , CHILDREN THROW STONES, Adults Laughs @ The One and Only

spent 5 weeks on top of the charts is in 1991 for English song writer and part time actor Chesney Hawkes.

No one can be myself like I can
For this job I'm the best man
And while this may be true
You are the one and only you

That dogs BARK at, Children Throw stones at and adults  laugh @  ; SIAPA BOLEH BACA MACAM ITU...

Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

By Andika Putera & Snipersosa  tells it as it is  :

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi aku tak peduli
Aku just buat untuk rasa HAPPY

as a shell shock Malaysia from every walk of life found out that ;


is a hip hop song from Madcon, which has got a second shot to fame and fortune, thanks to Tik Tok.

If you had read my first post, LORDLY,  then you know it's all about a new breed of spin doctors who sit and operate from the news rooms.

You're on a runway track from the good
I want to paint in a picture telling where we could be at
Like the heart ain't attached where it should
You done give it away

That's part of lyrics from Madcon's Beggin taken from the album SO DARK THE CON OF MEN.

I have nothing against the dark features of  M shanmugam and Jose  Barrock who broke the story Serba Dinamik in the eye of the storm

What happened after that which  bothers me.
How come Shahmugam's Alternative Views on  Serba Dinamik seems so in line with the main stream view.  Compare his alternative views  on SERBA DINAMIK and Airasia... and make your own conclusions.

And then we have Jose Barrock's hall of famer of a statement "Many following the press conference were stumped, and left trying to recall the last time a lawyer questioned an audit firm’s work. And KPMG is not just any audit firm; it is one of the Big Four accounting firms with offices in some 150 countries and over 227,000 employees worldwide."READ :The DRAMA

Quick somebody needs to get Barrock on  the next plane to UK, so that the UK too can have an Audit Oversight Board mirrored  like a wag dog.

Read the STAR  ; KPMG's banking audits not up to scratch, says UK watchdog

Sunday 25 July 2021

Malaysia Now. How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

was a song recorded in 1953 by Patti Page.  That is how far back I had to go while still laughing my head out to find this very special song for the people at Malaysia Now.

Malaysia Now's so called international investigative reporting could have caused an international incident or two, if even a two year old child  cared  to take them seriously.  READ ; The Story That Never Was

Try as we do,  the reporting is weak, editorial guidance the worst I have seen and the train of thought had no i LOGIC.

Hence, I was shell shocked to learn that the portal may have links to Azmin Ali, the MITI minister.  READ ; Another Brick On The Wall

Apa ni bro, MalaysiaNow ada calling  calling  cewek Hungary yang bernama (JANGAN KETAWA IYE)   VADAI , tapi tak pakai akal nak hubungi  kedutaan Hungary kat Wisma Goldhill? Nak susahkan Menteri Luar Negeri ke?

I will not fault the rookie reporter,  but the entire editorial board should be SACKED  for putting out information which can be used by hatters to undermine our government investment arm.

MalaysiaNow wrote;  the source added, referring to the popular tax haven for those avoiding tax laws in their own countries.

MalaysiaNow,  hang ni semua dari planet mana? Sedar apa hang tulis kah? atau jenis bodoh sombong?   Baca seterusnya ;ΔΊ Bukti Khazanah Nasional memiliki syarikat yang di daftar kat Cayman Island
Nak burukkan nama Khazanah Nasional ke.  Itu lah bro, ramai nak tahu , hang duk sana kat MalaysiaNow  sbb hang ni hebat ke , atau pasai Famili?

MalaysiaNow,  jawap soalan berikut  kalau boleh

How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with the waggly tail
How much is that doggie in the window?

Kata kalian  Vinod mengaut keuntungan beratusan juta ringgit.  Tapi Vinod  tu tak perlu bayar sekupangpun ke untuk ventilator tersebut kepada pihak di Negeri China tu.

Nak kecilkan hati MCA dan persendakan menteri luar Hishammuddin Hussein kah. Dia punya big brother tau Menteri luar China tu, tapi  Malaysia  tetap kena bayar tau bila beli apa apa pun.

MalaysiaNow,  hang ni buat reverse PR ke nak naik kan  nama si Vinod dan aibkan Khazanah Nasional, MCA dan menteri dari UMNO.

Bersyukur sajalah rakyat Malaysia, yang  tak ada siapa pun di dunia waras, menganggap  portal tu ada kredibiliti.

Tapi kalau mereka nampak si funder tu, pasti mereka akan teringat coretan Zul Othman...  DOGS BARK, CHILDREN THROW STONES and ADULTS LAUGH... at YOU know who lah

Serba Dinamik. Winner takes it all

was a big hit for the red rocker Sammy Haggar,  a journey , who found his pot of gold by replacing the   David Lee Roth as lead vocalist of the American heavy metal band Van Halen.

The game is ours to play
Oh, tell me why
There are no alibis
'Cause winner takes it all
Loser takes a fall

This is no ordinary week for Serba Dinamik, an announcement  is immenent on the appointment of a new external auditor to replace KPMG which is facing a billion ringgit suit from the Governmenr of Malaysia .

Next to Top Glove, Serba Dinamik is the top trending stock on i3investor for  this trading week, at KL Screener the buzz is all about a technical chart by a subscribe only  professional  chartist.

The chartist notes that the most brutal of the selling spree have been absorbed , with  mere pockets of selling resistance  left, pushing the Serba bulls confidence level up .

Trading omens too  are in place and in favour of the  bulls helped by  the Dow Jones closing above the 35000 level for first time in History, as well as the follow through in the overnight Dow Jones Futures.

If the chartist is as good as some claim, then one should expect  nothing short of the unforgettable   karate kick stance from the bulls,  to set testrones on over drive, western style for a fast and furious rampage to the 63 sen a share promise land. You can view THE CHART HERE.

Saturday 24 July 2021

Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group. Wonder Where You ARE

by D.A.M.A, the Portuguese  pop group who has a tendency  to  switch between their mother tongue and English.

Lyrics, atleast the  English part goes something like this;

I'm gonna catch a cold
from the ice
inside my soul
Wonder where you are

Minority  Shareholders  Watchdog Group, where are YOU?  Aren't  you supposed  to be the think-tank and resource centre for minority interest and corporate governance matters in Malaysia.

Please show yourself or will you only appear once the damage is done. 

Do tell us hypothetically, is it  good corporate governance  from the eye of  minority  shareholders, if a third party is given a concession  to operate  the Subang Airport. Do take into account the following :, 

1.  From out of the blue a rival will be created  to compete  with  Malaysia Airports,. Compete for business as well as compete for investors attention  in the capital markets.

2. Overnight, Malaysia Airports,  which operates 39  airports in the country will lose 12.5 per cent of the profitable airports under its control.

Basically  there are less than 8  airports in the country  which are profitable, and Malaysia Airports uses part of this profit to manage  some 30 airports in the country which are losing  money.

3. Malaysia Airports will also lose some eight  routes that Subang Airport manages.   Some 30 airports in Malaysia  serve less than 8 routes.

4 . Considering that the Subang  Airport , is and have the potential to earn non capital intensive income,  which analyst term as non aeronautical revenue.  READ; Airport International Council World says non-aeronautical revenues are the major sources of funds for airports to invest in infrastructure and service. Report states 39.9 per cent non-aeronautical revenue ,? what can minorities do to protect their interest?

5. Is  non aeronautical revenue, similar to RENT SEEKERS,  considering retail  concessions  make up the largest  source of non-aeronautical revenue for airports at 30.2 per cent. Car parking revenue and property revenue/rent are the second and third largest sources of non-aeronautical revenues at 20.1 per cent and 15.0 per cent respectively..

6. Let us  not go into possibilities  or probabilities  of thr  income that may or may not be realized once Subang Airport is given a face  lift . Let us only stick to the facts. 

Is it not factually, correct to state by taking Subang Airport away from Malaysia Airports,  effectively it will  lead to  Malaysia Airports  paying an EXTRA RM60 million a year to finance its debts,

Do tell us Minority Shareholders  Watchdog Group,  what do you suggest minority shareholders do, if they feel that this entire exercise smells like rotten governance.

 Got  any chance for minorities and rebel shareholders to take any important individuals to court  to prevent, this butcher of Malaysia  Airports resources. 

Moshe Safdie. When will I be famous

was a hit way back in 1987 for the British group, Bros. Moshe Safdie, is the lead architect that designed, the Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore's very own airport city.

Qatar Airways chief Akbar Al Baker, caused a stir in 2019 when he said was plagiarized  from the Hamad International Airport (DOH) located south of Doha. READ ; Singapore and Moshe Safdie accused of plagiarizing Jewel Changi Airport

Singapore, I must say is smart enough 

not to spend too much time meeting unnecessary  to figure out how to build an Airport city. They were practical enough to make some changes here and there.

I am convinced that there were some Malaysian too who had worked  as part of the broader design theme. And all of them will be thinking :

When will I, will I be famous?
I can't answer, I can't answer that
When will I see my picture in the paper?
I can't answer, I can't answer that
When will I, will I be famous?

 Therefore, for the life of me , I cannot understand what are all those meeting involving the ministry of Finance and ministry of transport regarding Subang Airport is for.

If indeed WCT had submitted a proposal or for that matter any one else, there have not actually put a complex  nuclear like plan to do something no man has done before.

Can the ministers get off their lofty chairs and accept that what ever proposal on the table  is a mere extension  to the concept developed by John Kasarda in his 2012 book Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next.

What they then need to do is to hire an architect  to design an Airport city for Subang.  While the architects are busy designing, the ministers can ponder what to do next.

Here are some suggestion. 

1. What will happen if we give it to a single non state linked company.  What If the company runs into trouble? Who will bail them out.? Rakyat Lagi kah

2. Since the ministers may be tired by now with all those thinking.  Then can then proceed to use Google to find out who runs  Jewel Changi Airport. Ministers, please go this site.Thank You

3. After finding out that the Jewel Changi Airport, is owned by Changi Airport Group CapitaLand Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd..

4. Maybe at this point Wee Ka Siong and Tengku Zafrul might have an idea or two. Perhaps we should get one of our GLC in the construction sector to partner Malaysia Airport alongside a China government owned entity that has the ability to fund the project.

5. All three entities, can form a special purpose vehicle company in which Malaysia Airports hold a 51 per cent stake,  home bred GLC 19 pet cent and money bags China government owned company 31 per cent.

6. Latter, proceed to get the SPV to be listed on Bursa Malaysia,issue REITS, so that all thr Malaysians that are stranded at home due to the MCO, can punt on the shares on Bursa Malaysia.

Friday 23 July 2021

The Malaysianow story that never was. Written in the stars.

by Tinie Tempah and Eric Turner topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.  It's a fantastic song.  Here is a sample of the lyric

Oh written in the stars
A million miles away
A message to the mane
Seasons come and go

After laughing my head off and then rolling on the floor,  I have to admit , that even a rookie pretending to be an editor will tell you that  Malaysia Now's investigative report Multiple agencies probing businessman for tax fraud, 1MDB-style money laundering had it  WRITTEN IN THE STARS, in capital and bold letters that it is destined to be 2021's story that never was. 

And why is this 2021's global story that never was ? Well  because it first appeared HERE, READ ; Arbitrage-opportunity-for-speculators-in-ventilators

And yes, Malaysia Now the white guy actually names the two banks and sums it up nicely that he didn't  see any signature on the documents.  I suspect he too would be laughing his head out.

And with that let the crisis talks in Malaysia Now begun. Considering that you may have missed out on the fact that your ground breaking story is actually  now 2021's story that never was.

Allow me to shower you with some kindness before the crisis meeting takes place. Please  read slowly and try your level best to understand the implication of the following article.  READ ;  BBC stands it's ground on report about NST's top editor

The Odd Man Out. Rolling in the deep

won Adele record, song and music video of the year at the  2012 Grammys. Rolling in the deep, is a British expression  meant to mean one should "cover your mate."

One man who will not be rolling in the deep with KPMG is Muhyiddin Yassin. He is Prime Minister today because he has better sence than KPMG.

I believe, the Muhyiddin factor ensured,  we will not be in a state of flux, as in the SC probe where much is known on Deloitte  but  very little on the fate of KPMG.

The lyrics then;
Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep
I have no story to be told
But I've heard one on you
 and I'm gonna make your head burn

I am glad, that we will soon discover the superior techniques  KPMG used to complete the IMDB audit in three weeks, as well as why it makes perfect sence not demand financial records from a company to measure if  they have the muscle to stomach a US$1 billion murabaha-loan, in case  of default.

Looking at back, I realise on the nobleness of KPMG Falsifying audit report: 'It's a treacherous act'  .  

I am beginning  to have a better understanding  , why a story on Petronas , Malaysia's only Fortune 500 company not distancing itself from KPMG when its ultimate shareholder is suing 44 KPMG partners is a NON story.  

The story instead is  on providence with a little help from the superb investigative reporting skills of  the Edge , exposing Serba Dinamik.

And in one fell swoop,  relief was extended to KPMG, the bullied victim who merely wanted to tell the truth.

Who tipped the edge off? We will never know,  but what we do know is for an investigative team, their research skills were at best below sub par,   which is why not even a single paragraph was devoted that something strikingly  similar happend in  Singapore. 

This was  a story on how a company audited by KPMG suddenly found itself in the eye of the storm.  READ ; ACRA keeping a close watch on Hyflux and its scandal-ridden audit firm accused of fraud and corruption by govts around the world

We should believe in the new normal,  fraud normally  happens in just a mere reporting season and not over time.

In this normal, the odd man out who was never on record reported to have been intimidated for standing up to IMDB, though there are enough reports on them defending  IMDB, is the knight and shining armour.

The alternate to the above scene, would be to plant an evil seed in the minds of minority shareholders ;  probe deeper to learn   how to kill a Mockingbird

Thursday 22 July 2021

The Invisible Man. Buying New Soul

is a song from Procupine Tree, which is often described as the most important progressive rock band , which no one ever heard of.

I woke up and I had a big idea
To buy a new soul at the start of every year
I paid up and it cost me pretty dear
Here's a hymn to those that disappear

Ouch, those words must really hurt. NOW that Tony Pua has done his little song and dance by  Calling For KPMG removal in GLC',  what is going to happen next?

If we all remain silent, and going by the past track record. NOTHING MUCH WILL HAPPEN. 

Will my dear friends in the SC and their offshoot the Audit Oversight Board please anwser the following questions, and will our financial Press grow large enough testicle to demand for some  anwsers. 

READ ; Deloitte and KPMG under probe by Securities Commission over 1MDB scandalSubsequently,  we know that the SC fined Deloitte. READ;  Deloitte Fined RM2.2 million.

Maybe it's just me coz I had to handle two Covid deaths yesterday,  but for the life of me the trail on KPMG ends there. I  cannot find any reports which states that KPMG was either found to be innocent or guilty.

AoB and SC, who rose to defence of  KPMG on the Serba Dinamik Bhd audit issue,  will you likewise please promptly tell the world what happened to the investigation on KPMG.

Perhaps the two authors of Serba Dinamik's in the eye of the storm,  may come up with a news worthy piece ; The Drama at AoB, why it is imperative that the Malaysian Institute of Accountants  be given back their dignity.

The bare fact is, it is only the MIA  which has been doing their job without fear nor favour, while trying to provide a balancd for smaller firms and to compete and stay relevant and true to the ethos of an auditor.

It is the MIA, with whar ever little decision msking powers still in their hands, which has been going after KPMG.

Yes folks this is the same KPMG, which wants you to believe that it had suddenly grown a heart and in flash managed to discover irregularities, when even a fresh graduate just out of university knows that fraud at a very large scale doesn’t happen over night.

And this is also the same KPMG, which wants us to believe in the following fairytale.  STATEMENT FROM KPMG.

I am calling it a fairytale need to read this to believe  it. READ ; BLAST FROM 2015 : KPMG DEFENDS 1MDB.

This from an auditor, who has yet to answer another  blast from the past question. READ ; KPMG, super efficient. Appointed in August 2010, completes 1MDB audit on 3 September 2010

Enough said. I want to go read  and find out what does it mean when Marcellus says Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

David Rockefeller's Club of Rome. We didn't start the fire

was a smash hit for Billy Joel in 1989,  is also the Rolling Stone magazine's early pick to be the anthem of Covid 19 once the dust settles down

In 1972,  the club of Rome which  has about 100 members now,   commisioned the Massachusetts  Institute  of Technology,  using artificial intelligence techniques to plot what the world would look like in the future.

The result was the birth of an economic  theory, in the self titled  book THE LIMITS OF GROWTH The book was dismissed and laughed ,at  though  it eventually sold more than 8 million copies.

The Limits of Growth  today has its place in the annals of history as the single most important document of the 20th century to challenge the growthist creed. 

What fascinated me about the book was the call on
 global population flattening  around 2020, against the  current norm that such a leveling would  take place at around 2050.

Also, that by 2040, the global  population's living standards will drop back to the standards of the 1990's.

On July 15 this year, the Club of Rome sent out a tweet, the LIMITS OF GROWTH was not only right literally, but theoretically too the 1972 module used,  now has basis to stand tall on its own.

If you are too lazy to read the book itself, here are a few links over the years as well as a link on the only Malaysian found to be worthy by David Rockefeller's Club of Rome to call its own. No it is not Tengku Zafrul, Tony Pua or Khairy Jamaluddin. 

It is a man, 99 per cent of Malaysians have never heard off, but one who is held in the highest esteem in Beijing and Singapore. READ : 

Wednesday 21 July 2021


Is a 2016 dance track by the French Dj Feder, who had a huge fan base in Eastern Europe.   The song topped the charts in  Russia.

And once we run the show everyone will know
That we will be the ones that hold the highest truth
And once we run the show everyone will know
That we will be the ones that hold the highest truth.

The term LORDLY can best be described as an individual  or an organization  which  behaves as if they have a high moral ground, hence they are definitely  better than me.

One of the biggest spin in the history of communication is that the media are often manipulated by spin doctors. 

Closer to the truth is, members of the media buy into the manipulation for reasons only known to them.

A good spin doctor, never use same trick twice, and in some cases it might not be the writers themselves but rather the organization. 

NOW, let's look at the hot topics of the week. KPMG,
AirAsia & Malaysia Airports.

In 2007 , unlike what it is doing today to Serba Dinamik,, KPMG quietly quit as the external auditors of MEMS. The  new auditors, unviled massive amount of irregularities in the company.

NOW look at this  report here and you will notice something similar, but this time to hurt the company .

Moving away from how the Edge treats KPMG clients, let's check out this piece on Air Asia. 

Before Tony Fernandes , there was Tajuddin Ramli,  no such kind words for this man. 

He was labeled a crook, and after all those crusufication , the Government  settled out of court with Tajuddin Ramli.  Even then and till today the spin doctors  paint Tajuddin Ramli as failed on merit.

And why is the story of Tajuddin  Ramli important today?  There are two reasons . Firstly, interference from hidden hands, brought down Tajuddin  Ramli, just as he was about to close the gap in class between  Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

The pressing reason though is history might be making a comeback to the present in a different form 

Just go ask Malaysia Airports,  the barbarians are already at the gate, baying for the ionic and historically significant  Subang Airports. 

The professional mangers are not being allowed to do their job, nor will they be sacked  because when the dust settles,  the spin doctors who reside within the newsroom, will require lambs that need to be verbally lynched .

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Desmond Lim. Aku Orang lain

is a hip hop song by Sonaone. The lyrics really makes me want to laugh thinking  of the remote possibility that Desmond Lim via WCT gets to develop Subang Airport, and then he is called in as a witness in Rosmah Mansur's corruption  case.

What will Desmond say?  Aku Orang Lain.  Anyway here is the lyrics to Aku Orang Lain ;

Aku orang lain (aku orang lain)
Aku bukan macam cerita yang sama
Dan aku banyak main (aku banyak main)
Berubah warna like chameleons
Stackin' up a million
Hanya aku yang tau
Betapa beda aku dari asli aku.

Do I want WCT to develop Subang Airpot? Yes I do because, I believe that they are very competent and in an open tender, WCT which has won many global tenders can hold its own.

Hence, our eyes should be on the salaried men, who are pushing these deal, because unlike Desmond Lim or WCT they cannot go any where outside of Malaysia, and be where they are based on merit.

It's shame that some salaried men,  for reasons only known to them are pushing WCT in  these deal  and I tbe process dragging the WCT brand name  to the sewer.

It would be good for the transport minister Wee Ka Siong to reveal to the world, if indeed there is an unsolicited proposal from WCT, and is there a rush to get this deal done when we are in the middle of a pandemic. 

Serba Dinamik. Born to Rock N Roll

was released way back in 1971 by the Byrds, a good six years after Bob Dylan gave the group its first number one with Mr Tambourine  Man.

Day traders,  who often rely on intuition, momentum and charts,  could be in for a field day, as the latest posting on  independent chart sites suggest based on trends , for this moment atleast, Serba Dinamik is born to Rock N Roll

I know that everybody's born for something
Just to feed them and keep them from the cold
Sometimes you get to do the things your meant to
And I know that I was born to rock n roll.

At tradingview meanwhile opinion seems to be divided, as thr chartist are looking purely on full day trades but nevertheless, the latest posting says Good to go long, double Bottom done

Sersol Bhd. Coming Around Again

won the best female vocalist  award  at the 1987  at the 1987 Grammys.  Retailers hoping for a punt of a life time will surely be looking at Sersol Bhd and hope that it will be coming around again.

Eight years ago, NST claimed Sersol is the X men of the stock market, after the stock climbed from a base of 8 sen in 2012 to peak at RM1.16 on July 2013.

This time around, Sersol has come from a base of 10 sen in 2020 , and on last count stood at 48 sen.

Chartist using mostly  the  Elliott Wave Theory by R.N. Elliott in the 1930s,  have been predicting Sersol's second coming for some time now.

In the hands of an expert, the Elliot Wave Theory  can do even the impossible  as proven by Robert Prechter, who correctly predicted the  bull run of the 1980's as well as  with  pin point accuracy the crash of the market in the 1980s.

Over the past two months  some mean chartist have  been predicting the rise of Sersol  in forums, where mostly chart geeks hang out. Check out various chartist view on Sersol since June 2021

Now that Sersol had completed the wave B,  based on the Eliott Wave Theory, it will be very interesting to see if  for Sersol it will be 

Coming around again
Nothing stays the same
But if you're willing to play the game
It will be coming around again.

Elliott Wave is not a trading technique. Traders and technical analyst  avoid using the Elliot Wave , because of the apparently subjective nature of how it may be applied. Basically what I mean to say if you cannot think outside of the box, then this technic is not for you.

Tengku Zafrul. Cakap Dalam Gelap

by shazzaan, who is the by product of the The Yayasan Raja Muda Selangor’s (YRMS) Talent For The World Programme, aimed at helping youth with great potential in a particular field to pursue their dreams under the guidance of a mentor.

A young age troubled youth, who had spent time in jail  Shazzaan was mentored for 10 years by Poetic Ammo's Yogi B, leading to his debut single in 2015 Cakap Dalam Gelap

gua sudah rikey.
Brada manyak cantik
sumbang bila menyanyi.
Belum pandai menari
duduk diam je der.

At 48, Tengku Zafrul is not a young man nor is he a novice, hence I was surprised with what he was reported to have said to one of Asia's most respected and influential publication, the South China Morning Post.

The readership of South China Morning Post are leaders in business and the technocrats who advise them. To people like this, the terms one use can either make or break a country especially if it comes out from the mouth of the Finance Minister.

Malaysia as you know has a big informal economy where the numbers [may not capture] those employed in these sectors. 

Thank You,  Tengku Zafrul. I hope  you read the following reports about BIG INFORMAL ECONOMY.
1. According to the IMF The informal economy is generally associated with low productivity, poverty, high unemployment, and slower economic growth

2.According to the World Bank As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on service workers, is the informal sector increasing global inequality?

I am not saying that Zafrul is wrong.  He most likely is right.  Makes me wonder, could that be the reason why MAMPU  which is under the Prime Ministers Department HAS NOT UPDATED WEBSITE CONTENT on  the World HAPPINESS INDEX since 2019 .

 READ : Vietnam more happy than Malaysia

or maybe the were just  like the cakap dalam Gelap guy have been caught not being able to piss straight without hitting the pants.