Wednesday 29 November 2023

Labuan ; Pulangkan kami tanpa konflik. Pulangkan kami ke ....

CORRECT or not, the underlying  feeling  from Sabah is banyak aset tapi terus dicopet, which the Prime Minister in his up coming visit to Sabah must attempt to provide solutions so that we can have some closure .

AS a person from West Malaysia, what has caught my eye had been the speech given by Anifah Aman in the Dewan Negara this week with regards to Labuan. READ : Macam mana nak majukan Labuan kalau bekalan air pun tak ada.

ACCORDING, to Anifah Aman, who is a special advisor to the Sabah Chief Minister as well as the chairman of Labuan Corp, the water shortage in Labuan is so critical that taking a bath via mineral water is seen as a feasible option for foreign guest cum potential investors.

WORST still, there are allegations that Malaysia's only off shore financial centre, Labuan is only graced with shop lots and have very few if any high rise buildings.

AT stake is not only, Labuan's water woes, its role as the nation's premier offshore centre but also  Petronas assets, namely Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd' Labuan Gas Terminal and its surrounding exploration rights.

CAN most of us in West Malaysia, actually and honestly say that the claims coming out from Sabah are mere propaganda? 

WE can't,  because the honest fact is most of us actually have very little understanding of what is going on in Labuan.

PERHAPS our TV stations should provide us an eagles eye view of Labuan as well as interview the residents of Labuan so we can make a judgement ourselves on what exactly is happening at ground zero in Labuan.

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : Get Shorty

SO  Revenue Group Bhd,  had released its latest quarterly results yesterday, with some people texting me  on what I think about the results.

I obviously  did not respond back,  namely, the results itself is so bad that it can speak for itself but more importantly, if one were to READ :a new sheriff in town alongside what we're written in the notes attached. to the Revenue Group results, then it will become increasingly clear, what was written in the notes must surely overshadow everything

SO what is it, was written in the notes, which can clearly be interpreted as a move to get SHORTY.

WHO is shorty you may ask? WELL just look at the photograph above a make a wild guess....

NOW  coming back to the private share placement exercise, notice that Bursa Malaysia  has not approved Revenue Group's proposal in June 2023 to issue more than 50 million new shares so the money can be used to pay salary .

WHY is that so ? IS it because Wahid Omar is down right afraid  of the new sheriff in town,  who happens to be Anwar Ibrahim?

Tuesday 28 November 2023

I said it, Hong Seng Consolidated's Teoh Hai Han is doing it

BACK  in August, I had written that READ : Hong Seng Consolidated's Teoh Hai Han is quitting the company lock, stock and barrel.

WELL, it looks like such as outcome is coming closer to reality,  as the Corporate Mafia themselves become more detached from factuality. 

YESTERDAY, Hong Seng Consolidated informed tbe stock exchange  that VIEW : sold 155 million Hong Seng shares over a period of two days in late November this year.

TEOH  no longer has a direct stake in Hong Seng Consolidated  these days, and the only ties he has with the company his father and grandfather help build is now an indirect stake in Hong Seng Consolidated.

Monday 27 November 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long, Sabah, Sarawak ; The People Have Started To Talk.

YOU  don't have to have a big budget to effectively run a communications exercise for people to either like you or dislike your foes. 

JUST  look at the pain being suffered by Hong Seng Consolidated today, largely due to effective communication. 

WHAT can I say, when a comment pops out on the popular investment forum KL SCREENER ;  You can Google, Hong Seng, Chin Boon Long, then you know what happened,  except to say THANK YOU.

EFFECTIVE communication has a simple rule, the story line has to be logical, which is why I can't help rolling on the floor, that morons like READ :  Iswardy Morni are in the conversation to replace the gay as in happy Agus as the new J Kom chief.

WHY have I called Iswardy Morni a moron? Watch VIEW : Video Wahab dan Agus di rakam tanpa suara, and tell me the term idiotic didn't cross your mind.

IF the Prime Minister is looking for someone to fill the role in J Kom, then he should be looking based on merit and capabilities at those operating the following blogs ; Rockybru, Anotherbrickonthewall and even the not pro Anwar Ibrahim, Outsyedthebox .

WHEN the masses start talking, as in the case  of Victor Chin Boon Long and Hong Seng, then we know that a  raw nerve has been hit, and it won't be long for karma to come calling.

THAT though is on the positive note,  because some times when the public starts talking,  a raw nerve has also been hit , but this time to state that the way we communicate,  has over stepped the boundaries.

TAKE for instance what is trending in East Malaysia right now, READ : Kita ikut cara Sabah bukan cara Malaya.

HOW much of this type of sentiment has risen in Sabah and Sarawak due to how Putrajaya had communicated the suffering in Gaza  to the Malaysian public must surely be weighed upon  the Prime Minister's shoulder.

Sunday 26 November 2023

I said it, Merdeka Centre Polled It ; Hilang sengat, hilang seri, hilang seru, hilang merdu

ON the 9th of May 2023, I already  foretold that the lackadaisical attitude on how the Madani Government communicates, is bound to have its toll on the Prime Minister. READ:  WHAT does the Prime Minister reap from the negative user experience on the Madani Malaysia site? He reaps loads of user distrust and suspicion at a personal level

CONSIDER, the following, when i last visited the website, there were a maximum of  135818 visitors, since the 201 days that had passed us by, VIEWThere are now 310456 visitors in total, meaning over a 201 day period, there were an additional 174618 additional visitors or about 868 visitors per day

THOSE numbers are not pathetic,  solely because the content on the website, remaina a sorry excuse , and  miles ahead in the pathetic stake.

ALTHOUGH,  I agree with Rafizi Ramli, that the PM's popularity had picked up READ : since the Merdeka Centre poll in October, I believe that among the Muslims, Anwar Ibrahim's hawkish stance in the Palestinian  crisis ,may have earned him some browny points.

SO why has Anwar Ibrahim's popularity fallen? Is it because he is not doing his job? I believe the Prime Minister has been doing his job, but those tasked to communicate to the public are down right incompetent.

INSTEAD of being the news makers, they have become reactors to the news, with Khairy Jamaluddin running circles over them.

THE numbers though state a very different story, , a story that the Madani communication apparatus had failed to narrate to the Malaysian public.

UNDER  Anwar Ibrahim's watch, VIEW : the average value of the Ringgit against the US Dollar is RM4.54.⁷⁷

THIS 9.8 sen depreciation, is hardly a crisis considering that in Anwar Ibrahim's ongoing tenure, the US Federal Reserve has been increasing interest rate hikes rapidly, and there are two major wars  taking place, one in Ukraine and the other in Gaza distrupting supply chains. 

MALAYSIA is still waiting for Rafizi Ramli to deliver a progressive wage model and a detailed plan on how to abolish APPROVED PERMITS

PAS, Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd type deal in Kedah, deserves more scrutiny.

WHAT is a Hong Seng Consolidated type of a deal? Well the Hong Seng type of deals are normally  armed with mind boggling,  ball park figures which  run into the billions, and returns to match those billions.

HONG Seng Consolidated  deals are only good to push it share price to levels unseen, only to come crashing like humpty dumpy, when for some reason or another  the deal won't materialise. READ : Investors lose more than RM7.8 billion after Hong Seng says the rubber city project in Kedah is off.

TAHIRA's public face is its chief executive Vincent Tan, who has worked in oil and gas and rare earth projects with companies in Australia and the USA, and its vice president Asnil Ali .

BEHIND them are the Chinese nationals from Henan Province , Jia Qin Feng and his Hongkie friend Sandy Cheng.

TO bring in RM2.5 billion into Malaysia would require the Foreign Investment Committee  approval, and then there is a question  if the duo are mere fronts and  is Malaysia prepared to allow agents of foreign nations, controlling an airport in our backyard.

THIS deal won't go through. Looks like Kedah has learned well from Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd.  READ:The Kedah Menteri Besar says he knew last year that the Hong Seng Project in Kedah might not take place

NOW my question is , what if this friendship goes beyond co operating on the timing of the announcement.  What if PAS via Victor Chin Boon Long got rich when Hong Seng Consolodated 's capitalisation from a few hundred million Ringgit rose to RM8 billion?

Saturday 25 November 2023

Will Muhyiddin Yassin be third time lucky???

NOT many are aware if Anwar Ibrahim had made it as the Prime Minister in the 1990's, his choice as his number two would have been Muhyiddin Yassin .

BUT as fate would have it, Anwar Ibrahim, ended up being locked away in prison. 

WHY I have brought this up today is because many people don't know  the duo were close friends and had remained closed even when Muhyiddin Yassin was Najib Razak's number two.

THEY were so close, that Muhyiddin Yassin's friend Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary owes his biggest break in Corporate Malaysia  such the control of Pelabuhan Tanjong Lepas in Johor to Anwar Ibrahim  rather than Dr Mahathir. 

MUHYIDDIN Yassin's  second chance to be Anwar Ibrahim's deputy came barely a year ago, with  the King proposing a two year rotational system between the duo as PM and DPM.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin,  most likely suffering from the short men syndrome, turned down that opportunity too.

I had warned the self proclaimed  Abah of the Nation to wake up now rather than latter,  to see that his political foe is not Anwar Ibrahim and has never been Anwar Ibrahim. His foe is the people sitting with him on the same stage .

MUHYIDDIN Yassin, should  work on being third time lucky with Anwar Ibrahim, because if he doesn't know it by now there is an old politically strong family who have eyes on Bersatu, having already won the palm and hearts of PAS.

BERSATU should either boot out PAS from Perikatan Nasional, or should leave  Perikatan Nasional.

EITHER way this is the last bus for Muhyiddin Yassin if he has any intentions of becoming PM someday. 

GET on the bus of his friend, or be prepared to be shamed, humiliated and betrayed  by his false friends.

Thursday 23 November 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : There is a new sheriff in Town

FRANCIS Leong  Seng Wui, who months ago sat across a room in the swanky mount kiara area, as if he were the reincarnation of the Kapitan Cina Yap AH Loy, shouldn't make any  plans to go abroad.

GONE are the days, when Leong Seng Wui"s, mere introduction; I am from Greenpacket, were designed to invoke fear in ethnic Chinese businessmen, that if they do not surrender their wealth,   READ : they would end up like the Revenue Brothers, thrown into a cellar

THE henchmen of Victor Chin Boon Long's Corporate Mafia, if he didn't know before, must surely know by now there is a new sheriff at the Finance ministry , and he happens to be Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

SO what has this new sheriff in town, done  to make sure that the Corporate Mafia members, start learning how not to bend down in the shower to pick up the soap?

A bank in the wrong hands is a deadly tool, as it can be used to make bad money look angelic. 

WHY would anyone choose to only own 15 million Green Packet Shares by spending RM6 million when they could own 120 million GREEN PACKET SHARES, is BEYOND ME.

AND guess WHAT ? A similar pattern emerges in Revenue Group Bhd too, involving the one for one conversion of warrants into mother shares at a conversion price of 75 sen per warrant to mother share, at a time when the mother share was trading at an average of 25 sen a share.

IN total, some RM62.59 million in cash went into Revenue Group due to the warrant conversion that made no economic sence.

IF  you wish for an indepth explanation on the three paragraphs above , please refer to READ: The WiseGuy Inside the Corporate Mafia.

GUESS where the new sheriff  is taking his horse to next? Well it's to the money washing shop of READ : of the Chinese gangsters who are great friends of PAS, that bullies ethnic Chinese businessmen in their past time.

SO now you know why Bersatu, PAS and even MCA are pleading to any one who would listen, that they have no issues with Anwar Ibrahim being Prime Minister  READ : but please surrender the Finance ministership to anybody else.

THE reason is because many politicians know that their  fat goose ass is about to be smoked out and cooked by the new sheriff in TOWN.

Anwar Ibrahim has a communication problem !

ANWAR Ibrahim's Unity Government has a very chronic communication problem, one which even the Prime Minister may have severely  under estimated.

THERE  has been an over emphasis on the medium ie Tik Tok, Face Book, ect ect and the format in which the messages are delivered. 

AS a result, a wrong impression is being painted of Anwar Ibrahim by his OWN COMMUNICATION TEAM  for the Malaysian public to feed on.

CONSIDER the following ; the Prime Minister has WRONGFULLY been painted as doing nothing on the economic front and that the nation's economy is crashing down to the ground. READ : Muhyiddin Yassin says in Parliament that several economists have raised concerns over the poor economic recovery in the country.

EVEN the PRO Anwar Ibrahim media have been convinced to buy into this false narrative that the economy is not doing well, with the Malay Mail screaming READ : Anwar’s approval rating at 50pc, driven by concerns over economy.

THE public too has bought into this false narrative that the economy is not doing well,  as can be seen in the Merdeka Poll, mentioned in the Malay Mail report above.

WHY do I keep repeating the  word FALSE?  Am I going to put out the GDP  figures or even  READ :FITCH'S assessment that 2024 will out perform 2023, just to prove to the reader that I am a nerd who knows very little about the workings of the real world economy?

NO, when I say that the reports on Anwar Ibrahim doing nothing for the economy and the economy is not doing well is based on a false narrative,  I am doing so with the full knowledge that in most cases even with a good GDP , people on the ground might be suffering.

THE proof is in the pudding, that most Malaysians are actually feeling good and have a lot money to burn because of that, and they are actually doing so, but because the communication team is weak people don't realise Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister has actually delivered.

HELLO,  Malaysia if you are feeling insecure due to these FALSE NARRATIVE,  can you please EXPLAIN to YOURSELF  why have you gone out and bought a new car, and collectively  have READ :pushed car sales in Malaysia, to a RECORD volume unseen in the history of this nation.

YES, in his first full year as Finance Minister since being sacked by Dr Mahathir in the 1990's, under Anwar Ibrahim's stewardship,  Malaysians are poised to buy some 750,000 automobiles THIS YEAR, with one month left to go.

THIS LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE is not a common denominator across South East Asia in 2023, which only goes to show that based big ticker economic indicators, which directly monitors consumer real spending behaviour, not only is our economy doing well, people are earning enough to spend large amounts  of money across the board.

NOW go and ask Muhyiddin Yassin's to ask his economists, because the former Prime Minister have not named them, if it is A PROVEN ECONOMICT FACT that READ :Motor vehicle sales are a key economic indicator since they provide a snapshot of consumer demand for big-ticket items. As a result, motor vehicle sales figures garner an enormous amount of attention.

THE Unity Government's communication strategy has been based on optics, which favours a falling and failing opposition, which makes one wonder if they Unity Government is afraid of heights  

TAKE  for instance,  the media hype created by Fahmi Fadzil's READ : newspaper listing to serve defamation suit on Papagomo, which has only gone on to introduce this former bribe taking EX Policemen kicked out from the police force to a wider audience. 

AS one Sabahkini reader nailed it READ : Gomo.. Hanya cari makan shj.. Siapa yang bayar dia kerjalh

WHY not place the the focus instead on who are the RELIGIOUS upstarts helping him pay off all his defamation suit, considering that PAPAGOMO's VIEW : desire to have sex with another male, was expressed by himself openly

When you focus on the optics, you get bullied, VIEW  : how Khairy Jamaluddin bullies Azalina in his keluar sekejap podcast.

HEY, Azalina why don't you get off your fat ass and bully Khairy Jamaluddin  and his Keluar Sekejap minnion back by doing some flashbacks of your own, VIEW : Kita Dengar Semula , KJ & Sharil Hamdan mintak to like and follow his keluar Kejap You Tube Channel.

BY the way You Tube  is owned by Google which is on the boycott list of pro Palestinian  Group's, and then you have Sharil Hamdan,  Khairy Jamaluddin's  minnion who said READ : apa-apa langkah sama ada boikot, atau meminimakan perbelanjaan dalam entiti dan syarikat (yang berpangkalan di AS), kalau itu boleh membuatkan emosi saya dan pemikiran saya lebih dekat dengan mangsa-mangsa di Palestin, itu sahaja cukup untuk saya.

SO  when is Sharil Hamdan going to demand Keluar Sekejap followers to UNSUBSCRIBE  from the money making Keluar Sekejap You Tube Channel .

OR  is this a case if boils down to Sharil Hamdan and Khairy jamaluddin receiving fat cheques, then it's okay, but heaven forbid Mcdonald Malaysia earning enough money to train and staff homeless, OKU's and mostly Malay youths to pay them a decent wage ?  

WHAT a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!!


Monday 20 November 2023

I said it, and Muhammad Agus Boots Did It.

SOMETIME in February  2023, I had informed Malaysians , with regards  to Mohammad  Agus Yusoff tenure in J Kom that READ: these boots are not for lickin, these boots are for walking and these boots are gonna walk all over you.

AGUS, READ :boots may have walked out from KJom as the director General of J Kom but are his troubles over and does it just end with WAHAB?

I am not saying anything, except maybe this whole drama about Wahab  perhaps should have been played out  SOME 23 DAYS AGO ....

ALL right, I feel like going to Selangor, by taking a train and a reading a book on financial mis practise to occupy my time while in the train, and then take some photos of universities in Selangor just for fun!!!

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : The succulent sound of money and dead man walking!!

WHERE is all that money ?,  the money which used to make such a succulent sound in Hong Seng Consolidated?.

OFFICIALLY,  Victor Chin Boon Long can't even be asked such a question although it is a known fact who is the Dà lǎobǎn at Hong Seng Capital.

MEET  Lester Chin Kent  Lake,  the 37 year old stock chartist from RHB, who left UOB, where he was  the associate directorsometime in October 2020, at a time, when UOB, READ : came under the Scrutiny of enforcement and market requlators, due to suspicion the bank had exposed themselves to the risk of being used as a conduit for financial crime.

LESTER Chin Kent Lake  via Lim Peng Tong's Radiance Dynasty Sdn Bhd, bought 264 million Hong Seng shares yesterday, by borrowing money from the Hong Seng Consolidated/ Victor Chin Boon Long controlled CSH Network Capital Sdn Bhd.

LESTER Chin Kent Lake came into Hong Seng as Finance Director just before 2021's Valentine Day, after it emerged Hong Seng's previous  Finance Director Kenny Khow Chuan Wah's name was all over READ : an alleged plot to bribe and control a senior power broker inside Malaysia's civil service.

WITH LESTER Chin Kent Lake in charge, Hong Seng Consolidated  signed one deal after another, mostly in PERIKATAN NASIONAL  controlled states, resulting in READ : Hong Seng Consolidated shares in 2021 rising by more than 416 per cent

HONG Seng Consolidated had risen from 63 sen to RM3.87 a share by November 2021, giving it a market cap in excess of RM8 billion

TODAY,  Hong Seng Consolidated's market capitalisation is less than RM180 million, meaning ordinary Malaysians who invested in Hong Seng Consolidated LOST RM7.8 BILLION because all the major projects announced under LESTER Chin Kent Lake tenure as EXECUTIVE GROUP FINANCE DIRECTOR never materialised.

WORST still, Hong Seng Consolidated may have DELIBERATELY withheld information to the general public that its so called investment in KEDAH, was off the rails, in order to strengthen  PAS hand in the recently concluded state elections.

THE  theme was give Perikatan Nasional a convincing victory in four of the six states holding the election, in order to force Anwar Ibrahim to quit as Prime Minister.

PERIKATAN Nasional came within a whisker of achieving that goal,  but was stopped as Anwar Ibrahim's Parti Keadilan Rakyat did just enough to hold on to Selangor .

THE Kedah Menteri Besar, upon being asked on the cancellation of the project, had this to say READ : I was informed on Hong Seng's possible withdrawal (from the proposed investment) last year (2022).

AT least two people, I spoke to,  who has direct access to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, had told me : WE ARE AWARE!

Sunday 19 November 2023

Biar Mati Anak, Jangan mati adat

MASUK  dalam lah, Tun Mahathir, who a week ago told an audience of 1.6 million viewers in failed politician Khairy Jamaluddin's podcast, Keluar Sekejap, READ : Chinese, Indian immigrants refused to assimilate.

A sin indeed has been committed,  when a boy was sacked from his job, because he was wearing a cross inside of his shirt, and had a songkok on his head.

WHY did the boy had to lose, his job while DAP's V Sivakumar, the Human Resource Minister as can be seen in the photo below,  gets to keep his fat pay cheque paid by the Federal Government despite wearing a songkok when receiving his ministership.

AS Human Resource Minister, why has V Sivakumar, not thrown the entire penal code on the owners of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang, for sacking this boy.

I am truly shocked that the ownership of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant are allowed to make a statement such as READ: restaurant will be more thorough in screening potential staffs’ background to avoid offending local Muslim sensitivities.

I am shocked because the ownership of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang has a very superficial understanding of Islam.

SONGKOK is the traditional head gear of the Malay race and because our nation is known as MALAYSIA , which means the land of the Malays.  READ : To wear a songkok to an official function is a necessity in the Malay traditions.For a Malaysian to wear a songkok at an official function, does not connotate that the wearer is required to be a Muslim or a Malay.

THE songkok, which is also known as kopiah and peci, to those who are well versed in the Malay language,  and its history, will tell you kopiah or kupiah was first recorded READ : in Hikayat Iskandar Zulkarnain, which was originally written 1600 years even before Jesus Christ was born.

SO who is to be blamed for all this mess? Well it is people like Dr Mahathir, who won't take the time to explain that assimilation, from the Indonesian experience has nothing to do with conversion and the likes of  Lim Kit Siang, who has a very shallow understanding of Islam and the Malay language, READ : who has placed it in the minds of the Chinese that wearing the Songkok is equivalent to be a muslim.

BUT, who is going to get the blame for all this, if the owners of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang are nor swiftly and legally dealt with by the Federal Government?

IT'S definitely Anwar Ibrahim,  because he is the politician who was caught on tape, saying VIEW : Anak Melayu, Anak Cina, Anak India, Anak Kadazan, Anak saya.

SO what should the Prime Minister do? If I was in his shoes, it will be a no brainer, as the solution is blowing in the wind all the way from Aceh ; Mate aneuk meupat jeurat, gadoh adat pat tamita, which means Biar mati Anak jangan mati Adat.

THE rule of the land must be followed to the last dotted line, eventhough sometimes it might not go down well with the ignorant ones. 

FIVE hundred years ago, it was a no brainer, for Sultan Iskandar Muda, to uphold the rule of the land, when his son, the crown prince and the next in line to the Serambi Mekah throne was put to death for adultery in accordance with the rule of the land.

ANWAR Ibrahim is the Prime Minister today. He cannot afford to fiddle on this particular issue ;  TEGAK BERDIRI BUKANNYA LALANG!

The Brown Beatles, Possible Terror Attack in Malaysia.....

TUMULTUOUS is the best word ,I can come up with to describe the state of my nation, and yours too; our homeland.

WE seem to be consistently mis placing our priorities, in a manner that least benefits us, as a people, a statehood and as stakeholders.

WE make noise, akin to dogs that bark at a mountain, and believe it has made a profound contribution to the world.

TAKE a look at the boycott McDonald's movement in Malaysia. From the sound of Tik Tok, one would believe McDonald's is one bended knees, when in actual fact VIEW : McDonald's shares are much stronger than it was on Octobet 7 2023. Capitalisation now stands at US200 Billion.

NST's Group Editor may have won some awards, but she needs urgent lessons in English, as she does not seem to know , the meaning of  READ : having Biden, the US President's ear.

TUMULTUOUS, is the sad state of this federation, as Sabah and Sarawak have overruled READ :have over ruled for themselves on acceptance of Palestinian refugees.

AS at Nov 1 2023, the UK Government keeps telling its citizens , READ : Terrorist attacks in Malaysia can’t be ruled out.

ONLY a fool will believe that the UK Government's move has nothing to do with empty vessels making all the wrong noise, but shockingly have talked themselves into believing that they have delivered the best for Malaysia.

THE self proclaimed  Abah of the nation, the 76 year old Muhyiddin Yassin, even in this ripe age can smell blood, which is why READ : which is why, he wants to remind Dr Mahathir, that the enemy of your enemy is my friend...

Saturday 18 November 2023

From Vietnam with Love : Otak Tikus Memang , Bukan Otak Udang

WAHAB rules Tik Tok with Agus, no doubt about it but whatever their issues, it pales to how Malaysians and Malaysia has been betrayed. 

RAKUS rakus bukan KEPALANG,is the only way I can describe Malaysia's reluctance to take heed of Vietnam's proposal that the new south east Asian tigers supply of rice is cemented via Government to Government agreement. 

INSTEAD , Malaysia insist that Syed Mokthar's total,  absolute controlled family business BERNAS will negotiate with the Vietnamese.

VIETNAM beat China in a war. They trashed the French and Americans too. They are a proud people, who stand undefeated in the wars that took place in their land over the last 80 years.

THEY did not fight to win all those battles so that they can talk to Syed Mokthar about the Vietnamese more rice to Malaysia.

VIETNAMESE  rice have takers ,and don't need Malaysia. Malaysia needs Vietnam!!

Friday 17 November 2023

SIME Darby Bhd ; I hear the secrets that you keep

SIME Darby Bhd, the world's largest producer of certified sustainable palm oil with presence in over 100 countries is working on a secret global plan, costing way  in excess of RM250 million.

THE plan has a two year life span, which will result in some major identity changes to the group.

The firm which is 50 per cent owned by Permodalan Nasional Bhd, and some 9.8 per cent by contributors of Employee Providend Fund, posted READ : a net profit of RM1.46 billion for the financial endedJune 2023

SIME Darby, although in operations since 1910,  only came into Malaysian hands in 1977, when
Guthrie Corporation Limited transferred its plantation interests from UK subsidiaries to Malaysian incorporated companies and expanded to the Philippines, China, and Africa.

WITHIN the next 24 months, Sime Darby has to surrender the name,  due to pattern issues.

AT the board level a decision has been made,for Sime Darby to change its name to Guthrie  Bhd.

ALL this is because the name SIME DARBY has an international pattern to it, and the pattern holders are demanding crazy money if Sime Darby wants to remain being called by that name.

Thursday 16 November 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : Optimus Prime (Attention Corporate Mafia, you boys need to digest carefully everything in this post)

THE last, I wrote on The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia was in August 2023. READ : Peace is not the absence of WAR 

TODAY,  I won't write much but, Corporate Mafia Boys, it's FRIDAY, so it's best you view very slowly and digest VIEW : What Karpal Singh's Son is Telling You.

OPTIMUS Prime is a good guy, who fights for everything the material world, won't bother, such as KEADILAN,  so don't flater yourself, Corporate Mafia, none of you are Optimus Prime .

JUST hope none of you guys are MEGATRON. IF you have no idea what Optimus Prime does to Megatron.. just go and watch the Transfomers.... the end is anything but pretty for MEGATRON.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Meet the Corporate Lingchi!!

LINGCHI is a Chinese phrase which in the modern English language, has come to mean a situation where lots of small bad things are happening, none of which are fatal in themselves, but when put together it's a boardroom master class on how to finish off, business wise, the people on the other side of the court.

YESTERDAY,  Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd shares had fallen by one sen to close at four sen a share. It was the most traded stock on the stock market with more than 700 million shares exchanging hands.

THAT one sen loss, resulted in a minimum loss of RM50 million in market capitalisation, to bring the company's self worth on Bursa Malaysia down to the last RM200 million or so.

APPARENTLY,  attempts to roll over up wards had failed just like an earlier attempt some time between August and October 2023 had resulted in the corporate mafia ending up with more than 179 million Hong Seng shares than before.

A new door will soon be pierced open , but only this time it strikes at the very heart of MMAG Bhd.

IT has nothing to do with any shareholder disputes but rather something very dear and close to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's heart ;  HUMAN RIGHTS....

To be Continued!.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Titus Tikus Kantor di kementerian pertanian dan keterjaminan makanan

IT is a known fact in Putrajaya that Mat Sabu, the agriculture minister is not in the pink of health at this stage of his life. 

THAT, unfortunately has provided an opportunity for the READ : Tikus Tikus kantor to have a jolly good time, which according to the blogger Thick As Brick is a ripe recipe for another impending rich shortage in Malaysia.

NOW who is the culprit here? Well it is definitely the The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry (Mafi),because why limit the number of companies that can provide quality seeds, if you feel that the existing firms are not up to the mark?

IN defence, of the existing firms supplying seeds to the paddy farmers, the seed providers are not allowed to output the maximum number of seeds which they can actually come out with.

THERE are granaries in Kedah which can produce 40,000 seeds, but MAFI have tied them down to a quota of only 14,000 seeds per year. 

WHY is that so MAFI?

Monday 13 November 2023

The Sarawak Quardrum !!!!

A burning question in everybody's mind, although not many  have openly asked the question, which needs to be asked.

WILL Sarawak walk away from the Unity Government if Palestinian refugees from Gaza are given here shelter from the storm?

NO doubt the fight in Gaza, has had overwhelming support from the  Malaysian masses, but what happens when there is calm after the storm?

LET'S not hide the fact, that before the war on Gaza, in commercial places such as in Wangsa Maju and Bukit Bintang VIEW : tensions between Malaysians especially the Malays with Arabs had been brewing.

ONE reason for this was because the Arabs had been taking up business places and opportunities that rightfully belong to the Malays, based on the unspoken quota system .

DO more for the Malays lah beb, they are the overwhelming majority in our army, that keeps every Indian,  Chinese  and Malay citizen of this great nation safe.

WE have already READ : more than 200,000 refugees in our country says Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. The nation can't take more.

OURS is a rich nation, and we should help every Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Iban citizen of this nation reach their maximum potential rather than fall into a trap whereby ; Anak dipangku dilepaskan, beruk di hutan disusukan.

Sunday 12 November 2023

The Bersatu, Rice Screw Job

THE Public Accounts Committee in which Bersatu's Mas Ermieyati Samsudin is the powerful chairman seems to have done a thorough screwjob on it's party president Muhyiddin Yassin

THE BERSATU led committee is now telling the nation that READ : we should not rely on Bernas to stabilise Malaysia’s rice industry

WHY is that so? Well apparently BERNAS is either a very incompetent company or it is purposely screwing the B40 rice farmers.

TAKE for instance, Bernas reluctance/refusal to release some 67 per cent of its social obligations fund of 2021 but the Syed Mokthar monopoly was hilariously paying out RM730,000 as subsidies to dead paddy farmers.

THE PAC mentioned very little about Kedah Menteri Besar's claims of READ : Naga companies manipulating the rice matket.

CHECKS on the ground  that if indeed there are any NAGA companies involved in such large scale activities in Kedah, they are the companies who are joint venture entities of BERNAS.

WHICH brings us back to the question, READ : Who will lodge the first MACC report AGAINST PAS?

Saturday 11 November 2023

Who will lodge the first MACC report AGAINST PAS?

DEEPAVALI is turning out to be the season for MACC reports, with BERSATU  READ : leading the pact to do so, over their member of Parliament's sudden support for the Anwar Ibrahim Administration.

I am afraid if BERSATU is adamant  of pursuing the MACC path, the political  party is merely paving the way  for PAS political leadership to end up facing prison sentences similar to what has been dished out to READ : Syed Saddiq.

CONSIDER the following, perhaps among the only policy boisterously supported by PAS during the first PH Government's rule was the move to severely clip BERNAS wings. READ : The year is 2018, and PAS says the PH Government's move to end Bernas concession is the correct move.

NOW, I strongly don't believe that PAS  was playing politics here, just to be friendly with the first PH administration back in 2018,  because as we can see READ : killing of Bernas has always been in the PAS DNA, with the party as early as 2008 calling for Bernas to be culled.

SO how come PAS have shifted its stance or in other words jump like a frog from the people's heart right into the corner of BERNAS.

DID some of those money grease PAS hands and is that why Dr Mahathir, the patron of Syed Mokthar today is PAS new BFF?

Anwar Ibrahim ; Come December

FOR those who think that Anwar Ibrahim is all talk and no action, should watch how the month of December is going to unfold.

YES, the Prime Minister has been pre occupied with the APEC meeting in San Francisco and in the happenings in Gaza, where the READ : The Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisations (Mapim) wants greater accountability on how our money is actually being spend in Gaza.

WHILE, Gaza and Hamas have definitely captured the headlines, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has actually kept his eyes very close to what is happening to the plight of the mostly B40 paddy farmers in the Malay heartland. READ : Bernas needs to be scrutinised more says Anwar Ibrahim.

SO why December  and not on November 2023?, well because December is when there will be  additions and a realignment to the current cabinet, as well as a complete review of the approved permit business in Malaysia.  READ : Review of monopoly and AP business to take place in October 2023.

HOWEVER due to Rafizi Ramli's health issues the bulk of the reviews had to be put on hold and delayed by about a month.

TOP on the list and on the chopping board is BERNAS .

Thursday 9 November 2023

My Error, the real con men is.....

A day ago I had wrongly written based on media sources that the Datuk Wira involved in the RM1 billion scam was Justin Lim Hwa Tat.

THE error is mine and mine alone but that does not mean Justin Lim Hwa Tat who is on the wanted MACC list is not a con men. 

SO who is the real RM1 billion Datuk Wira who is the centre of investigation? Well it is none other than the gentleman pictured above.

FOR those not familiar with what I am talking about, READ : influential Datuk behind RM1 billion scam.

THE bulk of the scam resolves around a RM400 million loan from Bank Pembangunan Malaysia. 

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Justin Lim Hwa Tat ; When it rains, it pours

LOOKS like it is not a happy time for the Justin Lim Hwa Tat family at this very moment, as his wife, the former Indonesian dangdut singer Poppy Capella might be facing criminal charges of her own.

AS we know, Poppy Capella was the organiser of the READ : scandal stained Miss Universe 2023 pagent in Indonesia.

Justin Lim Hwa Tat is the Billion Ringgit Scam man

JUSTIN Lim Hwa Tat, who got VIEW : removed as the chief executive officer of Sersol Bhd on November 6 2023 is the man behind the RM1 billion scam.

YESTERDAY,  the NST reported  READ :  that an influential Datuk was behind a RM1 billion scam.

HOWEVER getting hold of Justin Lim Hwa Tat is going to be a problem because he has apparently fled the country months ago, and was last spotted in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister ; Sarawak, its hot in here!!!

LOOKS like there is more  to the out of the blue story from Focus Malaysia , READ : On the conspiracy to force Anwar Ibrahim into retirement.

APPARENTLY,  the out of the blue story from Focus Malaysia did not originate from the security apparatus but rather it came from those said to be within a ear shot of a former Star reporter turned corporate magnate.

MEET the randy  and sometimes charismatic Clement Hii Chii Kok, who is reportedly a billionaire.  READ :  My journey from news reporter to corporate tycoon.

HII Chii Kok is the ultimate pay master of Focus Malaysia, a failed project, of which in its heyday was supposed to give TheEdge a run for its money.

THE tycoon hails from Sarawak, flagging suspicions, that the Sarawakians too,  want Anwar Ibrahim to be READ : more assertive in his decision making, going forward!!!

Monday 6 November 2023

Badminton Association of Malaysia, the house of un electable politicians

BACK in early 2023, Ganjar Pranowo looked all set to be the shoe in candidate to win next year's election and assume the presidency of Indonesia. READ :  Ganjar Pranowo is the most popular candidate to replace Jokowi as the next President of Indonesia.

AND then just like that, the most popular active politician in Indonesia,  saw his popularity go down the drain when  he poked his nose in the world of sports, causing Indonesia to lose the opportunity  to host the 2023 Under 20 FIFA World Cup.  

THE moral of the story is politicians should keep their nose out of sports, because the underlying feeling is that they are out to use and abuse sporting associations for their own politicial use, ie to bolster their own political standing.

TAKE for instance, Tengku Zafrul's recent coup in

WE all know Tengku Zafrul as a Liverpool loving football fan, and not as somebody who has the well being of Badminton in the country at heart.

TENGKU Zafrul has too much on his plate already as the minister in charge of MITI and too many issues that could blow up on his face and embarrass Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, for him to even remotely be the ideal choice to lead Badminton to a new era.

AMONG the scandals that may drag Tengku Zafrul's name are the VIEW : Goldman Sachs 1MDB pay off and his alleged close association with the VIEW : leader of the brutal Indian gang 24.

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The identity of the secret substantial shareholder of Revenue Group.

FANS of Najib Razak,  Malaysia's very popular ex Prime Minister should ask themselves, why is he caged behind bars, when the likes of Francis Leong Seng Wui  can roam freely as a bird  with IMPUNITY. 

THEY should demand anwsers rightfully, because once we remove the headline, billions of dollars that went absent without leave in 1MDB, why was actually Najib Razak imprisoned?

NOW compare that to some RM62.59 million in cash that went into Revenue Group due to the warrant conversion that made no economic sence, because the conversion price was 75 sen at a time the mother share was trading at 25 sen or below .

 OR how about the RM6 million which was used to convert GreenPacket warrants  to 15 million Greenpacket mother shares at a time if one were to use that same RM6 million to buy GreenPacket mother shares in the open market, one could have easily end up owing 120 million GreenPacket  mother shares. 

DETAILS on the matter above, such as the transaction dates and the conversion dates can be found at READ: One Swallow Don't Make A Summer

THE name that crops up in both Greenpacket and Revenue Group is Francis Leong Seng Wui, who seems to act with IMPUNITYa feat that even Najib Razak could not achieve. 

YET we get outraged when PAS says READ : non Muslims are the root of corruption in Malaysia.

NOW coming back to the name that crops up as the secret substantial shareholder of Revenue Group Bhd.  

WELL the name that has cropped up is CIMB Corp Group Holdings Bhd or to be more specific,  the asset management arm of CIMB Corp Group Holdings Bhd.

BUT where is the proof??? Coming SOON!!!

Conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister : The boycott movement !!!.

A couple of days before Focus Malaysia reported from out of the blue  aboutREAD : A possible conspiracy of the highest order to remove Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, I had already warned  that there a very similar trail that led to the Sheraton Move and its aftermath was emerging.

SO what blitz was I talking about specifically? WATCH IN FULL :  the boycott movement against McDonald's, Starbucks, ect ect and then notice how similar it is to the READ : buy muslim first campaign of 2019.

NOW, we can conclusively notice a pattern here, similar to the events leading to and the aftermath of the Sheraton Move, which all started when READ:  cabinet ministers from Anwar Ibrahim's ABIM days tried to kill off Bernas monopoly in 2018.

THE next play will be to create an impression that Malaysia is in a stand alone economic crisis, all because of Anwar Ibrahim. That play will run all the way until December, before ... 

Sunday 5 November 2023

Conspiracy to topple the Prime Minister : Truth or Dare?

FROM out of the blue, a report from Focus Malaysia seems to suggest that there is high level conspiracy to remove Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

THE report suggests Anwar Ibrahim  has to wield his axe and not hope to offer an olive branch to his enemies.

YOU can read the entire report on the reported conspiracy in the article entitled READ : Will Anwar be asked to step down like Tunku Abdul Rahman and Abdullah Badawi?

DO I have insights  on this so called conspiracy? Well I am not saying, until MCMC unblock my blog which has received tremendous support despite being accessible via VPN only .

BUT what I can tell you guys is that, as early as August 2023, I had forewarned by standing up for the rice farmer, the Prime Minister has exposed himself . READ : The Rice Side of the story to bring down Anwar Ibrahim.

THAT being said , it is up to the Prime Minister to decide now, if he wants to be the diplomatically nice guy or play hard ball with the rice barons. 

IF I was in Anwar Ibrahim's shoes, I'd go for it and bring joy to the B40  paddy farmers in the Malay HEARTLAND  

Saturday 4 November 2023

Casualty of War : The B40 Rice Farmer of Malaysia.

NOTHING, and I mean it, nothing will please me more if the people behind the boycott McDonald's movement in Malaysia, would put in the same vigour in standing up for the B40 paddy farmers of Malaysla. VIEW : McDonald's Malaysia which EMPLOYS 100 pet cent Malaysian work force is being targeted on Tik Tok

ANY one of who thinks all these are purely spontaneous, obviously don't know much about algorithms nor do they have sharp enough memories to remind them that the bulk of the formatting looks too similar to that of Perikatan Nasional's blitz just prior to the general election. 

I guess, the paddy farmers won't be getting the type of social media support , despite a very sizeable majority of this farmer are from the ethnic Malay community, because nobody is in their corner, to finance a social media campaign  of such magnitude.

 NOBODY,  with the exception of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is in the B40 paddy farmers corner,  but there are too many things happening in Malaysia and outside of Malaysia in one go, for Anwar Ibrahim to play equaliser in one go.

WHEN the cat is away, there is a saying that the mouse will come our to play.  And indeed the rats,  it seems have started to play. 

TAKE for instance the statement in Parliament by the agriculture minister Mar Sabu. Berita Harian  had quoted the minister as saying READ : berbanding perjanjian konsesi antara kerajaan terdahulu dengan BERNAS, Kerajaan Perpaduan sudah membuat penambahbaikan dengan menetapkan supaya BERNAS melaksanakan 10 obligasi sosial bernilai RM3.2 bilion.

IF the above quote is accurate, and the Parliament hansard will be able to prove it, Mat Sabu should come out and say what are the ten so called social obligations that he is talking about and how does it differ from the ten social obligations that Muhyiddin Yassin had put in place when signing a ten year extension for Bernas when he was the Prime Minister.

HOWEVER if the ten social obligations are the same ones as the ten social obligations outlined by the Muhyiddin Yassin's admistrations, then serious questions should be asked, is it in the interest of Malaysia and the B40' farmers of the Malay heartland to have Mat Sabu remain as the agriculture minister.