Tuesday 31 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia: The Spy Who Hates You!

A secretive appointment to a covert agency answerable only the sitting  Prime Minister of Malaysia, is a newly opened front to tutor the Corporate Mafia

THIS will be a very painful lesson  the grown men of the notoriously greedy Corporate Mafia, will have to relearn.

RELEARN because obviously these Chinese Mafia Boys weren't listening to their primary school teachers, who told us ; Be Nice to People on Your Way Up. You'll Meet Them On Your Way Down.

THE individual appointed directly by the Prime Minister, as a  director  to the what insiders call the Research Division, but is publicly known as the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation, a covert national security intelligence agency, also  sits on the board of a public listed company,  which the CORPORATE MAFIA attempted to mess with .

OF course, since this is a very new appointment,  nothing much will happen soon, but those who have been watching me like a hawk, don't turn around, for the WATCHER now is being WATCHED 24/7!.

Monday 30 October 2023

In Anwar Ibrahim's MADANI, Sticking Out Like A Mangled Thumb Are Victor Chin Boon Long and his made men.

THERE is a group , made up of very wealthy men, linked directly to the Muhyiddin Yassin administration and its offshoot that seem intent on killing  two birds with a single stone.

TO discredit the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, with a specific intent of making sure, that its current chief Azam Baki, will fade away into the realms of history.

TO ensure that the Victor Chin Boon Long gang's  activities ranging from criminal intimidation,  criminal breaches of trust, and corrupting Government  officials during the Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri administration , remain acts of IMPUNITY.

THE Edge commentary  mentioned, three companies in the report, ment to make  the MACC look  like a bunch of novice .

THE three companies mentioned by the Edge, linking it to  MACC probes were Classita Holdings Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd , and GIIB Bhd.

RED flags, screaming to be told to the Malaysian public, were the common denominator  for all three companies were and are THE VICTOR CHIN BOON LONG GANG  aka The Corporate Mafia.

INSTEAD of advising the MACC, which is a very competent agency on which areas it should focus on,  the Edge deliberately allowed the white elephant in the room to go unnoticed and untouched , by its failure to demand for a complete investigation on the activities of the CORPORATE MAFIA.

FRANKLY speak I am not one bit surprised by the Edge's ABSENT MINDEDNESS. After all it has a history of such behaviour when it comes to the CORPORATE  MAFIA.

NOTICE how in the following report, The Edge had conveniently, READ : mis SPELLED the name to read Kenny Khow Chuen Wah in the Mohamad MADANI Sahari corruption case.

THE correct SPELLING of the individuals name should have been READ :  Kenny Khow Chuan Wah.

MOHAMAD Madani was not only, one of many  point men for the Corporate Mafia under the two previous regimes,  he also has documented dealings with Allan Goh Hwan Hua, who controls MyAirline .

YES, the very same MyAirline,  which supposedly was  running out of cash, despite a trail of evidence  pointing to MyAirline HAVING A LOAD FACTOR IN EXCESS OF  90 PER CENT .

THE  Corporate Mafia, and the Allan Goh Hwan Hua are  hydra's from the same nucleas.

THE Edge, never even bothered to tell its readers that Francis Leong Seng Wui, who used to operate the CAR PARK AT THE FEDERAL HOTEL for Victor Chin Boon Long is a person of interest in  CLASSITA  and REVENUE GROUP.

THIS can only be a co incidence if you believe in tooth fairies, and that the KING, Elvis Presely is still  ALIVE and KICKING!.

Sunday 29 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim must be the most F'd up Finance Minister ?

THE knives are out for Anwar Ibrahim  on his reign as Finance Minister,  as those who oppose the Prime Minister has gone on full blast to paint him in the baddest light possible.

THE Ringgit, bashed as the worst currency  next to the Japanese Yen, among  core Asian currencies, obviously is getting repeatedly sodomised by the US Dollar , is catching a breath now at RM4.76 to the US Dollar.

BERSATU, READ ;  along side PAS and MCA wants Anwar Ibrahim to sack himself as Finance Minister, as they have started to pin the blame on the Ringgits demise and the very poor performance  of  the stock market solely on Anwar Ibrahim's head.

NEVERMIND , that there are TWO major wars taking place in the World right now, one in Europe where the Russians are slogging it out with Ukraine and the other, in Gaza in an ISRAEL versus ARAB fight, with plenty of hot heads, looking to be the only common denominator among this two brothers 

NEVERMIND,  the fact apart the RM1 billion to RM2 billion which Bank Negara had used to defend the Ringgit ,but  the past six Prime Minister's have left READ :the central bank with very limited financial options to defend the Ringgit.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin is the person most responsible  for kick starting this campaign,  against Anwar Ibrahim remaining the Finance Minister. READ : Khairy Jamaluddin ; Anwar Ibrahim is a part time Finance Minister.

IRONICALLY it was Khairy Jamaluddin  who went out of his way VIEW : to discredit an Emir Research report, that the nation has lost RM4.5 Trillion to corruption.

THE Ringgit value derived by Emir Research on what has been lost to corruption is not too far fetched, when you have much bigger names such as PriceWaterhouse and the World Bank going on record to  state READ : That every year, Malaysia losses about RM60 billion to corruption.

TO put things into perspective,  RM60 billion is about 15 per cent of the country's READ: RM393.8 billion national budget.

WHY are all this important in the conversation about Anwar Ibrahim in his role as the Finance Minister.

WELL, have you noticed something very UN MALAYSIAN  here? NOBODY, not even Anwar Ibrahim's first critics, who consistently mock him and his handling of the economy has accused  or remotely even hinted that Anwar Ibrahim is corrupted, or has a set of favourite crony companies.

THIS country does not need a person as smart as Albert Einstein to head the Finance Ministry, but it certainly needs to keep Anwar Ibrahim  as Finance Minister, because he has kept his family away from mega businesses and have personally kept his own HANDS CLEAN.

Thursday 26 October 2023

The Half A Billion Rice Put, Under Pressure Again.

SOME 17 days, after Agriculture Minister Mat Sabu  told Malaysians READ : that the recent hike in the price of rice had absolutely nothing to do with Bernas, a RM500 million rice bomb has just exploded.

MUCH of the egg shells and yoke had landed not on the face of the Agriculture Minister, but more so on either his competence to hold a ministerial position and on his  integrity.

BY absolving BERNAS,  as not having sinned on this matter ,  only strengthens the train of thought that the Minister had annoited himself, as the national apologist for Syed Mokthar's  Bernas.

NOR did the minister, care to explain why BERNAS did not sufficiently forward buy the commodity, yet he has found it ethical to absorb Bernas as THE UNSINNED.

IF you even remotely are swayed to opine, that things can only get better for Mat Sabu, I am afraid you are WRONG.

MAT Sabu has been on a rampage to protect Bernas anus,  when rightfully what he is being paid by tax payers are to safeguard our interest above all others except for Flag, Country and King.

THE ministers sob story in Parliament, raising the prospect READ :of Bernas suffering a loss, thus restricting Bernas ability to distribute dividends to paddy farmers, should be seen for what it smells like, namely an attempt to corner Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, has now been exposed for what it is, HOAX.

BASED solely on traditional import figures of about 800,000 tonnes, Syed Mokthar will actually be making a gross profit of RM480 million on an 18 per cent gross margin.

BUT this are no ordinary times, with the nation's rice imports READ : up by 36 per cent, which means a day before 2024 is ushered,  BERNAS is poised to close its  books with a RM652 8 million profit.

MAT Sabu is not the only national level politician who has been bending beyond backwards to keep the good times rolling for Syed Mokthar

HIS former brothers in arms from PAS too has been shielding Syed Mokthar, READ :by painting the Anwar Ibrahim racist card narrative.

PAS, and it's former golden child Mat Sabu seems to be on the same page on this issue, with the former like minded people  being deeply out of sync with the perception of the common Malaysian.

WE should count our blessings,  that for the first time in more than four decades, we have the nation's top politician, actively pursuing  a game plan  to even up the equilibrium  between monopolies  and like minded businesses that can only prosper when there ar3 wspecific laws making competition ILLEGAL

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Ismail Sabri, Jangan Baling Batu Di Rumah Kaca.

IF Anwar Ibrahim really spells it out to Ismail Sabri, on why investors have lost a sizeable amount of confidence, in Bursa Malaysia, it might not end too prettily for Ismail Sabri, the country's ninth Prime Minister. 

ISMAIL Sabri, should know better than to ask a dumb question such as READ : why there is a severe lack of confidence in the stock market, especially when one is living in a glass house  built on tilted land.

PERHAPS Ismail Sabri can help explain why a former Prime Minister, who has done a lot of good for the country , is in jail for the 1MDB crimes, but those responsible the losses in Serba Dinamik Bhd, for a loss equivalent to about 50 per cent of the losses in 1MDB, merely had to pay a token fine.

OR on how some of his pals who are also close to Khairy Jamaluddin,  have been identified lately as being members of the notorious Corporate Mafia that had wrecked havoc in Classita Bhd, and Revenue Group Bhd, where strong armed tactics were used.

OR better still why is the guy, his Minister had appointed as Chairman of Bursa Malaysia , Wahid Omar  done nothing to sanction possible READ :money laundering activities in Green Packet Bhd and Revenue Group Bhd, apart from perhaps scratching his testicles

Hamzah Zainuddin, running from the ghost of Bernas

THE Ringgit, touched RM3.50 again the Sing Dollar today, a historic first for our currency, will definitely be the talk from BERSATU in the coming days.

HAMZAH Zainuddin is after all auditioning for the role of the Prime Minister in waiting, if PAS has its wish for a SNAP GE 16 to be held soon . READ : PAS leadership urge members to be prepared for a SNAP nation wide election

IN his haste to do l for the audition, to basically replace Muhyiddin Yassin, the self proclaimed Abah of the nation, as the main man in Perikatan Nasional, Hamzah Zainuddin, has exposed his biggest fear and his major weakness. 

EITHER that, or the leader of the opposition bench in Parliament,  was showcasing to the nation on why he is not fit for higher office.

HAMZAH Zainuddin in his  Budget 2024 comments READ : seems to put the recent rice shortage on lack of timely and quality paddy seeds.

HE took pains to avoid mentioning BERNAS, because just like Muhyiddin Yassin, the READ :the ghost of Syed Mokthar's RM195 million to Bersatu, just 76 days after the Bernas concession was extended for ten years,seems to haunt Hamzah Zainuddin

HAMZAH Zainuddin is walking on thin ice, as it is. Once the MyAirline fiasco no longer makes the headlines, everyone in town knows; WHO IS NEXT!!

Monday 23 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim is being let down by his own team

ANWAR Ibrahim knows a lot about how the stock market operates, plud what is required to set the bourse on fire.

THAT being said, the time around the barrier Anwar Ibrahim is facing, are legacy based as well as market requlators, that do not requlate fairly, even  on serious matters such as MONEY LAUNDERING.

society bears the cost of money laundering, due to the ripple effects it has on the cost of credit, as well as the erosion of trust in the financial and regulatory system itself.

THE numbers tell the story on Bursa Malaysia, a story on how an entire generation, has turned its back on the Malaysian markets.

NEVERMIND that over half a decade now, Bursa Malaysia was has been bearish when the rest of the planet was on a historic bull run, and nevermind to that this year,  READ : that alongside Thailand we are the worst performers in Asian.

NEVERMIND,  because markets are seasonal and can be rectified if we have good people who are able manning the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia. 

WHAT action, have you taken Securities Commission which the public is aware of? Absolutely nothing .

SUCH blatant regard for its own word of advise by the likes of the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia has resulted in an entire generation showing the middle finger to the Malaysian stock market.

THE numbers don't lie. 

Sunday 22 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer

NOW that the owners of MyAirline have been arrested and , READ : some 15 bank accounts, holding nearly RM5 million linked to the founders of the carrier, frozen on money laundering suspicion, it is time to reflect on what have we actually achieved? 

WE have achieved very little if the investigation specifically with regards to money laundering or the cleansing of dirty money into clean currency ends only with the unfortunate owners of MyAirline and their political backers.

A Kadir Jasin, has struck the correct nerve on this occasion in his Sinar Harian Column, with the simplest of question. READ : Bagaimanakah pihak pihak terlibat yang memberi kelulusan kepada MyAirline tidak tahu atau tidak peduli langsung mengenai summer modalnya?

MYAIRLINE, reportedly READ : holds up to RM22 million from un fulfilled flights, which it has yet to return to those who had purchased those tickets, has grabbed the nation's attention, but sad to say, one swallow doesn't make a summer.

THE one swallow doesn't make a summer tag, holds true here, as long as those who authorised to enforce the financial regulations on money laundering  aren't put to the stress test as well.

WHY, should the individual regulators and not the regulatory institution itself, be put to the stress test, one may ask?

WELL because the laws are adequate, but yet potential money laundering schemes, have taken place this year in plain public sight, without even an official whisper from the market regulators such as The Securities Commission,  Bursa Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia.

TAKE for instance, between VIEW : March 21 2023 and VIEW : April 18 2023 some 15 million warrants were converted at a 40 sen per warrant conversion to Green Packet Bhd mother shares, one a one to one basis.

IN total, RM6 million was used to convert the Green Packet Bhd Warrants into Green Packet Bhd Mother Shares. To sum it up, for RM6 million, the warrant converter managed to own 15 million Green Packet Bhd mother shares.

HERE is where, the story gets a bit weird, as the regulators has yet to enlighten the public on why would a person or a group of individuals not use the same RM6 million to buy the Green Packet Bhd shares which were trading at 0.05 sen from the open market.

THE RM6 million, if used to purchase Green Packet Bhd shares from the open market, would have netted the buyer some 120 MILLION GREEN PACKET BHD MOTHER SHARES.

WHY would anyone choose to only own 15 million Green Packet Shares by spending RM6 million when they could own 120 million GREEN PACKET SHARES, is BEYOND ME.

IF this was a one off case, we could grudgingly write it off as an oddity, but it is not, which is why a much deeper probe no longer is a necessity but a MUST.

CONSIDER the following, Francis Leong Seng Wui was the executive director at Green Packet Bhd, but he would soon move over to Revenue Group Bhd, also as EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. 

AND guess WHAT ? A similar pattern emerges in Revenue Group Bhd too, involving the one for one conversion of warrants into mother shares at a conversion price of 75 sen per warrant to mother share, at a time when the mother share was trading at an average of 25 sen a share.

IN total, some RM62.59 million in cash went into Revenue Group due to the warrant conversion that made no economic sence.

ONE would assume that with the RM62.59 million direct cash injection into Revenue Group Bhd, the company must surely be cash rich by now.

The confession of Muhyiddin Yassin

THE self proclaimed Abah of the nation, Muhyiddin Yassin has dropped a bombshell of an announcement, that has gone unnoticed. 

THE eight Prime Minister of Malaysia, in an interview caputured on camera seems to be indicating that there is trouble in Perikatan Nadional paradise.

THE 30 members of Parliament, mentioned by Muhyiddin Yassin matches that of Bersatu, while questions are bound to be asked on why did he leave out the PAS members of Parliament?

CONSIDERING the rock star treatment Dr Mahathir recently received at the PAS gathering, which was closed to Muhyiddin Yassin,  all roads are leading to a split in the alliance between PAS and Bersatu.

Saturday 21 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim should get his priority right

SHOULD Malaysian GLC and the  private sector come together and donate READ : RM100 million to the Palestinian cause ?

I am afraid the answer is NO.  Let me remind Anwar Ibrahim  there is nothing proud in telling struggling Malaysians READ : that the fund to help Palestinians we do not know now stands at RM81 million.

RATHER the Prime Minister should use his good office to raise a sum of RM300 million a year every year from the public, GLC, the Private sector and even the Palestinian community in Malaysia.

AND what will we do with this RM300 million yearly? Well, I I am not mistaken, RM300 million a year is what READ : Mazlee Malek said it will take to feed every Muslim, non Muslim, Malay, Chinese, Indian and lain lain children breakfast everyday in our schools

ACCORDING to the former education minister, such a programme will allow families to save RM2.3 billion in terms of cumulated income. 

TIMES are bad, we should provide help for every single Malaysian, before we even lift a finger to help a foreigner.  

YOU may not like what I say, but I am a nationalist first and foremost, and I make no apologies for that.  We should put an end to the mistakes that we keep doing, and which our forefathers have warned us ; anak kera di hutan disusui, anak sendiri di rumah kebuluran

Thursday 19 October 2023

I said it, and now the Indian Foreign Ministry did it, a killer blow to Bernas EGO.

ON October 7 2023, I specifically wrote that READ : Malaysia being able to get constant and consistent supply of rice will not only depend on our Agriculture Minister's planning capabilities but also on how likeable our foreign minister is.

NO where in the statement did the Indian side even bother to allocate a single mention of the existence of BERNAS.

RATHER, the Indian side had mentioned that they are willing to bend backwards for Malaysia due to the great relationshiop both countries enjoy as nation states and due to the people to people relationship of the citizens of both countries.

SO now that it is proven that Syed Mokthar's Bernas can do jackshit to secure our rice needs, why the heck are we still feeding RM600 million every year to the company of a man who gave BERSATU RM195 million for its racist agenda?

Vincent Tan Chee Yioun ; I Got My Eye Set On You

FOR a man whoes son should be in jail, doing HARD TIME  or READ : even facing the gallows on drug charges but got away due to the kindness of Tommy Thomas,  now wants to play big brother on all of us.
THE billionaire crony who sold of DiGI before the company became a giant  and READ : sold Friendster to Mark Zuckerberg for US$40 million, allowing the then young teen to rebrand it into Facebook which is worth billions today is an epitome on why without monopolies and AP, Vincent Tan based on his business acumen  alone would have remained a not so successful insurance sales men..

IF you think I am exaggerating on  Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, have you forgotten, years ago just before buying Cardiff, Vincent Tan was given the option to buy Leicester City, but he turned it down , among others due to the age of Claudio Ranieri.

CLAUDIO Ranieri, would eventually take Leicester City to win the English Premier league while Vincent Tan instead of putting Malaysia in the global football map, became the hate figure in the Welsh town of Cardiff. 

SO what has Vincent Tan Chee Yioun done now that has made me aggravated? Well his 7 Eleven outlets are now insisting that consumers either join the 7 Eleven Club or provide details such as their mobile phone numbers  before they can make a purchase.

THIS is clearly an invasion of privacy from a  men whoes son should rightfully be in prison pajamas right now 

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Muhyiddin Yassin ripped in Parliament

THE self proclaimed Abah of the nation got ripped in Parliament today,  in the clearest signal yet Perikatan Nasional has zero defence when it comes to RICE and BERNAS. 

MUHYIDDIN Yassin who had attempted to slur Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on the rice shortage  was left speechless, when anwsers we demanded from him in Parliament.  VIEW : Muhyiddin Yassin Got Fired In Parliament.

THE best the Bersatu back benchers could come up with was crude remark BANGSAT by Shahidan Kassim, who had READ : Accepted RM400 million from Syed Mokthar for Bernas.

BANGSAT literally means rascal or scoundrel, a good word to be used on the people responsible for MEMBANGSATKAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA DALAM SOAL BERAS.

THE entire BERSATU  camp should rewatch the Tik Tok Clip above. None of the PAS member of Parliament were even remotely boisterous in coming to defend the once supreme leader of Perikatan Nasion, the self proclaimed ABAH of The Nation.

Heart Attack, Minister Down!!!

SPECULATION  has heated to the levels of a volcanic mountain ready to spit out red hot lava, that all is not well with a Minister who holds a very important portfolio .

I won't reveal to you the Minister's name, so you will just have to read the News Straits Times to find out, soon, on the minister who got struck with a heart attack!!!

IT'S been more than 48 hours since the Minister, has been seen in public, although his Twitter account is still active some 8th hours ago.

THE minister is said to be the one, whom privately the Prime Minister  Anwar Ibrahim relies the most to bring an end to the era of monopoly type businesses in Malaysia.. 


Tuesday 17 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : A Generational End Game is in sight.

NOW  that the folks at MyAirline READ : specifically Alan Goh Hwan Hwa, his wife, and the seeking Seagull himself. Sean Goh Tze Han, have been arrested by the Police,  does Rayner teo kheng hock, really believe being ill is a good excuse for being in a bad company?.

INTERESTINGLY, the arrest came merely five days after VIEW : That The Royal Malaysian Police Force Will Go All Out Against Corporate Scammers.

BUT if this Mohamad Madani Sahari, who was serving under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)  when AZMIN ALI  was in charge of  MITI , was not the only civil servant under the Corporate Mafia?.

WHAT if money were also passed on to some very powerful ministers under the Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri Administration?

AZMIN Ali's name might be in most people's lips by now, but shockingly the investigative Corporate crime site,  Corporate Secrets alleges READ : It was Khairy Jamaluddin who had received funds from the Corporate Mafia and his close friends were given jobs with fat pay cheques.

NOW coming back to this GOH guy with the airline, many are saying, that he is a scammer. But have we forgotten that there is another scammer as big or if not bigger than Alan Goh Hwan Hwa, who is also named GOH?

MEET  Alvin Goh Leong Yang, the ace Macau scammer, that was operating from Low Yat Plaza, where Victor Chin Boon Long is the single largest tenant. READ : Main Suspects in the notorious Macau syndicate charged.

NOW what if there are business links between Alvin Goh Leong Yang's  registered partners and Victor Chin Boon Long's wife?.

THAT  link theoretically will put Victor Chin Boon above Alan Goh Hwan Hwa and Alvin Goh Leong Yang in the scammers list organisation chart, propelling him to be the PRIME TARGET in the war against scammers.

WHERE is the link? Well I have to sort out something regarding my blog today , so you guys will just have to WAIT.

ESG questionmarks from Budget 2024.

THE most publicly visible foot print, that a nation or a company is on the path leading towards fullfilling the Economic,  Social and Governance Platform is from the amount of Electric Vehicle's we see on the road.

ONE may choose to dispute my statement, but the bottomline is most of us find it very difficult to understand the precise metrics behind how ESG score are tabulated.

THAT being said, a slightly higher majority are more likely to have a better grasp of taxation or to be precise, on how to avoid meeting the taxman.

BUSINESSES were happy when Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced under his road to ESG vision in Budget 2024, READ : For an addition RM300,000 tax deduction companies that spend on measurement reporting and verification (MRV) related to the development of carbon projects.

SINCE Wahid Omar has given the thumbs up on TAX DEDUCTION, perhaps he can now enlighten us on a tax perspective,  where our tax authorities stand in terms of tax deductibility and indirect tax treatment of carbon credit, because the budget 2024 is unclear on this matter.

IN Singapore, companies that purchase carbon credits are eligible for tax deductibles but the issuance, transfer and sale of carbon credits are subject to GST tax.

IN Malaysia, will Service Tax be applicable for the issuance, transfer and sale of carbon credits, would very much depend on  whether the provision of carbon credits would be included in the scope of taxable services.

THE long and winded technical point I am trying to make is if Budget 2024 is unclear on the matter, why on earth is Wahid Omar kissing up to, on a matter that has yet to be clarified

THE other ESG big media ticker from Budget 2024, is READ :the RM2,400 for the public to purchase electric motorcycles (e-bikes) next year, which has to be made more humane 

MR Prime Minister, thanks for the RM2,400 but it is not enough because READ : consumers have ample choice of buying normal motorbikes for less than RM5000, but an EV motorbike evenwithout batteries will cost around RM7000 to RM8000 at the very lowest end.

SINCE, the target users here are B40 and M20, I am afraid the RM2400 is a bit too little an incentive for the B40 to make the switch without hurting their purse strings.

The MyAirline Story ; In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is still King

THE MyAirline story is actually a very laughable one, if not for  the pathetic state the airlines 500 staff/ bread winners have been placed in jeopardy.

THE story starts with a chinaman called Teo Kheng Hock who rebranded himself as Rayner Teo, so that it would sound like RaynAir, Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers, and an ex Department of Civil  Aviation chief,  Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, whom the very respectable South China  Morning Post described as being the butt of jokes.

IF you go thought online forums. Teo Kheng Hock, woulld often be described as Reyner CEO having a stake in MyAirline, which was a SCAM  to mislead readers who might end up with the impression that it was the RyanAir CEO.

TEO Kheng Hock was an ex Air Asia staff, while the butt of joke former DCA chief who had quit in disgrace,  Azharuddin Abdul Rahman were firm believers that AirAsia was a dying Airline.

ARROGANT Azharuddin Abdul Rahman,  who often courted controversy by making stupid remarks did it again in 2020 . READ : Azharuddin Roasted for Air Asia must die remarks.

HOW this TWO WEIRDOS managed to convince some hard nose legal AH LONGS to part with their money and fund the airline company, is BEYOND me.

BUT i do know what was Tony Fernandes reaction to MyAirline;  In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is ALWAYs KING.

TONY Fernandes could see that the MyAirline financial plan which was approved in a hurry on November 2022, by a Mavcom filled with Wee Ka Siong's people WAS FLAWED TO THE CORE.

THAT being the case, Tony Fernandes could go to sleep with one eyed close, knowing fully well that even in a state of sleep, he would just need to keep one eyed open to kill of Teo Kheng Hock and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman's master plan, which we now know is a RETARDED plan.

AIRASIA which has an over 50 per cent share of Malaysia’s domestic market, did what Tony Fernandes asked them to do when he had one eyed closed . 

THE airline increased capacity on all the 11 routes which MyAirline was covering, and to ensure that AirAsia's load factor on the 11 routes would be 100 per cent, AirAsia cut fair prices to the extent, that not only were they cheaper than MyAirline but AirAsia was running at a loss.

TO keep up with AirAsia, Teo Kheng Hock and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman than foolishly tried to take on AirAsia in price war, resulting in the money allocated by the legal AH Long's that was enough to keep MyAirline afloat for a year being completely burned in a mere 120 days.

HOW Tony Fernandes managed to stay a float and still announce a profit was because he was able to cross-subsidise due to profits on non-overlapping routes

Monday 16 October 2023

I said it, Regulators Echos it ; This Summer Gonna Hurt Like A Mother FxxxkxR

LOOKS like MyAirline, is exactly  what I told you it is, as Malaysia's aviation authorities reveals the truth, some which I had been privy to in advance. READ : The Corporate Mafia in Collaboration With The Bangla Gangster, now control two aviation companies in Malaysia. Money is not their ISSUE.

IF money is not the ISSUE, then what is the ISSUE?  

BEFORE, going further, let's first establish the truth behind the money is not the central issue theme. READ: A distressed Malaysian Parliament Officially Informed , that the Government audit on MyAirline Did NOT reveal signs of distress up to October 3 2023.

IF money was not the issue, then what is the CENTRAL issue?  To anwser that question, the reader must first find out READ : Why did Muhyiddin Yassin, the Home Minister Under PH's first rule, take ISSUE ,on clandestine meetings with a Bangla called Amin?

ONLY a select few are privy to detailed information on the sinister role played by Amin the Bangla in the events leading to the Sheraton Move, that spring broads to Muhyiddin Yassin assuming the Prime Ministership and throwing  Malaysia into a political crisis.

AMIN who now claims to be a citizen of Malaysia, is a clear and present danger to the NATIONAL SECURITY of Malaysia.  

ANWERS must be forthcoming on how the friend of Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui obtained the right to be called a  MALAYSIAN considering READ : Aminul islam Md Nor, charged in court by the Malaysian Government for abusing a Male Minor in Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

MANY people have mistaken my statement on the return of Roger Ng, as the direct cause of what is happening today, as information directly known by Roger Ng.

RATHER, what I ment was, Roger Ng's return had jump start, an uncontrollable chain of events READ: providing Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim with Nuclear Options to decimate Bersatu, The Corporate Mafia and the Bangla Nexus of Evil.

THERE are among us, who still REMEMBER MH370 , and the tales bordering to INCOMPETENCE of the tallest order.... demanding that the Barbarians gather at the GATES......

Sunday 15 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Narco Group That Went Mainstream

SEAN Goh Tze Han,  has been humbled, insulted, humiliated, publicly disgraced, over the past couple of days, as his dearest father has been named and shamed as a scammer. READ : My Airline is part of Corporate Mafia.

AS editor of seeking Seagull, Sean Goh, the baby child of GOODFELLA, Alan Goh, an alleged fraudster behind My Airline,  who sits on the board of MyAirline, was described by an insider, as being without talent and  pocessing alll the charm and warmth  of a deceased.

AS we now know, the Muhyiddin Yassin's and Bersatu's hold on power, remained largely intact despite Muhyiddin Yassin surrendering the hot Prime Minister's seat to Ismail Sabri.

THE years 2021 /2022,  were big ticker years for the GOODFELLAS in coats and suits, who would have something to brag to one of thier core funders ,, on how they have learned tbe lessons from the funder's top boy's failure. 

MEET the master scammer, who perfected the MACAU deception, the now  grumpy Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat, who never expected READ : China To Remember, as well as to have the audacity to touch the ultimate funder of the Goodfellas.

ON the bright side, the GOODFELAS, seems to be specific on their requirements ; great access to bonded warehousing and control over travel, a key oversight that led to the downfall and  still detained READ : Oii Chieng Sim, the drug lord which the police say has a boss, and the boss had fled tbe Island a year before. The timing matches, Tedy Teoh's EXODUS.

ONE year, before MyAirline, and its Credit Community folks becoming an item, a shell shocked nation, with anger boiled at tipping point, completely missed the  achievements of one of the largest money lender of last resort.

MEET the Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's game of thrones in MMAG. A June 2021, issued by a certain READ : Kenny Khow, executive director of MMAG, who said trust us by supporting MMAG to handle your logistic needs.

ALTHOUGH  now the public knows the real reason MyAirline closed shop is not due to financial  reasons but because of Roger Ng's return.  READ : Teo Kheng Hock, ON July 2023, says MyAirline iPO set for 2026.

CLEARLY money was not the issue, but something much more than money.  Money for the Corporate Mafia when the BERSATU/PAS flags were flying high was never a matter.

BASICALLY, Kenny Khow Chuan Wah bribed in advance a government employee  RM5 million of the possible RM6 million the company would  rake in for the project.

THE said government employee also has direct financial  ties with Alan Goh' s money laundering and scam fronts.

WHEN it comes to money, nothing makes sence when the Corporate Mafia is on the opposite end of the table.

LOOKING back, it seems the Corporate Mafia is much more than an extortion gang, a safer bet, could well, right in the front of our sights a NARCO group has PENETRATED the MAINSTREAM.


Fahmi Fadzil, and his MCMC Mentor Are Out of Their League..... it PORTRUDES.

NAIVETY is something I have chosen to omit, while studying from afar, how our Communication Minister  is approaching the deliquent ByteDance Ltd, which operates the social media Tik Tok App.

AN observation from a far, YES , i readily admit but afar hardly means that I am unschooled,  and out of touch on what has been taking place on the ground.

MAINLY on foreign soil, perhaps have given the minister and his advisors, a perspective of self importance, as Tik Tok Shop attempts to play an old record, that believe it or not READ : could have paid for our 2024 national budget in cash, with zero leverage plus an additional 36 per cent as loose change for next year.

MY accurate description on how Fahmi Fadzil and his mentor from MCMC,  actually boils down to two factors;  not grounded on a good university education, the exposure it brings to the table, plus  Fahmi Fadzil's attitude, which lean towards that of a man child.

I actually, feel deeply sorry for Fahmi Fadzil and his less ivy educated mentor from MCMC who actually believe the story in the press.  READ : Indonesia bans Tik Tok Shop, cites official reason due to predatatory pricing mechanism.

DOES Tik Tok practise PREDATORY pricing? I believe it does, but then again most internet based sales are driven by such instincts, and furthermore, Tik Tok didn't invent them and nor did they change any rules in the game.

INDONESIA merely wanted to show its displeasure, and the predator salesmen is merely a reasonable excuse to get its message across, despite the decision to do so will cripple the nation's own businesses that are booming from the Tik Tok bounce.

THERE are two core reasons why the Indonesian message is intended to shake ByteDance and to rattle Beijing, on the need for the ground rules to be re written. 

BYTEDANCE main universe is in Singapore, and the company's CEO too is a Singaporean. TIK Tok have mastered the art of keeping Singapore rulling Government legislators happy, while the likes of Indonesia and Malaysia via Fahmi Fadzil READ : is content in meeting up with Tik Tok, who behaves like a delinquent middle kingdom master, that will gladly control content for the Singaporeans but not for the Indonesians and Malaysians.

WORST still I believe that the Indonesians are on some type of a war path, having seen how Indonesian money turned Lazada and Shopee into global giants, with both the Chinese companies empowering Singapore to be centre of their universe.

TODAY, Singapore has already laid the tracks to beef up its reputation as the Silicon Valley of this continent, helped by the success of Lazada and Shopee, which transformed SEA Ltd, a Singapore entity listed on the New York Exchange into the most valuable stock of 2021, with a US$140 billion live valuation.

NO doubt, those medal of honours on the Singaporean chest, must have influenced ByteDance too, that the indigenous ethnic Malay population won't mind another slap in the face.

THANKFULLY it matters to Indonesia, something that is of little concern to the man child Fahmi Fadzil and his MCMC Mentor. 

AS a result of not having that DIVA moment, today we have a man child who really believes the fuss about Tik Tok is about unfair pricing and not UNFAIRLY bestowed honour on a nation that had done so little but benefited the MOST!

Saturday 14 October 2023

Corporate Mafia; To Be Hunted like a Crocodile, Ravaged in the Corn!

THERE  shall be no shelter from this storm for Malaysia's Corporate Mafia, as not the knives are out for Victor Chin Boon Long , Francis Leong Seng Wui.

THE entire leadership is now on borrowed time. Roger Ng's return and I Serve On Line and My Airline folded,  made things worst for the Corporate Mafia.

THE main reason the Corporate Mafia today, no longer have powerful regulator friends or influence, with even KN Kenanga now thinking of ending relationship with them, is because Malaysia's number ten,  Anwar Ibrahim wants to clean up the nation.

THE  Prime Minister was brief specifically on Victor Chin Boon Long's activities, the strange money that flowed in into Revenue Group via READ: More than RM55 million of strange money flowed into Revenie Group, as the Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia,'s arrogance be littles the Unity Government .

THERE were two briefings to the Prime Minister on the activities of Leong Seng Wui and Chin Boon Long and the damage they doing to Malaysia's ESG ambitions.

OVER the past 692 days, the biggest investment plan that did not take off must surely be  READ : The RM8 billion small time investors lost in Hong Seng Consolidated after its plan billion ringgit Kedah dreams were found wanting.

ALSO  Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui deliberately withheld information that the Kedah rubber city project was off, in order to help PAS in the Kedah state elections. READ :Sanusi Md Nor was informed last year that Hong Seng Consolidated was a no go for the rubber city project.

HONG Seng Consolidated, I am afraid is not the only mess, of the Corporate Mafia , which had maimed retail investors.

THE larger silent killer, that has the potential to strip naked retail investors, could well be Green Packet Bhd.

CONSIDER the following, GREEN PACKET   READ :is expanding to West Asia, the company said in a statement

AS it is, Green Packet, currently earns RM751 million from abroad, and only RM22 million from its ventures inside Malaysia.l

YET, Green Packet's choice of auditor Cheng & Co is a puzzling one indeed, as the firm does not have offices outside of Malaysia, plus READ :National standards on auditing and related services published in many countries differ in form and content.

IRONICALLY, Cheng & Co I'd also the auditor of Revenue Group quit, under mysterious circumstances considering a detailed malpppinh on Revenue Group,'s current company secretary, will definitely  cause embarrassment to some very established number CRUNCHERl

Thursday 12 October 2023

PART 2 : All Roads Lead To .....

IF you are wondering, where the heck is the part 1 of this story. Well, read on to find out, for those without sharp memories.

SOMETHING,  actually two things I  stumbled upon Tik Tok  are the basis for the part 2 of the story. ViEW : The Madani story involving MY Airline and The RM50 million fine.

IT is at this point that I am a bit disappointed with NST,  who had actually broke the MyAirline story, but did not go far enough to nail the story. 

NEWS Straits Times please ask yourself, the following question. On  the shareholders of MyAirline  READ : how come they were able to pay a RM50 million cash fine in November 2022 to Bank Negara Malaysia.

WHAT was so important for this fine to be paid immediately, when this money could have been easily used to rescue MyAirline today.

THIS  is where, I suggest you REREAD : PART 1 : All Roads Lead To Victor Chin Boon Long.

READ especially the part involving Kenny Khow Chuan Wah giving a RM5 million bribe to Mohamad Madani Sahari on behalf of Aspire Knowledge Sdn Bhd.

THEN  follow the link in Part 1 of All Roads Lead To Victor Chin Boon Long to see, how after some meticulous investigations, I find out that Aspire Knowledge Sdn Bhd is owned by Hong Seng Consolidated 

KENNY Khow Chuan Wah, a former accountant with PriceWaterhouse , at that point of time was the Finance Director at Greenpacket as well as one of the directors from team Victor Chin Boon Long at Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd.

NOW, if the Police were to take up on Anthony Loke's suggestion for an investigation, all Roads will lead to ........ .hey why did I put Kenneth Vun Yun Liun's pix up there, ????,

Wednesday 11 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Watching You, Watch My Airline

IT is either only the very lucky ones or the most unfortunate ones get to watch on real time how they will go down in life.

IT must be scarry for the known Corporate Mafia members such as Victor Chin Boon Long, Francis Leong Seng Wui  and Eddie Ng Chee Siong to watch how fast the demise of MyAirline has been, even to the extent READ : the white Knight has ran for life, and dump any plans to rescue the company

BUT why, have I included Eddie Ng Chee Siong into the list as a member of the Corporate Mafia and not as a collaborator?

WELL there is enough trail to pin point Eddie Ng Chee Siong in bed with the Corporate Mafia, years in advance of the takeover of Revenue Group.

AS a matter of fact even from the word IPO, the other major shareholders of the Revenue Group could have been set for a fall. READ : Who owned 4.2 per cent of Revenue Group to do an off market trade in 2018?

AND If you really wants to know, why the so called independent board at Revenue Group wanted to kick out the two dominant shareholders of the company,  how about an official reason VIEW :RM510,000 for non executive directors.

IT'S a known fact that the two dominant shareholders voted against the resolution and days latter, they were booted out of the board for doing so.

CAN Eddie Ng Chee Siong deny this?  Even if you can, considering what's taking place in MyAirline, will you, Eddie Ng Chee Siong? 

AND hey Victor Chin Boon Long, how about pushing up the Revenue shares up again to do the roll over that is destined to be another MyAirline in the making?

Malaysia lawan Thailand : Paddy Pound for Pound, who is the ultimate top dog in the world of PADDY?

SUGAR Ray Robinson, is a name most modern fight fans may have never heard off, is regarded by many as the greatest pound for pound boxer, the world has ever witnessed in action. 

YES, even far greater than Muhammad Ali. The recent rice drama in Malaysia, had many people demanding we learn from the Thailand and Indonesian experience.  READ : Mengapa Malaysia jarang terdapat sawah padi seperti yang ada di Indonesia dan Thailand?

SO let's look at it , pound for pound, Malaysia versus Thailand when it comes to paddy, who comes out tops and I will tell you, from whom we should be learning from instead.

BASED on 2021 figures, VIEW : Malaysia's paddy rice yield stood at 37,452 hg per ha, while Thailand's yield stood at VIEW : 29,867 hg per ha.

SO how come the Thai's are self sufficient, can even export rice to other countries but Malaysia is left holding the beggars bowl trying to get enough rice to feed us all?

NOW, Malaysia has about READ : some 160,000 abandoned paddy land, and so we can very easily reach 100 per cent self sufficiency if we stop banging our heads on restructuring every single aspect of the paddy chain from farmer to consumer, by merely making it commercially viable purely on demand and supply economics for the private sector to pump money into farming paddy.

AND who should we be learning from? Meet VIETNAM, which READ : According to the IMF in five years time will be in the top 20 list of the worlds largest economy

AND why should we be learning from Vietnam? Well consider the following READ in 2021, Vietnam's paddy yield was 5.84 tonnes per ha, and this is coming from a country READ : that a had a per capita income of less than US$1000 for over 150 years to US$6000 by 2018, all achieved in a span of nearly 18 years.

YES, folks in this century, Vietnam had whipped our ass in not only grabbing SME investments from foreign nations that should have come to Malaysia,  but also in the harvesting of paddy.

AND where did Vietnam gain its initial knowledge in turning paddy into US dollars and at the same time being a vibrant SME nation?

MEET Taiwan , who happens to be READ : the second largest investor in Vietnam

HELLO Malaysia, the answers you seeking are starring right in front of your face, so free your mind and the rest will follow. VIEW : Taiwan's paddy yield per ha in 2021 was 69,675 per hg per ha.

CLEARLY, Taiwan has a Sugar Ray Robinson type problem, but that should not blind us to the fact pound for pound, that they are indeed among the best,if not the best in the world of PADDY.

Monday 9 October 2023

The Return of Roger Ng, When The First Cut is Not the deepest!.

FAULTLINES from the return of Roger Ng, the ex man from Goldman Sachs, have deepend claiming yet another head in the process.

IT is hard to imagine. 'that a group" flushed somehow with money at the height of the Covid pandemic, and bold enough to make a statement of intent, by investing in a sector where most people were trying their  best to run away from.

AH Long, credit community folks, call them what you wish but the bottomline, remains the same; Nak Duit, Tapi Dapat BUNGA.

IF you recall, I had previously given some insights on why these was an obsession to promote, sugar-coat and rebrand the Pakaj Gadai and Credit Community folks as the friend of the Rakyat. READ: The Goldman Sachs money in the hands of loan sharks, the Corporate Mafia and the proud owners of a new airline company.

NOT really big news, but this is a case where the first cut is not the deepest.

 I know it's not Friday yet, a day which I normally reserve to provide some insights for Victor Chin Boon Long to think about before going to sleep at his house, while is pal Francis Leong Seng Wui, as we all know,  sleeps in the office.

LITTLE boy and FAT Man, remember those names? Those were the nice names of thr A bomb that hit Japan. READ :BERSATU is finished, Cause Anwar Ibrahim has nuclear options