Friday 31 May 2024

From Reformasi to No Viral No Justice

REFORMASI, just say that word any where in Malaysia, and they will associate it with the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim.

WHAT most Malaysians are unaware of, is that the REFORMASI movement in Malaysia, was a copy, cut and paste job, from the original REFORMASI movement,demanding a regime change which originated from Indonesia.

SOME, today will falsely claim that because Anwar Ibrahim, has very close and good friends from Indonesia, he merely plagiarized the entire concept.

I, however think other wise, and that despite both sides won't be willing to admit it, the Indonesians and the Malays here tend to watch closely what's happening in the other',s backyard, and  then mimick it .

IF I am correct in my assessment then the current  FIVE year old movement that's on fire in Indonesia, READ : a people led movement called No Viral, No Justice is about to hit Malaysia like a Tsunami.

WE already saw a semblance of it, in our own Kitajagakita movement, but inview of what has been taking place on the ground now such as READ : the case of the e hailing driver, one suspects, Malaysia's reformer, Anwar Ibrahim,is going to get a taste of his own medicine not far down the road, with our own version of  no viral  no justice.

Wednesday 29 May 2024

PADU, BUDI, MADANI and Sambalado...

SAMBALADO  is a Minangkabau, beef dish known for its chilling spiciness, befitting the Malay saying Siapa Yang Makan Cili , dia yang rasa pedas.

THE best time to know that you have landed in the crack pot zone is  when you have ministers treating voters like idiots.

MISSED out my foot, it was more like READ : the majority of Malaysians did not want anything to do with PADU 

is actually nothing fundamentally wrong with what the Government is attempting to do via the slashing of subsidies starting with fuel as a major ticker.

WHAT is definitely flawed and not in the INTEREST of the MAN on the STREET is that the subsidy cuts are not being met with the abolishment of critical components of the Approved Permit business.

AUTOMOTIVE  purchases are a major purchase ticker in most Malaysian households, who are being forced to pay prices far exceeding then consumers in the USA, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

RAFIZI Ramli has not kept his word on removing READ : the unfair and artificial barriers associated with the inflated AP business.

FIRST,  it was August 2023, than pushed to either December 2023 or January 2024, with all those deadlines passing without any action. 

JUNE 2024, is almost here, and the Government who wants to cut subsidies for Malaysians, have done nothing to get rid of the AP hangmen's nooze around Malaysians NECK.

GIVE them enough rope,and they may even ask us to go eat CAKE.

Ada Apa Dengan MMAG?

ON Wednesday, 93 per cent of the trades done on MMAG Bhd shares, were on the SELL side while on Tuesday, some of 70 per cent of the trades done were, trades to sell MMAG shares.

CONSIDERING, that the news coming out from Sri Lanka, looks positive on paper for MMAG Bhd, those who collected  and massaged the shares while the stock was trading, at single digits in SEN terms have surprisingly opted to cash out.

ANALYST and stock market traders, may opine that the selling pressure is on at MMAG, because after all in 2019, when the Sri lankan Government attempted to off load the Airline for US$1, it fell flat on its face.

OR that Supreme has  never run an airline before and the favourites to acquire the. Airline,  is the Air India proxy as 20 per cent of the Sri Lankan traffic is from India.

BACK  home is Malaysia, there is only ONE reason, why  the MMAG shares are muzzled ; Hujan, badai, angin ribut, halilintar or to cut it short, ANGIN udah  terlampau KUAT.

The Securities Commission of Malaysia, snared by the Ides of March .

THERE are many types of people in this world, but eventually we can draw it down to two distinctive type of personality.

THE doers, are the type who won't talk much about their game plan or the actions they have taken in advance to achieve a certain metrics.

SO who or what is a good example of a doer in Malaysia?

MEET the Royal Malaysian Police Force. Notice how fast and efficient the police are these days, READ  : ' in nabbing and charging two CIDs who attempted to close a gun related case .

THE police force , to its credit no longer is ashamed to call out fellow regulators who are sleeping on the job. READ : Cops urge Bank Negara to draw up rules on gold investment schemes.

NOW, the opposite to the doer is the TALKER , that almost always never delivers.  Meet the Securities Commission of Malaysia, the undisputed king of delivering NOTHING.

A day before the ides of March, which falls on the 15th of March, the Securities Commission READ ,: ,media point men on stand by, so that it can be chronicled to Malaysians that the Securities Commission is actually doing its job. 

NOTICE how professional the police are these days. They only do raids once they have all the required information and evidence in hand for the AG's office to take the matter to court .

ONE suspects, the Securities Commission 's raid at Plaza Lien Hoe, has all the malaise of the ides of March ; Misfortune and DOOM..

IF this is indeed not the case, then the likes of. Victor Chin Boon Long and Kenneth Vun Yun Lun, who have offices and businesses inside of Plaza Lien Hoe, , would have long been charged in a court of law 

Tuesday 28 May 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; Private Dancer, A Dancer For Money.

THE American digital content creator cum actor, that goes by the stage name Sufian Arts, has placed his social media accessibility to PRIVATE, just two months after shocking Malaysia, with his VIEW : Assalamualaikum, Shamsul Iskandar, senior private secretary to the Prime Minister

IN the said, posting, Sufian disclosed he had also informed Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi, as well as Economic Minister Rafizi Ramli, that he was paid RM800, to attend and sign a foreign direct investment in the presence of Tengku Zafrul.

AS a result of , the said agreement, Artroniq Bhd, managed to raise some RM36 million from the public, but there are strong trails which points to that the money may have READfound its way, to Paklin Venture Capital Sdn Bhd, Atroniq's money lending subsidiary, which then lent out RM32.97 million to several corporations without any collateral.

WHATEVER Sufian's motivation in exposing the Artroniq complient scheme, is actually irrelevant.

NEITHER is it relevant if all parties have decided to kiss and make up. Artroniq is a public listed company, meaning its the invested public's money which is on the chopping board.

Sunday 26 May 2024

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement of Malaysia Dah Mula Takut Dengan Bayang Bayang Sendiri.

IT must be purely a co incidence that after READ : I had written that BDS Malaysia, which is filled with foreigners haven't done a damn thing to find replacement jobs for the mostly Malaysian Muslims, who have lost jobs due to 100 KFC outlets having shut down, a massive damage control exercise has been put in place.

THE boycott movement's response has been to play the victim, by stating READ : BDS Malaysia had never called for the boycott of KFC.

I am not going to use the point, where a lot of BDS sympathetic cyber troopers had urged Malaysians to just follow the global BDS boycott list to implicate BDS Malaysia.

RATHER, i am going to URGE  BDS Malaysia to start using some of its brain cells, rather than just run a movement on the suffering of others, to live a life of luxury . VIEW : Pizza Hut on the BDS Malaysia boycott list

BDS Malaysia, please stand up and tell the world who owns Pizza Hut ?  

ALAMAK,  KFC and Pizza Hut  are owned by the same company in the USA and in Malaysia, it is run by the same franchise owner.

SO BDS Malaysia, what is it Pizza Hut did that KFC did not do? Or are we to believe that, Yum and the Malaysian franchise owner has the incredible personality of Dr David Banner, who doesn't recall what he does when he is transformed into the incredible hulk.

SO BDS Malaysia, why do you think I am purposely picking on you?

WELL, because WHERE are your street protest, internet shaming , Tik Tok pressure against the Minister of Finance Inc which calls the shots at Malaysia Airports over possible sale to an organisation that has proven links to BLACKROCK.

ARE you afraid, BDS Malaysia, if you even attempt to F around with the Minister of Finance Inc,how you actually spend the million donated to you, ends up becoming the topic of the WEEK?

SO what is my advise for you, BDS Malaysia ?

Sendiri mahu ingat
Rambut sendiri sikat
Kusut lama tak sihat
Bagaimana dengan kamu?

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; We Know What You Did Last Summer

IF, you are wondering where is the Part 2 to the READ :  The PAS formula, and on why , i had written that  Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's announcement to the stock exchange last week was DISHONEST at worst and at best DECEPTIVE

TO recap , last week Hong Seng Consolidated told the stock exchange, READ : the company wants to revisit potential glove business expansion, but on smaller scale.

SO how can such a noble act, from Hong Seng Consolidated, be dumped to the sewerage sections of DISHONEST and DECEPTIVE? 

WELL,  because WE know what you did Last Summer. 

ACCORDING to CSH Holdings, Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd , is the beneficial owner “and has full benefit and interest” over a building comprising a factory, warehouse, office and a canteen that are erected on a 21,680 sq metre leasehold plot in the Bakar Arang Industrial Estate in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

THE land’s registered proprietor is Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Kedah (PKNK) and the plot has been leased to HS Vision One Sdn Bhd (HSV) and charged to Public Bank Bhd for a loan facility to Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd.

HONG Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd, however, has “full interest over the lease of the land pursuant to a sales and purchase of lease agreement dated May 31, 2023 entered with HSV,” CSH Alliance’s filing read.

TO cut a long story short, the land in question is part of the Kedah Rubber City Project, 

THEREFORE if there is NO either a real plan or a made up plan for a smaller scale project, the land grab can't happen, and if it can't happen, what do you think Public Bank  will do ?

Between An Idiot and a Moron, the Line is too Close to Call

SO it is settled then, that between the UiTM students and the Malaysian media, READ : the biggest idiot is the Malaysian press.

ON, May 18, i had taken the Malaysian media to task for not grilling the UiTM student council for being on the wrong side of LOGIC.

THE law of LOGIC is such, I opined the UiTM  students are protesting for something which is actually a very common reaccurance in UiTM ; the enrollment of foreign students including those from communist China into post graduate programmes.

SUBSEQUENTLY, i had shown prove the   Parallel Pathway is a post graduate programme, MEANING the UiTM senate had long decided, KEEPING the Univerrsity , Bumiputra only, is confined only for the Undergraduate programme.

OBVIOUSLY, the UiTM student council don't wish to be identified as a not knowledgeable bunch, VIEWhave started to backtrack on some of their statements.

THIS leaves Muhammad Akmal Saleh, looking a lot like a used snake oil salesman in search of ACCEPTANCE wihout really having even some form off basic knowledge on the issue at hand.

Saturday 25 May 2024

Ismail Sabri, Jangan Jadi Soh Chai

ISMAIL Sabri, who is perhaps, Malaysia's most underrated Prime Minister of all time, looks to be on a one track mind to win hands down the title of being the dumbest  Malaysian Prime Minster of all time.

IT is one thing for the likes of Muhammad Akmal Saleh to position himself as the last good Malay man standing, considering he is now VIEW ; denying he is a major actor in an on going corruption case linked to the former Home Minister of Malaysia.

WHAT is there, for tempers to flare, when there  READ : are already more than 4342 foreign nationality students doing post graduate programmes, which makes it absolutely INSANE to prevent Malaysians who are not legally defined as Bumiputra to apply to join post graduate courses at the University.

IF, Ismail Sabri truly believes in an iota of what he said, that UiTM must be reserved  exclusively for Bumiputras only, then the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia should explain why when in office, he sat  like a John Jenin and did nothing to dismiss the 4342 non Bumiputra students whoes loyalty to Malaysia is SUSPECT .

Revenue Group Bhd's, chairman Kamari Zaman Juhari, The Sun Doesn't Always Shine on TV.

THE  term the sun always shines on TV, refers to the power of media on how it often appears brighter and shinier than real life.

WATCHING the Revenue Group Chairman Kamari Zaman Juhari , the then chairman but now according to the Quantum Metal website , demoted to director VIEW : hard sell on his previous work with Bank Negara to promote Quantum Metal in July 2022, is truly an art an by itself.

IF i wanted to be picky, I could state that hey Kamari Zaman Juhari, you do have an ex state assemblymen linked to Azmin Ali in Quantum Metal, but you CERTAINLY never did MENGUBAL DASAR because only Parliament has the right to do so.

BUT, I am not here to be picky. Rather it is very interesting that the former director of fraud related  investigation at Bank Negara Malaysia, was hard selling Quantum Metal on July 2022, as the company's chairman.

ALL this talk of integrity by  Kamari Zaman Juhari , at the same time, when Indonesia's financial Service Authority's Special Task Force known as READ : Satgas Waspada Investasi, had on June 2022, banned Quantum Metal as an illegal investment scheme open to fraud.

SO, Bank Negara Malaysia, what were you doing around June 2022, in the era of internet connection and communication about this matter?

YOU did nothing, Bank Negara Malaysia. Is it because, your investigation team on fraud, is by far a fraud in itself, to the extent the Royal Malaysian Police have to publicly plead  with READ : the central bank to requlate gold investment schemes.

THE story though, does not end here. Despite, Kamari Zaman Juhari helming Quantum Metal, an entity the Indonesian Government says runs illegal scheme, Bank Negara Malaysia, found it perfectly READ : all right to allow Kamari Zaman Juhari to become the chairman of Revenue Group, a financial service company

AND what had happened, after the, now which can only be termed as THE NOTORIOUS Kamari Zaman Juhari, was sitting pretty as the chairman of Revenue Group?

LET the record state RM62.59 million had flowed into Revenue Group, via inflated warrant conversion by non substantial shareholders of Revenue Group, in what can only be described as MONEY LAUNDERING, because there is no economic sense to justifty in the inflow.

WHAT was Bank Negara Malaysia's public reaction that money derived from illegal schemes has been flowing into a financial service company listed on Bursa Malaysia?  NOTHING.

KAMARI Zaman Juhari, is however getting cold feet, because although he can rely on his previous subordinates at Bank Negara Malaysia and mutual benefit friends in the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, the investigative team, formed on the instructions of the Prime Minister are not so ACCOMMODATING.

KAMARI Zaman Juhari,is now seeking to distance himself from Quantum Metal. The resignation letter had been long sent, just that Quantum Metal hadn't up dated their website.

AND if you are wondering, who is that Azmin Ali linked PKR politician in Quantum Metal, it is none other than Tian Chua's lawyer, the ex Penang state assemblymen for Kebun Bunga, who prides himself as a founding member of KEADILAN and also as human rights activist.


Thursday 23 May 2024

The Dirty Harry For Online Betting, Has Arrived.

IF there is a will to do so, then there will definitely be away to get the job done in a timely, consistent, credible and efficient manner.

SINCE the middle of last week, Touch N Go, the country's largest e wallet manager with a user base in excess of 20 million users has emerged as the unlikeliest hero in the war against illegal online gambling.

TOUCH  Go,  which has some 1.7 million merchants hooked to its grid, have effectively blocked all the major illegal gaming sites proxy Touch N Go accounts,  from being able to receive payments via the Touch N Go pin frame work.

IN just a matter of days, Touch N Go, without much funfair have been able to do, what the current leadership has failed to do so ;  inflict a serious body blow to the RM20 billion a illicit online betting sector. READ : Government losing RM5 billion and counting yearly due to the rampant and publicly known illegal gaming sites.

STRANGELY enough, gamers can still transfer money  via bank transfers or use mobile top ups with impunity to transfer money to the illegal game operators


Tuesday 21 May 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; The PAS formula

SIXTEEN years ago, when PAS wanted its man, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, installed as the Menteri Besar of Perak, READ : Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd, a company owned by a close relative of Nga Kor Ming, in which the current housing minister was a director, ended up being awarded 10,000 acres of Bumiputra land by the PAS Government in Kelantan.

FAST forward to, today, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia or it's JAWI acronym PAS is on the READ : verge of surrendering some 10.45 acres of state land to Hong Seng Consolidated for a period of 60 years.

WHY is this deal controversial and must be subject to a stress test investigation centred on ethnic Chinese gangsters, funding PAS with money, and by  withholding  information to benefit PAS politically and HUMILIATE  Anwar Ibrahim .

BUT since , READ : Hong Seng canceled the entire project on September 2023, why is there a need to surrender nearly 11 acres of prime industrial land to Hong Seng Consolidated now ,even though as of TODAY there is ZERO confirmed commitment for Hong  Seng  Consolidated to proceed albeit at a smaller scale?

RED flag number THREE, did Hong Seng Consolidated actually delay its 2023 announcement to pull out of the rubber city project, to after the Kedah state elections in order to benefit PAS at the expense of  Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

THE answer is definitely YES, when one takes into account after the state elections was won by PAS, the statement made by the Kedah Menteri Besar READ : Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor that he had advance knowledge dating back to before the state elections in Kedah was even announced that the Hong Seng deal was in jeapordy

NOW for THE red flag number TWO. The Hong Seng Consolidated announcement to the stock exchange yesterday was DISHONEST at worst and at best DECEPTIVE

WHERE is the proof to back my statement above ? 


Monday 20 May 2024

When Malaysia had two good women and one good man

iN a matter of days, at best weeks,Geely Auto, China's, second largest automaker will announce a comprehensive working and operational plan appointing Syed Mokthar's DRB Hicom Bhd as its contract manufacturer.

IN a nutshell, Geely Auto will tap into DRB Hicom's excess manufacturing vacancies to produce right hand automotive drives targeted for the Asian and Australia markets

GEELY will benefit greatly by being in Malaysia, cutting its import tax payments by as much as 88 per cent .

REST assured,  Prime Minister will be there when all this is officially announced, and best be assured too,there will be fresh hymns on  the China Malaysia love story.

HOW can it be love, when the Low Taek Jho story , alive or unalived is on open display, that we must ask ourself, what is stopping Malaysia from receiving Low Taek Jho.

KNOWING what we know now, that 1MDB was much more than a white collar crime, our two women heros , must surely have been built different, yet after the initial euphoria they too seem to be forgotten.

SO why is all this relevant today? Well because in Singapore, a judge showed Malaysia, what it is missing ; LEADERSHIP.

WHAT lesson can the Prime Minister  learn from this ? 

WELL for starters, from the Najib Razak pardon, to the re-emergence of Amin the Bangla, to the attacks on footballers, to the attacks on the Ringgit, the buck stops with ANWAR IBRAHIM.

Wag The Dog @ the expense of UiTM.

THE  revolving story of UiTM opening up its READ : cardiothoracic surgery postgraduate training programme to non-bumiputera trainees,  is a sad one.

THE victim here though, is the unlikeliest character, that might just top the list of the non Bumiputra's view of the most racist university funded by tax payer money.

SO how is it then UiTM has ended up looking like a bunch of zealot's coming out from the previous Apartheid regime in South Africa?

WAG the dog, literally means to stir up either a non issue or a small issue and blow it up into a bread and butter issue that reasonate with the man on the street.

AND so UiTM has been abused as pawn, it's image among non Malays lowered and among city going Malays a name they are embarrassed to be associated with.

ALL because of public perception narrative  to convince the Malay masses, that the people they have refused, are the ones they should choose in GE16.

Sunday 19 May 2024

BDS Malaysia, Watch Out For That Tree.

IN George of the jungle fashion, BDS Malaysia, the noisy boycott king , who have been making a killing from donations better watch  that tree called Malaysia Airports.

HAVING successfully bullied Mcdonald's despite, it's Malaysia operations  being owned READ : by Arabs since 2016, BDS Malaysia, also gave READ : KFC owners QSR Bhd a bloody nose, resulting in more than 100 outlets in Malaysia, stopping operations.

IT was at this point, I really started noticing BDS Malaysia, that they really don't give a F ABOUT MALAYSIANS.

IMAGINE, 100 KFC outlets, had to stop coz BDM Malaysia engineered the campaign. Yet when the mostly Malay Muslims were out of a job, and left high and dry, BDS Malaysia, didn't even bother to do a campaign to get those poor souls hired elsewhere.

WHY is that so BDS Malaysia? Are our tears and suffering , acceptable, required and ignored, for your cause, which is actually raising tonnes of donation money, that goes mostly for operational expenses, which includes a nice monthly hefty salary.

HERE is the catch now. BDS Malaysia, you do know , merely READ : issuing a half hearted sheepish No against BlackRock potentially managing Malaysia Airports that that juicy Airport in Turkey IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

WHERE are your street protest, internet shaming , Tik Tok pressure against the Minister of Finance Inc which calls the shots at Malaysia Airports.

ARE you afraid, BDS Malaysia, if you even attempt to F around with the Minister of Finance Inc,how you actually spend the million donated to you, ends up becoming the topic of the WEEK?

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia ; Money Too Tight To Mention.

LEONG Seng Wui has been snubbed by wealth private investors, that no longer are willing to give Victor Chin Boon Long or his boy a blank cheque, attached with a gigantic benefit of the doubt dose.

MUST be that the smart money,  and the old money are now convinced it is no longer an if but just a matter of when, the once feared personalities christened as the Corporate Mafia, are put to sleep.

APPARENTLY, money is too to even mention, with friends  distance themselves, while wealth investors are no longer keen to finance their causes.

LARGELY due to the odds of the Corporate Mafia delivering on their promises, are being overwhelmed that the dye has ben cast, the notorious gin bang gang are high  on the purge list.

CONSIDER the following, the Leong Seng Wui led Revenue Group informed the stock exchange, READ it expects to raise RM13 million from its private placement exercise.

EVENTUALLY Revenue Group only managed to raise only RM8.5 million, which is a slap in the face as the group was expecting to pocket a minimun of RM10 million in the worst case scenario.

CAN'T blame investors for showing the middle finger to Leong Seng Wui and his master, considering there are too many trails left behind by tbe Corporate Mafia.

 MONEY raised from private placements are being used to keep Corporate Mafia members away  from  real debt, they cant justify or even payback, incurred from share financubf becausea  substantial amount of money haa ⁶been used for share financing..

TAKE the case of Revenue lending out money to Chin Boon Long's Low Yat Plaza crew to acquire shares in VIEW : Ingenieur Bhd.

MEET the not so meticulously competent SIN Chin Chai, the recipient of close to nearly RM2 million or a just lightly below quarter of of the RM8.5 million, Revenue Group socilitated from the public.

SIN also has a huge financial burden listed with Velocity Capital, to help margin finance his stake in INGENIEUR.

ITS not a SIN to seek margin financing but it is definitely an ethics crime to keep using publicly solicited money , to prevent Chin Boon Long and his crew, from bleeding, and then drowning  in a SEA OF RED INK.

Saturday 18 May 2024

UiTM, ESG, MADANI ....the list just goes on and on

WHO is the bigger idiot? Is it the UiTM student representative council spokesman Amir Nur Rashid, or the Malaysian press? 

IDENTIFYING, who the biggest idiot here is a real hard call,as hard as weighing up if UMNO Youth head Muhammad Akmal Saleh is a blatant racist or just a MORON. READ : Parallel pathway: UiTM must remain for bumi only, Akmal says.

AMIR Nur Rashid, obviously is either not a bright child or a very manipulative one, which the entire Malaysian press has given a free pass, either due to a lack of courage or a lack of knowledge.

THE READ : Parallel Pathway is a post graduate programme, which means the UiTM senate had long decided, KEEPING the Univerrsity , Bumiputra only, is confined only for the Undergraduate programme.

MIND you, foreign students studying in UiTM are not based on religious lines either, with a lot of mainland chinamen among its post graduate students.

AND mind you too, the UiTM Malay students are not racist a lot. The  All Black Attire from the student council only got less than 3,000 student twitter support from a base of more than 160,000 students.

THE majority Malay voice have been hijacked leaving UiTM's ESG mantra and Malaysian Madani frame work sounding like Manis Hanya Di Bibir, Bila Ada Perlunya.

Friday 17 May 2024

Malaysia, what's a strange confluence of events?

1. WHAT is a "Strange Confluence of Events"? 

A "Strange Confluence of Events" refers to a unique and unexpected combination of circumstances or occurrences that come together in an unusual way. 

2. HOW does a "Strange Confluence of Events" occur? 

A "Strange Confluence of Events" can occur due to a variety of factors, such as coincidence, chance, or complex interactions between multiple systems or individuals.

 3. IS a "Strange Confluence of Events" a common phenomenon?

 While there is no definitive answer to this question, some may argue that "Strange Confluence of Events" are rare occurrences, as they require a specific set of circumstances to align in a unique and unexpected way. 

4. CAN a "Strange Confluence of Events" be predicted or explained? 

It can be challenging to predict or explain a "Strange Confluence of Events" as they often involve complex and unpredictable interactions. However, scientists and researchers may be able to provide some insights or explanations based on data and analysis. 

I said it, You Ignored it, Now Malaysia is Witness To it.

I said, not once but threw times in two months, that when you spare the rod, you are  going to spoil the child.

BUT the votes were cast based on racial lines and we are still stuck with a Prime Minister READ : Yang Gajah di hadapan mata tak nampak, kuman di seberang lautan nampak.

SPARE the rod, and you not only spoil the child, but solidifies Lee Kuan Yew, the legendary Prime Minister of Singapore mantra of READ : No Cain, No Gain.

I am NOT  here to point fingers on who is responsible for READ : what happened in Johor today, but to ask the Prime Minister of Malaysia ; HOW COME BAD HATS HAVE SUDDENLY BECOME SO BRAVE IN OUR COUNTRY?

Thursday 16 May 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The lending scheme under Nga Kor Ming's Ministry.

GRANTED the scheme below, which I am about to describe, have been taking place long before Nga Kor Ming took over as Minister of housing and local government, but the buck today ends at Nga Kor Ming's desk.

WHY is that so? is it because Nga Kor Ming is the chauvinist face of the DAP, or because most Malays have a natural disdain for the man? 

NO, it is because Nga Kor Ming is the minister in charge of giving out and monitoring, the friendly and sometimes not so friendly KREDIT KOMUNITI money lenders.

KREDIT Komuniti, money lenders are supposed to be a sort of lender of last resort for the small men of Malaysia.

BUT under the Victor Chin Boon Long Group, these money lending entities controlled by public listed companies , that has either Victor Chin Boon Long or Leong Seng Wui as executive director, has been lending money to either each other directly or to their known proxies to either purchase shares or to subscribe for script issues.

DOES the DAP benefit from all these type of exercise? I don't know, but if Nga Kor Ming doesn't put a stop to all these activities, that's what the people will start spitting at UMNO to keep UMNO's head down.

WHY is this an issue now? Well because Leong Seng Wui is a substantial shareholder cum executive director in Hong Seng Consolidated while Victor Chin Boon Long has a lot of shares in Hong Seng Consolidated, hence making them parties acting in concert with one and other.

WHERE is the evidence or paper trail that such a nexus of evil exists? 

VELOCITY Capital meanwhile is owned by Velocity Capital Partners Bhd, in which Victor Chin Boon Long's MMAG Bhd used to be a dominant shareholder up until September 2023.

WELL done, Victor Chin Boon Long for officially cutting the link, but here is the catch VIEW : you shouldn't have appointed Revenue Group's director Krishnan Dorairaju as independent director in Velocity Bhd.

IMAGINE, claiming you are independent but continently giving your boss million ringgits of loans from another company to buy into Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd, just months after REVENUE GROUP READ :  bought assets at an inflated price from Hong Seng Consolidated.

BURSA Malaysia and Securities Commission how impartial was Revenue Group's executive director Teh Chee Hoe in agreeing to pay Hong Seng Consolidated RM36 million for an asset which at that point of time Hong Seng Consolidated had only forked out RM3.09 million?

WHY this question is relevant,  at no point of time is because NOWHERE in the filings specifically related to the sale of Innov8tif Holdings Sdn Bhd, did Revenue Group, disclose to you,  that Teh Chee Hoe has a huge debt to pay off to Hong Seng Consolidated?

TEH Chee Hoe, should have abstained in view that he owes money to Hong Seng Capital, yet there is not a single filling to the stock  exchange to indicate he did the honourable thing.

WHERE is the evidence of this debt you may ask? Well look no further than the money VIEW : Hong Seng Capital, a unit of Hong Seng Consolidated lend Teh Hee Hoe to buy 5 percent or 26 million Revenue Group Bhd shares.

IN view of the above, I suggest Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission, can you please get off your fat backsides and do the work you are paid for, before it starts to tarnish the good name of Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

PS is this the end of the story? Of course not, wait for the next part, when we are introduced to the  Low Yat gang's, Mr Chin Chai. I kid you not, that is his real name.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The dilemma of Mr HOE

HOE is a very degratory word for a human being whoes sexual behavior is so licentious as to be indistinguishable from that of a prostitute.

NOW many have been wondering why I have zeroed in on Khairy Jamaluddin's friend Teh Chee Hoe or Mr HOE, the executive director of Revenue Group Bhd all of a sudden.

NOW imagine if those who took the private placement at 17 Sen a share were to dump their shares at the current price of 24.5 Sen.

A very handsome profit, would be in hand but the only problem here is that it will create a margin problem for MR HOE, if the share price was to come down.

SO to save Mr HOE, a MMAG type grand mother story will soon have to be cooked by the as yet unidentified GORENG KING VICTOR CHIN .

State of the Nation is in a state of shock

IS  Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the first Malaysian Prime Minister, to have READ : several of his post, meeting the Hamas leadership by the likes of Facebook, censored .

IF he is, then this is a problem between Facebook and Anwar Ibrahim,  but it only becomes a bit of our problem when READ : Fahmi Fadzil proudly acknowledges that some Malaysian political parties could have links with the military unit of Palestinian party Hamas.

WHO are these outstanding Malaysian political parties with ties with the Military wing of Hamas, is something of great interest to law abiding citizens of this land. 

AND has this relationship in anyway, has had an effect on foreigner's READ : selling off a record 16 per cent of their entire Government bond holdings in the first four months of this year?

YES folks a record RM4 billion of those nice interest paying bonds have been dumped, leaving the total foreign bond holdings in Malaysia to now stand at a puny RM21 billion.

WHY is this so hard to tummy up? Well because successive Governments in Putrajaya  have done their very BEST to ensure READ : wages for first generation blue collar workers foreign workers in Malaysia, remains as competitive as possible with Singapore, and even higher than that of Thailand.

AND if you think, I am pulling your leg with regards of Malaysia being close to Singapore class for first generation blue collar workers, read the following report very closely. READ : the bottom end construction worker from Bangladesh in Singapore earns RM1737 today as opposed to his counter part in Malaysia, who earns RM1500.

YES, taking an interest in what is going on several thousand miles away from Malaysia, is a good thing, as it teaches us about humanity, just like taking good care of foreigner blue collar workers benefits is also a part of humanity.

BUT let's not be the laughing stock of other nations, who in hushed voices will be saying in their native language, with what I only know in my language as ; Anak kera di hutan disusui, anak sendiri di rumah kebuluran.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

MMAG, who is your daddy?

IF you go to the i3investor chat forum, you would notice that a certain name ; Goreng King Victor Chin seems to be trending, with regards to the share movement of MMAG Bhd .

DO i know the identity of this so called Goreng King Victor Chin ? I absolutely have no idea, who it is, but perhaps the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia might know a bit more on who is this so called GORENG KING VICTOR CHIN.

SO what do I know then?  Well I do  know that on May 13 2024, some 1630,783 MMAG shares were traded, and on the following day 841,069 MMAG shares were traded.

AS at about 11.27 am today only 290,245 MMAG shares were traded, which means a large number of shares have yet to come out,  and if they are contra shares, then they only have a maximum life span of between 24 hours and 48 hours before, retail investors Yam Seng or get slaughtered in a blood bath.

Corporate Secret, You tak tahu ke, ngapa menantu Zahid dilantik jadi Pengerusi Jiankun?

SO corporate wants to know why READ : Zahid Hamidi's son in law was appointed chairman of Jiankun Bhd.

HAIYA, Saiful Nizam who is also a good buddy of READ : Mahadi Badrul Zaman, the fake datuk blacklisted by the SC, was appointed into Jiankun Bhd because of the second 5g license and Huawei.

DETAILS will be out soon. While Jiankun is not going to get the license, it will play a very rich role in building the infrastructure, which is actually a waste of money, resources and time.

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Teh Chee Hoe

HOE is a very degratory word for a human being  whoes  sexual behavior is so licentious as to be indistinguishable from that of a prostitute.

MEET Teh Chee HOE, whoes entire shareholding in Revenue Group Bhd is at the PLEASURE of Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd, Maybank and Kenanga. 

BY name, Mr HOE is an executive director at Revenue Group, but his shares are all pledged to VIEW : between 23 million to 26 million shares to Hong Seng Capital Sdn Bhd at 36 Sen a share, VIEW : 340,000 shares at Maybank Nominees at 25.5 sen and VIEW : 2.7 million shares at 24 Sen at Kenanga Nominees.

IF you are wondering, how come I put down 2.7 million shares at Kenanga and not 2.6 million shares as written in the filling, well it is because Mr HOE,  had bought some 100,000 shares in December 2023 via Kenanga.

NOW there are two very interesting topics to explore with regards to Mr HOE's Revenue Group Bhd transactions.

ONE,  you would have noticed that his purchases financed via Hong Seng Capital Sdn Bhd , a unit of Hong Seng Group Bhd, in which his fellow executive director at Revenue Group,  Leong Seng Wui is a substantial stakeholder with executive powers, have fallen by more than 33 per cent.

YET seemingly, no margin call had been triggered, and then there is the question on why Maybank Nominees stopped giving credit to Mr HOE after merely a purchase of 340,000 shares.

ALL this have left Kenanga exposed not only to the credit lines it had given Leong Seng Wui to acquire 30 million Revenue Group shares  but to expand it's single stock exposure in Revenue Group by extending credit facilities to Mr HOE .

Monday 13 May 2024

MMAG Bhd's announcement to Bursa Malaysia is DECEPTIVE

SRI Lankan businessmen, R.M. Manivannan who controls Supreme Global Holdings Ltd, soon could find his good name trashed into the conmen shit hole, due to the irresponsible and deceptive announcment by MMAG Bhd to the stock exchange.

IN a statement to the stock exchange yesterday, MMAG Bhd, claimed READ : Supreme Global is currently engaged in the acquisition of Sri Lankan Airlines is mischievous and down right in accurate.

SO whoelse has participated in this so called expression of interest to take over Sri Lankan Airlines?  

WELL, none other than, Malaysia's very own READ: Capital A Bhd, the parent of Air Asia, as well as Dharshaan Elite Investment Holding (Pvt) Ltd, FITS Aviation (Private) Ltd, Sherisha Technologies Private Ltd, Treasure Republic Guardians Ltd and local conglomerate Hayleys PLC.

NOTICE how MMAG states that the agreement with the Sri Lanka party shall lapse by either party with a written notice of 60 days.

INTERESTINGINGLY, MIDF Research in the NST report above states, that it may take up to 120 days or four months before the SRi  LANKA GOVERNMENT decides on who will be given the right to acquire the airline.

SO how now Bursa Malaysia?  Maybe You guys since have so much free time, should call up the Sri Lanka embassy in Kuala Lumpur to get the exact details 

MMAG Bhd ; Ada Berani Mahu Naik Esok?

VICTOR Chin Boon Long's  MMAG Bhd, was up 17 Sen to 37 sen, on yet another of the Corporate Mafia's wet dreams on Sri Lanka.

IT all started when Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's Mandarin speaking Caucasian boy READ : Russell Walter Boyd, became the READ : CEO of Sarawak Cable.

SARAWAK Cable soon saw it's share price shoot up, in similar manner as MMAG Bhd, READ : a Sri Lanka deal that eventually never did take off.

THAT being said, I gather MMAG has aspirations for the share price to go up , which is why VIEW: Kenny Khow Chuan Wah had to resign as executive director in a hurry.

NOW if the stock price of MMAG were to rise further it will only draw attention to Kenny Khow Chuan Wah ..... won't it????

Sunday 12 May 2024

Calm Before The Storm : Dialog Group Bhd?

WONDER how will the stock market react  if a key executive of a public listed company makes the US blacklist, list?

WONDER too, if that is the reason more than 1000 Securities on Bursa Malaysia is untraded today.

APPARENTLY, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the financial intelligence and enforcement agency of the US Treasury Department VIEW : have listed a 56 year old Malaysian by the name of Zulkifli Marzuki under its sanctioned list

Saturday 11 May 2024

Money in Malaysia

BEFORE, i even touch on the topic of the Ringgit, let me do MCMC' job for them, in areas which they some how always are lagging.  

THIS in RInggit terms is a RM12.27 billion drop in just 75 days, which works out to a drop of RM163.6 million a day.

NOW losing RM163.6 million a day is a lot of money, of which one suspect, a large portion has been utilised to prop up the Ringgit against the US Dollar which now stands at RM4.72.

INSTEAD of spending so much to defend the Ringgit, one way which Malaysia, could have still defended the Ringgit was by making sure that the EXTRA oil, Malaysia exports to China is transacted only in Ringgit.

LETS,  just take the 6 million barrels a month as the accurate figure and minus of the 300,000 barrels which is our real output, meaning the EXTRA oil sold to China is 5.7 million barrels of oil.

PER barrel of Brent Crude is USD 82.79 or RM390.76 if transacted in Ringgit, which means 5.7 million barrel of oil will create demand for the Ringgit to the tune of RM2.27 billion a month or RM5.67 biliion in 75 days.

Thursday 9 May 2024

Sarawak Cable Bhd, but what about the story of lulus tidak berselam, hilang tidak bercari?

iF you are wondering why I have written on READ : the Sarawak Cable white knight deal collapsing, rest assured, I will be doing something about it, but not for today.

TODAY, i would like to highlight  how minority shareholders of a certain company has been caught in a situation, best described as ; lulus tidak berselam, hilang tidak bercari?

BASICALLY, nobody wants to help minority shareholders of this company, because it is linked to the son, of a secret and very powerful  politician.

HOW powerful, you might ask? Well powerful enough to collapse the Madani Government at any given time inside 24 hours.

I won't name the politician, but the company's name is Artroniq Bhd, which some two months ago was VIEW : exposed by an American Actor.

PRIOR to being exposed through, Artroniq managed to raise some RM36 million for the said project.

WHAT action has the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia taken? Absolutely NOTHING.

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Bursa Malaysia, Green Packet Bhd Are Treating You Like Ass Clowns. What Are You Going To Do About It?

APRIL fools day for this year, has already passed, so this cannot be, one of those instances where a public listed company attempts to pull the leg of a market regulator by putting out a shitty announcement just for the fun of it.

WAHID Omar, the non executive chairman of Bursa Malaysia and Umar Swift, the Australian with a Malaysian PR, Green Packet Bhd have publicly insulted your intelligence.

YOUR own staff, might be laughing behind your backs, dogs might be giggling, while  children just feel sorry for you.

NOW, with more than 50 per cent of the money going into Sri Lanka, guess what Green Packet submitted to Bursa Malaysia? READ : a long tale about the prospects of the Malaysian economy.

NEVERMIND, the fact, if Bursa Malaysia is stupid enough to approve Green Packets proposal, which has clearly disrespected the stock exchange, it also means Green Packet  effectively would end up with a record of issuing 1.398 billion new shares since 2020.

OR perhaps Green Packet Bhd is attempting to prepare the stock exchange in advance for a future discovery that the bulk of its foreign earnings are mere hocus-pocus? 

BUT, let's not speculate on the future and keep out feet rooted on the ground, and examine based on what perimeters Green Packet Bhd wants the RM10 million to invest in the Sri Lanka venture.

INVESTOR alert, in 2019 the president of Sri Lanka was Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa, followed by his brother Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa, until he was forced to resign and run away from Sri Lanka by the people of Sri Lanka on July 14 2022.

BOTH the brothers were READ : found guilty of economic crimes by the Sri Lanka Courts just in November 2023, and here we have Green Packet attempting to use a 2019 contract from Sri Lanka which had never commenced operations to raise as much as RM19 million in 2023.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Reporters Without Borders, Gold Standard My Foot!

WHEN  will Anwar Ibrahim realise, that having Fahmi Fadzil as communications minister, and chief Government spokesman is a waste of time and a waste of money?

CONSIDER the following carefully, Fahmi Fadzil told Malaysia  that  the , READ : Govt will study RSF's proposals to improve media freedom index position and subsequently, the Government have engaged with the Reporters Without Borders.

NOW if Fahmi Fadzil had really studied the report by the Reporters Without Borders, he would have noticed that READ : Burkina Faso, which is run by a military dictatorship had been ranked much higher than Malaysia at number 86 in the Reporters Without Borders Freedom of Press Index.

DOES anyone with a sane mind, can actually believe or even trust that a dictatorship, which does not even accord the basic rights for its citizens to vote, have more freedom than you and I? 

BY engaging with Reporters Without Borders, what is the signal Fahmi Fadzil, is sending to the world? 

THAT Malaysia accepts the Reporters Without Borders so called factuality that Burkina Faso is a much better place than my country?  

WITH a minister like Fahmi Fadzil, my country, Malaysia, definitely does not need any ENEMIES to slur our NATIONAL PRIDE and IMAGE.

Bank Negara Malaysia, Depan Ada Laut, Mana mahu lari

APA khabar Bank Negara Malaysia, boleh tolong jawap soalan berikut, khususnya tentang Quantum Metal dan Revenue Group Bhd.

1) WHY did the Australian Reserve Bank, which is the central bank of Australia reject wire transfers from Quantum Metal?  

IS it because they suspect poor B40, Malays hard work and honest earned money, were subject to fraud under the watch of Quantum Metal?

2) IF this is indeed the case, how come some Caucasian people are more interested in protecting the interest of our people, then our own central bank?

3) CAN you, Bank Negara Malaysia immediately ring up the Reserve Bank of Australia and find out why the Australian Banks had closed off all the banking accounts of Quantum Metal in Australia.  Just to give you a heads up, banks normally close a client's account if they suspect fraud or money laundering activities have taken place.

4) BANK Negara Malaysia, in line with the principals and concepts of ESG, can you kindly find out how come, Quantum Metal can afford to send RM120 million to Australia into Besra Gold, a company listed on the Australian stock exchange , but cannot pay back the money they took from the mostly B40 muslim community in Malaysia.

5) AND apparently, Quantum Metal are delirious in sending another RM46 million to Australia, but their attempts were stopped by the Austtalian authorities.

NOW  you might ask me if I can substantiate any of the five points above. YES indeed, I can. Please refer to the following links.

6) ISRA Consulting, the first shariah based auditors sanctioned by Bank Negara Malaysia, could not locate the so called 31 tonnes of 999 Gold owned by Quantum Metal as claimed by Quantum Metal, can you kindly call up, the firm that replaced ISRA Consulting, on  why they haven't released the full audit report on the supposed gold owner ship by Quantum Metal.

7) This is a some what hypothetical question. Since your former staff Kamari Zaman is the chairman of Revenue Group Bhd, and also a director in Quantum Metal, can you please investigate to acertain if the READ ; RM64 million which went into Revenue Group Bhd, via warrant conversions that made no economic sence, is in anyway linked to Quantum Metal

Monday 6 May 2024

The Corporate Mafia's Quantum Problem ; In the begining there was Classita Bhd.

CLASSITA Bhd, prior to the Corporate Mafia's questionable on the company was known as Caely Holdings  Bhd.

CAELY' executive chairman and major stakeholder was READ : Louis Ng Chun Hau, who also happens to be the founder and face of Public Gold Group.

COULD Corporate Mafia which is synonymous with Victor Chin Boon Long, have targeted Caely Holdings as part of a bitter turf war between Quantum Metal and Public Gold.?

DETAILS on that matter, will only be disclosed after August 2024,  but consider the following as a hors d'oeuvre appetiser before the main course.

WHO did the Corporate Mafia appoint as chairman of Revenue Group Bhd, once they had taken over the company in a rather dubious manner? 

WELL none other than READ : Kamari Zaman Juhari of Quantum Metal.

IS that the only link between, Classita and Quantum Metal? I am afraid not. Quantum Metal's chairman VIEW : Mazlan Lazim was also a director in Classita in 2022. Additionally Quantum Metal claims Mazlan has a senior role in MCMC

WHAT is Mazlan Lazim famous for? Well I will only tell you, what he is famous for in 2024, as for the years before that, you need to Google it yourself.

FOR 2024, Mazlan is not only famous for being the chairman of Quantum Metal but he is also famous for being the READ : independent chairman of Rapid Synergy

YES,  the same Rapid Synergy which has seen it's share price fall to RM29.50 on Dec 22 2023, to 70 sen today, losing more than RM2.9 billion of its value.

IRONICALLY just around the same time when the Australian Reserve Bank started refusing money  transfers from Quantum METAL.