Wednesday 31 May 2023

World Wide Holdings Shot Itself in the foot in 2019, and now its China partner is demanding RM368 million.

WORLDWIDE Holdings, a Selangor state Government entity, should think of finding ways to settle the law suit brought Western Power Clean Energy Sdn Bhd (WPCESB) out of court.

The company,  unit owned by  China Western Power Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd and China Western Power International Pte Ltd is suing World Wide Holdings for RM368 million for breach of contract.

IN 2018 Worldwide, inked an agreement with the mainland back entity , READ : To build a RM500 million waste to energy facility In Jeram, Selangor.

A year latter, World Wide seems to have had second thoughts about dealing with WPCESB. 

AND how do I know about this. Well because being , state controlled entity , WorldWide Holdings, never things before it acts. 

BY May 2019, WorldWide Holdings nicely documented and put it up on the Internet that it may not work with the Chinese entity in the coming phases. 

ALL the sorid details are on the May issue of the 2019. GREEN News Letter.

Awas, awas ada imposter, bermuka dua, aslinya Koruptor!!!.

HAMZAH Zainuddin, depending on who you talk too, comes out either as a very intelligent guy or a dud with low confidence, who by chance made it to the big league, riding on Muhyiddin Yassin's personality and personal popularity.

AS opposition leader, Hamzah has been a disappointment, and now that he no longer is the Home Minister, serious questions are beginning to emerge,  if BERSATU's true agenda is actually a very anti Malay one at the B40, and M40 level.

BERSATU's sole purpose is to keep the traditional  status que alive, meaning the elite Malay who are a minority in this country, get to enjoy the wealth of the nation, while the poorer Malays, are easy game for abuse.

I am not speculating here.  Consider the following. BERSATU made a big show of READ:  Bersatu 'adopts' bodyguards allegedly beat up for fasting.

BUT did the guy who beat up the body guard and insulted their personal believes end up in Jail and made to pay by this so called Malay ultra party?

WHERE was the Malay first Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin? Why didn't he use all his influence to speed up the case as a matter of national interest, and jail the guy?

COULD the lack of action be linked to the guy's wealth? Is Bersatu the model day KITUL who have been selling the Malay dignity and pride for a price?

A single case, does not make a pattern, but unfortunately for the Malays there is a pattern in the Bersatu DNA of  throwing the non elite Malays to the wolf.

BLOGGER, Thick As Brick says 70 per cent of drug addicts are Malays, thus it is the best weapon of choice for those who have ill intentions.

YET again a man money, with a product that destroys the Malay community, under Bersatu's watch and nobody was charged. READ: Found in Malaysia, RM2.4 billion worth of Cocaine,that packed its ownself and made it to the Atta Global warehouse by it self and the vicious RM300 million man.

THE blogger says chance of a link between the Corporate Mafia and drug barons are on the high side. I don't doubt the statement for a second because, how many really stupid people you know off, who are extremely wealthy doing nine to five jobs or nine to nine business,READ : Would over pay by 347 per cent to pump in RM40 million into Revenue Group via dubious conversion of the warrants.

VERY few people have that type of Money and fewer still are dumb enough to pay such a premium, and remain a minority shareholders in a company with damaged reputation, adding to its growing  reputation of bleeding red ink.

DO I expect the SC or Bursa officials to do the right thing . No. I have said it before and I will say it again, at the decision making level,  both organisations are corrupt to the core.

AND I will repeat this again, Malaysia is just one article away either in the Wall Street Journal,  Singapore Straits Times, the South China Morning Post or even Al Jazeera  on this subject matter, and the stock market's spinal cord will be decimated. 

Revenue Group : Every Men For Himself

A 636 year old proverb, has come to life in Revenue Group, as a posse of talented and rich people,  no longer trust each other to operate as a cohesive unit

THE Corporate Mafia no longer move in unison, having been ripped apart into four different faction, who no longer talk to each other.

GROWN men who used to drink together, are not only dumping shares on each other,  their actions are making two former deputy ministers very nervous.

APPARENTLY, there is secret war to oust their own party president.

WHO supplied them the war chest and for how long has this been going on  we shall soon find out.

 IN the interim the two former deputy ministers now risk paralysing their political aspirations.

EVERYMEN for himself , does not mean any one has abandon ship yet, although at this point nobody is a team player.

THE behaviour pattern, is a hand in glove fit the Money Flowing into the  Revenue stock, which only recently has flashed the CODE BLUE, that now money is running out from the stock. 

MONEY has been  flowing into the equity for months now, has now gone route with all the ingredients of a Korean drama where the bad guys have bought close to 87 per cent of the company without making a declaration to the stock  exchange. 

I suspect the real action is on Friday. VICTOR Chin Boon Long, you now have a great window of opportunity to dent my credility by pushing the shares up on Friday.

I suspect even a price surge won't put the smile back on the face  of Francis Leong Seng Wui.
WHY is that so? Go listen to  George Harrison's massive hit from the 1980's.I GOT MY EYES SET ON YOU,   for clues 

Amirudin Shari, somebody is WATCHING you!!!

SHOULD Amirudin Shari, the Menteri Besar of Selangor be fearful, now that Corporate Malaysia wants some directions on his puzzling maneuvers.

FOR a guy, who takes home READ : RM179,775 a month, one would have thought that the Menteri Besar of the nation's most industrialised state, would have at least ensync himself with the philosophical train of though of his party president Anwar Ibrahim.

AND why should he be on the same page with the Prime Minister, not only via words but via actions as well, is pretty obvious, as a large chunk of his RM179,000 salary comes from being the Menteri Besar who gets paid handsomely for sitting on  the board of state own company's such the WorldWide Holdings.

THE Corporate Madani ESG framework cannot make much headway, if the CEO of the most industrialised  state of our country acts in a manner that is against the spirit, intent and purpose of building a civil and just Malaysia.

THE Corporate Madani is not about maximising profits, by being short sighted,but rather it is about sustainable profits, by choosing the right partners, who can help us make ethical decisions. 

"The ruler must spread out a carpet of justice for his people, erect a tent of security, and fly the banners of forbearance with their fluttering tassels. He must pour out rivers of charity for them,restraining the hands of iniquity from reaching them, while showering them with the rain clouds of noble deeds. The most important of all the aforementioned qualities is justice."

THOSE were the words, Anwar Ibrahim told the world at the Fifteenth Annual Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture in 2019.

WITH this in mind, questions are bound to arise on why Amirudin Shari is not towing the line, but instead hr is going out of his way to do the opposite. 

TAKE for instance, the Selangor state government's World Wide holdings Bhd have got into bed with Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd for a landfill project in Jeram in April.

THE stigma does not end just yet, it is puzzling on which aspects of the Corporate Madani/ESG framework, did the Menteri Besar of Selangor tap into to get into bed with a company that has seen READ : Lu Yachen, the former deputy chairman of the state-owned Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd, being expelled from the Communist Party of China over serious violations of Party discipline and laws

TO make matters worst, Lu Yachen's boss READ : Zheng Jianhua has been charged for taking US22.6 million corruptly

Francis Leong Seng Wui, What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

SOMETIME back, I had written READ : family members should be concerned for Francis Leong Seng Wui.

I ment it, because unlike questions being posed to Victor Chin Boon Long,  the enforcement arm will want answers from Francis Leong Seng Wui,  who is the executive director at Revenue Group.

I am not privy to how deep the questions will be but if starts from Green Packet, then Francis Leong Seng Wui can start by explaining the huge discounts he received while acquiring the Green Packet shares.

BUT those charges may or may not stick but on the unusual warrant conversion, that raised more than RM41 million, Francis Leong Seng Wui is a sitting duck. READ: OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

Wee Choo Keong, finally makes it to the police station, but the men in blue just wanted to know all sides of the story

WEE Choo Keong, should not drag the police into his venomous intentions that stems from him losing his well paying job as Tourism chairman to Siew Kah Wei.

BEING called in by the police, just means that the Malaysia Police, wants to hear both sides of the story and nothing more than that.

THE police are doing their job, but perhaps its time for the men in blue to think outside of the box.

BECAUSE,  its very obvious, Wee Choo Keong wants to paint Anwar Ibrahim's Government, as being an oppressive and cruel one.

LET'S not fall into his trap, but instead insist that Wee Choo Keong, if he really believe something sinister is happening in Malaysia Airports, to make a police report.

WEE Choo Keong says BXC is an insolvent company, as stated by its auditor, Abdul Raji & CO, and has been filed with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

HE has deliberately manipulated the facts, taking an outdated report and making it seem relevant. 

THE proof is in the pudding.  Wee Choo Keong merely insults Siew Kah Wei and his daughters out of spite. HE won't lodge a police report,because he knows that one can be jailed for making a false report. 

WEE Choo Keong is no Nelson Mandela. This is the politician who kept his mouth shut in Parliament when he was the representative of Bukit Bintang, in the days of Old when it was the epicentre of crime in Kuala Lumpur, mainly for the lucrative drug trade.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, three strikes and we are out!

MALAYSIA  needs Anwar Ibrahim to get back his mojo pretty fast, or we going to face some real hard times.

FIRST , we had the question of the Swatch watch raid, and now this. READ ;Whistle Blower on Jho Low's current hideout is Dead.

THE Prime Minister needs to issue a statement immediately, regardless on how the witness died.

WHY is that so? Because if we leave any stones unturned, the foreign press will spook the fund managers, who in turn will tank the market.

TAKE , for instance on how the Swatch CEO basically lied to the world and still came out looking like a hero. READ : Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek said its Pride watches seized by authorities here contained no reference to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

EVENTUALLY, the truth did come out but none of the foreign media even gave it a mention. READ :SWATCH now says , yes those watches had LBGT written on them.

ANWAR Ibrahim needs to brief the world on the death of the witness, personally even if its from natural courses. 

THE Ringgit is coming under renewed pressure. READ: UOB ringgit seen heading towards RM4.65

BACK in Kuala Lumpur, RHB Bank is selling each US Dollar at VIEW :RM4.79, while the key benchmark index has slipped below the 14,000 point level.

WHAT has happened has happened, bit we cannot afford any more slip ups. 

THE Prime Minister, has so far been honest with us on all the major issues, so perhaps its time we return the favour.

ANWAR Ibrahim, needs to be a bit more fierce with the Minister's and top civil servants, so that everyone pulls their weight in the direction the Prime Minister is leading us to.

 THE cabinet needs new blood, especially in the Works Ministry, Labour Ministry, Economic ministry, plus the minister in charge of Islamic Affairs and law reforms need new blood too.

THE  Prime Minister must have the courage to do so, for after all courage in itself is not the absence, but to triumph over it. 

Monday 29 May 2023

The False Market's Night of Long Knives is On The Way!!!.

THE fear and panic within the market regulatory community and the support services community  ie audit partners, merchant bankers, stock brokers and private equity managers, are at a very heightened level. READ : Victor Chin Under Remand

THEY fear a night of long knives is not very far behind, and when it comes it will come in a manner that feels like their aorta is being ripped off from their chest.

WHY such a fear? Well because these men and women not only hold the secrets of the Corporate Mafia but many other corporate and political figures. Plus they too have benefited financially.  READ ; Market Manipulation and False Trading In Malaysia.

THIS group believed  they were untouchable and unreachable, have been so extreme  and arrogant in their mannerism, that they even gave the cold shoulder to promote Corporate Madani alongside the Corporate ESG platform.

Sunday 28 May 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long Bites The Dust!!!

VICTOR Chin Boon Long has been brought in for questioning by the law enforcement authorities today,  in move that is bound to strike fear in the hearts of many people within the corridors of power within the Securities Commission, Bank Negara Malaysia, and Bursa Malaysia.

NEXT in line is Francis Leong Seng Wui, the tablet sales man saved by Victor Chin Boon Long. 

FRANCIS Leong currently is the executive director in Revenue Group Bhd.

HONG Seng Bhd, Greenpacket and Revenue Group Bhd are all at their 52 week lows.

The Conspiracy to Place The Malaysian Economy in a State of Shock.

YES, you heard me right,  there is an on going effort among the political elite that favours Perikatan Nasional to ingrain it in our minds that the national economy is falling deeply into a bottomless pit. 

TO sum it up, the gin bang gang includes  media barons, very prominent bloggers, half baked Australians such as Murray Hunter, and dissatisfied elements of the political elite.

TAKE for instance, the article out in Free Malaysia Today. READ :Malaysia is drowning in debt.

YES, we have debt, but are we really drowning in debt, when one considers more than READ : 97.5% of Malaysia’s debt is denominated in ringgit.

WHY has Free Malaysia Today suddenly changed its tune in a matter of just one year, that our debts are mostly held domestically and not alarming to one that places us in a state of shock?

IS it because a year ago, Anwar Ibrahim was not the Prime Minister?

OR how about the scare tactics being fed to us, to label Bank Negara's recent hike interest rate hike as an act of doom, rather than a signal that the economy is finally back to pre pandemic times

WHAT the journeyman soldier of fortune critics such as Murray Hunter, won't tell you forceably is that READ : Malaysia economy grew faster than World Bank Projection in the first quarter of 2023 driven by household spending.

BANK Negara was right to increase interest rates to cool down spending, to stump worsening household debts , and to keep the Ringgit competitive , as others had raised interest rates months in advance of our central bank. READ : Singapore Raises Interest Rates

Corporate Mafia, What's The Story Morning Glory?

DO you think,that the Corporate Mafia is worried sick about the losses incurred at Green Packet Bhd, Classita Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd and Hong Seng Bhd?

IF you do, then you have a lot to be schooled on,  on how illegitimate money is washed into the system as clean source of income. READ : A quick take on the stages of money laundering.

COMING back to the question at hand, let me add another question to go along with it. DO you think that the, Corporate Mafia is even remotely worried tha companies mentioned above, are seeing their share price tanked to 52 week lows?

THE answer is a HELL NO.  CONSIDER  the following ;

DESPITE being terrible on the surface in  running a business as the the financial results show, how is it possible this joes seem to be always able to raise just enough cash to raid and take over cash rich companies? 

ALSO are the majority of the minority shareholders of these companies, really minorities or are they a front for something more sinister? 

WHY consider the possibility that the majority of the minorities could actually be front? Simple, time after time the Corporate Mafia have been able to raise enough money from these so called minority shareholders AFTER plundering the company's cash reserves.

AND then, there is the new trend now of getting hold of an assets and then flipping it off to themselves or their equally dubious friends.

FOR the information of Bank Negara, The Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia,many of the personalities involved in buying the Labuan Investment Bank, not surprisingly surface in Chee Kok Wing's Gulf Petroleum Investment International limited.

BEING, an alleged white collar fixer is a bad but not as bad as being an alleged under world drug Don, with either direct or indirect  links to Mexico's  El Chapo gang. READ : Does the Corporate Mafia have a secret financer.

PAS & BERSATU Are No Longer On The Same Page.

ABDUL Hadi Awang, knows that his goose is cooked as the PAS president spells it out clearly, that now everything is up for discussion. READ : Hadi ready to meet Anwar Ibrahim.

WHAT Hadi wants is a prominent role for PAS in the Unity Government. Surprisingly, Hadi suddenly doesn't seem to be allergic anymore to DAP's participation in the Unity Government. 

IT is no longer a question of if but rather when,  Hadi will be meeting up with Anwar Ibrahim, his former boss in Abim, and the man responsible for Hadi joining PAS in the first place.

THERE are many reasons why, Hadi is now starting to sing the moderate tune, among them a possible split in PAS and Muhyiddin Yassin's health issues.

PAS is not confident that without Muhyiddin Yassin, Bersatu's other leaders such as Hamzah Zainuddin has what it takes to appeal to young Malay voters.

ALSO,  young Malays, thus far have no complaints on  how Anwar Ibrahim has carried out his duties, and responsibilities  as a Muslim and as Prime Minister.

Saturday 27 May 2023

If an assistant accountant can swipe RM24 million, what's the going rate for in action at the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia?

ANWAR Ibrahim seems to have got PAS by the testicles, with the strong endorsement he has been receiving from Muslim scholars world wide.

NOT only are they endorsing him, the likes such as Mufti Menk, the popular Muslim scholar on Twitter,  have actually come down to Putrajaya, drawing crowds as huge as 18,000 people. READ : LEBIH 18,000 HADIRI MAJLIS ILMU MADANI BERSAMA PERDANA MENTERI DI PUTRAJAYA.

WHY is the crowd size important in this conversation?  Well it has matched toe to toe, the crowd size that Perikatan Nasional could muster at their very best.

WHY is all this not actively highlighted over and over again on social media platforms such as  Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, to show that the Unity Government of Anwar Ibrahim, is able and ready not only to take on Perikatan Nasional  but to beat them at their own game, is something the communication team should answer.

THAT being said, the Prime Minister should not take his eye off for a second in his fight to kill the scrooge , that has maimed Malaysia's glory ;  CORRUPTION. 

THE recent case of an assistant accountant in Kelantan READ : who swiped RM24 million of Government funds, is a good indicator on how this cancer has spread.

THE fish rots from the head onwards, and the Prime Minister has to continue cleaning house, expanding it even to the financial markets, where the cancer is at a PANDEMIC level. READ :SC kata penipuan pelaburan meningkat 100%, bagaimana dengan penipuan Mafia Korporat Victor Chin?

The missing sense in Malaysia Madani

THE missing sense in Malaysia Madani is commence sense, or at least it has been sinisterly disguised as that.

TAKE, for instance, two brothers who  collectively were worth more than RM100 million, being charged in court, for registering a car won in a lucky draw, under their name,  but the said car was used even by the father of the director who claimed that the two brothers did something criminal.

AS a result, the company lost more than RM600 million in market capitalisation. This is not a fictional story. This is what happened in Revenue Group Bhd.  READ : Revenue Brothers charged in court, for registering a Toyota Alphat Won in Lucky Draw Under Their Name.

A simple fine by Bursa Malaysia  or the Securities Commission could have solved this issue,  and saved about RM600 million in lost market capitalisation.

BUT are all this due to a lack of commen sense or is there something rotten, dark and sinister, behind the charges against the Revenue Brothers?

THE same desire to enforce the law to the tilt seems to have disappeared when suspicious money begun to appear in Revenue Group Bhd. READ : OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

OR how about this one. How the hell did we buy into the story that the GOD given rainbow colours belong to the alternative lifestyle community.

SINCE standard ONE, we have been thought about the Rainbow colours. I am sure I was not sleeping when my teacher explained to the standard one me about the Rainbow and its colours.

I can confirm to you that at no point, was I told directly or indirectly that those colours belong only to a certain segment of the community.

SCREW the gwailo who wants to change the goal post now, and don't spare the rod on those who conveniently use those colours because they fear a crack down on the corrupt.

Friday 26 May 2023

DEEP rift @ Hong Seng Consolidated, Black Moon Rising for Victor Chin Boon Long

THERE is a deep rift brewing at Hong Seng Consolidated, between Catholic boy, Teoh Hai Hin and Victor Chin Boon Long's corporate  mafia, which is effecting how the company operates, going forward.

HONG  Seng  shares  are at its lowest level, trading at 9 sen on Friday, as its Penang bred managing director Teoh Hai Hin faced another torrid day in the office.

FOR the second quarter ended March 31 2023, Hong Seng's revenue fell by RM113 million to RM3.62 million.

WORST still,  Hong Seng has been spending RM2.85 to earn every ONE ringgit, resulting in a loss of RM9.35 million for the quarter under review.

TEOH Hai Hin, I gather is not happy in the manner the Corporate Mafia brand name has stuck like a glue to Victor Chin Boon Long and with efforts intensifying to snap the spinal cord of the Corporate Mafia, business has been bad for Hong Seng.

TEOH has concerns his family name, his father's name especially among the congregation at the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Butterworth, Penang is being dragged down by the antics of Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong 
Seng Wui.


CORRUPTION is the main reason the Ringgit has tanked.

DON'T be fooled for a second by Bank Negara's statement that the sudden drop in the value of the Ringgit has everything to do with the USA and Europe.

THE why to this WHY, is especially important when one takes into account that  READ : The Malaysian Ringgit Is Not Tradeable Offshore.

BASICALLY,  what this means is we are a restricted currency and therefore if the value of our currency drops drastically, there is no George Soros to blame, but rather events that are taking shape inside the country has a big say.

THE biggest fight Malaysia is facing is CORRUPTION, which is at pandemic level, resulting at the equities level, no action being taken by either Bursa Malaysia, the Securities Commission or Bank Negara against the Corporate Mafia.  READ :OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

0R even in the recent confiscation of the Rainbow Swatch Watches, where at the home ministry level, no one seems to have taken responsibility for the raids. READ : The Home Minister Who Seems To Have Not Known About The Rainbow Watch Raid in Advance

THAT being said, if the directive came from the Home Minister, and if it was done legally,  I would at personal level support the move because on further inspection, I was taken aback on what were written on the watches such as LGBTQIA2S.

"LGBTQIA2S" stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and two-spirit,

THERE is a huge difference between respecting people's rights and allowing the minority to promote a concept that does not fit into our religious believes. 

Who is the billion ringgit Man?

MALAYSIA lost much  more than a billion ringgit and some 20 million Malaysians, will have to live with the consequences  for a minimum of three months to six months. READ : The swatch rainbow watch, May 13 to May 15 raid, only happened in Malaysia.

ANWAR Ibrahim needs to identify the person who ordered this raid publicly because we the public are the ones who have to live with this persons actions.

SOME may say that the actions are political. I don't know about that, but looking at the stock market and ringgit nose diving, I can tell you without a doubt that this is ECONOMIC SABOTAGE. READ : BNM reps to discuss falling ringgit with cabinet today: Ahmad Maslan

WHY economic sabotage? Because the Ringgit is now trading at RM4.61 against the US Dollar. Who is going to pay for our grocery bills that is bound to shoot up because the value of Ringgit had nose dived, pushing up prices of basic goods such as onions, rice and milk. READ : In 2021, Malaysia spend RM63 billion buying food from abroad.

THE watches seized READ:  May have only cost US$14,000, but it pales in comparison with the 20 point drop on Bursa Malaysia's benchmark index that has been falling since May 13.

LET'S not blame the officers who conducted the raid, as they were merely doing what they were ordered to do, but Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister must take action against the person directly responsible for this much more than RM1 billion mess that will effect 20 million Malaysians directly.

Thursday 25 May 2023

The Curious Case of RM3.74 per EDC terminal @ Revenue Group Bhd

 I am not surprised that the Chief Executive Officer at Revenue Group has resigned but cannot help but burst into laughter that a group of alleged mobsters have begged the man to stay as Group advisor. READ :  Revenue Group's Danny Leong relinquishes CEO role.

WHY is that so, you may ask?  Well it is because looking at Revenue Group's un audited results, two things are pretty obvious. 

ONE,  a certain party is desperately attempting to put back cash into the company, which they themselves had SAKAU.

WHY they are doing this is pretty obvious. The corporate mafia already know that law enforcement exercise to break the neck of their operations is on the way. So there is a need to cover the tracks.

TWO, for a company  which claims to be operating 90,000 EDC terminals in Malaysia, Revenue Group HAS NO BUSINESS.

WHERE have all this business vanished. Is it not obvious?  No one wishes to do business with a gangster. VIEW : Revenue Group Turnover at RM10 million.

 DO you know the value of the transaction per day handled by each Revenue Group EDC terminal ? 

THE answer to that question is RM3.74 per EDC terminal per day. Below is the calculation for it.

Turnover : RM10, 101 million divide by 90, 000 EDC terminal divide  by 90 days, times 100 equals to RM3.74 per day .

AWANG Adek Hussin,  the executive chairman of the Securities Commission,  and Wahid Omar of Bursa Malaysia, you still believe that converting Revenue Warrants at triple digit per centage figures is NORMAL?

IF that is the case, then it is definitely time for law enforcement to investigate the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, instead of some gangsters who only know how to do RM3.74 per terminal on a daily basis.

Revenue Group Loss, 92 sen for Every RM1 the company earned.

CONGRATULATIONS, Francis Leong Seng Wui, the former tablet salesmen who thought he could run an information technology company.

FOR every RM1 ringgit,  Revenue Group brought in an as turnover, the company loss 92 sen.  Revenue for the quarter under review was RM10.10 million, while losses came up to RM9.36 million.

IF you add another just NINE sen in losses,  Revenue Group will in no time be bankrupt  from all of this.

DON'T take my word for it. See the results for yourself. VIEW : Revenue Group is losing 92 sen for every RM1 in turnover

Wednesday 24 May 2023

What has the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia done to promote Corporate Madani.

IT is easy to sence both Awang Adek Hussin,  the executive chairman of the Securities Commission and Wahid Omar the chairman of Bursa Malaysia are some of the key people resisting the Madani reforms of Anwar Ibrahim. 

ASK yourself, what has the chairman of the Securities Commission and the chairman of Bursa Malaysia done to promote the Madani culture into Corporate Malaysia?

THEY, have done almost zero, hiding under the pretext, that the Corporate Madani does not have a scorecard.

WELL if there is no score card why not create one, by incorporating it into the existing Environmental,  Social and Governance framework, and re brand the corporate ESG framework into the Corporate ESG Madani framework.

SUSAH sangat ke???

Part 2 : Johari Abdul Ghani's media empire

JOHARI Abdul Ghani, who owns Free Malaysia Today, The New Straits Times,among others have a valid point. 

BUT even when being right, Johari Abdul Ghani is wrong, because in any venture we undertake, there will be a certain failure rate of between 10 per cent to 20 per cent.

SO what if 20 per cent of the RM170 billion  deal, the Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim had announced  does not take off ?

WHY can't we celebrate  the 80 per cent or RM136 billion that is taking place, and be grateful to the Prime Minister.

IF Johari Abdul Ghani is sore that he did not make the cut as Finance Minister, he should just come out and say it, or the least he can do is tell us, how much investment did he bring, when he had the power to do so? 

NOT much right????

Revenge of The Revenue Brothers : Human Capital Versus Suspicious Capital

BY Friday, Revenue Group will announce its financial results but without an external auditor in place, what ever set of results should be taken with a pinch of salt.

BUT this is not about Revenue Group, rather it is all about, Brian and Dino Ng, and their new venture, which a banker told me required very minimal capital, and that too mostly for hardware.

IRONICALLY,  the Revenue Brothers new venture comes about the same time READ : Hong Seng dumped its digital business to Revenue Group for RM36 million

SO what is this new venture from the Revenue Brothers which just require human capital ie their IQ, to bring in much more money into the bank account than the RM20 million raised by Revenue Group from a group of warrant holders who READ : Overpaid by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

WELL it's all about Artificial intelligence and....

Francis Leong Seng Wui, sold all his warrants in Revenue Group, but ....

SO what if Francis Leong Seng Wui sold off his entire 9 million warrants held indirectly via his wife.

IT actually means nothing, especially since as executive director it is Francis Leong Seng Wui's duty to inform the Securities Commission, The Royal Malaysian Police and Bank Negara Malaysia if there is any suspicious money coming into the company. 

AND hello, Victor Chin Boon Long, no point now going to inform on this suspicious transactions. You should have done it weeks ago.

ALL ready some , RM20 million has entered  Revenue Group in a very suspicious manner. READ : OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Part 2 : The Noose has tightend around the neck of the Corporate Mafia, as nobody wants to be associated with Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui.

IF Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission does not wish to adhere to the corporate environmental, social, governance  (Corporate ESG/ Madani) frame work.

NO problem, as Corporate Malaysia will implement it for them. Ethical investing is not only about the environment but how public listed companies interact with the general public on their day to day activities.

AT GreenPacket, Victor Chin Boon Long has a chairman problem. We are entering the second week since Firmansyah Aang Muhamad quit as chairman. 

UNTIL today, Victor Chin Boon Long with all his money, cannot get anyone credible to come in as executive chairman. 

AT, Revenue Group  Francis Leong Seng Wui has an external auditor problem.

REVENUE Group, made an announcement in March that UHY have quit as their auditors. There is no mention of Section 271 (2) (b) of the CA 2016 in that statement.

PERHAPS, it is because, of Revenue Group's disregard for details,  that READ : After 54 days, Revenue Group has yet to announce who are its new auditor's.

The Noose has tightend around the neck of the Corporate Mafia as Khairy Jamaluddin's boy jumps ship.

YOU can sence that enforcement action is not far behind when the political appointees start to jump ship.

THE Corporate Mafia is now standing on its last leg,  Firmansyah Aang Muhamad quit suddenly as chairman of Green Packet Bhd. READ : Green Packet Chairman Quits the Company citing private reasons.

FIRMANSYAH , who is better known as Dax Muhammad is a known henchmen of Khairy Jamaluddin, according to the investigative portal Sarawak Report READ : Could Dax Muhamad therefore reassure us that in giving heartfelt thanks to Air Biman for making shit happen on May 5th 2013 he is not referring to the organising of mass importation of phantom voters from Bangladesh ?

Johari Abdul Ghani's media empire

ONE look at the article published by Free Malaysia Today on Anwar Ibrahim's  reputation being soiled by his association with UMNO, is enough evidence for me to conclude that Johari Abdul Ghani is flexing his media muscle. 

MOST of us, may have been born at night but too bad for Johari Abdul Ghani that we were not born yesterday night. 

EVEN winning every single vote in Kelatan and Terengganu, means nothing in Kedah, where Free Malaysia's self appointed political analyst James Chin of the University of Tasmania says PN's chances of holding Kedah has dropped down to 50 per cent.

MEANING,  Anwar Ibrahim has managed to drag his band of political brothers, from confirmed getting trashed in Kedah, with a 50 pet cent chance now of winning the state.

DOES this in any which way you look at it, tally with Perikatan Nasional winning 80 per cent of the popular vote? A hell NO, with a Stone Cold Steve Austin attitude!!.

Enron reborn @ Revenue Group.

ARE there possible fraudulent trading activities taking place in Revenue Group Bhd, specifically on the trading front? 

THERE are enough evidence to suggest so. Where is the evidence? READ : OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

THERE are also sufficient legal precedent by the Securities Commission themselves, which considers buying a public securities for a premium with out even selling them off as Fraudulent Trading. 

THE SC officials cannot merely charge and make countless appeal on one party for Fraudulent Trading , while giving Revenue Group a free pass.  Every citizen, has the constitutional right to be measured by the same ruler.

BUT does this one act, make Revenue Group an Enron in the making?  NO, but there is more. 

DO note, until today neither has Bursa Malaysia, nor Revenue Group disclosed the number of years it will take to recoup this RM36 million, but the company has happily announced it may have to pump in more money into Innov8tif in the future.

ABOUT RM20 million of that money will be coming from the dubious investors who paid a premium of 347 per cent to pump in, in the first place the RM20 million into Revenue Group.

IN, Revenue's hands this money is considered clean money and this money is going to be sunked into the dubious column of investing more resources into Innov8tif, which may or may not be at an inflated value. READ : How Enron inflated its own financial standing.

WHY is all this important to people who do not own Revenue Group shares? Well because Enron happened donkey years ago, and since then the financial reporting standards have been severely strengthened.

FOR, the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia to allow this to happen now, is playing with very dangerous fireworks. 

THE entire stock market is just one article away from either The South China Morning Post or the Singapore Straits Times, from being tanked to smithereens.

Revenue Group shares are unofficially not marginable.

THE bond between the Securities Commission is so tight that some major stock brokers have decided that enough is enough.

THE stock broker's are no longer giving margin for clients who wish to buy and sell Revenue Group Bhd shares.

DON'T have to take my word for it, but rather it's best you call and confirm the accuracy of my statement.

AND why are they not giving any margin to the potential buyer's of Revenue Group shares? It is because the industry itself is shocked by the level of immunity that has been given to the Revenue Group by the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia. 

CONSIDER this, neither Bursa Malaysia nor the Securities Commission have publicly questioned why READ : Certain minority shareholders are overpaying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

WORST still,  Revenue Group currently holds the record of being the only public listed company that needs to announce its financial results this week, without an external public auditor. READ: RED Flag : Auditor resigns, and no announcement on replacement audit firm

OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares

THIS  is the staggering premium warrant holders who have converted the Revenue warrants ,into the mother shares are paying based on today's closing price.

CONSIDER the following.  To purchase the Revenue warrants, it will cost you seven sen based on today's closing price.

TO convert the warrants into mother shares, it will cost you another 75 sen.  In total, with zero brokerage cost , it will cost you a staggering 82 sen.

THE mother shares are being traded at 28.5 sen, meaning you can buy 3.47  mother shares for 82 sen.

SOMEBODY has purposely pumped in RM20 million in Revenue Group by purposely taking the expensive route.

WHO is this somebody? If the SC executive chairman Awang Adek Hussin does not want to investigate then perhaps its better if MACC' Azam Baki is given a shot to crack this case, as the guy knows how to clear House.

ROQUE @ Malaysia Airport, Azailiza Mohd Ahad Resigns!

IN the end the short mama with the big waist line, Azailiza Mohd Ahad chickened out and quit instead of testing her popularity with minority shareholders.

DIDN'T,  I tell you that READ : Fat Lady Will Bite The Dust.

SO who is next?  MOST certainly the executive chairman of the Securities Commission  Awang Adek Hussin. 

Monday 22 May 2023

Who is converting the Revenue Group Warrants? Awang Adek Hussin owes Malaysia an explanation.

IS Revenue Group Bhd a public listed company? Yes it is. 

HAS there been numerous report lodged by many ethnic Chinese businessmen that the key person in Revenue Group Bhd, had reportedly used law enforcement to intimidate them and take over their businesses?  Yes, there have been numerous reports. 

DID RM30 million go missing from Caely Bhd, in which Francis Leong Seng Wui, was the executive director? Yes, it had.

IS Francis Leong Seng Wui,formerly from Green Packet the key guy in Revenue Group? Yes he is.

DOES Revenue Group have an auditor? NO they don't.

HAVE unnamed warrant holders, converted the Revenue warrants into mother shares by paying the company 75 sen per warrant or double the current share price ? YES they have.

DID this warrant conversion which makes no financial sense,raise abour RM20 million for Revenue Group? YES it has.

DO you think Awang Adek Hussin, the executive chairman of the Securities Commission has been doing his job? I can't answer for anyone except myself and my answer would be a HELL NO.

AppAsia Bhd : Buy On Senyap, Sell Bila Jadi Artist

BUY bila senyap, sell bila jadi Artist is exactly the mindset that has been keeping AppAsia shares at the level it is at.

CAN  AppAsia  shares go up? Possibly and maybe when one considers READ : Appasia's pre tax profit in the first quarter jumped by 170 per cent and the company has plans to venture overseas.

BUT if the shares go up, can they stay there? I doubt it, because the single major weakness of AppAsia is not in its business model but in it's investor relations.

CONSIDER this, AppAsia has been buying up its own shares, to be exact more than 5 per cent of the company's capital spread, but it doesn't tell the investment community why.

WORST still, AppAsia has the potential to be a shining star , which can attract Environmental,  Social and Governance funds into the company, by virtue of the company READ:  Having a monopoly of the e confirmation business.

BASICALLY, by digitisation of the confirmation business, AppAsia is actually saving a lot of trees from being cut down.

DOES the executive director such Calvert Wong know off hand what is the ESG score for AppAsia?  I DOUBT IT.

DOES the market know what is the ESG score of AppAsia? Definitely NOT.

Is OOI CHIENG SIM a member of the Corporate Mafia?

IN the event Ooi Chieng Sim or the likes of him are unnamed secret members of the Corporate Mafia, then I am afraid that the word Corporate should be struck off from this group.

 IF you are wondering, who the heck is Ooi Chieng Sim. Wonder no more.

ACCORDING to media reports, Victor Chin Boon Long READ : is part and parcel of the Corporate Mafia.

OTHERS said to be members of the Corporate Mafia is Francis Leong Seng Wui, who is now the face of Revenue Group Bhd, where out of the blue large amounts of cash in excess of RM15 million has suddenly entered into the company via the conversion of warrants into mother shares.

THE conversion price was at 75 sen, as opposed to Revenue Group mother shares that trades at only 30 sen.

THE Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia,  should ask the Royal Malaysian Police force, who can afford to pay such premiums, especially since with the same amount of money they can buy twice the number of shares directly? 

A legitimate businessmen or those involved in the drug trade.

PERIKATAN Nasional Has Money but does it have support?

LET me be honest here. When I watch a Perikatan Nasional  clip on Tik Tok, it always leaves  me feeling like jumping into attention, rooting for them, and even voting for them.

ANOTHER impression that sticks to me like a glue is that these joes really have a very strong support base.

ALL these emotions and feelings are a testament to how strong the Perikatan Nasional virtual team is.

BUT could all these feelings have been stirred because Perikatan Nasional has been spending where it matters, to put it in our hearts and minds that even before the real voting begins, the Unity Government has lost their underpants?

POSSIBLY yes, actually it's a definite yes, when one considers the following, that in the recent Perikatan Nasional open House in Selangor which attracted 30,000 people, a large section of the crowd was brought in by bus from Perak.

HOW do I know this? Because the Singapore Straits Times had the foresight to interview some the people who were brought in from Perak by free bus and only God knows what else.

YOU need to paste this link on Google to read the Singapore Straits Times report in detail.

NOW, that we have got that small technical detail behind us on how you can read the report, do ask yourself this question on why Perikatan Nasional feels there is a need to manufacture support.

OBVIOUSLY, Perikatan Nasional might have been mighty impressed, by the response Anwar Ibrahim was given during his own raya open House, especially in Kedah, and also Perikatan Nasional knows that they are lacking in ground support in Selangor.

WHAT is Agus Yusoff doing with all this information to win the psychological warfare before the voting season in the six states starts?  I really don't know, but what ever it is, I haven't seen it on Tik Tok!!!.

Sunday 21 May 2023

Mr Prime Minister Please Wake Up Lah, You are being sabotaged

APPARENTLY, Anwar The Untold Story is being sabotaged, by the cinema owners, most of whom got fat with cushy independent power project deals, that disgusted the chairman of Tenaga Nasional Bhd so much that he quit his job.

A movie not getting its fair shot in cinemas are the least of Anwar Ibrahim's problems, and should not even be considered an issue for the Prime Minister to ponder about.

BUT he should because this same level of disregard can easily be spotted in the passive business as usual way Wahid Omar and Awang Adek Hussin are running Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission. 

FROM the corporate mafia issue to how Computer Forms Bhd, pulled a fast one on the Unity Government,  no one from the public has seen any action taken by Bursa Malaysia or the Securities Commission.

SERIOUS questions must be asked who are these Joe's at the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia actually working for, as they can't even show 10 per cent of the improvements in MACC under Azam Baki, ever since Anwar Ibrahim landed the Prime Minister's job.

The Corporate Mafia @ Revenue Group, Out of Touch and Out of Time

PRESCRIPTION drugs above the counter and those below the counter, perhaps can prolong your date with reality, but one thing it cannot do is to fight against real time.

TIME is one thing the Victor Chin Boon Long  group,  also known as the corporate mafia, cannot afford, and its also the same time factor which has been stalked against them at Revenue Group Bhd.

WHY are they running out of time? Well because banks are beginning to shut their doors towards this group, anticipating that enforcement action is not longer a question of if.

RATHER it is now a question of when. Basically it's a question of time.

AND you can tell that time is not on their side, because this week Revenue Group will be announcing a record loss, but even then the shit has yet to hit the fan, bidding for its own SWEET TIME!!!.

Anwar Ibrahim holds the Corporate ESG/Madani card, but will he play it.

THE Bursa Malaysia ESG framework guidelines are comprehensive, yet complicated because its a cut and paste job (and hello I know from where you cut and paste from) by Umar Swift's team in Bursa Malaysia. 

WAHID Omar the chairman of Bursa Malaysia, has kept silent, despite having the technical knowledge to rectify the matter.

SO therefore, it is up to Anwar Ibrahim as Finance Minister to make the Corporate ESG/Madani framework easy to understand for the public.

FOR one, the Finance Minister can make it compulsory for state owned funds such as Khazanah Nasional,  EPF and Permodalan Nasional Bhd to divest their stakes in companies which have a poor ESG score , and those who do not comply at all.

ALSO make it mandatory for every company to publish their ESG score prominently in their annual report in an easy to understand manner plus a detailed commitment from the entire board of a company on how their ESG scores will get better, on a yearly basis.

Victor Chin Boon Long, Don't Do The Crime, If You Can't Pay The Time

THE clean up of Malaysia, under Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim  does not start and end with only with the big fish and  some ikan bills case being thrown in , in-between.

MID level cases too, which has long been the real cause for Malaysia's decline, are also going to get it.

IN some cases, even before the Government  can jump into action, the private sector have done so.

TAKE for instance Hwang DBS private equity side, one of the big players in the Malaysian stock market, that has been starting to avoid Victor Chin Boon Long's corporate mafia.

AS a result the Victor Chin Boon Long group, has become too cash tight to convert more warrants into mother shares before Revenue Group can announce its financial results. 

Saturday 20 May 2023

Don't Do The Crime, if You Can't Pay The Time.

ANWAR Ibrahim seems to be a man of his word, which is a good thing for Malaysia. READ : Daim will have sleepless nights if I am PM, says Anwar.

THE recent report READ : MACC probing ex-senior minister, Tan Sri businessman over late-90s transactions amounting to RM2.3bil, is centered around the transactions involving Renong Bhd.

THE ex minister is said to be a former top guy in Bank Negara, who has very strong links with Khazanah Nasional. 

THE Renong Tan Sri and the ex minister are big names but considered small boys in the scheme of things because they have a very big daddy, which could soon be in very big trouble.