Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lim Guan Eng. Nice for what

Is the smash hit from drake, currently sitting at number one on the US Top 40.

Some politicians are blaming Lim Guan Eng for the slide in the stock market, supposedly for exposing the people who stole Malaysia's money.

Yes, the stock market is falling, but Lim Guan Eng need to be nice for what?

Malaysia's economy is not run by the stock market and the Malaysian composite index is so artificial because 70 per cent of the float is owned by government linked entities such as EPF and PNB.

Obviously, the government has made a decision not to support the market heavily, in the face of foreign money exiting our equity market.

Be nice for what to foreign funds existing the markets, considering that oil prices are now at USD 80 per barrel and look to hit USD100 before year end.

The Malaysian economy should do better, so be nice for what to stock market speculators?

By the way, very little foreign money has exited from the bond market, meaning the serious money is still here in Kuala Lumpur.

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