Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Meet Anwar Ibrahim. The secretary song

Was a minor indie 2011 hit for the go !!! Team.  My dream job is to be Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary.

Can take long leave, go diving and my boss, no need tell him where I am. He will do my job for me too.

So what is the role of a political secretary? Well according to wikipedia, a political secretary's role is to assist political duties  and provide  appropriate advice on political situations in such constituency, such state or Malaysia at large. A political Secretary is expected to heed, support and inform to the people, development policies and programmes planned by the Government.

If Anwar Ibrahim  makes me his political  secretary. I can appear on the front pages of news papers more times than Anwar himself. People will be more interested to read about me than Anwar Ibrahim.

I will get paid, my boss will do my work for me. And if need,  to clear my system I can always go diving.

Obviously, Anwar Ibrahim pays well. So money won't  be an issue for me.  My only drawback for the job is my name is not filled with names of notorious world political leaders of the left or those linked in some way or another with terrorists.

Is this the way, the prime minister in waiting is going to run Malaysia? Now I know why some people in PAS and UMNO still refer him as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)🙄🤪😬🤗🤭

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