Saturday 2 May 2020

PM8. Ikan Kekek

is one of my all time favourite song. The one i love is the version by Saloma. The legendary songstress  gives good advise in IKAN KEKEK, pleading :

janganlah ikut orang yang gila
Kelak kita jadi merana
Ikan kekek mak ilui-ilui
Ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai
Biar lambat asal selamat
Tidak lari gunung dihambat

Looks like Sarawak, prefers to be Biar lambat asal selamat tidak lari gunung dihambat when it comes to opening up the economy again.

Meanwhile, UMNO deputy president Mohamed Hasan has REJECTED MAD PLAN by the current government to consolidate power via appointment to government linked companies.

janganlah ikut orang yang gila
Kelak kita jadi merana

Only time will tell if Mat Hasan or PM 8 is the orang yang gila...but there is too much at stake and PM8 is banking on Covid 19 not coming back to haunt us.

That bet, already has had a disastrous  consequence in SINGAPORE.

Tengku Zahrul, should know the concequenes of betting against COVID 19