Sunday, 23 August 2020

AppAsia. Taktha!!!

Is the title track from KL Gangster, recorded some 9 years ago  by Fisful and Erna.  The song is all about redemption. TAKTHA means throne

AppAsia Bhd , the stock is now facing investors  dilemma if it can capture the RM1 mark TAKTHA
Rakunten valued the stock at about 68 sen. The stock is now trading at 86.5 sen.

For the stock to break the RM1 mark, AppAsia needs to secure something as meaty as   which is a monopoly venture done in collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Market player say that this week is a critical one for AppAsia with RM1 and above in sight. Just like in TAKTHA

Bila kau menjadi kaku
Bila kau sudah layu
Bila kau tiada lagi bersenyawa
Aku sudah berada di atas takhta

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