Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Mahathir Solution. Together

Was a smash hit this year for the pop duo known as For King and Country.

Some months ago, Tun Mahathir had proposed a UNITY GOVERNMENT  . Tun's proposal was flawed because it did not include political parties but rather it involved individuals only.

One cannot, have a unity government without giving the political parties a fair shake.  Today,  Zahid Hamidi declared a POLITICAL CEASEFIRE  between UMNO and BERSATU.

This is good, but it won't  last. The onus now is on PM8 to do what all Malaysians secretly want for King and Country.

PM8 must form a UNITY government  that involves all the political parties. The DAP and PKR should be brought into this  UNITY government.  So play your song For King and Country : 

If we fall (if we fall)
We will fall together (take my hand)
Together (come and stand)
When we rise (when we rise)
We will rise together (we will rise together)
Together (that's all)
Together we are dangerous
Together with our differences
Together we are bolder, braver, stronger