Thursday 28 January 2021

Malaysia, Ebit Liew, . When Doves Cry

Was a massive hit for Prince, which proppeled him to be the only artist comparable or even slightly ahead of Michael Jackson.

Its something like Pele or Maradona...who is the greatest. For me it will always be Maradona. 

Anyway, what does Doves Cry mean, and what has it got to do with Malaysia.  Let's start with the stock market.

After years of getting hit in the teeth by funds and institutions, FED UP Malaysians have decided to say NO MORE, and in true KARATE KID style they have decided to make their maiden stand to defend the ionic Top Glove Bhd.  The Edge has the story .CLICK HERE

Coming back to what Doves Cry means, since Prince with an IQ  of 179, never really said what it was all about, some speculate that it could mean:

Sounds like Prince is really trying to drive the message home that something needs to CHANGE from bad to good just like the symbolism from Doves crying. One can read more by CLICKING HERE

On a personal note I am concerned that the Covid infection rate has surpassed the 4000 mark  and Code Blue had a 20,000  a day infection rate story.  You can read it by just CLICKING HERE

Surpassing the 4000 is fact, the 20,000 could well be fallacy.  Regardless, does this warrant these cookies below. No wonder UMNO Youth wants to pick Azmin Ali's brain.

2) All Go For 10pm
4) Pick Azmin Ali's brain
5) Now that PAS goverance (MUST READ)

With all these going on. Me, and a Malay professor  friend of mine will like to take this opportunity  to say thank you to Ebit Liew. You are indeed a son of this soil and a true blue Malaysian. Please read his story by CLICKING HERE