Wednesday 14 April 2021

Muhyiddin Yassin. Now or Never

Was a US top 20 hit tor Hasley in 2017. The lyrics to this song, goes something like this ;

Yeah, draw the line up
Don't take no more time up, yeah
Make your mind up
I need you to make your mind up, yeah
Draw the line up
Don't take no more time up, yeah

Its now or never, Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali and Hadi that a door has opened for everyone of you to prove that you did what you have done to SAVE MALAYSIA .

BLOGGER Outsyedthebox  wrote ;

  • JIPS director  awaiting names of cops who worked with Nicky Liow 
  • said Bkt Aman needed list from Johor police before take further action
  • Johor CPO Ayob Khan wont hand over Geng Nicky names to Bkt Aman
  • I will not reveal (the list of names)
  • Once investigations complete, we will arrest (those involved)
  • Wait and see, Ayob told reporters 
I will not leave this matter to Integrity, Standards Compliance Department (JIPS)
I want to take action for offence of organised crime which is best way
better to focus on completing investigation and arresting those involved
state police hq will take action under organised crime

  • Ayob said 24 officers from enforcement agencies arrested, charged 
  • This is the format we’ll use for Datuk Nicky case he said
  • Once investigations done we will arrest

My comments :

The Bukit Aman fellow wants the names of the crooked cops in Johor.  But the Johor CPO is openly saying he will not divulge the names to Bukit Aman. Dato Ayob Khan says Johor Police will complete the investigations and take action by themselves. 

Anyway you look at this, it is a slap in the face for Bukit Aman.

Just a couple of weeks back the IGP made serious allegations about 'cartels' and crooked cops in Bukit Aman.  The IGP then transferred some cops but his transfer orders were cancelled by the Minister of Home Affairs.

Folks obviously there are some rifts and shifts in the Police Force. 

Maybe also at the Ministry of Home Affairs.  

The IGP Tan Sri Hamid Bador and the Johor CPO Dato Ayob Khan need the full support of us all. This is as clear as daylight.  

Tell your friends and associates to voice their thoughts. Speak up now. NGOs and Civil Society groups speak up now.   

Well that is what Outsyedthebox wrote. I agree with almost all the points. I SAY, : Hey Muhyiddin , Azmin Ali you want TO SAVE MALAYSIA,   you can start by  extending the INSPECTOR GENERAL of POLICE Abdul Hamid Bador's contract IMMEDIATELY , so that he and his team can CLEAN THE HOUSE, and help you REALLY SAVE MALAYSIA.

Apa macam ada BERANI kah!!!