Thursday, 20 May 2021

1134 stocks down. Witness

is a Malay hip hop song just released a couple of weeks ago by Gneelo ,Nastyas and Benzooloo.

Some 1134 stocks are in the red on Bursa Malaysia at mid day trade. This is the second time in a week , more than a 1000 stocks are being hammered in the exchange.

The market won't  collapse,  but the lack of urgency by Muhyiddin Yassin is dampening spirits.

His former boss Najib Razak had this to SAY, CLICK TO READ on the lack of urgency 

And the rapper's crowed in Malay

Tu lah malas aku ingin cerita dalam lagu
Besok banyak mahu buat
Sibuk macam tukang hantar surat
Kamu pula santai habuess
Cuti macam baru kena sunat
Cuba tanya suara bulat
Berepa minta kena format
Disconnected incognito

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