Thursday 15 June 2017

Man Wah Holdings. 6.66. This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Mother Fucker

Is the Maroon 5 hit from 2016, taken from the album, as you should know now V.

Man Wah Holdings, a Hong Kong furniture maker, according to Muddy Waters, is not in the pink of health.

The stock has that , mark of the beast sign all over it, closing yesterday at 6.66 Hong Kong Dollars.

According to CIMB Malaysia, there is an 81 per cent success rate probability of a short seller managing to tank a stock on the Hang Sent Index.

Man Wah meanwhile says it may take legal action against Muddy Waters...Thus far, no legal papers has been filed....therefore for Man Wah, one could gather This Summer Gonna Hurt Like A Mother Fucker.