Sunday, 1 July 2018

Ringgit 4.04. Enter Sandman

Is the massive massive ever green hit from heavy metal band Metallica.

The sandman is back for the currency but this time, we're not off yet to never never land

You need RM4.04 to buy one US Dollar now. This is good for exporters, but others will rightly tell you that RM4.04 to the dollar, there is a huge mismatch as the Ringgit should be at RM3.80.

That though, is just one side of the story. Now for RM1000 you can now get 3.54 million Indonesian Rupiah. A couple of months ago, perhaps you'd be lucky to get 3 million Indonesian Rupiah.

RM2.86 now can get one Sing dollar, a couple of months ago, you needed RM3 to get one Sing dollar.

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