Sunday, 30 September 2018

Ringgit Malaysia. Killshot

Is turning out to be one of the most popular rap song ever. The single is from Eminem, taken from the album kamakazie.

Ringgit currently trades at RM4.14 to the US Dollar. This coming week looks like the killshot for the Ringgit, with the currency expected to come under pressure and test the RM4.18 to RM4.20 level.

ING Barrings meanwhile says that the Ringgit will hit RM4.25 to the dollar. Me thinks that the Ringgit will be RM4.30 come Jan 2019. Anyway this is what ING said:

Article19 September 2018Reading time 4 minutes

Malaysia: Enjoying the lowest inflation in Asia

Inflation missed estimates again in August. But with sufficiently positive real interest rates, the Malaysian ringgit will remain among Asia's top-performing currencies in the remainder of the year, and probably beyond. The risk to our end-2018 USD/MYR rate forecast of 4.25 is tilted more to the downside than to the upside

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