Sunday 14 June 2020

Liar's Bar

was a minor hit for UK's Beautiful South in 1996. The single was taken from the hit album blue is the colour .

After reading Mustapha Mohamed STATEMENT  that Malaysia's economy recovery is unaffected by Covid 19 developments, i am also feeling a bit BLUE.

Interestingly, Mustapha's robust view of the economy comes just days after finance minister Zafrul said that Malaysia is weathering its worst recession in HISTORY.

Stores are closing left, right and centre, a record number of people have lost their jobs or are on reduced salary.

Against this backdrop, Malaysians still continue to pay 5 per cent, in real interest rates, making it the highest in ASIA.

The tourism sector which brought RM86 billion in revenue is moving slow motion. Sure, some are predicting a recovery in 2021. 

 The stock markets globally may say otherwise,  with some stating the recent uptrend factors a quick recovery, while others are of the opinion the big traders are merely pushing the market higher in order to sell off their shares. 

Who to believe at this Liar's bar? 

If you could take me away from this
If you took me away from this
I'd be different you'd see
'Cause I didn't choose the drink
A drink just chose me
Rum by the kettle drum
Whiskey by the jar
At Liar's Bar
Well I'm smoking like a chimney
And I'm drinking like a fish
At Liar's Bar.