Monday 1 June 2020

PM8. Get the balance right

Is a hit from 1983 from Depeche Mode, a band which can still churn top ten hit singles with ease after more than 4 decades on the scene.

Ironically, the name of the album is construction time again.  Our under pressure PM8 might well have to look at a construction time again if Malaysia is not to miss the BOAT from the impending TRADE WAR.

All we need is political stability and LEGITIMACY to catch this wave.  

A call from Trump to PM8 actually does nothing when you have the likes of the of Washington Post behind your back.

The lyrics then for PM8

Get the balance right, get the balance right
You think you've got a hold of it all
You haven't got a hold at all
When you reach the top, get ready to drop
Prepare yourself for the fall, you're gonna fall
It's almost predictable
Don't take this way, don't take that way
Straight down the middle until next Thursday