Tuesday 9 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The boys of Summer.

SOMEWHERE,  not in Malaysia, something very big has been taking place, with the implications to those events, having a direct implication to market makers, dirty bankers,  head of dealings, and owners of dirty money 

WHAT I mean by dirty money  is money  generated by drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling  and so called Sharia complient GOLD SCAMS 

THE  bankers, will most  likely get off  citing BAFIA related laws and the unwritten bank brothers code of protecting their own kind.

IT is this brotherhood, which has seen Bank Negara Malaysia sitting silently as a church mouse, as efforts outside of Malaysia sees the heat of fury reigning down on a NICE ANGLO sounding FUND,  being  run by ex Bank Negara Malaysia  staff.

AT, this point I shall not mention names, but let's just say  Revenue  Group Bhd Chairman, Kamari Zamari Juhari who himself is an ex Bank Negara Staff, facing international scrutiny  is familiar with the INDIVIDUAL.

THE said individual who has visited Indonesia and Africa recently is an ethnic INDIAN of Malaysian decent. 

SO if the bankers are not going to bite the bullet, who then shall be the sacrificable male bulls to feed the inquisition?

VICTOR Chin Boon Long, still has options to smoke the pipes of peace, because the next time he is interviewed, it will not be as friendly as the first call .

BUT even then the inquisition machine's lust MUST be FEED, because actions have consequences and the consequences demand  that more than a single bull be brought in to the alter .

HERE is a clue, of what is in the offing, with KN Kenanga now officially making up the list that is ALMOST complete.

LEONG Seng Wui and KN Kenanga brought to court READ: in a case described as unprecedented in the history of Malaysia.