Saturday, 1 October 2022

DEAD Men Rising , SERBA DINAMIK : I will survive

was the unofficial  theme song from Gloria Gaynor, which held together a French football team that opted to drop superstar Eric Cantona in favour of a crop of mostly African immigrants, led by Zinidine Zidane, who against all odds would go on to lift the World Cup in 1998.

THE oddman out in Sarawak who refused to rescue Brooke Dorkyard and Engineering Works Corp, Serba Dinamik has taken a beating like no other for saying NO. READ :The Tajuddin Ramli Plan

IRONICALLY, Serba Dinamik is on its last breathe now to be a failed project just like the company they refused to rescue at a huge premium.

Weren't you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?You think I'd crumble?You think I'd lay down and die?
Oh no, not I, I will surviveOh, as long as I know how to ...

LIKE the bat out of hell, against odds that even  Harry Houdini will not fancy,  SERBA DINAMIK come the next reporting session is gonna be THE LAST MAN STANDING.

AND with that the RM500 million Ringgit man, will once again emerge as one of Serba Dinamik's biggest shareholder officially , because this shareholder actually never left.