Monday, 3 October 2022

Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia,. what can we say except :. ALAMAK!!!

is the  single released in 2020 by De Fam's lead vocalist Sophia Liana , that also featured rookie Harith Zazman.

NOR Shamsiah Mohd Yunus , has enough authentic academic certificates  and work experience  to be where she is today.

THE Bank Negara Governor  though is a decade and a half  behind our time, and it shows. READ :Ekonomi tak boleh diukur pada prestasi ringgit saja - Gabenor BNM

Berputar-putar cakap belit macam tiada akhirTercari-cari masih berlari-lari apa yang terjadiBila dicuba lagi, jalan mati
Jika mahu temberangHarus pandai tak terkena jerat

GONE are the days, when central bankers prided themselves that the man in the streets,  are  unsignificant factors, on how a nation is doing economically.

THOSE days died, the day  the 96 year old Alan Greenspan ended his tenure as the US Federal Reserves Chairman in 2006.

IN came in a new breed of central bankers, led by Australia's  Philip Lowe .READ  : The Central Bankers of Today, Priorities the Peoyple and Tell Economic Stories ,We Can Relate To From Life Experiences

NOR Shamsiah Mohd Yunus,. Is correct on what she says about the Ringgit and the economy, though she fails to see the working class elephant,  beaten, broken  and bloodied in the room.

WE need a central banker who is able to reconcile the public on the extremes taking place at the same time,. painting different portrait on the same subject.

TAKE for instance the figures and fact that August churned out. READ :Malaysian economy smashes forecasts, growing 8.9 percent in Q2

AND then reconcile it with what this world leader in market research discovered in August. READ : IPSOS : Four out of 10 Malaysians are being prepared for lower disposable income in the near future, resulting in a fall in their standard of living

A spike in borrowing cost,. that has a direct co relation to the weak ringgit against the US dollar ,. was cited in the report as one of the main culprits for the tragedy.

FOR our central banker to down play the currency turmoil, will only make the voices grow stronger and louder for a new central  bank governor for Malaysia.

ONE that is schooled in the train of thought,. that we the people of this great land , will place our lives for the only flag we know,. but that does not mean we are happy to live poor in a rich land.

WE are desperately in need of a central banker, to help build a pathway for the layman  that's toils the right to be rich  in the land,  blessed by God with everything.