Sunday 19 November 2023

Biar Mati Anak, Jangan mati adat

MASUK  dalam lah, Tun Mahathir, who a week ago told an audience of 1.6 million viewers in failed politician Khairy Jamaluddin's podcast, Keluar Sekejap, READ : Chinese, Indian immigrants refused to assimilate.

A sin indeed has been committed,  when a boy was sacked from his job, because he was wearing a cross inside of his shirt, and had a songkok on his head.

WHY did the boy had to lose, his job while DAP's V Sivakumar, the Human Resource Minister as can be seen in the photo below,  gets to keep his fat pay cheque paid by the Federal Government despite wearing a songkok when receiving his ministership.

AS Human Resource Minister, why has V Sivakumar, not thrown the entire penal code on the owners of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang, for sacking this boy.

I am truly shocked that the ownership of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant are allowed to make a statement such as READ: restaurant will be more thorough in screening potential staffs’ background to avoid offending local Muslim sensitivities.

I am shocked because the ownership of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang has a very superficial understanding of Islam.

SONGKOK is the traditional head gear of the Malay race and because our nation is known as MALAYSIA , which means the land of the Malays.  READ : To wear a songkok to an official function is a necessity in the Malay traditions.For a Malaysian to wear a songkok at an official function, does not connotate that the wearer is required to be a Muslim or a Malay.

THE songkok, which is also known as kopiah and peci, to those who are well versed in the Malay language,  and its history, will tell you kopiah or kupiah was first recorded READ : in Hikayat Iskandar Zulkarnain, which was originally written 1600 years even before Jesus Christ was born.

SO who is to be blamed for all this mess? Well it is people like Dr Mahathir, who won't take the time to explain that assimilation, from the Indonesian experience has nothing to do with conversion and the likes of  Lim Kit Siang, who has a very shallow understanding of Islam and the Malay language, READ : who has placed it in the minds of the Chinese that wearing the Songkok is equivalent to be a muslim.

BUT, who is going to get the blame for all this, if the owners of Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s restaurant in Bukit Bintang are nor swiftly and legally dealt with by the Federal Government?

IT'S definitely Anwar Ibrahim,  because he is the politician who was caught on tape, saying VIEW : Anak Melayu, Anak Cina, Anak India, Anak Kadazan, Anak saya.

SO what should the Prime Minister do? If I was in his shoes, it will be a no brainer, as the solution is blowing in the wind all the way from Aceh ; Mate aneuk meupat jeurat, gadoh adat pat tamita, which means Biar mati Anak jangan mati Adat.

THE rule of the land must be followed to the last dotted line, eventhough sometimes it might not go down well with the ignorant ones. 

FIVE hundred years ago, it was a no brainer, for Sultan Iskandar Muda, to uphold the rule of the land, when his son, the crown prince and the next in line to the Serambi Mekah throne was put to death for adultery in accordance with the rule of the land.

ANWAR Ibrahim is the Prime Minister today. He cannot afford to fiddle on this particular issue ;  TEGAK BERDIRI BUKANNYA LALANG!