Wednesday 29 November 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : Get Shorty

SO  Revenue Group Bhd,  had released its latest quarterly results yesterday, with some people texting me  on what I think about the results.

I obviously  did not respond back,  namely, the results itself is so bad that it can speak for itself but more importantly, if one were to READ :a new sheriff in town alongside what we're written in the notes attached. to the Revenue Group results, then it will become increasingly clear, what was written in the notes must surely overshadow everything

SO what is it, was written in the notes, which can clearly be interpreted as a move to get SHORTY.

WHO is shorty you may ask? WELL just look at the photograph above a make a wild guess....

NOW  coming back to the private share placement exercise, notice that Bursa Malaysia  has not approved Revenue Group's proposal in June 2023 to issue more than 50 million new shares so the money can be used to pay salary .

WHY is that so ? IS it because Wahid Omar is down right afraid  of the new sheriff in town,  who happens to be Anwar Ibrahim?