Monday 27 November 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long, Sabah, Sarawak ; The People Have Started To Talk.

YOU  don't have to have a big budget to effectively run a communications exercise for people to either like you or dislike your foes. 

JUST  look at the pain being suffered by Hong Seng Consolidated today, largely due to effective communication. 

WHAT can I say, when a comment pops out on the popular investment forum KL SCREENER ;  You can Google, Hong Seng, Chin Boon Long, then you know what happened,  except to say THANK YOU.

EFFECTIVE communication has a simple rule, the story line has to be logical, which is why I can't help rolling on the floor, that morons like READ :  Iswardy Morni are in the conversation to replace the gay as in happy Agus as the new J Kom chief.

WHY have I called Iswardy Morni a moron? Watch VIEW : Video Wahab dan Agus di rakam tanpa suara, and tell me the term idiotic didn't cross your mind.

IF the Prime Minister is looking for someone to fill the role in J Kom, then he should be looking based on merit and capabilities at those operating the following blogs ; Rockybru, Anotherbrickonthewall and even the not pro Anwar Ibrahim, Outsyedthebox .

WHEN the masses start talking, as in the case  of Victor Chin Boon Long and Hong Seng, then we know that a  raw nerve has been hit, and it won't be long for karma to come calling.

THAT though is on the positive note,  because some times when the public starts talking,  a raw nerve has also been hit , but this time to state that the way we communicate,  has over stepped the boundaries.

TAKE for instance what is trending in East Malaysia right now, READ : Kita ikut cara Sabah bukan cara Malaya.

HOW much of this type of sentiment has risen in Sabah and Sarawak due to how Putrajaya had communicated the suffering in Gaza  to the Malaysian public must surely be weighed upon  the Prime Minister's shoulder.